2017-09-02 It's Titans All The Way Down

From Transformers: Lost and Found

It's Titans All The Way Down
Date 2017/09/02
Location Abyssalas
Participants Wheeljack, Countershock, Moonlight, Swivel
NPCs Jaekel, Abyssal
Plot Colony: Abyssalas
Scene GM Ems, Jay
Summary Representatives of the Lost Light crew finally get to breach the topic of Unicron with a new colony.

Finally, after a surprising amount of dithering over dates and times on the colony's end (scientists, it seemed, were not all that eager to adhere to deadlines unrelated to their work) a crew has been dispatched to the planet's surface to speak with the titan of Abyssalas, aptly named Abyssal, about the approaching threat of Unicron and the crew of the Light Lost. Sent by shuttle, the descent into the planet's atmosphere and toward its great ocean may seem as spectacularly uneventful as the first time they arrived, at first. Keen eyes, however, will soon notice a disturbance on the water's surface, much larger than the usual windblown waves.

Rising from the depths, the water will break over a nearly transparent bubble, visible only because of the water sliding off of it in sheets and a faint shimmer as the sun hits its surface. This bubble slopes down to meet the craggy edges of some harder material, like dried magma that has collected into a long oval shape. What makes this oval float is currently invisible, but the city beneath the bubble is not. There's something off about those buildings, though, something unique, that's a little difficult to tell from this distance.

Now that he knows what to look for when trying to find signs of life on the planet while approaching, Wheeljack is peering out of the shuttle's windows from the moment they're in atmosphere, checking on the sings of the group they should be meeting with. The sight of the strange bubble gets an interested flash of his fins, before he pulls away from the window to glance at the rest of the group. "Whoo! That answers the question of where all the colonists are!" he says cheerfully. "Let's get closer, and send them a greeting, shall we?"

Swivel had been anxiously anticipating the next trip to Abyssalas, fully expecting her to not have to stab anymore people-wearing fish-parrots. And though she had witnessed the descent before, once again she is taking in the view with seemingly as much awe as the other two times. She only briefly looks away when she hears Wheeljack talk, craning her neck and nodding to him. "Yup! That's one mystery down!"

Moonlight isn't terribly fascinated with water. It's wet and common, which means it usually doesn't feature in trade. Unless you also happen to know of a desert planet. She makes a note to look into that later. Regardless of her general disinterest in water, she is looking out the shuttle window. Her interest springs back to life, however, as she watches the water run off the almost invisible bubble. A city in a bubble. Very interesting. "Greetings are good," she says to Wheeljack with a faint smile. "You're a science guy; any idea how they managed that bubble city?" She looks over at Swivel. "Solving mysteries is a bit of a rush sometimes, but I often wonder if the universe will be as interesting with fewer mysteries in it."

Fl-Countershock, still unfamiliar with the other bots crammed into the small shuttle with him, settles for drumming his red-tipped fingers against his thigh. His one large optic gazes out over the spectacle of a floating city in a floating bubble on an alien planet, appearing disinterested even as his long antennae twitch toward the shuttle window. "We do have a plan if the inhabitants of that city aren't as nice as us, right?" He asked, his optic swiveling around to glance at the others, "One that doesn't involve just running? Exploration is nice and all, but I would rather live to see another day than risk it."

While the shuttle's inhabitants talk, it will turn out they don't need to send a greeting first; the shuttle receives a ping, and a comm, from the colony. "Welcome to Abyssalas," the message says, the voice they hear level, yet kindly. "Please follow our directions for landing. It is good to see you." The directions then sent will lead them over the bubble, toward the 'front' of the city, toward a low, rounder building, set within what appears to be a garden, alongside which is a 'parking lot' the message wants them to land on. As they approach, the nearly-transparent sheen of the bubble withdraws, opening to allow them to enter. This close, it's easier to see what was so odd about these buildings: they almost seem to be, in many places, covered in coral-like organics. Some even have bulbous attachments to them that could very well be filled with the thick water that makes up this planet's oceans.

