2017-08-19 Skittish Critters

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Skittish Critters
Date 2017/08/19
Location Rigard - Grassland Trail
Participants Swivel, Waspinator, Moonlight
Summary Three crew members enjoy a bit of the wild outdoors, though the outdoors doesn't seem to enjoy them. Waspinator doesn't enjoy the other two either.

South of the plains is a tremendous stretch of savanna, with a broad trail of well-traveled gravel marred with tire tracks. The skinny trees are sparse on either side, and thin out completely after about ten minutes of walking. Wind can kick up and thrash the purple-yellow grasses every now and then, startling the feathered wildlife. It's not uncommon to glimpse giant herd beasts on the horizon, trumpeting from afar. The trail eventually leads to a small Rigardian settlement.

It was the promise of quiet which had initially lured Swivel out into the wilds this late in the afternoon. She'd perhaps had too, er, exciting of an evening prior and some down time was in store. Although there were plenty of nooks and crannies where silence could be sought on the ship, Swivel had other reasons for wanting to get out and about. And thus Swivel had arrived in her altmode, one which was more tires then anything else, and rugged enough to handle off-road terrain. But upon seeing a small critter dashing out from before her into the tall grass, Swivel hit the brakes hard. Seeing the critter, however, seemed to have given the femme an idea.

Waspinator doesnt normally wander far from the ship, knowing if he goes too far there would be no one to help him.... not that most would help him anyways. Yet, the bug finds himself out in the savannahs of Rigard, staring down at a creature running across his hands.

The poor thing is terrified as the bug plays with it, eight legs rapidly scrambling for some sort of stable purchase as its feathers raise.

Moonlight is just out and about. Sometimes walking around is just nice. She learned that after being in a coma for two years after being hit with an Overlord sized limb...or something. She doesn't realize who Swivel is right away, since she's transformed (those tires look oddly familiar!), but she recognizes Waspinator from the other evening. "Hey, Buggy-O," she calls to him, sounding fairly chipper. "Whatcha got there?"

So much for quiet. But it's not a unpleasant noise to hear Moonlight's voice. Swivel transforms to her bipedal form, glancing over towards Waspinator and Moonlight. Swivel takes a few tentative steps closer, although she seems to be scanning the ground for something - probably critters - as she does so. ".....Whole planet, and... looki here! Two other peeps." The critter Waspinator is toying with finally catches her attention and she edges a little closer, squinting at it.

Waspinator jolts as he hears new voices arrive, hand jerking and sending the poor creature he was tormenting falling down to the ground. Only the bug's quick reflexes stop the thing from going splat, catching it in a hand. It's the weird one... Sadly the critter isn't released to go be free but cupped in both hands to hide it from sight. Warily he corrects Moonlight, "Izz Wazzpinator.... not Buggy-O."

"Oh, look, it's Swivel. I should have known you by those tires!" Moonlight exclaims as the smaller femme transforms. "How are you doing?" It's a general sort of question. Then Waspinator objects to the nickname and she smiles, nodding her head. "Do you have a problem with nicknames in general, or just that specific nickname?" she asks him, hands on her hips, optics snapping with curiosity.

"I'm doing alright. Just was looking for some peace and quiet out here. But, you know, quiet can be overrated." Swivel quickly smiles. "Though... I guess I didn't really think of you as a walk in the wilds type..." Swivel admits to Moonlight, her smile turning somewhat sheepish. She then peers at Waspinator, or more specifically, at his carefully cupped hands.

Waspinator stares at Moonlight, not minding the skittering thing trying to nip and bite at his hands to get loose. There is a long beat where he merely sits there, contemplating the question asked before answering, "..... Name izz... Wazzpinator." Or he just didn't understand what she was getting at.

Seeing Swivel staring, the bug shifts his hands closer to his body protectively.

"Are you kidding me? I'm pretty happy to dip into nature now and then. I used to help soothe animals so that we could capture them and sell them," Moonlight says. "Not sapient creatures, of course," she adds. She's no slaver. "We went into some pretty awful places as well as some really beautiful ones." Then she peers at Waspinator. "Has no one given you a nickname before? Nicknames can either be a sign of affection, or an insult, or just a way to identify someone based on salient traits." She grins. "You look like the kind of guy to have a lot of nicknames, Waspinator."

Waspinator bringing his hands even closer to himself just causes Swivel to raise her optic ridge. She's curious, but she also knows curiousity sometimes leads to VERY BAD THINGS. And prying would be tacky. So she makes a show of looking disinterested in Waspinator and whatever is in his hands. Looking around. Peering more at Moonlight as she speaks. Looking at the ground. Kicking off some dirt from her peds. Totally NOT curious or interested in Waspinator's hands.

"Oh, yeah, I remember ya mentioning that you trained animals, now that you mention it. Could have really used your help when Arrow and I were clearing out some little hoppy things that snuck into the shuttle bay. Herding them was... well it wasn't easy." Swivel laughs, remembering. "I kind of almost want to go looking for one of them..." Swivel dips her chin and her grin broadens, giving her a slightly more impish demeanor.

Contemplating what Moonlight reveals, Waspinator tells her, "...Wazzpinator hazz been called zztupid, doezz that count?" Relaxing a bit as Swivel clearly loses interest in his toy, the hands caging the thing loosen slightly and they will be able to spot a flash of moving limbs and bright feathers through the bug's fingers.

