2017-09-01 Loggie Logs

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Loggie Logs
Date 2017/09/01
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage
Participants Penchant, Moonlight, Static, Cavalier, Bone-Spur, Hunker
Summary Logistics gets together for a meeting.

With the storage bay fully repaired (aside from... worm damage) and the Leading Light back in its shuttle bay and not punched through the bow, Logistics has been running smoothly again, under the direction of Static and Hunker. There's no fancy meeting room, and Penchant hadn't really thought to request the use of one of the community rooms elsewhere - mostly because the big ol' storage bay's main floor has always been the site of these meetings. Most of the Logistics crew is gathered, small couriers in the front, freighters and haulers in the back in a semi circle around a small stack of crates. There's still hauling and organizing going on in the background, with bigger mechs toting segments of emptied fuel quills. They're /probably/ listening. Penchant sits on a crate this time, looking weary but happy. He loves his division guys. But instead of starting everything off, he looks expectantly to Static and Hunker.

It's very strange, being the one (or one of the ones) in charge of a Logistics meeting. He's used to Penchant hold the reins, but now it's his and Static's responsibility to take the lead. He's incredibly nervous for reasons he can't quite put his finger on, and as he stands beside Static in the middle of this semi-circle, he's doing his slow little shuffle, shifting from foot to foot at a pace glacial enough that it's hardly noticeable. When Penchant looks at him, he keeps his face carefully blank as he nods. He totally knows what he's doing.

"Howdy," Hunker says, in greeting, and immediately regrets. That's not a very good way to say hello in a meeting, is it. "Thanks for comin'. We just had a few things to say..." He pauses, gathering himself as if he's about to speak, and then turns his helm to his co-lead. "Static?"

There are a handful of bots on board that light up cigars and smaller cousins often enough, so the presence of a pipe in Bone-Spur's mouth is not terribly out of place as she sits there, hunched and looking more weary than is typical. Long day, maybe. At least she's washed recently, even if it was more of a hosing down. Her gaze is clouded by a bit of smoke and a tired look, optics sharp even though her brow is deep and her mouth twisted in a neutral frown. This is her first 'meeting' here, and she does not appear to want to make more of an impression than is needed-- at least for now. At least it gives her a chance to see everyone in her division-- or most of them, anyhow. Looks like the boxy fella isn't much of a speaker, huh?

This meeting is a good thing, in Static's mind-- a good place to formally begin handing more of the control of the division back over to Penchant, though Static knows he's more than willing to keep stepping up if Penchant still needs the vacation. As it is, he's standing at the front of the crowd with his cane in hand for once. Unlike Hunker, he seems completely fine with standing up there, listening to Hunker start things off. When the introductions are tossed to him, he nods at Hunker and then turns to the rest of logistics with a nod. "Well, for starters, good work team. And thanks for putting up with me and Hunker here." Static takes a moment to pat the mech on his elbow. "We dealt with the issues with the shuttle bay without a hiccup thanks to all your efforts."

Moonlight is not Static or Hunker, so is off the hook right now. Not that she would mind, but she's a relative new-comer, so these things don't fall to her. Which is fine. For the moment she's sitting cross-legged on the floor, waiting to see what's going to happen. She watches as Hunker starts, and then passes the ball on to Static, keeping her smile carefully under wraps. Starting on a good note is nice, and she nods her head to herself as Static speaks. But it does make her wonder what the bad news is going to be, if there is any.

Cavalier stands near the back of the crowd, keeping his eyes on the neutrals and stalwartly avoiding looking at the decepticon standing at the front of the group that starts off the meeting by addressing them all. Big. Slow. Cavalier is pretty sure he can probably take him if he starts something- but he won't. No one will and he needs to stop feeling as if it's a necessary thing to prep for. He keeps his hands clasped neatly in front of himself, grip tighter than he knows he should just so he can keep himself from twitching towards his sheathed swords. He remains silent as the neutral- he thinks?- takes the wheel, and pays as much attention as he can. He's new to logistics- new to the ship- but he wants to know the goings on and fit himself in accordingly.