When the shuttle touches down beside this building, they'll see that the garden, too, looks more like a coral reef, except it's on dry 'land'. It's a very interesting aesthetic, to say the least, which can also be applied to the mech waiting for them as they arrive: they are tall and slim, with a visor and faceplate covering their face, and when they wave greeting their 'normal' hand is mirrored by a smaller, pincer-like appendage attached to their mid-torso.

Well, that could happen too! Wheeljack doesn't even need to step away from his window as the greeting comes through, much to his pleasure. His fins flash in interest as he turns back to the window, only reluctantly pulling himself away from it to move toward the doorway when they finally come in closer to landing. It's an effort not to pull out a scanner and turn it toward the corals, or just walk over to examine them. Instead, he turns his attention toward the mech waiting for them, one unfamiliar to him from the last time he visited the colony. "Hey there!" he says, with an answering wave.

The comment made by Moonlight regarding dwindling mysteries gives Swivel a pause. She peers out at the window at the odd colony with its unusual structures as she thinks it over.

Upon hearing Countershock air his concerns, Swivel turns her head. Well, she has to turn her torso a little as well since her neck doesn't turn a full 180 degrees. "We probably won't need an escape plan - though we probably should have one anyway. I'm very optimistic about this, though! After all, a couple folk from the Lost Light did do 'em a fav--" Swivel is cut off as she hears the greeting. Previous comment is dropped and she remains diligently quiet while the landing instructions are relayed. She's more interested in the window than finishing her sentence. 

Once down on the colony, Swivel is looking at all the different and interesting shapes, forms, and colours the coral-like organisms covering the structures take. However, to avoid being accused of lollygagging, she tears herself away from viewing the gardens and takes a few quick steps to quickly catch up with Wheeljack, stopping to his left and slightly behind. She doesn't say any greetings, but she does give a small wave and nod towards the multi-limbed mech greeting them.

Moonlight holds up both hands to Countershock. "Hey, I'm firmly with you in the 'live to see another day' camp," she says. "But with enough of the right information, most people can be made to play nice, at least for a short while." She grins and shrugs. She gives Swivel two thumbs up for her optimism. Then she's distracted by the greeting and the opening of the bubble. Very cool. "I've been to a lot of planets, but never seen anything quite like this," she murmurs to her fellow Lost Lighters. Then they're greated by a rather interesting looking mech. Hearing Wheeljack's rather informal greeting, she adds one of her own. "Hello," she says, with both a wave and a partial bow. "You have a beautiful garden here," she adds, quite sincerely.

He still wasn't sure of these alien mechs (Countershock hadn't survived the war without at least a healthy dose of cynicism), but at the kindly tone of voice coming from their comms, Countershock finds himself relaxing a fraction. Taking the time to reassure himself that there was no war anymore the empurat reminds himself, again, to relax as he takes in the city, and what the buildings are composed of. While neutral when it came to organic-inorganic discourse, he made a note to watch for those bulbous organics in case they decided they wanted to spit at him like those earth 'llamas' he read about in a stray datapad about earth. Gross.

The bot slinks behind the others as they leave the shuttle, completely unfamiliar with this world. But considering the others seem to be comfortable was safe, right? His yellow optic flashed and he tried to keep his antennae from twitching again as he took an interest in the rather unique mech that was there to greet them, his medical coding zoning in on the peculiar pincers. How interesting, and convenient...right, manners. He wasn't going to ruin this probably-diplomatic meeting by being *rude.* He settled for a respectful nod with a quiet "Greetings."

Once it is clear the Lost Lighters are safely inside the city's dome, the ground gives a minute shake. On the edge of the city, a towering shape rises before rushing down to collide with the waves below. The city begins to sink quickly after.

Water rushes up around the dome, quickly cutting off any view of the sky above as they descend into the water's depths.

