2017-08-21 Bar Fights For Science

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Bar Fights For Science
Date 2017/08/21
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Brainstorm, Moonlight
Summary Moonlight has some questions about her artifact

If Brainstorm's workshop was a mess before, now it's utter chaos. Shards of glass and bits of metal litter the floor, and it's almost impossible to walk without tripping over some tool or weapon, in any possible state of progress or disrepair. The floor, walls, and even ceiling are covered in multi-coloured stains, and holes of various sizes. The chains and cords hanging from the ceiling have tangled among each other into several metal knots. The lab computer is still mostly intact, although it will definitely require repairs for proper functionality.

Despite all that's been going on, however, there are signs that Brainstorm has taken at least some measures to tidy up, namely, the fact that the ship hasn't been stretched across nine dimensions by some damaged project yet, and the rather familiar looking microscope set neatly next to the computer.

Moonlight has already had her Artifact looked at once, and it was kind of an interesting process. But it has made her a bit more curious about the whole thing. If her object had been of another kind, she might have gone back to Wheeljack, but it is a weapon. And she's heard that there's someone in research that specializes in weaponry. So today she's seeking out Brainstorm. Finding herself outside the lab, she raises a fist and knocks on the door, politely, but not so polite that it will be hard to miss. Then she clasps her hands behind her back and waits.

"Sorry, he's not in at the moment, but I can take a message" The chipper answer comes not from behind the door, but from behind Moonlight "Excuse me." A white hand reaches over her shoulder to tap at the access pannel near the door "And pardon me again" This time, Brainstorm himself steps forward, aiming to lightly nudge the femme aside so that he can get to the door himself as it slides open.

Moonlight really didn't need to be asked more than once to move, and the nudge is enough to have her dart to the side. She does whip around to see who this person is that has come. "By all means," she says cheerfully, letting the mech access the pannel. She touches two fingers to her hat. "I've found it's generally not good to stand between anyone and the door they want to go into unless I want a punch in the nose."

"Remind me never to call on you for a security issue" Brainstorm jokes as he steps through the doorway, pausing at the threshhold to look over his shoulder "By the way, did you need something? I'm assuming you weren't just knocking on my door for the fun of it, because if you were, I'm going to have to disapoint you because it doesn't have the best accoustics. Try the one across the hall, three doors down."

Moonlight raises her hands in a bit of a mock-defensive shrug. "What can I say? I'm not a security kind of person," she says. "No, no, not for fun. Though that doesn't mean I'm counting out there being fun. I don't know you well enough to say," she points out easily. "I've heard you're the guy for weapons. You see, my Artifact is also a weapon, so I just have a few questions I thought you might be able to answer." Pause. "If you have the time, that is. You must be pretty busy."

"Well, in that case, you've come to the right place" the jet places a hand on his chestplate, and tilts his chin up "Brainsatorm, weapons engineer, and ship's genius, at your service! I am prettu busy, but i suppose I can make some time for an artifact" turning around, he heads deeper into the room, towards a table uppon which lies a huge rifle-like weapon, surrounded by various parts and tools. The door remains open for Moonlight "A weapon that's a battery for another weapon. Weaponception!" reaching the table, he turns his head to look back at the femme "What kind of weapon is it anyways?"

Moonlight pulls out her whip, not at all reacting to his rather puffed up introduction. It's a very beautiful piece of work, the handle being made from crystal. She flicks it on and the whip is bathed in a golden glow. "It's not ranged, so hopefully it's not a disappointment. But a few things said, made me wonder. I mean, they're made to absorb our extra energy, right? But what does it do to someone if I hit them? And it was mentioned that people aren't supposed to take more than one, so I was wondering if anyone knows of the consequences for that. Like, say I get knocked out or something, and someone wants to make sure the Artifact isn't lost...can they pick it up?" she says, presenting a few questions and a hypothetical to boot.

"A weapon's a weapon!" Brainstorm declares, turning around fully when Moonligh pulls out her artifact "You should show that to Vortex by the way. He'll be envious. Anyways, to answer your questions. 1" leaning in towards Moonlight, he holds up a finger "It hurts them and makes them want to hit you back. 2" he holds up another "You can handle other people's artifacts without any consiquences, but they won't charge. They atune to a single person, and so long as that person is alive, they charge only from them. Probably. I only know of one artifact that's been passed down from person to person, and I still need to get Drift to let me actually take a look at it."