Penchant thumbs-up to everyone. Yayyy teamwork. "And not to get all mushy over here and hog the limelight but... slag. Everyone that sent me stuff while I was in the medibay. You're just." Pench fails to find the words. "I dunno' how to say thanks in a way that actually means something. Know that it means a lot." He starts to look a little watery, somehow, then shakes it off. "ANYWAY. We have a few people we haven't seen in a while, or people switching into this division... or just new crewmates." He gestures to the pipe-puffing Bone-Spur over there, and Cavalier. Then, in a lower voice to Hunker and Static, "You wanna' tell them how to maneuver around our dragon crewmate and her hoarding tendencies?"

The pat to his arm is appreciated, and Hunker tips his helm again, this time to Static. It doesn't exactly quell his nerves, but knowing that Static has this part of the proceedings handled - setting the stage, as it were - does calm him some. When Penchant speaks, Hunker has to try very hard not to do something unprofessional like hug or touch him in any way, and therefore settles on a grin. You're welcome.

Noting said new crewmembers, Hunker looks to each in turn, noting the Autobot badge Cavalier wears. It doesn't bother him; he already knew about it, for one, and for two, being in a position of power like this, no matter how temporary, means he let himself be bothered. Flicking his optics to Penchant, rather than nod a third time he resets his vocalizer with a soft click and starts. "Speaking of issues, y'all've probably noticed we've got some new - and returning - crewmembers takin' up space in the shuttle bay. Shuttle Robo and Sky Lynx are perfectly friendly if'n you're inclined to talk to 'em, though Shuttle Robo's a bit shy, so be kind. Viviqueen, however, can be a bit tricky; she's got a hoard of stuff--" Read: junk, "--that she's fixin' to keep, so do your best to respect that. The problem comes when she decides to add to it by takin' other people's stuff." Here he looks to Static, an indication for him to take it from there. That was a lot of talking for him, he needs a break.

Bone Spur watches the interaction closely, and when Penchant tries to steer things back-- including noting the new faces, she gives him a wave of her smaller two fingers, the others holding onto the smokey pipe that leaves that lingering scent of enercigar stubs. When Hunker says Viviqueen's name, the Eukarian lets out a small snort, an inhale of air that comes out amused. "Tricky... puttin' that lightly, hn." She laughs breathlessly under her muttering, teeth at her pipe again.

"You deserve a moment of the limelight," Static says, glancing in Penchant's direction. "We're all glad to have you back, boss." His visor flickers in a wink, but the set of his smile is gentle, for just a moment, before he shakes it off with Penchant's redirection. Right, back to business. There's a meeting to get through.

Static is perfectly willing to wait and nod along to Hunker as he actually speaks up. The mech may be nervous but he's doing well so far, and Static doesn't want to discourage him by jumping in to talk over him. "Don't bother trying to negotiate with her to get things back, there are some other crew members who're better suited to that, and you can go to them. Pipes and Swoop, I believe?" Static glances to Penchant and Hunker to confirm, before continuing. "Right now, we're continuing to avoid using the shuttle bay for important storage if we can. If you have to put something in there, though, we're going to start collecting random materials that could be added to that collection of hers." Static points over to a bin by the door, which someone has apparently marked 'dragon bribes.' Most of the contents are noticeably shiny.

Moonlight 's mouth twitches slightly when it's mentioned that Viviqueen takes other people's stuff. She flicks her glance towards Bone-Spur and her comment. Interesting. Moon actually feels kind of bad that she didn't send Penchant anything, but she didn't feel it was her place to. Not yet. Still, she sucks on her bottom lip for a moment. Further talk of Viviqueen shines more light on the matter, which she is grateful for. Perhaps she should meet her just before there's time for a problem. She stores that away for later thought. For now she holds her piece.

