2017-08-24 Fetch the Artifact

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Fetch the Artifact
Date 2017/08/24
Location Dog Planet
Participants Hound, Swivel, Permafrost
NPCs Ace, Hunter
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Jay
Summary The Knights found some very loyal helpers for keeping this artifact safe.

Another artifact, another space bridging to some unknown world for the next mission. When the bridge spits these LLers out, they'll find themselves on yet another organic planet, one that must be similar in size and range to its star to Earth as it...looks incredibly like Earth. They're standing on a dirt road at the edge of a small town, with green, green grass spreading out on either side of the road and off into the distance, where they can just see the edge of a cheerful-looking forest. The buildings leading into town are simple, square things, slightly taller than a Magnus-sized mech. The road is empty, the town quiet, with a sudden distant bang, suggesting of a door or window being slammed shut. Maybe somebody knows they're here.

Their scanners will show the artifact is somewhere ahead, inside this strange town.

After the last artifact mission that Hound went on, which led him and his team into an arena, and imprisonment, Hound can't help but be on his guard as he sets foot on this planet. It couldn't be more different from that place, however. He looks around, taking in the surroundings, and the distant houses. "Well..." he says, turning to his companions. "We might as well check it out. Keep on your guard, for now."

Between what happened last time and knowing the Light Lost crew are butting their bumpers into everything its only sensible to send a little extra protection for a commanding officer going out into the field. But that's just fine because Permafrost is on the job! "Huh. Kinda quaint. Hopefully nobody shows up to ruin it."

The parallels to Earth is lost on Swivel, who has never been there herself. However, she has seen a few organic rich planets during her time helping organic settlers find new planets to colonise. Well. She had nothing to do with FINDING the planets, more of making sure they got there safe and that the planet was safe for their particular needs. You know. Breathable atmosphere, appropriate air pressure and humidity, not a seismic hotbed of doom...

Swivel jolts out of her reverie and looks around at the noise of a bang. "On my guard, sir," Swivel assures as she walks with a careful, shuffling gait along the dirt road. "What sorta folk d'ya figure live here?" Swivel brings a hand up to the side of her helmet, seeming to fiddle with something, switching on her infrared thermograph, ready to start looking through the mess of colourful blobs and heat signatures among the buildings.

<FS3> Swivel rolls Environmental Sensors: Amazing Success. (7 7 8 8 1 1 7 4 8)

So far, it seems like Permafrost's wish will come true; no creatures, organic or otherwise, appear in the open. Perhaps there's no one there - or it may seem that way to Hound and Permafrost. Swivel's infrared, however, reveals a different story as she trains it on the first clusters of buildings at the edge of the town. Inside she will see multiple bodies, all radiating heat, all beings that appear to walk on four legs. They huddle in these houses, barely moving. Hiding, it seems.

Swivel will also notice when one of the beings, in the building closest to them, does move. It walks to toward the front of the house, passing through what must be a door and out into the middle of the road. Now Hound and Permafrost can see it too, standing bravely before them, hackles raised in a way that indicates a growl they can barely hear.

It's a dog.

"Hopefully they don't think we've showed up to ruin it," Hound says, turning back to glance at Permafrost and Swivel behind him. "As for what sort, I guess we'll find out. The scanner still points us forward, right?" he says to Swivel. It's because he's turned to look at her that he doesn't notice, at first, the new being coming forward. The sound of movement, and the low rumble of the growl, has him jerking his optics back front, then freezing in place. "Uh." Whatever he expected to see here... a dog certainly wasn't it. He's pretty sure they're not on Earth... right?

It doesn't take a genius to reconize the signs in the canid's body language as it takes to the street... Though it does help being a native of a planet of beasts and beastformers. Permafrost holds up one hand warily to her companions. "It's guarding its territory. But doesn't mean it's violent. Don't make any sudden, potentially hostile gestures." Then takes a slow step forward, mostly so she's in front of Hound -just in case- and holds her hands out and open to show them empty. "Greetings, native creature. We mean you no harm."

