2017-08-10 King of the Arcade

From Transformers: Lost and Found

King of the Arcade
Date 2017/08/10
Location Rigard - Southern District
Participants Arrow, Moonlight
Summary Arrow and Moonlight are both feeling the drag of pressure on the Lost Light, so it's time to relax, unwind, and find out who's better at arcade games!

If you are looking for entertainment and relaxation on Rigard, the southern district of the city is the place to go. On the western side by the Great Lake is a high-end restaurant -- a rare treat for the colonists -- and a club that might not live up to Cybertronian standards of luxury, but is more than comfortable with a dazzling overlook of the surroundings. On the eastern side are a handful of working class eateries and pubs, boasting local flavors and a unique, Rigardian spin on old Cybertronian favorites.

The character of the housing mirrors the refinement, or lack thereof, of the nearby establishments, but the class divisions are gently than those seen on many other colonies. A nearly palpable pulse of the city and its residents can be felt through the distrcit as an ambient hum of activity never ceases.

Entertainment! Moonlight could use some. Things have been rather morose lately on board the Lost Light. While Moonlight hardly blames the people involved, she doesn't have a personal attachment to any of those who have fallen or been capture. Since she doesn't feel badly for them, she feels bad about herself for not feeling bad enough in general. Instead of letting her mind stew in that gloomy cycle, she's slipped away for a little light recreation. Even sight seeing will be an improvement.

Homesickness! It doesn't hit Arrow often, but sometimes it hits hard, and the easiest way to erase that feeling is to ignore it. Ignore it, preferably with drinks and dancing and lots and lots of loud music and flashing lights, or some kind of cheesy movie or something, but the Lost Light has been... It's been a chaotic mess, and while Arrow wouldn't ever be caught dead saying he misses Lanarq's peace and quiet, he's not about to lie and say he doesn't miss home. Home at least didn't have mirror versions trying to kill them all the damn time.

So he's wandered to get away from the afraid faces, the worried looks, the grim determination that's gripped the Lost Light and definitely turned it into the military vessel that Arrow was sort of hoping he wouldn't have to see it as. The Southern District is just the place for it. Entertainment everywhere! He's heard rumor of an arcade, and there's plenty of places to eat at and all kinds of bars and he's probably going to have a great time today! It's just a lot less fun alone.

Thankfully, there's a semi-familiar face around as he heads down a street, and he waves to the almost-acquainted face. Arrow's done a lot of running about the ship these days, that femme's from... Logistics, right? He thinks? "Hey!" He calls out. No point in not trying to be friendly. With Penchant missing, who in Logistics couldn't use a friend right now?

Moonlight stops at the sound of the 'hey'. Turning around she spots Arrow and smiles. Waving a hand towards him, she waits for him to catch up a few paces. Smiling she greets him with a, "Hello there." She doesn't know him personally, but she has spotted him before. There's a lot of people on the Lost Light like that; she can recognize that they're shipmates of hers, but she doesn't know who they are or what they do. "Looking for a bit of a distraction too?" she asks, making that assumption.

Wings flutter and sink gratefully. Good, no beating around the bush. "Yeah, definitely. The ship's just..." Arrow makes a sound like 'phwoar!' and waves his hands a bit like an explosion. "Way too much weighty stuff," and he can't spend all his time scouring for !signals. Communications mech or not, he can only be on shift for so long before his head feels like it'll burst. "There's dance clubs and arcades and stuff around here, wanna just, I dunno," he shrugs. "Turn off your brain for a little while?"

Moonlight nods her head. "Those were my thoughts exactly. Though, I guess, if we turned our brains all the way off we wouldn't even know if we were having fun," she adds with a small laugh. "But," she says with mock severity, "if we're going to go have fun together, we have to start properly." Grinning, she extends a hand. "I'm Moonlight," she says, properly introducing herself.

Wings perk back up with happiness. Arrow takes Moonlight's hand and shakes it. "Arrow, good to have a name for the face. And hat." He gins in return. It's nice to know that he's not the only one with a little hat-like kibble on him. He lets go of her hand and points down the road. "Arcade maybe? It's got a bunch of cheesy prizes and stuff."

"Sounds good to me," Moonlight says easily. She's not a war veteran. She's not even a war cadet. "Sometimes cheesey prizes are the best ones. If you win, yay! If you lose, you're not missing out on much." Then she grins broadly. "Are you any good at arcade games?"