The Lost Lighters, as the city descends into the water once more, will feel the movement of the ground they stand on but nothing more, as the atmospheric pressure within the bubble adjusts accordingly while they sink. Just a little pop as internal systems accommodate, but that's it. The waiting mech tilts their helm, giving the air that while the Lost Lighters can't see it, they're smiling at the returned greetings, their main hands coming to rest gently against one another before them.

"Welcome," he says, and it's immediately clear this is the same voice that spoke over the comms. "I am Jaekel, the High Priest of Abyssalas. It is very nice to meet you. Please, tell me your names?" He'll wait patiently for introductions, and when that's done, his visor brightens warmly. "Excellent. Follow me."

Passing by the gardens (maybe you can study them later, Wheeljack) Jaekel leads them into the round building, the only one out of the entire city that they may note hasn't been modded in some way to match the underwater #aesthetic. He takes them down an ornate staircase just inside the main hall, which twists gently as it goes, and eventually the lot will end up in a room that, for any that have visited Tempo, will be instantly familiar, though the many consoles and viewscreens are slightly different than those of Rigard's titan. There's some coral here, too, and soft light that plays over the walls like one would get from a fish tank, though the source is unknown. "And this," Jaekel says, once they've all gathered, "is Abyssal."

Wheeljack's fins glow in a cheerful blue at the mech as he welcomes them all, though he is slightly sheepish about his informal greeting in the face of Moonlight's addition. "Ah, yeah... We're representing the Lost Light," he adds. Obviously that's the case, though. His fins flicker before he bows his head to the High Priest. "I'm Wheeljack," he says. "One of the Lost Light's science team." Hopefully that will give them a little thing in common, considering the scientists they've already dealt with on this colony.

The trip down through the Titan is more than enough to keep inspiring Wheeljack's curiosity. He can't help but look around here and there as Jaekel leads them down, uncaring if he looks like a tourist with his head on a swivel as he does. He hasn't spent too much time visiting Tempo, so this has him looking around constantly. When they finally stop, Wheeljack stops, trying not to be too nosy about looking around at the screens. "Thank you for letting us enter, Abyssal," he says out loud. He's at least picked up that much etiquette about Titans

Swivel crosses her arms over her chest, her internal barometer giving her readouts as they descend once more. But she's more interested in watching as the water rises up around them, pressed against the static bubble. However, when names are asked, Swivel peers up at Wheeljack, and then over to Jaekel. "Swivel," she says clearly, but briefly, thrusting a thumb towards her own chest. Other than a polite smile, though, she doesn't draw much more attention to herself.

The trip to Abyssal's interior continues to often trap Swivel's interest and tendancy to be easily impressed. She'd never visited Tempo before, herself, so this is a new to the smallish femme. She almost wonders if she shouldn't be treading more softly, not that her gait is a heavy one to begin with. Swivel isn't sure what more to do or say, and keeps looking between Wheeljack and Moonlight. Wheeljack, since he's the ranking officer on this trip, and Moonlight just because she's shown to be more, well, savvy with these situations. There is an almost sheepish pleading expression in her face, seeking instruction or reassurance she's not doing anything 'wrong'.

Water has suddenly become a lot more interesting to Moonlight now that she's under it! The thought of all that pressure rushing in if the systems should falter is not a pleasant one, though she doesn't show an outward sign of being discomfited. She's quiet as the city goes deeper into the ocean. The corners of Moonlight's lips twitch the tiniest bit when the mech introduces himself as a High Priest. Still she makes another, slightly lower bow. "I am Moonlight," she says, giving her name since it was requested. She follows the mech into the Titan's chamber. "I'm afraid I don't know the proper diplomacy for a Titan, yours in specific. Perhaps you could tell me a bit more," she says, her tone one of supplication. While she sees enough in her periphery to get a sense of the place, she keeps the bulk of her attention on the Priest. Attentiveness goes far, or so experience has taught her. She gives Wheeljack a faint nod and smile; being polite is always good for these situations. Well, almost. Some cultures are weird and see excess politeness as an affront, but she doubts this is one. She also gives Swivel a faint nod, moving a little closer to the smaller femme. If she notices her doing something 'wrong' she'll give her a nudge. Discreetly.