The dog doesn't move from where it stands, still growling at the three mechs. When Permafrost moves forward, its growl grows louder, body language more threatening. When she speaks to it, it barks, loudly, but in clear words: "Intruders! Intruders! Leave now! You are not wanted!" As it speaks to them, jaws snapping angrily, Swivel will notice another of the beings in that very same building approaching the door. It pokes its head out for a moment, revealing that it is another dog - a different breed, however, its face more similar to a sleepy-eyed St. Bernard than the rottweiler currently growling and barking at the crew - before withdrawing. Swivel may watch it putz around that house, and soon it will bound out of the front door and over to its companion. It carries something in its mouth, difficult to see from where they stand, before it comes up beside the rotti and drops the object on the ground and pushing at it with a paw to spread it out. A scroll, it seems, one which the rottweiler reluctantly peers at.

They're at this for several moments, growling and rumbling at each other in a secret conversation, before finally the rottweiler snarls one last time, shaking its head, but seems to give in. The St. Bernard, pleased, rolls up the scroll with its nose and takes it back into its mouth. The two trot forward, the rottweiler's body language remaining alert and tense, before they come to a stop just before the three and plant their backsides on the ground.

"We are sorry for rudeness," the St. Bernard says in a much deeper voice than the rotti, after setting the scroll back on the ground. "We did not know who you were. Welcome, Green One. We have waited many septades for you."

"Hey, we're not here to cause trouble," Hound says. He doesn't try to push past Permafrost, but rather remains behind the Security team member as he looks over at the angrily barking--talking-- dog. It's still slightly surreal. Honestly he's still halfway convinced that he's on Earth, except he's pretty sure that the dogs there never talked except in human media. The appearance of the second dog makes him pause, looking between the two of them, then stepping to the side and crouching as the two of them come over. No reason to tower over them, right? But it means that both dogs will have a good view of Hound's baffled expression at the St. Bernard's first words. "Uh. Excuse us?"

It's barking and growling-talking at them, but not actually attacking. "I know this is sudden, but we are looking for important things. We're not gonna--" And then a much bigger dog comes. She tilts her head to the side as the two interact, some sort of message is exchanged, and the smaller canine calms down, relatively speaking.

"Oh, it okay. Guard dog just doing job." At the 'green one' comment she turns her head a bit to Hound. "I think he talking about you, sir."

Swivel immediately steps partially behind Hound when the Rotweiler begins barking the alarm. She peers around Hound and Permafrost, however, to keep watch on the movements within one of the buildings with readable anxiety across her features. Not that anyone would be watching her. When Hound crouches down, Swivel immediately does the same thing, still positioned to his side and slightly behind.

When the St. Bernard (which she's never seen even the smaller Earth version of before) speaks more calmly with them, she relaxes just a little. Swivel reverts to standard vision and examines both large canines.

Though the dogs are much larger than their Earth counterparts - the St. Bernard comes almost to Hound's hip - they do seem to appreciate when Hound and Swivel kneel. The rottweiler looks less angry, just a tad, and the Bernie's tail even thumps against the ground. "The Green One," he repeats to Hound, looking to Swivel and Permafrost. His expression is mostly Dog but there's something about it that seems like he's seeking their agreement. "You are prophesied. See, here." With its paw, the Bernie pushes at the scroll, unrolling it over the ground. Upon it is a drawing that is certainly splashed in green color, in a squarish shape that could be Hound's profile, along with a cylindrical protrusion that could possibly be his missile. Hieroglyphics are scrawled all along the sides, and some of the 'letters' look suspiciously like bones. "Here. The Green One. The prophecy is clear. You have come for what is yours."

He probably shouldn't have to, but Hound still has to glance at both of his companions to check that he is in fact the only 'green one' along on this mission. It's an unusual enough color that he should really expect it to refer to him, and yet... he can't help it, because that sounded an awful lot like a Prophecy, and the last thing Hound thinks he is involved in is a Prophecy.

Except... Hound listens with a growing sinking feeling as the Bernard explains. The scroll earns a worried look. "I don't know about what is mine... what exactly am I supposed to be coming here for?"

Permafrost on the other hand is a bit more excited at this, letting out an awed "Ooooooo." and patting Hound on the shoulder while he's down at a level she can reach. "Your own prophecy even. That's good!... maybe. They don't always tell good things." Yeah, real help there, Permafrost. "But maybe this mean they know where thing is, since they seem to know we come looking for special thing?"