Penchant perches on the edge of a crate and tries not to get drawn up in his FEELS again. All the looks and winks and grins. "Dragon bribes, great idea!" he says abruptly, palming a fist. "She's good with trading. Just don't try to trade for her book. The book is uh... alive. And she won him. Or something, I don't know, I'm fuzzy on the details."

"Most of you know we've been going to Cybertron to get supplies every so often. The spacebridge has been a great boon to our division. The next time we stop in, however, will be a bit more of a trip, as we'll be taking a few mechs from other divisions. If you want to come along, let me know - I heard we'll be visiting the new hot spot that sprang up. But there's still dealing and trading to be done, so expect to work."

There's a moment of personal awkwardness for Cavalier as Penchant thanks the division for things that he's not participated in, gifts he's not given, and time in medbay that he's not certain for what. There's a lot to learn, that much is apparent. He gives a short bow as he's referenced and he feels optics on him, and he keeps his posture pristine and poised.

He manages this up until spotting the 'dragon bribes' bin and his wings give a noticable waggle of surprise. An actual dragon or just a force of personality? And a book? A living book? This is... a much stranger division than Cavalier had been expecting to join when he'd gotten his options at enlistment...

"Yeah, Pipes and Swoop can help, if you need it." And Hunker himself, hopefully, one day. He's been meaning to speak to the dragonformer. They've both got a penchant for, well, hoarding is such a strong word. Collecting objects that are interesting or could be useful in the future, a much better way to think of it. He's quiet as Static talks, the corner of his lip curling up at the mention of the 'shinies' box. A really good idea of Static's, that. The mention of Viviqueen and her living book has Hunker's plating tightening against him in well-contained excitement. That's right, the bookformer, he'd actually heard about that. Probably because he's a bookworm. Another good reason to talk to Viviqueen!

"I've got a datapad with a list on it for volunteers, if you're interested in workin' that trip." Hunker produces said datapad, holding it up briefly. "I'll pass it around now, so you can sign up if ya want, and after that, as Penchant said, see him." His smile turns a bit sheepish as he moves to hand the datapad to Bone-Spur, glancing Penchant's way. It still feels weird to talk like they're on the same level, and he kind of can't wait for things to shift back into place.

'Other divisions' could mean Medical, considering they're going to visit the hot spot, or it could mean combat and security... or it could be some combination of those. That 'we' Penchant uses makes Static glance him over, though. Not that he can stop Penchant from going or anything, but considering his most recent excursion he'd find it surprising to learn that Penchant was actually going along. "Will do," he says, rather than call attention to it. "Speaking of volunteers, though, we'll need some others as well. Liasons to Rigard, managing shifts, things like that. We're trying to get more names in the rotation. Any takers?"

A book that lives? Will wonders never cease! This is intriguing to Moonlight. Also, the fact that Viviqueen is a trader piques her interest even more. How a dragon trades would be something worth learning. Then Penchant describes the next task coming up, and Moonlight smiles. "It's always good to have a little play mixed in with the work," she comments. Her gaze slides towards Cavalier at that point, wondering if the stiff looking mech even knows what play is. When Hunker speaks up, it reminds her that she still has to make time to go through Pipe's collection. Another thing to file away for later. As the datapad gets passed around, she hopes it doesn't fill up by the time it reaches her... "What sort of liasons?" she asks Static.

Bone Spur puffs her way through the last of the pipe, before she stamps it out with a thumb and stuffs it away. She does note who to see in terms of Viv, but something tells her it'd be best to just see to it personally. Eukarian to Eukarian, huh? As Hunker passes her the datapad she takes it up to inspect it before putting her designation down. Setting a good volunteer example, clearly. She passes it along in turn, brow knitting up. "I'm good to liaison with Rigard. Been here, so."