Arrow shrugs with a knowing grin, "I'm sure I can get us some prizes." He's not great at games themselves, but he's damn good at getting tickets out of the machines. Only, of course, if they're not good enough to get their own tickets. And, possibly, if Arrow's feeling a little too rambunctious for games to take care of.

He starts heading down the street. "C'mon Moon, it should be right up here!"

Moonlight is quick to follow. Behind lies doom and gloom. Ahead lies fun and prizes. It's not hard for her to keep moving forward. She can go back and help with the others later. She's not a medic or a warrior; she can't heal those who came back or free those who were taken. Right now it's just best for her to regain emotional equilibrium. "Coming, coming," she says with a laugh.

Emotional equilibrium might be about all the balance you can regain with Arrow around, and he zips his way through the streets to get to the entrance to an Arcade. Professing prizes on its main sign, Arrow cracks his knuckles and checks that he hasn't lost Moonlight before ducking in with a teasing flick of his wings. A little 'catch me if you can.'

The arcade isn't too large. In the center stands a counter, circular with clear glass for the front of the counter for easy viewing at the smaller prizes, behind the mechs manning it there's walls of bigger prizes. Huge stuffed toys, small gaming consoles, a few light-crystals growing slowly into novelty shapes, and other such trinkets. To one side of the Isle of Prizes there's proper video games, adapted from all over the galaxy with a few retro-cybertronian ones, possibly remakes of old classics, all tucked into little standing cabinets for the aesthetic. To the other side of the central prize area is an assortment of more colorful games, ski-ball and whack-a-retrorat for those with more skill, a dancing game for those with little shame, and a variety of lose-your-money luck based games.

Arrow's wings flap hard in excitement. "What to do first?"

Wow, that little guy can move. Not that Moonlight is a slow poke; she considers herself average as far as leg speed goes. Then Arrow poses the question of what first. "We could do it alphabetically," she jests. "But really, what do you do best with, luck or skill?" she asks. "I'm more of a luck person myself. Not that I don't have my skill set," she adds. If she was completely useless, would they keep her on board? Actually, they just might. "Or, easier still, do you have a favorite?"

Arrow glances around and points to the ski ball, "I'm really bad at it, but I'm fond of just chucking the balls on that one," a terrible habit that Grifter had instilled in him years and years ago, because throwing was more fun than rolling them. They had gotten banned from Lanarq's arcade pretty fast, actually... Arrow shook off the thoughts of home and instead pointed towards the dance game instead. "But I bet that would be pretty fun. There's two dancepads, I bet we could compete." His wings hike up and a cocky smirk replaces his smile. He's an excellent dancer... Or at least a pretty good one. Besides, he knows how to get into those consoles and get them to spit out the tickets for good prizes.

In another time, in another place, Moonlight might have been a good dancer. But in this particular time and place, she is meager at best. Still, it sounds like good fun. "Sure, why not. Just don't laugh yourself into a fit when you see how bad I am," she says, tone light. She's not indulging in self-pity or anything; that's not her way. And she's not one of those people who can't bare to lose, or admit they're not good at something. She knows her strengths, and she knows her weaknesses. Heading over to the pads, she digs for money to feed the machine.

<FS3> Arrow rolls Hacking: Good Success. (3 5 2 2 7 6 3 1 6 5 8 1 3 1)

Arrow hops himself up onto the secondary dancepad and looks at the input. Hardly anyone has coin based money these days, it's all digital transactions, and that's where he excels. It's not hard to trick the program into accepting his maybe-real currency, and it's not like one free game is any worse than what actually winning a round would give them. He gives Moonlight a thumbs up. "This one's on me."

Moonlight grins. "Thanks," she says, not being one of those people who can't accept a favor. She doesn't keep score, per se, but she does remember who is nice and who is not. Or, at least, who is naughty in a fun way that doesn't hurt her. That's the same as nice as far as she is concerned. "All right, let's get this dance show going," she says brightly, even though she knows it's not her forte.