"Oh... prophecy is a good sign we're on the right track!" Swivel chirps merrily. Then she gives Hound a side glance and quickly adds "sir" to her statement. Swivel examines the scrolls which don't really mean anything to her, but her face is studious and reverent. She nods sagely to the dogs, chin somewhat thrust out and lips pressed tightly together in a look of serious consideration, which is concluded with a sage nod. She then leans to Hound, a hand covering her mouth as she whispers, "Just go along with it. It will make them happier. When I went on an artifact find there were a bunch of mechs in capes standing around to greet me and tell me sort of the same thing, sir. They were very earnest in their standing around and greeting the prophecy-ness - and I told them good job and they looked so proud! So yeah, just roll with it. Uh. Sir."

"We will be very happy to do a good job for you, yes," the St. Bernard says, completely blowing past the fact that Swivel was trying to be secretive about that. Sorry, dog ears. "Septades ago, ancestors were greeted by beings like you. Big, made of metal. Bad at scratching, at first. They learned." This is a very important detail, clearly, if the way the Bernie somberly delivers the line is anything to go by. "They left prophecy with ancestors. A box was given, and hidden. Trials built. Ancestors told the Green One would one day come for what was theirs. And you have come."

"If you ARE the Green One," the rotti growls menacingly. Its companion looks at it with those sad, sleepy eyes, and it quiets.

"Do not listen to Hunter. She is worried you will hurt us. But I know. You are the Green One." Rolling the scroll back up, the Bernie nudges it toward Hunter, who obediently picks it up with her mouth. "Come. Follow. Fetch. I will show you." And with that it turns and pads off, back the way it came, Hunter following along beside and slightly behind it, though she keeps glancing over her shoulder at the Lost Lighters.

Oh no, the return of the dreaded 'sir's. Hound can't even wince at the excessive number of times Swivel says it, he's too busy staring down at the dogs and the scroll laid out in front of them. Is it better or worse than apparently being some kind of chosen one? He's not sure. So instead, when the St. Bernard rolls up the scroll, Hound rises and prepares to follow, shrugging discretely at Permafrost and Swivel as he does. "Like Permafrost said, we did come here looking for something important," Hound says. "And... what is your name? I'm Hound, by the way." There. Use that, instead of calling him the Green One.

Permafrost takes all that in, and perks up at the mention of trials. "Oh, good, then this won't be boring!" She gets way too excited about the wrong things. "They learned, hmm? Bet I can 'learn' too." As she steps forward to follow she drops down, switching into her beast mode. She's a fox, it's almost a dog. Definately a canine. "Lead the way!" Just going to fit in with the natives!

Realising she was heard (again, not used to dogs) Swivel squeaks a little, and immediately turns and grins bashfully at the two dogs. "My... what good hearing you have," she remarks in a pitch slightly higher than her usual speaking voice. However, she falls back into reverent silence as they continue to speak of their prophecy. "Trials, you say?". Swivel gets a little nervous once again. When the dogs indicate for them to follow, Swivel stands up once again and falls into step behind the rest, bringing up the rear.

The St. Bernard slows its pace some so that it's close enough to Hound to respond, trotting easily just in front of him. "I am Ace," he says. " are Hound. A good name, Green One." Looks like that's not going away, either. Habits are hard to break? "We are very glad to see you come at last. Much bad has been happening." Off to the side, Hunter keeps her eye on the three mechs, though they widen in surprise when Permafrost transforms into something very similar to her. While she holds position, their new audience, as it comes streaming carefully out of the houses they pass, is not so restrained. While some reverent space is left for Ace and Hound, amidst awes whispers of "The Green One", the dogs, of many breeds, that come out into the open do not hesitate to get close to Permafrost and Swivel, sniffing and nosing at them curiously as they're led through town.

It's a short walk, as the town is apparently pretty small, and at the other end of it sits a building as simple and square as the rest, though much more squat, with an opening in the front preceded by a downward slope. It is here Ace takes them, with the crowd of towndogs breaking off as they get near, and with a backward glance toward them, Ace disappears down the slope and into the dark entrance to the building.

When the three, along with Hunter, follow, they will find a very different scene - Ace is walking down a long hallway lit brightly by sophisticated strips of lighting, and lined by very professional-looking dogs of all breeds who sit at attention. Each of these dogs wears a green cloth tied at their throats and draped over their backs, sporting more hieroglyphics. The effect is religious, of a sort. Ace stops at the end of the hall, before a great door, and sits, tongue lolling as he looks up at the others. "Behind this door, first trial. Ready?"

