2017-09-08 Remember Who You Are

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-09-08 Remember Who You Are
Date 2017/09/08
Location Lethe
Participants Quicksight, Vortex
NPCs Twilight, Sand Dollar
Plot Thief of Memory
Scene GM Fortress Maximus
Summary Vortex and Quicksight must rely on each other to find the...thing that the thing really wants them to find. Good thing they like each other, right? Takes place at the same time as "Friendship is Magic."

Sand Dollar, who is indeed a ship and really quite massive in his alt mode, brings the adventurous mechs across the incredibly bouyant, salt-saturated sea. There's not a fish to be seen in those waters, no organics as far as anyone can tell, but the observant may occasionally glance veins of crystal here and there.

The island he brings them to is a massive crystal jutting out of the water, spreading out misshapen and unevenly with gaping cave mouths. Crystals glow here and there, pulsing softly with an internal light.

"Hope ya don't mind if I just...wait here," Sand Dollar drawls. "Not really the disappearin' type. Good luck to ya, though." It's all the rather quiet boat is willing to say.

It's when Fort Max steps on the beach that everything starts going haywire. The sand beneath him collapses, dropping him into...some kind of pit? It's hard to tell, but it's as if he vanishes. Sand starts shifting, then crystals, in a brief chaotic mess that leaves Quicksight and Vortex cut off from Blast Off and Air Raid.

When all is still, they're left with several gaping cave openings, and a sand pit that's rapidly sucking them in like poor Fort Max.

Vortex may not know how to fly with rotors but he does have some baseline flyer instincts. Such as, don't get caught underground- aka: a sinkhole. "This is why I didn't want to come!" He doesn't have time to stop and linger and think over their comrades yet. Instead he's busying himself with scurrying and trying to dive for the caves. Caves have solid ground right? He tries to get to the least threatening looking cave.

Where Quicksight had started out on this trip entranced by all the views, taking way more pictures than would be necessary for a proper report, the feeling is ruined completely when they land. There's a word that he looks for when Fortress Maximus disapears. He's not quite sure what that word is, but something tells him that it's supposed to be a bad word, but quite suitable for the situation. Max may be an Autobot, but he's not that bad, and Quick's supposed to be responsible for his prisoners, right? He ends up substituting that unknown word with a simple "No!"

That need for bad-but-suitable words quickly appears again when the terrain starts shifting. This time, he makes do with a simple hiss of frustration as he tries to get his bearings in this whole mess. They just landed, and things are already going to --- some unpleasant place. Their little group is suddenly becoming smaller and smaller "<< Anyone there? Blast Off, can you hear -- >>" his attempt at reaching out to his missing comrade is cut short when he realizes that he, and the one mech still with him, are in trouble themselves. Insert bad word that's an exclimation of frustration here. "Vortex! You gotta try flying!" he calls out as he himself jumps into the air, wobling as he transforms before finally managing to level out and zoom after the other mech. "Just transform and spin your rotors!" He is not losing another one!

<FS3> Vortex rolls Reaction+Reaction: Failure. (5 5 3 6 4 6)

Poor Vortex will soon find himself fighting against gravity itself as the ground seems to open underneath him. Shouldn't there be water there? Curious. He may be about to find out as the sinkhole claims him, very briefly engulfing him in salty sand and a spray of seawater...and then leaves itself open. Quicksight can probably make it through if he chooses to follow.

Vortex will find himself, well, dry, and NOT surrounded by sand other than the bits trickling up from above. Instead he'll be in a cavern dimly lit by glowing lines running through crystal, translucent enough that he can see the seawater on the other side of some cave walls. Everything is rather damp and murky, and those glowing lines pulse everywhere. Seems the cave network extends far below the island itself, and even the sea.

"How many times do I have to tell all of you! I can't-! Eep!" Vortex kicks and claws at the sand but its no use. One foot falls into the sinkhold and the rest of him follows. He falls through the sand and unto a cavern below, vents sputtering and spittin out the salt mineral. Urgh...

Vortex removes his visor to let some more sand out as he looks around. Oh... Oh! Its kinds pretty down here... In an underground cavern. His rotors all shiver and he picks himself up. He touches some of the glowing crystal before trying to chip a piece off for himself. Oh, wait- right! "<< Uh, Quicksight? There's like a cave down here! Its pretty... >>"

"Vortex!" Expletive! Quicksight wheels around to circle over the hole. Should he go in after him? He is responsible for him, but what if they both get trapped, and then he'll only add to the problems, not just fail to help him!