A floating city, he could understand. Maybe. But a submarine city?? Now *this* was cool. The logic of the city obviously being able to go back under the ocean, where it had been until now, was lost to Countershock as he found himself experiencing the weird feeling of being underwater but completely dry. At the other mech, Jaekel's prompting, the bot straightened his backstruts a tad. "Countershock, part of the medic team." He said briskly, before pausing. "....It's nice to meet you." He added as an afterthought.

As the team descended down, Countershock did his best not to be as glaringly obvious about his marvel. His helm didn't move, sure, but his optic swiveled around in the darkness of what used to be his face, taking everything in. Finally, the stairs ended, and Countershock suddenly didn't know where to look. Maybe not at the screens, but looking out the window might count as staring out into space which wouldn't look good on any of them. He settled for staring at Wheeljack instead, the fearless leader of this little gang of misfits. He probably knew what to do....right? Maybe he should keep an optic out for what Moonlight is doing as well, since she seemed confident enough.

Around them, the air of the room- or maybe it is the metal around them- seems to grow warmer and a feeling washes over them like the waves submerging the city. It feels... well, it feels cheerful and most definitely excited. If Abyssal was a normal sized mech, there is no doubt they would be swarmed with questions and gentle pokes. For now, however, it remains to Jaekel to properly translate.

"Treat him as you would treat any leader, with dignity and respect," Jaekel answers Moonlight smoothly. His default state seems to be with his hands pressed together before him, almost in a prayer, while pincers stay slightly raised. He quiets as Abyssal 'speaks', feeling the warmth just as the others do. Again, his faceplate shifts with a hidden smile, visor dimming momentarily before he speaks again. "Abyssal is very pleased to meet you, as well. We have never had visitors like you to our city before." He peers at each one in turn, seemingly not noticing how they're looking to Wheeljack in particular as the head of this little party. "We will have many questions for you, but I suppose the most pressing concerns this threat your people mentioned, this Unicron. We have analyzed the data you've given us, and in the time since your crew first made contact with mechs from our city, there has been some planetary activity that aligns with that data. If you could give us a more in-depth summary of what to expect, and what we should be doing, we would greatly appreciate it."

Whoa! Sensory communication. Now Moonlight will have to meet with Tempo so she can compare. But for the present, she keeps her body language respectful, but not stiff, veering towards open expressions. And she attempts to repress anything that might come across as nervous or aggressive. "As I am not a scientist, or a warrior, I can't give the precise details of plans on either of those fronts. However, for what you can be doing, it boils down to three things. Manpower, resources, and research," she says, also smoothly. "The threat is large, and it comes after us all equally. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to work together as a united people, something those with Cybertronian roots have been struggling with for so long now." It's a pretty good preamble, but doesn't really answer the question. Wheeljack has been at this much longer, so she wants to turn the details over to him.

The first wave of this strange sensation causes Swivel to knit her optic ridges together, only hint of a frown showing up on her face. It isn't necessarily a frown of any negative response, but rather just an expression of deep thought and uncertainty as she tries to figure out what this sensation was. Slowly her face relaxes, and that hint of a frown instead turns into a subtle smile as she embraces the positive vibes. For now, Swivel is remaining silent. She'll let the more experienced people do the talking, for now.

"Moonlight has it about right," Wheeljack adds, nodding. "The Lost Light has been reaching out to Cybertron and the other colonies to pool resources to prepare to combat Unicron," he says, his fins dimming to a more solemn blue as he begins to explain. "If Unicron comes near your world, well... I hate to say it, but it's best to have evacuation plans in place. We're trying to combat their advance but so far efforts... aren't going well." To say the least. "We think we have a method of stopping him, but this is where everyone's help really comes in-- there are a bunch of artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron that seem to be the key to defeating them, but we need to find them all, and infuse them with energy. It's a fascinating process, really, they seem to attune to the bearer's spark..." someone stop him, or he'll be rambling all day.