<FS3> Moonlight rolls Reaction: Failure. (6 4 4)
<FS3> Arrow rolls Dancing: Success. (1 4 5 8 2 5 5)
<FS3> Moonlight rolls Reaction: Failure. (2 1 1)
<FS3> Arrow rolls Dancing: Success. (4 6 2 8 1 6 5)
<FS3> Moonlight rolls Reaction: Success. (6 7 6)
<FS3> Arrow rolls Dancing: Good Success. (8 8 1 6 4 3 8)

The game goes great for Arrow. Dancing's always been a fond hobby for him, and while it's never been something he takes too much time to practice at, it's always been fun enough he doesn't usually pass up the opportunity to do it. Moonlight seems to be having more issues, but he does try to not laugh. Or giggle. He may have snorted a little bit in the middle there though, no promises on that one. The game comes to a close and arrow bows with a bit of a flourish, purely for dramatic flare. "My title feels secure," he says with a grin.

Moonlight is....awkward as a dancer. Before she moved just fine; she's not ungraceful in general. But she doesn't seem to be able to pattern her movements to the music or to the game. Still, despite how awful of a dancer she is, her mood doesn't flag, and she gamely keeps going even through all the beeps in the game telling her she's doing it ALL WRONG! By the end she just hangs her head in mock shame, though her optics are twinkling. "I bow to your superior prowess on the dance floor," she says, dropping to one knee for effect. If she can't dance, she can at least keep up in the dramatic flare department. Somewhat.

Arrow rises back up to his full height and flicks his wings, adopting a regal demeanor. "But of course," extends a hand. "You Dance Leige bids you to rise, Dance Squire." He intones as the machine starts to spit out a string of tickets for each player. A fair amount for him, not so much for Moonlight, but whatever. Like she said, fun if they win, no big deal if they don't. He does kind of want one of those big turbofox toys though.

Great; now Moonlight with /have/ to learn to dance...since she's been dubbed a Dance Squire. Humbly she rises. "Well, we still have a lot more games for me to embarrass myself on before we're through," she notes, looking around to see what might be a good catch next. "Nice haul, by the way," she adds, pointing to the string of tickets that Arrow just won. Tapping her cheek idly with a finger, she muses, "Now, what game is there that will even my odds a little." Unless there's a game based on diplomacy or interstellar economics, she's probably screwed.

Arrow peers around with Moonlight and points to a puzzle game off on the video game side after he's collected his tickets. "Maybe something like that? I think there's a couple of riddle games too. Something more brainy than dancey seems more your speed?" It's not meant as an insult, but anyone in Logistics is lumped in with the Science and Communications Nerds. Just, economic nerds.

Moonlight would never think of herself as a 'nerd', but that's besides the point. She's not Brainstorm or Perceptor levels of smart, but she's still pretty smart. "I guess not everyone was made to dance," she agrees. "Puzzles seem like something I'd have a fair shot at." Meandering over that way, she looks for anything that is wordy in nature. She likes words.

It's not too hard to find a wordy game, though it's tucked a little farther into the corner away from the lights and noise of the other side. Another digital payment later and the game boots itself up, ready to play.

Moonlight flexes her fingers and gets ready to play. While not overly competitive, there is a certain lovely feeling that accompanies winning, so she's going to try her best. Well, here goes.

<FS3> Moonlight rolls Linguistics: Good Success. (1 3 7 7 2 4 3 5)
<FS3> Arrow rolls Mind: Good Success. (1 8 7 8)

At this rate, Arrow's going to get cocky, that's two games he's managed to win out over Moonlight! Though, to be fair, he's probably been in more arcades than most, what with the war going on and him having a fondness for cheating cheaters. "Two for two," he says at the machine spits out more tickets and he gathers them up. Probably not enough for the big prizes, those are almost always in the thousands of tickets range, but he's got a good handful at least. "...How much do you want a really tacky trinket?" he asks Moonlight after a moment. "Because I really want something terribly tacky and possibly very plush."

It just goes to show that bigger isn't always better. So far Moonlight's size has made no impact on these games. Not that she thinks that should be the case, but there are many Cybertronians that look down on the smaller a non literal sense. "I'm not after anything specific," she tells Arrow, collecting her much smaller string of tickets. "I just like the distraction." She shrugs her shoulders. "I'll worry about prizes when I'm done with the games. I'm two behind, after all." And she looks around for something more luck based. So far skill hasn't done her much good.

The luck portion of the arcade has a roulette wheel, a ball drop, and the ever-dreaded 'Stop The Light Just Right' style game of luck that styles itself as skill and timing. Arrow heads immediately over to the Stop the Light game. "This one's terrible, but the prize is great." Because, and he knew this for a fact, there were always roughly a bajillion tickets on the line for these because they were designed to cheat the players. "Wanna give it a go?"