"Arrow? Nice guy. Well, maybe 'nice' isn't the best word, but he was fun," Moonlight muses to Swivel. "In the future if you have any animal problems, go ahead and call me for help. I can't promise I'll be free to help at any time, but it never hurts to ask," she says. Looking at Waspinator, she shakes her head. "No. Well, maybe. Some people have no imagination, and they might think 'Stupid' is a nickname, but it's a pretty poor one if you ask me." Which he didn't. "Anyhow, if you prefer to be called by your name, I can do that. Though I might just shorten it to 'Wasp' every now and then. You good with that?"

A wing twitches as the two continue to talk about Arrow, starting to focus on his catch once again. He doesn't know who or what this Arrow guy is, so its of no concern to him. "Izz true, though. Wazzpinator izz dumb."

Moonlight raises her optic ridges. "Well, I'm pretty sure you're not stupid Swivel," she says. "At least, not from what I've seen." Shrugging her shoulders, she moves on from there. Peering at Waspinator, she shakes her head. "I don't know you well enough to say. Why do you think you're dumb?" she asks.

"Well.... maybe you are dumb, maybe you aren't. Intelligence isn't the only virtue," Swivel responds with a shrug. She smiles at Moonlight's assurances, but waves a hand to dismiss it. "Hey, well, maybe not outright stupid, but I know I'm not the sharpest brick in the... wait bricks aren't sharp. Well. Whatever you get my meaning." Swivel peers again at Waspinator's hands to see if she can get a better look at what seems to be struggling in his grasp.

Waspinator has stopped paying attention now, instead focused on his hands again, opening them even more to reveal the little thing running around. it is like a strange mix of millipede, bird, and lizard. It immediately crawls out from its living cage to try and reach the floor. It doesn't make it as the bug keeps moving his hands like a treadmill.

"There is that," Moonlight concedes. "Still, there's a difference between being 'not the smartest' and being stupid," she says. Then she looks at Waspinator, moving a few steps closer. She's not sure if the bug didn't hear her question, didn't understand it, or just doesn't want to answer it. Maybe he's just gotten bored of her and stopped paying attention altogether. "What is that anyhow?" she asks him.

Swivel peers with curiousity it the multipedal creature. She edges closer. Closer. Closer. The femme is intrigued, to say the least, and any verbal response she might have had seem to have been forgotten.

Waspinator is entirely enraptured by his catch, watching its little legs- AH! Noticing how close Swivel is getting at last, Waspinator jerks to the side and his little thing goes flying off into a nearby patch of grass to race off to freedom! Staring after it, Waspinator's wings wilt slightly. Aw, he lost his toy...

Moonlight pats Waspinator on the shoulder. "I'm sure there's a whole planet here full of crawly little organics," she assures him. "What were you planning to do with it anyhow? Just watch it? Pin it to a card?"

It's a chain reaction. Waspinator reacts to Swivel encroaching, which in turn, causes Swivel to react to his reaction! She lets out a small but high pitched yelp and jumps back away from him. Recovering slightly, she peers in the direction the bizarre creature had been pitched to safety, frowning. "Aw..."

Waspinator jumps away from Moonlight's pat, buzzing noise overtaking the clearing as he flits a few yards away. Eyeing them both, the bug's body language is wary- unsure of their intentions now that they have both scared him a little, ".... Wazzpinator... wazz juzzt looking at it." Probably.

Moonlight frowns a little. "Hey, I wasn't hurting you any," she says. Then she sighs. "At least, I don't think I should have been able to. You don't look frail..." She squints hard at him. "Anyhow, there's lots of plants and animals to look at. You can find another." For a moment she reaches towards her hat, but then lets her hand fall by her side. She gives Swivel half a smile and a bit of a bemused shrug. How can anyone be afraid of Swivel?

Swivel peers curiously at Waspinator as he zips away from what seemed just a gentle touch. "And I thought I was...." Swivel elects not to finish her sentence. Swivel catches Moonlight's expression and returns an equally baffled expression, shrugging. "Yeah... well... guess we kind of invaded on your you time... Waspinator." She says his name, as he seemed so intent on making it known. "I'll, uh, I'll just leave you be, then." Swivel gives one more shrug and bemused glance at Moonlight, and begins heading away.

Moonlight follows Waspinator part of the way, but stops at the edge of the grass. "You know, you're rather skittish," she points out, her tone mild. "Is it something we did, or are you always like that?" She sounds more curious than critical.

While Moonlight continues to pursue the skittish bugmech, Swivel decides it would be best for her to tarry off elsewhere into the wilds and not push the matter. Besides... she has gotten it into her head to try and catch her own little critter for mischevious reasons of her own.

Waspinator pauses as the femme seems to follow him, positioning himself on a rock to face her while not having to entirely. No reply actually comes other than a wary look first to the two, then to the surrounding area. Its like he expects more mechs to come jumping out of hiding... So yeah, he's always like this.

Wings stretching, the mech transforms with the classical TSSCH of it and a giant wasp goes flying off over the grasslands.

Moonlight folds her arms across her chest. Well, that just happened. Now she's alone again. What's she going to do with herself /now/? Shrugging, she cheers right back up and merrily walks back towards town proper.

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