"Ace," Hound repeats. "Nice to meet you." Even if Ace does seem to insist on calling Hound by some name from prophecy. He can't help but smile, though, as Permafrost transforms and runs along to mingle. The appearance of what looks like the entire town makes Hound pause, and he gives a slow, cautious wave in their direction, as they all crowd around, glancing around through all of them in curiosity as they mill around.

The descent into the building makes Hound refocus, going rather solemn as he looks at the rows of guards in front of them. Right, time to retrieve this artifact. "We're ready," he says easily. "Unless... is this something I should be doing alone?"

Permafrost asides to Swivel. "Just let them sniff. It like shaking hands for canines." And as if to demonstrate she turns and sniffs one of the dogs sniffing her back, tail gaving a casual wag to show she's not aggressive. This continues as necessary until they reach the building and the locals all wander off again save for Ace and Hunter. Such simply, yet effective, names.

Inside the building is much more reserved, with cloaked dogs sitting noble along the hallway. "This almost like a temple," she muses.

As more dogs crowd and sniff and whisper, Swivel glances back at them with perhaps as much curiousity about them as they are of her. Heeding Permafrost's advice, Swivel doesn't do anything to dissuade them, and occasionally makes small, shy waves. She is not about to start shoving her face into theirs and making sniffing noises to fit in, though. That just seem tacky. And awkward. So it's just, palms out, letting sniff, and smiling until they are free of the furry throngs.

Once in the structure with the green-wearing dogs, she peers at Hound and mouths the word 'capes' and then nods. Obviously, they are on the right track. Swivel's experience with capes thus far has been positive. Hound brings up a valid question, however, and she hangs back, awaiting Ace's response and any further instructions.

Hunter takes up the rear of the group, sitting in the middle of the hallway as they face Ace, whose eyes are trained on Hound. "You do not have to," Ace says, tilting his head. "The trials are very difficult. You will want friends with you. But to go alone, sparing them..." Ace briefly bows, letting his nose touch the floor. "You are greater than known, Green One."

With that, Ace pads out of the way, though he doesn't sit again. "Alone or together, go now." He lifts a foot, pawing at the air as he gestures toward the door. "Either way, I will go with you, too. Open the door, and begin." Whatever choice Hound makes, Ace will keep to his word and tag along, loyal despite the short length of time he's known the Cybertronian. And when the door opens, it will be on to a darker room, the hall's lights spilling in to illuminate two more hallways, leading off in distinctly different directions.

<FS3> Hound rolls Olfaction: Good Success. (7 8 3 4 2 6 3 8 2 4)

While the hallways look the same, there is a clear smell coming from the left. It's pleasant, familiar, almost. It beckons.

Hound can only stare blankly at Swivel for that message. He doesn't have any clue what 'capes' is supposed to mean here, or why Swivel seems to think that it's so significant. Any whispering will probably just be picked up by the dogs again, so he shrugs and turns his attention back to Ace, waiting for the dog-- apparently the leader-- to answer.

"Oh-- I didn't know if there were rules, is all," Hound says, rubbing at the back of his neck. Really, he's not some Prime or anything like that. He looks to Permafrost and Swivel. "It's up to the two of you if you want to come," he tells them. Then he turns to push the door open, before pausing, taking in the dark room. It's then that he catches the hint of the scent, and turns his helm, taking in a deep breath to catch more of it before stepping forward toward the left.

Permafrost isn't surprised that it's not required The Green One go alone. Dogs tend to be group creatures after all. "Pack's strength is in numbers," she replies, and when it's indicative that Hound doesn't want them to stay behind, all too happily follows him and Ace farther in.

It's fine Hound was confused by her. Her logic doesn't always follow conventional paths. And she isn't going to explain it either. He will be left to wonder for... all of a few seconds before more important things take precedence. However, when the option to stay or go is offered, Swivel peers into the darkness again. She then glances at Permafrost. Then Hound. She wonders how harshly she'd be judged if she wigged out and stayed behind. "I'd.... uh.... likely just get underfoot. So maybe I'll hang back and... uh... um... learn proper scratching techniques." Swivel pauses. "Unless, sir, you want me to come?"