Vortex's com reaches him while he's trying to figure things out "<<A cave? Really? >>" This sounds intriguing "<< Wait, Are you safe? I'm coming in! >>" With that, he dips down into the hole to rejoin the other decepticon.

Vortex and Quicksight are dwarfed by crystalline structures, stalactites and stalagmites alongside more elegant-looking crystal walls that pulse with that strange light. There are puddles of salty seawater here and there, sand deposits on the ground, and a gentle echo to every sound. The cavern seems to stretch out wide ahead of them, but...

Quicksight's monitor is beeping, indicating it seems to want them to go further in to a more dimly-lit area of the cavern.

Meanwhile, a voice comes from the walls themselves. "Ugh. A lot of you at once. Once I'm finished taking care of that tank, I'll see to you..." Vortex manages to gets some sizeable crystals into his palm before dropping them into a waist compartment. Keep those for later. Sand gone, he puts his visor back into place as he looks to Quicksight. "You made it! I.. I'm sorry I didn't- I mean, I just..." He sighs. "I'm not built right, I can't fly like this. Sorry." But he did tell all of them to begin with.

Vortex jumps as some strange voice speaks to them. It is talking to them, right? "Tank? Fortress Maximus!" Only tank he knows. He looks to Quicksight on what to do from here. That voice could have come from anywhere.

"Sure you can! You just gotta believe in yourself and give it a try!" Quicksight looks up at Vortex as he begins to move in the direction the device is pointing "Come on, there seems to be something up there --" His optimism doesn't last however, as the voice begins to echo through the cave, causing the scout to lift his head, turning it left and right in an attemot to find the source "What - what have you done to the others, and who are you anyways?" he calls out, doing his best to sound like afearless leader ought to, even though this is getting a little unnerving.

There's a delay from the answer, as if the voice really is 'occupied' with something. Maybe the missing members of the group? It sounds a little exasperated when it does answer.

"I'm called Twilight. I saved you from your violent histories and I'll save you again if need be. Are you really sure you want your memories? Aren't you happier like this, unburdened by them? Lighter?-Ugh, one moment."

There's a soft rumble in the cavern, but thankfully all it does is shake a few small crystals loose.

The device is pointing them towards what might be the center of the caves beneath the island. It's getting darker and darker, as if the lights running through like roots can't quite reach there yet.

Vortex follows behind Quicksight, sticking close to the little scout to minimize any chances of being seperated from anyone else. He peeks over his shoulder to look at the beeping device. He reeeeally wants to know why its beeping. Maybe it detects energon!

"Violent? Well, I guess washing sky scrapers can get pretty intense... I think." Vortex frowns, rotors all shifting behind him. He nudges Quicksight. Leader, say something to the kinda scary voice with the magical name.

The distraction of talking and looking arounf slows Quicksight down a little, but it doesn't stop him entierly. He's already of the mind that this evice must be important, so he intends to follow it to the end. It might lead them to something that will aid in rescuing the others! He can walk and talk.

"I want to figure out who I am, and what's going on, and my friends want to know why they're in the wrong bodies, and we all want to know what's going on eithout having to figure it out every time! Anyways, we're soldiers! We're at war! We're supposed to be violent! I'm supposed to be helping my comrades! I'd be letting them down and puting themin danger if I just agreed to idle around!"

"...See? The smaller one, you're one of Those. No matter how many times I purify your memories, you wake up with warlike and violent instincts. You end up corrupting the rest. Why do you suppose that is? One of these days I'll figure out how to--"

The voice cuts off in static, and so do the lights. The two will find themselves groping through darkness, wet, cold darkness, with whatever automatic or internal lights they have on their bodies. But at least the monitor is still leading the way towards...something.

Vortex reaches out to place his servos on Quicksight's shoulders. Don't want to lose him in the dark! He doesn't have any lights- he's pretty sure about that at least- but the device Quicksight has does provide some. "You're not violent. You've been helping us," Vortex notes as he looks around. Its a whole lor of murky, inky black nothing. So dark. "Does that thingy say we're almost where we need to go? I liked it better when there were glowy crystals."