Cavalier goes through the listed activities. Being a liason to Rigard would likely... not work out well, at some point his socks are going to tear and then he'll simply have to interrupt a negotiation to fly away as quickly as mechanically possible. It wouldn't be much of a trial to manage shifts, but he's yet to know many others on board the ship and would like to understand who he's working with before taking on additional responsibilities... But that sounds simply like he's hiding. He takes the pad from Bone Spur extremely gingerly, careful to not let fingers touch, and signs his name for the trip to Cybertron. Cybertron is familiar enough. "I'm willing to manage some shifts should we need it," he offers as he carefully passes the datapad, again being careful to not touch whomever it is.

"Yep, my pals do often remind me to spare some time for relaxing," Penchant tips his brimmed helm to Moonlight. "Don't ever overwork yourself here - that goes for anyone. Maybe some of you are compelled to help, especially now, with all the slag that's going on, but... trust me. We're pretty set. And our division involves a lot of manual labor so that point is /especially/ important."

"An' on that note, if you ever feel you need any help, always feel free to ask. We're all here to work together, and there's nothin' wrong with getting a hand when you need one." Hunker watches the datapad get passed around, swelling a bit with pride when he sees how many of the crew are signing up for the trip. They've got a good team. "Alright, Cavalier, I'll mark you down for that." Out comes another, completely separate datapad, upon which Hunker takes note of this. "An' Bone-Spur, I'll put ya down to liason...thanks to you both for volunteerin'."

"The liasons are mainly to manage trade," Static says, turning toward Moonlight. "So, selling materials we don't need to the colony, or buying the things we do." Static very casually shifts his stance, resetting his cane so that it's properly supporting his weight instead of just acting like a fancy stick in his hand, what do you mean that he's putting strain on his frame. No way, not him. "To clarify, this won't be adding extra time onto your other duties," he says. "We're just trying to spread out the workload, so thank you all for your help in that regard."

"They know me here. It'll be aight." Bone-Spur cracks a crooked smile, running a thumb against her nose. She leans back on her seat and extends her legs a bit, feet propped in front of her. "I can talk to the managers at the mine too. Maybe get some raw stuff in if we need it."

Moonlight touches two fingers to her hat in return; there's a reason she doesn't actually tip it. "I never overwork myself," she says. "If someone tells me work needs to get done, I'll do it, but I try to keep things pretty balanced. Anyone needs help with that, and I'll give them a dig in the ribs." She shrugs back her shoulders easily. Nodding her head to Static, she just says, "Thanks." Turning to Bone-Spur she says, "You're known, but how good are you with trade?" she asks. "Not that I'm trying to tear you down; I just don't know your strengths." Other than her obvious, well, strength of frame. "Could be a two person job, is all." Her tone is easy, friendly.

As pleased and as proud as Penchant is of everyone seeming to carry on and volunteer, he wavers in his position, a spell of light-headedness growing all the worse. "Speaking of knowing your limits, think I'd better get back to my hab. I'll be poking in here for the next week or so, or I'll damn sure try, though it seems everything's going smoothly." He gives a little salute to Hunker and Static, leaving Bone-Spur and Moonlight to duke it out over liaisonships. Or TEAM UP.

At the 'dig in the ribs' comment, Cavalier takes half a step away from Moonlight. He might need one of those now and again, but he'd really rather not. He gives another short bow to Penchant as he makes his exit, "Have a good night, sir." He says, quiet and cordial and polite as the small mech makes his exit.

"I'm hardheaded enough to make deals, but feel free to tag in. I run my own business well enough, but." Bone Spur gives Moonlight a bit of a nod and lift of chin. It transfers a bit to Penchant. Good to meet him. "Anyway, could use a hand if you want to. Could introduce you to some folks."