Moonlight rolls her shoulders slightly; she doesn't seem to mind Brainstorm's leaning. This is a femme who is usually the one getting in OTHER people's personal space. "I haven't met Vortex, but maybe I should make a point to," she says with a grin. Listening to the list, she nods her head. "Well, I kinda figured '1' goes without saying. Unless they like that sort of thing." She shrugs, leaving it in the dark if she's one of those people or not. When he mentions Drift, she tilts her head to the side. "I would figure that everyone and anyone should want to have their Artifacts examined by all you science types. Knowledge is power...or something. I guess that goes doubly for knowledge of weapons, eh?" She laughs again. Glancing up at the ceiling she notes how colourful it is. Hm.

Brainstorm raises a brow ridge. Why did you ask then? Ask a stupid question, get a condensending answer. He does back off at her second question, however. Sort of. He remains leaning, and even jabs a finger at her "I like the way you think. But tell that to those knights now." finally, he straightens out "They're so protective of those swords of theirs, like they're made of glass. I even tried to get Rodimus to ask him for me, but he actually gave up without even trying! This is our Rodimus I'm talking about by the way. I still need to actually catch Drift though and give it a try myself. I've just been a little busy" he looks back at the jumbo-rifle on the workbench behind him.

Moonlight ahhhs. "I don't know much about Knights personally," she says, reaching with a finger to meet the one jabbed at her. "But the word usually means someone who protects people, right? And the best way to do that is get rid of these crazies and their even crazier patron." Folding her arms over her chest, she sighs. "I mean, if that's the PURPOSE to the weapons, then it's kind of silly to protect them from what they're to be used for. It's like being afraid of pulling the trigger on a gun because it will fire something." Pffft. Seeing Brainstorm look around, she comes to a conclusion. "Yeah, this place does look like a bit of a mess. Then again, the whole ship is like that."

"I mean they won't let anyone else touch them" Brainstorm holds his hand out, palm up as if to say 'you see what I have to deal with here?' "Even if someone happens to be the most renown weapons engineer in the entire universe, and the sword is litterally both a weapon, and a battery for another weapon." Hear the emphasis on the weapon? That's because 'weapon' and 'weapons engineer' go together "I'm not some brain-moduel addled pinhead who doesn't know how to safely handle weapons, or sets himself on fire with one in hand. I -" he pauses when he notices what Moonlight's next comment is reffering to "It's fine. I like it this way." Nothing wroing with a gun butt sticking out of a toolbox along with a laser cutter and turbo drill tip.

"Hey, whatever works for you," Moonlight says. "But yeah, that would be frustrating. If we're waiting for you guys to solve the problem, you need all the information, right?" That's how problem solving works, right? "So, how much charge does the super weapon need?" She doesn't know enough about Brainstorm to gauge his intelligence, but anyone that is science has her a wee bit in awe. She just doesn't have a head for that sort of thing. However, she rarely shows much awe to anyone. That usually requires far more reverence than she likes to put out there. "And does my whip charge more if I'm using it, or just holding it? Is there a difference?"

"Exactly!" Brainstorm leans in towards Swivle again, hand shifting down to gesture at her. Thank you! someone who understands! "I'm hoping that the whole 'universe on the verge of total anihalation' thing might have some sway on their decision. That sounds like a thing knights should care about." he straightens out once more before answering her questions "Well, from what we know so far, it needs a lot of power. I still need to get the locals to actually let me take a look at the weapon itself. As for the speed of the charge, theoretically, the more energy you use, and thus waste, the faster it should charge, but I haven't had a chance to test that out yet. Say! Mind if I borrow that for a bit?" he points at the whip "And you for that matter. I can equip you both with a tracker that would test that!"

Moonlight leans back, because that seems to be a thing. Even though Brainstorm ends up straightening up some. "I kinda like the Universe where it is. It's where I relax and keep all my stuff." Then she listens to his answer, nodding her head. "Hmmm. So, like testing to see if it charges more if I'm running around or if I'm just sitting with it?" When he asks for the whip, she flicks it off so there's no accidents and hands it to him handle first. "Sure, since you said just holding another person's artifact won't hurt." She's fairly obliging. Then again, she doesn't know the whole of his reputation. "Just as long as you're not putting the tracker in my head I should be fine. I kinda need my hat undisturbed."