"You're just taking them away!" Quicksight yells to the darkness, the red lights of his optics narrowing before he turns them towards Vortex as the bigger mech grabs on to his shoulder "Well, not yet, but violence can help too, right? Like, if you're protecting someone!" he turns back to the device in his hands "Dunno, but it is sill leading us somewhere. Maybe it'll brighten up again if we go that way."

<FS3> Vortex rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (6 2 8 1 5 8)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Reaction+Reaction: Great Success. (7 7 3 7 6 7 5 1)

The device is flickering like mad as they approach, well, something. Both Quicksight and Vortex will tap their feet against what might be a pile of rock crystal, and does seem to be in the dim light of the device. Soemthing's buried in there, and the device REALLY REALLY wants them to get at it. Moreover, Quicksight himself will feel a...pull towards it, inside of him. How odd.

Vortex's visor shutters. "Oh, I hadn't... Thought about it like that before." Violence to protect someone. Huh. Makes sense, though. "Alright, let's go then. I hope it gets brighter."

Vortex follows Quicksight until he stubs a foot against something. "That thing is going crazy," he observes before bending down to grab one of the rock crystals and bring it close to his face to examine it. "It wanted us to find more crystals?" Maybe its food. A quick attempt to bite and pained whine reveal that it is not, in fact, edible. Quicksight is in the proces sof moving his foot forward when his toe catches on something hard and slides off of it. More crystals. Maybe they are reaching another lit area. Except...

He looks down at the device "Maybe that means we're here..." he muses, leaning in as well to examine the pile "We're definitely here! I can feel it. I dunno how, but I know there's something in there! Or under there!" setting the device on the ground, he reaches to pull away one of hte crystals, and then another "Hey, give me a hand here! There's definitely something there!"

The crystals certainly do not taste like Energon. Salty. If Vortex knows what salty tastes like...

Digging through will eventually reveal...a quill.

Why is there a quill.

For whatever reason, it feels Right in Quicksight's hand, as if he's meant to have it. It also seems to elicit a very loud reaction from the monitor. Meanwhile, the veins of light are starting to creep in again, and the voice has returned, though it sounds choppy and even more distracted.

"...Violent and---millions of years of war to---Why are there so many of you at once? Too much to concentrate on---"

The ceiling starts to rumble again. Louder, this time.

Bleh. "These things don't taste good," Vortex makes sure to tell Quicksight before storing the slightly nibbled on crystal rock. Then he starts to help with the digging and removing more of the tasteless things. When they reach the quill, he stares. Stares at what can be sorta seen. Still, so dark. "What- ack!" He jumps when the voice comes back. This place is spooky! His rotors shift and fold as he looks up. "That doesn't sound good. What should we do now?"

Quicksight stares as well, cradling the quill in one hand as the other brushes off the dust. This is it. It doesn't look like it will help them get out of here, but he knows that he needs to have this. It belongs with him.

He'd be perfectly happy to examine it a while longer, but the voice, and the rumble distract him "Then don't! Let us go! I don't want to forget my friends, and - and I want to know what I forgot already! What if I forgot something important!" he eyes the cave, as much as that's possible in the dark "We should probably get out of here. We could go back, but you'll need to try flying. I don't think I'm strong enough to pull you out" two red points flicker towards Vortex "Maybe there's a path up ahead, but it might just end up as a dead end and we might get trapped here."

The cave keeps rumbling as bits of crystal fall here and there, and the voice has fallen quiet. Twilight, it seems, is otherwise occupied.

But with the lights reaching them, they'll be able to see that some of the tunnels lead upwards, especially the one behind them. It seems to lead up to what looks like more natural light, though it'll be a stiff climb if Vortex can't fly.

"I can try all I want but its not going to happen! I can't wrap my head around how it'd even be possible. No thrusters, no wings. Will you just- oh hey, I can see more." Vortex can actually see Quicksight now! And not just his optics. And the room! And- "Oh thank Primus. Maybe that's a way out!" He heads over to that tunnel, pausing briefly. "Er- if you think we should go up this way?" Checking with the leader.

"Yeah, looks like it!" Quicksight nods as he focuses on the light. "Looks like there's an exit there, though it also looks like we're going to have to go up" he turns back to Vortex "Have you actually tried flying? If you haven't, how do you know for sure that it's not going to work. Come on, atleast give it a shot!" he pauses, and then adds "Even if it's just to prove me wrong! But you gotta actually try!" no cheating and doing a half-ass job!