When Hound moves forward, followed by Permafrost, Ace hesitates only a moment when he notices how Swivel doesn't seem ready to follow. His head tilts toward her, and one of the cloaked dogs - a cocker spaniel, with a lovely gold coat - trots away from position to thump down on its butt beside her. "Go or do not. The Hound says it is your choice." And then Ace follows after the others, leaving Swivel with a companion, at least, if she does decide to stay.

Ace quickly catches up with Hound at the lead as they move down the left hallway. It slopes deeper, lit only dimly; probably for the atmosphere, considering how well-lit the first hall was. In a quiet voice, Ace speaks. "Be wary of first trial. It is most difficult...many perish here, bringing false Green Ones." Because even with that extremely detailed drawing, it seems they got it wrong a couple of times. The hallway continues on for a time, growing cooler as it descends, until they reach an archway that leads into an open chamber. It's small, easily crossed, and on the other side is another door. In the middle of the room sits a circle of dog skeletons, old and dusty, the ground stained by the flesh that decomposed there. And in the center, lit eerily by an invisible life source, is....a big, juicy bone.

Beside Hound, Ace shudders, licking his chops. "Beware, Green One," he croaks, body suddenly tense. "Those who lick it, do not leave."

"Well, like Permafrost said, we might as well stick together, right?" Hound says, giving Swivel an encouraging smile. "But if you don't want to, there's no reason to force yourself. We all have different strengths." With that, he turns his attention back toward the pathway ahead, and the strange scent coming down it. He follows it down, letting Ace speak of the dangers involved in the place and settling his resolve. Then he comes into the room... and stops. He has to stop himself from asking whether this is a joke, before he bites his lip and stops the question from leaving his mouth. "...So I see," he says instead. "What do we have to do to move on...?"

Permafrost looks at the bone. Looks at the dog skeletons. Looks at the bone again. She can at least see how this would be a terrible trial of temptation... at least to dogs. "I guess in this trial, bone bury you." She's not a slave to the instincts of her beast mode, but just to be on the safe side switchs back to her robot mode instead. "We have to get through room without being tempted by big juicy..." she tilts her head a little to side. ".. Can't tell from here if femur or shin."

Swivel hangs back. "Well, sir, I think I'd be best to stay behind." She glances down at the pretty golden spaniel. "Good luck, sir," Swivel calls after Hound and Permafrost, staying where it is will lit and there are many clothed giant space dogs.

The spaniel will stay with Swivel, helping her learn to scratch just right, while the others face TERRIBLE HORRORS in the depths of this temple. Terrible horrors being that big juicy bone sitting so pretty in the middle of the chamber where they now stand.

"Friend of the Hound is right," Ace says, tongue lolling again. He's started to drool. A lot. "You must cross to the next door, and the final trial. Come." Stepping forward, Ace begins to lead the way across the chamber toward said door. His steps drag as he nears the bone, though he keeps his eyes ahead, and though he slows near to a stop just as he passes it, he manages to keep on and reach the other side, where he stands waiting. He's still drooling, and might not be looking at them.

Hound has to cough to hide a laugh when Permafrost starts to examine the bone, clearly without struggling herself. "Nothing to do but get across," he says eventually, setting off slowly, following in Ace's wake. He keeps a close eye on their guide, to make sure that he doesn't veer over to start licking the bone himself. He keeps his steps slow, since he doesn't want to seem like he's finding the trial too easily. "There we go. Permafrost?"

Permafrost gives Ace a helpful nudge to keep him from getting too distracted. "Pack helps pack, too~" They probably don't realize it's more of a trial for them than it is for their visitors, but we won't ruin the mystique of them doing what they were determined to do by pointing that out.

<FS3> Hound rolls Olfaction: Good Success. (4 3 8 3 7 3 4 5 2 2)

The nudge from Permafrost pulls him somewhat out of his trance, and Ace gives her a grateful, sloppy lick over her plating. "Yes. Pack helps pack," he agrees. "Come. To the final trial." He waits by the door, tail wagging as he watches Hound. "This will be harder still. Greatest challenge awaits: facing yourself, and inner demons."