"Don't worry, I've done it before" Brainstorm dismisses her concern as he takes the whip. He depositis it on the workbench next to the gun before reaching into a toolbox to pull out a flat, rectengular device. This goes next to the whip as he scans the table itself before snatching up a tool reminicent fo a screwdriver, with far more buttons than any screwdriver ahs any business having "Don't worry, I'll make this quick. Already have all the parts" he reasures her as he begins to pry off the cover of the device. She probably doesn't want to wait around for an hour, and he wants to get results as soon as possible "I'm surprised Rodimus even let you on with tha that. He hates them!" he jokes as he works on salvaging the necessary components.

"He'd be more upset if I wasn't wearing it. In fact, he doesn't want me taking it off," Moonlight says with a grin. She taps her hat fondly. "Outlier ability and all. The kind I can't turn off at will." Folding her arms, she watches the mech work, though not TOO closely. "Though it seems like a pretty silly thing to waste hate on when we've got evil alternates and planet eaters running amok."

"Dampner then, huh?" having pulled out all the parts he needs, and dumped them into a single pile, Brainstorm waves his hand over the table before reaching out towards a completely different one, snatching something small off of it, tossing it into his other hand, and then picking up an eyepiece from the same area. If Moonlight has met a certain microscope who also works on this deck, she might find it familiar as he clips it to his helm "Don't worry, there's plenty of hate to spare for other things too. We're kind of used to it by now." he deposits his other find on the workbench, bending over it as he starts putting all of the components together. Before long, he has a small, disk-shaped device before him.

"Yeah, a dampener," the femme agrees. "Apparently people really object to having their emotions tampered with," she notes. "Even though I can't really make anyone do anything. The Captain just really doesn't like it when I use my ability, even when I'm trying to be helpful." She huffs a little at this. What's the good in having an ability she can't use? "I'm not really keen on hate. Or violence," she says to the weapon maker. "However, if someone comes at me, I'm not going to turn the other cheek and just let them." Then she takes a moment to peer at the device.

"Yeah, I've noticed that" Brainstorm nods "Something or other about privact, and the sanctity of the mind and all that." he waves his hand dismissivley. He wouldn't want it done to him, but he's had no problems capitalizing on the idea the personality tick infestations have given him "Have you considered weaponizing it?" he finally glances up as he presses the little device to the bottom of the whip's handle, giving it a tug, and then the artifact itself, a shake, to make sure that it's sticking "You know, tamper with the emotions of people whose opinions you don't care about anyways?" setting the whip down, he walks over to an open box sitting on a shelf, pulls out another, oval device out od it, studies that briefly, and thn brings it back to the workstation, once again picking up the overly buttony screw driver to pick it apart. Moonlight might have seen simiar gadgets in the medibay, given to mechs to observe their energy expenditure.

Moonlight shrugs her shoulders easily. "I wouldn't even know HOW to weaponize a calming wave," she admits. "Though one day I do want to get a crack at those alternates...see if calming them down takes some of the fight out of them." She doubts it, but she's curious. "See, my ability just makes people's emotions go neutral," she explains. "When I was a trader, I used it to keep people from fighting. We found that calming the negotiations helped. But pulling a gadget of my head would be suspcious. Taking off a hat, however, is seen as a much more innocent act. Which is why the dampener is in it."

"See, you do know how to weaponize it!" Brainstorm turns partially to wave his tool at the femme "You just need to figure out how to use it best!" turning back around, he continues tinkering with the energy tracker "I like the hat thing. No one would suspect a weapon to be activated by removing a hat! Aaand done!" picking up the whip again, he holds both it, and the device, to her "Just clip this on to yourself."

Moonlight huhs. "I never thought of it that way," she says slowly. "I always figured that to be a weapon something had to do physical damage," she muses. "It was actually my last Captain's idea. He found his crew didn't work so well when they were calm all the time, so he had a science type rig up the device for me. But it was awkward taking out the original device, so then he suggested it be built into a hat." Moonlight smiles. "He let me pick the design, of course." She loves her hat; she thinks it makes her look saucy. "Also, a lot of organic cultures we traded with wear hats, and it made me look them," she says, weird as that is. When Brainstorm pronounces the work as done, she takes the whip and the clip. "Anywhere in particular I should clip it?" she asks, while putting her whip in its makeshift holster...sheath...thing.