Temperature dropping a few degrees in concern, Abyssal's viewscreens start dispaying various scans and readings regarding to the planet's atmosphere and his own capabilities... then the room shifts to an even more excitable state as soon as the word 'research' is mentioned. The titan's entire focus is on the mechs, listening to Wheeljack's rambling with rapt attentiveness. Don't expect Abyssal to stop him, this artifact stuff in intriguing!

Jaekel listens while the Lost Lighters speak, helm canted with interest as to what they have to say. He is the picture of an apt listener, soaking it all in, otherwise remaining still until they have said their piece. Abyssal's reaction, when it comes to the mentions of research and artifacts, is not surprising, and Jaekel feels the beginnings of excitement and curiosity welling within his spark as well. Still. "These artifacts of which you speak," Jaekel says, gently cutting Wheeljack off, "This data was not included. We would be very interested in that, as well, if we are to help you and yours in the search for them. Our researchers will be very pleased with this information, as will Abyssal; he is extremely interested in this topic." His air changes, then, more solemn, as he says to Wheeljack, "As for evacuation plans...that may prove to be very difficult. Abyssal changed quite drastically when he came to this planet. I'm not certain he can leave at this point in time, and the people would not go without their titan."

"It's fascinating, really. They seem to be bound to an individual, and somehow absorb energy from them, like a battery, but how they do it is fascinating, and I keep meaning to study it more-- though of course the problem is that we need to find more of them to be able to study everything, first," Wheeljack says, clearly happy to keep going, until Jaekel cuts him off. It takes Wheeljack a moment to reorient and his fins dim. "Well... I mean, I'd like to tell you that's a worst case scenario, but it's a worst case scenario that you should probably prepare for."

Swivel squints at the view screens when they show atmospheric information. She can understand some of it, but not really enough to apply it meaningfully. And she is a little interested in how the bubble IS, in fact maintained, how atmospheric pressure is controlled, and a few other things, but she's not sure she'd understand the explanation and thus does not ask.

"Wheeljack is right, sir. Or, um, your grace or..." Swivel flounders, trying to figure out an appropriate honorific. "It may be hard, but an evacuation plan oughtta be considered. Or, at least, give people the decision to stay or go. Some might feel they'd just be underfoot in an attack and would perhaps consider leaving, at least, until this threat is settled." Swivel speaks with a timid voice, and she often darts her optics off to the side, and shows a lot of retreating body language despite not actually stepping away.

Swivel looks up again. "I would, at least, send one or two archivists or someone with an in depth knowledge of the the culture and history of this place somewhere safe. It's not accepting defeat to prepare for the worst. It's being prudent. I think. Maybe." Swivel peers uneasily at Jaekel, watching his body language cautiously, and paying close attention to shifts in the temperature.

Moonlight isn't going to stop Wheeljack just for the sake of preventing a rambling. After all, if this colony has a large population of scientists, then this will be more pertinent to them than talks of arms and battle. But she watches Jaekel's body language to see how he is recieving Wheeljack's words...or her own for that matter. Then the screens start spitting out a lot of data that she would never be able to make heads or tails of, not being a scientist, but the rate of the information seems to indicate a flurry, though she can't tell if it's aggitation or excitement. She listens carefully to Jaekel, nodding her head. "I have one here with me if there's somewhere I can put it for Abyssal to sccan," she says. Of course, she doesn't know that the Titan has scanning equipment, but with all the pannels of information she saw, she'd assume it would have at least a basic set of equipment to go with it all. It might be a risk to show her Artifact, but she also knows that risks of trust can pay dividens in the end if done carefully. And time is not on their side on the Unicron issue. There just isn't time to check out the intention of the entire population of the planet. She smiles faintly to Wheeljack. "We should see if the best and brightest the planet has would be willing to congregate here for you to talk to about science things. While we should also talk to whoever is in charge of military and supplies to talk about mechpower, arms, and supplies," she suggests. Wheeljack's science is of best interest to other scientists. She pats Swivel lightly on the shoulder to soothe some of that running away reflex. "Get some scans of the water here and see if we can find another planet that can host the Titan in our wanderings," she suggests to Swivel. "Consult with scientists and let your division know what to look for." Navigation looks for stuff, doesn't it?