When Hound opens this door, there will again be two identical hallways to choose from. This time, that same pleasant smell comes from the right hall, at the end of which is yet another door. Behind this door? Another round chamber, draped in a heavy, quiet darkness. When the door is opened, lights that haven't been used in years flicker on, revealing more skeletons. All dogs, again, this time centered around a dirt mound in the middle of the room. If they've kept their scanners, the signal is strong in this room, and odds are it's under that dirt. The only problem is, they have to get past the challenge set for them, placed carefully upon this circle of earth. It is pristine, despite having been down here for centuries, catching what meager light is provided by the old systems. And it's....

A mirror.

Ace steps forward once more, carefully keeping his eyes on Hound and Permafrost. "What is yours, is here. Face yourself. Do not falter. Do not--" It's here that he makes his mistake, as he turns and catches sight of his reflection. Immediately, hackles rise, a deep growl growing in his belly, and he bounds forward to stand aggressively before the mirror. "Him!!!" he barks angrily, sound reverberating around the rooom. "Who is he!!! He must go!!! Bad!!!"

<FS3> Hound rolls Nature Lover: Success. (5 4 6 1 8 4 6 1 5 5)

By now, Hound knows the pattern, and he's quick to follow the smell leading him and Permafrost along. "Facing myself?" he asks, though if this first trial is any indication, it's likely to be something more challenging to their doggy guards than it is to any of the mechs in their group. Really, it's too bad Swivel decided to stay behind.

As it is, Hound nearly misses the final challenge. He's already beginning to step forward as Ace begins to explain things, and only pauses when the great dog bounds forward aggressively. "Wh-- hold on, Ace," he says, reaching out to gently put his hand on the back of the dog's neck. "C'mon there, let's move past the mirror."

At first Permafrost is expecting some sort of dark methaphysical deal when Ace mentions facing demons... until the dog starts barking at his own reflection in the mirror. "... Oh." That's slightly disappointing. But at the same time, all the easier to solve. And if the mirror is... oh. She leans closer to Hound. "Dogs like to bury stuff. Bet your thing is under dirt. Why else put 'inner demon' on top of it?" She reaches down to lightly grab Ace and hold onto him. "Go, do your trial." Reassurance!

It must be, and Hound only hesitates for a few moments. "Thanks," he says with a nod, as Permafrost grabs ahold of Ace and holds him still. "Be careful!" He steps forward, dropping to his knees and sticking his hands into the dirt without hesition, practically scooping it aside, carefully sifting his fingers through each handful to try and seach for anything in the pile. Who knows what this artifact will be, considering the variety they've had so far?

"WHO IS HE!!" Ace barks, snarling and snapping at his own reflection, even headbutting it once before Hound gets a hand on him. The mirror doesn't budge much, held fast by its stand, though it does wobble some on the dirt. It takes a moment, but Ace eventually calms when Hound gets a hand on his neck. With great effort he pulls his gaze away from the mirror and looks to Hound instead. "Ace is sorry," he whines, head drooping. When Permafrost grabs him, he doesn't protest, settling onto his butt next to her and whimpering softly.

With that challenge thoroughly beaten, Hound is free to begin digging. He won't have to scoop much of the dirt before he unearths a simple metal box, the metal smooth and warm to his touch. Once it's in his hands the top will begin folding away of its own accord to reveal the object inside, a rounded statue of some long-dead organic, old yet carved with loving skill and placed upon a soft silken bed to keep it safe.

Permafrost chuckles a little to herself. "Guess you really are real Green One."

Hound doesn't have a chance to turn back and check in on Permafrost or to look at Ace and make sure the dog is okay, because his hand brushes on metal, and he's quickly unearthing the box. He reaches carefully inside when it folds open, picking up the round object, turning it over and over again in his hand as he looks at it, heedless of the dust and dirt covering him at first. It feels like it fits perfectly in his hand, and so he keeps it there, rather than return it to the box the way he first intended. "...Guess so," he says to Permafrost, as he finally rises again, using his free hand to futilely try and brush off some of the dirt from his frame. "And now we've got an artifact to bring home."

When the box is unearthed and the artifact retrieved, Ace perks up some, tail giving a few thumps before he moves away from Permafrost. "You have what is yours, Hound," he says solemnly. "We will show the others. We will celebrate."

The way back out of the temple will be a lot easier now that they know where to go, though Ace might need to be dragged past that bone a second time. When they emerge from the doorway into the first hall, Ace barks once, jubilantly, and all of the other dogs immediately howl and wag their tails along with him. Hopefully the LLers will be ready, because the dogs have been let out and it's time to party.

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