Brainstorm says, "Preferably near your spark levle" Brainstorm instructs, even as he moves to wave at Moonlight's head "A weapon is anything that hampers the enemy. I mean, ultimately, they do usually lead to more damage, some just do it more directly, others make it easier to inflict. Morale damage is damage too, and don't get me started on emotional damage!""

"Preferably near your spark levle" Brainstorm instructs, even as he moves to wave at Moonlight's head "A weapon is anything that hampers the enemy. I mean, ultimately, they do usually lead to more damage, some just do it more directly, others make it easier to inflict. Morale damage is damage too, and don't get me started on emotional damage!"

Moonlight nods her head. "Well, it's a question on whether the calmness helps the allies, or hurts the enemies more, I suppose," she says. "Not that I know much about combat other than a bar-room brawl or just the result of a trade gone bad," she says. "But I see your point. Yet I wouldn't want to make the Captain angry enough to boot me off." She really doesn't know the kinds of crazies he's used to dealing with. Her past captain ran a tight ship. Clipping the device on the 'vest' part of her chest, she makes sure it's affixed properly. "However, I do have permission to use it to protect myself and others. I just need to figure out how far out that line goes," she says with a wink, relishing the thought of interpreting it in her favor.

"Trust me, people do a lot worse here than calm someone down on a regular basis, and they're still here" Brainstorm reasures her, folding his arms over his chest "That's not even mentioning the regular bar brawls. You heard what Soundwave did to Drift once? And this is Drift we're talking about - Rodimus' pal. As you can see, Soundwave's still here, even if a little intermitenly as of late." and that's not even mentioning someone's bright idea to stick a living murder machine in the basement (never mind that he was compliant in that one).

Moonlight was hit by the murder machine, but she never saw him coming, so she never really knew it. "Yeah, but some people see a mental or emotional attack as somehow 'worse' than a physical one. I can't kill anyone with my ability, or even ding them enough for a medic to look at them," she says. "Well, maybe I'll talk to the captain again." She shrugs. "Anyhow, thanks for seeing me," she says. "I'm not really very important around here, but everyone says how important these Artifacts are, so I wanted to make sure I was up to speed with mine." She nervously rubs the back of her neck when Soundwave is mentioned. She's never met him before, but she knew he was the mech that was in Rodimus' body...and vice versa. She wish she had met him before his...ordeal. "If there's anything else I can do to help, just let me know."

"Well, Rung's technically in the medical department" Brainstorm points out "If you could somehow traumatize someone enough. Can you even traumatize someone with calmness? Maybe if that's all you let them feel for a while... Anyways, happy to help. Come by if you need some help with that weaponizing idea. Oh, and don't worry about either of those falling off" he points at the gadget on her 'vest' "You couldn't loose it if you tried." he's not joking, simply pulling on it will do absolutely nothing. It's stuck fast.

"I've been thinking I should talk to Rung at some point," Moonlight muses. "For a few different reasons." None of which is that she is broken, which she totally believes she isn't. And, compared to some aboard the Lost Light, she is right. "So, do these send you information automatically, or do I have to come in to have them checked regularly?" Since she's not scientific, she doesn't know these things, so she figures it's better to ask than feign knowledge.

"They transmit remotely" Brainstorm confirms with a nod "Meaning, no, you don't have to come in. They'll send everything back to me. Just make sure to actually varry your activity levels. Go for a drive or something, or go to the practice rooms, get in a bar fight. Just as long as you're active some of the time."

Moonlight makes a mental note to record what she's doing at a given time so that the information has something to compare with. "Alrighty," she says. "I guess I'll see you around then. I'm sure you'll let me know if there's something else you need me to do." She turns to go, not wanting to take up more of Brainstorm's time. Usually she's a stay and chat sort of person, but she gets the impression that this isn't the place for it. That might have something to do with the stained ceiling.

"Yep, I'll ping you" Brainstorm taps the side of his own helm as if activating his comm. Moonlight need not fear that he'll keep her here. He is, infact, rather busy. So nmany things that need killing, so little time to make the things to kill them.

Moonlight might live to rue the day she offered to be so helpful, but today is not likely going to be that day. "Bye then," she says, walking out the door. Maybe she'll go for a jog. Maybe she'll go to a bar and get in a fight. Okay, she's not likely to pick a fight, but you never know, right?

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