Amusement pulses off Abyssal as Moonlight suggests best and brightest, too many names to count flashing along one of the vidscreens. Pretty likely saying something like that will be akin to tossing a golden fruit between three celestial beings. Regardless of that little snag, Abyssal starts feeding pertinent information again. The population of the colony, the percentage of the populace likely to evacuate, the functionality of Abyssal's ability to use his spacebridge, the three creatures currently swimming below, the fact that one of the creatures has a unique evolutionary fin configuration, recording data on this phenomenon- Ok, Abyssal may have gotten slightly distracted.

Jaekel shakes his helm at their suggestions. "It is not that I'm unwilling to evacuate," he corrects, looking at each in turn. "But that our titan is physically incapable of leaving." He stops as Abyssal 'speaks', noting the data scrolling over screens, a soft chuckle escaping him at the list of names that would count as 'best and brightest'. "As he says, there are far too many of our population who would fit that particular description, Swivel, and each and every one of them has knowledge valuable to our people. As for what I was saying...Abyssal, please pay attention." Shifting closer to the main console, Jaekel gently taps a hand beside one of the viewscreens, trying to pull Abyssal back from his study on those organics below, even if he, too, is briefly caught by the information on the one's unique fin configuration. "Ah, as I was saying. Abyssal is not physically capable of leaving these waters. He is our city, and he is the support for our city. When I say he changed drastically, I mean his city mode adapted to these waters, and his root mode has not been used in milennia."

From within his subspace, Jaekel withdraws a small cube, which he activates with a brush of his thumb, a holopicture flickering into life above it. Rotating in open space, its great fins moving slowly as if it were gliding through water, is a giant, alien turtle, with a familiar bubble perched on top. "This is what Abyssal looks like now, in this mode. With all of the modifications made over the years, we're wary of having him transform, though he still can. This is why I am worried about evacuating...perhaps if we could repair the spacebridge, his teleporting abilities would be onlined as well. Otherwise, our only escape plan for matters of extreme danger involve diving as deep as we can and hoping the pressure will be too much for anything else to follow."

"That's fascinating," Wheeljack blurts out, his helm fins lit up, before he stops himself. Now's not the time to ask questions about the giant turtle titan. "We'll leave the decisions of what to do with the colony and your preparations to you," Wheeljack says, nodding to both Abyssal's screens and toward Jaekel. "Moonlight and Swivel's suggestions are something to consider, though. And of course we're willing to give you all of the data that we've gathered so far. I just think it's fair to warn you that most of that data is... rather grim. Unicron and his followers raze entire worlds." It's the final part, though, that makes him brighten again. "Oh, but we do have a working space bridge that we can study and use to help with his! That's something, at least."

Swivel leans, ever so slightly, more towards Moonlight, looking up at her an nodding. Yes. Navigations finds stuff. Not that she can talk on behalf of her division, and so she says nothing. She said her piece, and is remaining silent and vigilant, gauging reactions as best as she can. The information on the screen is more than Swivel can make any sense of. However, its way of jumping around does cause her to smile just a little bit. Her own thoughts tend to hop around in a jumbled mess, so she can relate somewhat. Listening to Jaekel, Swivel nods. "I'm sorry. I see the dilemma now... excuse my ignorance." Swivel seems to withdrawn sullenly, but perks up again when there might be a solution involving the space bridge. Not that she knows anything about space bridges, but she does know there are a lot of brilliant minds available to try and solve the dilemma.