Will Vortex manage to fly despite his insecurities? Will Quicksight's blooming leadership qualities pull through in inspiration? Will they manage to--

A blast of energy runs through the crystal and right through the two mechs, and immediately they will be filled with memories. All of it will come back, familiar faces, friends and enemies and war, war, war. It comes all at once, like being plunged through cold water without warning. What lovely timing, considering the tunnel is starting to flood with sand and miiight not be the best place to hang around.

"I already told you, Quicksight. I'm not built how I should be. I-" Vortex doesn't get a chance to talk about how different a plane vs rotary flies- should he have to???- or eventually be inspired by Quicksight's words. He's smacked with over four million years of memories. Cybertron, Combaticons, the box, the Lost Light- its a lot to suddenly be able to recall.

Vortex stumbles, dazed, and squints down at the sand beginning to pile up around his ankles. Huh. With a grunt, he transforms and takes off with a flurry of bladed rotors that whip the sand back. Hopefully this tunnel reads directly to the surface. He's never been any good at flying straight for very long.

Quicksight staggers as he's suddenly hit with an onslaught of memory, his processor suddenly completely occupied with, well, processing it all. And suddenly, he knows what he is - was supposed to be doing on his first mission on Keiiar, and where those bases were, that he's not actually on Keiiar anymore, the rest of the war, Cybertron, the Lost Light, Skystalker, oh, and who he was just calling his friend. Un(?)fortunately, the situation doesn't present him with a chance to properly curse everyone out, as the place seems to be litterally coming down on them, and so, like Vortex, he transforms, and guns his engine. He can be annoyed later.

The two fliers just make it out before the hole fills with sand, and will find themselves on the island beach again, where things have finally gone still. A very confused Sand Dollar is standing nearby in robot mode, looking about. "I just got-I...I remember now? Simanzi, I was built for Simanzi, I...uh, is this a lot to y'all too?"

In a few moments they'll get a transmission from a shaken-sounded Fortress Maximus. "<< We' again. Blast Off's rallying some of the mechs we found here to join the Lost Light, and they're gonna see about getting the villagers to come too. Let's just...let's just go.>>"

Vortex bursts out of the tunnel, twisting and transforming again to land smoothly on his pedes. The blades on his back fan out as he squints in the now sunny bright terrain. He looks to Sand Dollar. "I've got a helm ache," he mutters, gaze shifting to... To... He takes a step back from the ocean all around them. It certainly didn't bother him before getting everything back.

"<< Yeah. Sure. Whatever. >>" Vortex responds, voice clipped. He makes his way over to Sand Dollar. "You giving us a ride back to that village still? If not, we're gonna have a problem." His rotors flick behind him.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Selfcontrol: Failure. (5 1 1 1 5 6)

"Guess Twilight lost his control after all" Quicksight notes as he listens to Sand Dollar, and Max "If I ever see him, I'm definitly going to show him those 'violent tendencies' he seems to hate so much. He had no fragging right to take our memories!" No right to make him forget the Cause, his comrades, his friends.

Vortex's comment earns him a wary, agitated look. Since Twilight isn't here, it seems that Quicksight's ire is to be redirected at him. He still can't believe he was just calling this guy a friend! "What, didn't get your ability to fly back, or are you just so bad at at that you think you'll fall into the big bad water?" he grumbles.

Sand Dollar holds his hands up. "Hey, hey, calm down! It's fine, I'll take you and your friends back! I promised!" He transforms back into a boat, waiting right by the shore. "You guys just helped save all of us, I think. I mean, if I got my memories back and I saw that big energy wave hit the village too...I gotta assume they have 'em back, though I'll need to message Windwhistler to be sure. No reason to be so glum, right?"

Vortex looks over his shoulder and at Quicksight. He stares at him, one rotor flicking. "You just saw the first hand effects of what a Functionist-based regime was like to Constructed Cold mechs. And you're gonna make jokes and attack. Hmph." Vortex makes an unimpressed and disappoined sound as he starts trudging to Sand Dollar. "I'm not glum, just don't feel like talkin' right now." He hops onto the boat and goes to find a corner hopefully no one will bother him at.

That criticism catches Quicksight off guard, leaving him staring at Vortex for a few moments. Ultimately though he doesn't answer it, muttering something along the lines of "I'll look around and catch up" before leaping into the air. He needs some him time to sort things out in his head, and get some images for the report.

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