"I'd be real appreciative if you did, Spur," Hunker says, with regards to her speaking with the mine's managers. Before he can say anything else, Penchant is making a hasty retreat - Hunker salutes back, even as he takes a step in the smaller mech's direction. Someone should walk him back to his hab....but, no, Penchant is his own person, he can take care of himself. Hunker can't hover, so he stops, giving a, "Rest well, Penchant," as his farewell before turning back to the others. Bone-Spur and Moonlight seem to be figuring things out alright, which is good.

Moonlight watches Cavalier step away and can't help but chuckle softly. She doesn't comment though. "I'm good either way," she says to Bone-Spur. "Even if I don't have to say a word, it'll give me a better idea of the local economy for future reference. And meeting people with someone who isn't an outsider is always beneficial," she says with a beaming smile. She's not one of those people who always have to lead. "Just let me know when you're ready, as long as you really don't mind a tag along." She waves to Penchant. "You just take care of yourself," she says, her tone softening a bit. She wouldn't say it outright, but the reported hell the small mech had gone through makes her uncomfortable; she doesn't know how to react to it.

"Rest well, boss," Static says, as Penchant makes his way out. His visor lingers on Penchant's back for a few moments before he lifts his helm again, looking to the meeting, which seems to have dissolved more into general conversation in the wake of Penchant's disappearance. Not a particularly bad thing, since it all seems to be productive from what he can hear. "On that note, you can continue to report to me and Hunker if you can't find Penchant for any reason," Static says. "He's still in charge, but we'll condense reports to bring to his attention."

Cavalier hesitates, but, well they did say to bring them questions. He hasn't had much time to learn of what's gone on on the Lost Light thus far, so there's not much he really knows... "I don't mean to pry, but is Penchant alright?" He asks Static quietly. He feels as if he's walked onto the ship at a strange time, though he's also starting to get the sensation that all times are strange times for the Lost Light. His wings flutter downwards with concern, if the head of the division is ill, he'd like to stop by and... he's not sure, but do something nice.

"Little dude needs a break, enh." Bone Spur murmurs as Penchant departs, and she gives one more certain nod to Moonlight. "No problem with me. Maybe I'll show ya the inside of the mines too. Great place to grab some gems." There's a bit of a shift in her weight, and her vents spill a bit of air. "I'll letcha know for sure.”

Hunker nods along with Static about the others coming to find one of them if need be. While he would prefer things be the way they had been, he also is happy to continue filling this role until Penchant is well again, however long that takes. "He's been through a lot, recently," Hunker chimes in, when Cavalier approaches Static. Having returned to his place, he's close enough to hear. "But he'll be right as rain once he's gotten some more rest, an' plenty a encouragement from us."

Static's visor turns toward Cavalier, but after a moment of evaluation, Static relaxes some, and shrugs. "He's doing better, but he's still recovering from some injuries that had him in the medibay for a while," he answers. "Ask someone to brief you on Unicron and the Light Lost crew, if they haven't already, but that's not a subject for this meeting." That, and he doesn't feel like it's his place to talk about what exactly has happened to Penchant. He looks around the room, gauging the little groups that have split off, and calls out, "Anyone have any final questions? Or comments?"

Moonlight doesn't have any questions. Things have been pretty thorough. "Nothing here," she says, just so that there's no misunderstanding, or opportunity for anyone to think she wasn't paying attention. "Seems like a good meeting to me."

Cavalier feels his plating reflexively tighten as the decepticon speaks again, but nods and takes note. Don't be rude, Cavalier, don't be rude. Unicron and the Light Lost seem to be starting strong in the realm of 'topics both confusing and slightly ominous,' but he'll keep the commentary to himself. He shakes his head at the prompt for more questions or commentary.

When no questions come, Hunker nods, collecting the datapad of volunteers and replacing it in his subspace, along with the new one he'd brought out for taking notes. "Alright, thanks again everyone for comin', and for being such a big help." He smiles at the lot, lifting his hand to pinch two fingers in the general vicinity of his helm, tipping it as if upon his plating sat a cowboy hat. "An' if ya think of something later, we'll be here."

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