"Do you have diplomatic relationships with any other planets?" Moonlight asks after listening to Jaekel speak about the impossibility of the Titan leaving. The details of the altmode specs are lost on her, but she can see enough surface details to get how the situation is problematic. "Right now we need to get information out fast." Then she chuckles softly, the sound comforting rather than abrasive in nature. "How cooperative are your people with each other? Some scientists are known to horde knoweldge. But if your people work well together, they might have some insight that we don't have," she suggests. "We have some very bright minds on the Lost Light, but most of us are not scientists..." She taps her cheek with a forefinger. "Now isn't the time to be keeping secrets that might save zillions of lives." Yes, she knows zillions isn't a number. Or is it? "I think right now we need to keep communication open between your scientists and ours. And any other science minded colonies we find. There has to be a good way to set up a mass information network that can incorporate all these brilliant minds." She sighs softly. "If other Titans are in similiar situations, for whatever reason, whatever the details, then we're all extra motivated to save these planets."

Abyssal almost seems to pout as Jaekal calls for his attention back, the room trembling slightly as a soft groan shakes through the machinery. So thats what its like when a titan whines. Across the room, there is a thunk and the walls slowly rise to display rounded panels of glass that allow them all to stare out into the waters. Beneath are three whale like creatures with several extra sets of limbs allowing them to propell through the dense liquid as they seem to ride the currents left in the titan's wake. Curiousity, wonder, a need to learn- to know- all roll over the mechs in the room.

The almost childlike awe hitches when Wheeljack brings up the spacebridge, room settling and the windows shuttering. Chilly unease, uncertainty. Can they really fix him? Are the other titans alright?

The groan has Jaekel brushing his hand over the console in a fond, soothing way, the 'I know, dear, I know,' unspoken and yet clear in his body language. With his hand resting there, he looks to the viewports only for a moment, before leading by example and dragging himself back from the tantalizing view. "Raze entire worlds? That would make our plan a little insufficient, I'd say." His chuckle is softer, sadder, this time, as what was a last-resort in itself is thrown into the trash with little effort. "You have a space bridge? I suppose you must, with the titan you speak with. Yes, we would appreciate it greatly if you could use that to aid us in fixing Abyssal's." Jaekel returns to stroking the console, almost unconsciously, when doubt and worry falls over Abyssal. "I trust you and yours will take great care in this endeavor, as will we. Abyssal is, quite obviously, our entire world."

Turning to Moonlight next, Jaekel addresses her points. "You are the first outsiders we have met in many years, but through you I believe we will be able to form the connections you speak of. Abyssal's people have their differences, as do we all, yet I know in matters such as this they will have no qualms in bonding together, especially to share and gain more knowledge toward defeating this Unicron." For the first time since they came, Jaekel's own childish wonder is audible in his tone as he speaks of opening communication between Abyssalas and other scientific communities. Think of all they could learn! Toning it down, he turns, at last, to Swivel. "Do not apologize, there was no way for you to have known." That unseen smile returns, warm and forgiving.

The shuddering of the room and the wash of emotions may be disconcerting, but Wheeljack finds he can't help but drink them in, the clear curiosity tugging at his own spark. If ever there was a time he found himself wishing that he could stay on a colony for a while, this is it. If only things back on Rigard with the Lost Light weren't so pressing... "Of course we'll do what we can to help," Wheeljack says, with the confidence of an Autobot who knows what the right thing is, and the sight of a clear path to it. "Our nav crew's already been keeping track of Unicron's path, so if it comes to that we can give advance warning, but like I said, hopefully it won't come to that." Abyssal's uncertainty has Wheeljack briefly looking to Jaekel to pick up a cue. "I'm sure we can convince the colonists to lend a hand on this," he says, though he omits mention of Rigard or Tempo. Even if the colonists of Abyssalas aren't connected, better not to let information about where the Lost Light is get too far from them. Even if that particular secret has probably been blown wide open.

When the shutters lower, revealing the whale-like creatures, Swivel jumps behind Wheeljack. However, she slowly peeks out frombehind him, realising that a) they are behind glass and can't get in, and b) they are not the same 'deep folk' she had to stab on her last visit. Stabbing is not good for diplomacy. However, in this case, it actually was. Swivel coughs lightly and walks out from behind Wheeljack, trying to look nonchalant. That didn't happen.

Swivel's unease seems to mostly melt away at the kindness she can detect from Jaekel. In fact, watching him interact with Abyssal's as been telling her a lot of his character, and more and more, the smaller femme is growing comfortable. Not so comfortable as to become informal, though. She just smiles and nods to Jaekel. There really isn't anything more for her to say that hasn't already been said.

Moonlight nods her head to this, feeling that surge of wonder herself. She even shivers a bit; she's usually pretty laid back, and that sort of awe generally doesn't cross her mind. "I'll talk to someone in Communications, see what they can come up with," she says, going back to the network idea. Only by coming together will they beat this. Including organics will probably have to be done later; getting Cybertronians to work together is challenge enough for now. "Our ship feels like it has a lot of people on it, but compared to, well, the universe, we're just a drop in the bucket. It's a lot of work getting in touch with everyone and trying to get enough resources to even think of challenging such a terror." But it must be challenged. Moonlight isn't a crusader at all, but impending doom can find the hero in many a non-heroic individual...even if it's only temporary. She's not quite sure what to add at this point, but her expression is thoughtful as she listens to Wheeljack. Then she gives Swivel a little smile. Sure, that didn't happen. Or, if it did, Moonlight wouldn't be telling anyone about it.

Abyssal seems to settle with the colonist's reassurance, prescense almost seeming to fade into the background. The screens go back to rapidly sorting through information, now entirely focused on what needs to be done.

Jaekel notices Wheeljack's look and - oh, he hadn't translated that part, had he. "An advance warning would be most appreciated, thank you. Abyssal was unsure as to the success of fixing his space bridge, but your reassurances have convinced him, and myself, that this is something within our reach as long as we work together. Thank you for everything you are doing to help us, and please, thank the colonists for us as well." Again, he nods to each in turn, inclining his helm respectfully before he turns back to the monitors and data Abyssal is running. "I think we have all we need, for now. We will keep in constant communication from now on, as much as we can. I must begin informing the people of what we are to do at once." He bows to them now, and when he straightens, Jaekel gestures toward the door. "I will see you out. I think it best if we leave Abyssal to his work, and I have much to do."

Swivel may try to be nonchalant about it, but Wheeljack's little panels twitch on his shoulders when she hunches behind him, and he can't help but twist to look at her initially. "You all right there?" he murmurs as she eventually starts to pull away. As far as he can tell there's nothing to be afraid of, except maybe the titan, but Abyssal has been nothing but welcoming the entire time. When Swivel collects herself Wheeljack turns back toward the front of the room. "Well, it seems like we've got plenty to occupy us once we get back, too, so we should... probably get started on that," Wheeljack muses, though he's still looking curiously at Abyssal's screens. "But I'm sure we'll come back to collaborate and deliver information before long." It's almost certain that he will be, in fact. That said, Wheeljack finally does follow Jaekel's hint and starts to turn slowly back toward the entrance. Time to go, no matter how much he'd like to stay and learn.

Swivel peers up at Wheeljack, and lets out a very small, and very sheepish giggle. "Ah, just... scared of sea mon -- er I mean, I thought I saw - that is... nevermind. I'm fine."

It had certainly be an interesting experience, and Swivel is just a little bit reluctant to go. But there is a lot of work to be done, and Swivel knows she would be no further help here.

Moonlight inclines her head deeply. "It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to meet you. Both of you," she says with a smile. "And I really do hope that other Titans are as welcoming as you have been, Abyssal," she adds. Then she turns to leave as everyone else is. Overstaying one's welcome is not good diplomacy, but even if they were more than welcome to stay in here, they do have a lot to get done. An overwhelming amount, that is. But at least today was productive.

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