"Sure," answers Moonlight. "At least with a game like this I can blame it for a bad result," she says with a grin. "No one ever wins these things unless they're....freaky levels of good or just stupid lucky," she says. Not that she's played this specific game, but she knows the type. "Here goes nothing."

<FS3> Moonlight rolls Reaction: Success. (5 8 4)
<FS3> Arrow rolls Hacking: Amazing Success. (3 2 2 6 3 1 8 7 7 7 8 7 6 6)

Okay so Arrow doesn't actually believe that much in luck when it comes to games. What he does believe in is tipping the odds so far in his favor he's guaranteed to win, and if that means jacking the very basic game program to let him win and get a pile of tickets as deep as his waist? So be it. He works his magic- not a hard feat for this, and watches as the little bells go off that signal the fabled Big Winner and the ticket dispenser spews out a ticket for every distraught, luck-starved mech that has ever found their way into the place with some spare change and a bored mind.

He beams at Moonlight and gives her some fingerguns. "So. Which tacky prize do you want? Because I think if we play anymore, we're gonna get thrown out." There may be some extra emphasis on 'play,' but it wasn't like anyone could prove he cheated on a so-called luck game. Well, they could, but they wouldn't. Every casino needs one big winner to show it's possible, Arrow's pretty sure he's alright if they go soon.

At least it's not for a pile of tickets as high as Moonlight's waist, or Arrow might get lost. The femme got pretty close, but then Arrow takes the cake...AGAIN! "Get what you want first," she says to Arrow. "Then we'll see what we have left." It seems the pragmatic solution to her, since he was the high roller, big winner here. Good thing she doesn't have a lot of pride, or it might be stinging now. As it is, she's just feeling a little worn out and isn't sorry to hear that they should leave. "But, since you're asking, something sparkly to stick on my hat wouldn't be amiss."

With a grin and a small salute, Arrow gathers the tickets and delivers them to a befuddled looking clerk with the clear intent of cleaning out his favorite loot from behind the counter.

It's not long before he's walking back with a large turbofox plush toy under his arm, a stub declaring the remaining number of tickets left to spend, and three sheets of stickable items. "You have options," he says brightly, holding out the three sheets. "Glow in the dark stars, glittery stickers, or these weird bedazzler things that'll stick on." They're all hers if she wants them, and the stub for the remaining tickets is held out along with them. Arrow's already gotten what he wanted anyways.

"Well, the glowing ones would be great for the room," Moonlight says. "Though my roomie's a bit of a stickler sort. Drill sergeant," she adds ruefully, looking up at the sky as though to ask Primus why she wasn't bunked with someone more fun. "I doubt they'd pass muster." She chuckles softly. "I'll find a use for all of them, unless you have a plan for them?" Her optics rest more frequently on the bedazzler things. "Cute fox. A gift for someone, or just something to brighten your room a little?" she asks, curious.

"Nah, those are all yours, the extras too." Arrow's wings are happily fluttering as he hugs the toy. "This little guy's all mine, lookit his little face!" The beaded eyes stared out of a fluffy, foxy face, and the long poof of a tail was nearly as long as the plush's body. It was a garish lime green color with lemon yellow accents, and made in the general shoddy quality of all toys won at gaming establishments. "His name is Citrus, the trash fox." Arrow declares proudly.

Moonlight moves to shake the paw of the stuffy. "Well, pleased to meet you Citrus," she says. It's good natured; she's not mocking Arrow. "And yes, that's quite a face. We could sure use more cheer back at the ship," she adds with a bit of a rueful expression. Taking the sheets of stickers, she rolls them up carefully and tucks them away. Maybe she can use them to make people smile...but she'll have to be careful with that. Such attempts at bringing cheer might backfire. Perhaps she should talk to one of the psychological types... "So, are you ready to head back, or should we grab a drink somewhere first?" she asks.

Arrow feels better, so much better than before, and he honestly debates for a moment before he shakes his head. "I'm heading back to the ship, don't think it's in vogue to bring a stuffy to a bar." He gives a shrug and a lopsided grin to match his lopsided wings. "I need to write something up that I've been putting off for a while." It wasn't as if he could really call home these days, but when he did, he wanted to make sure he didn't leave anything out. And hey, if they're all going to die in the oncoming !Lost Light fight, then at least he'll have proof he existed.

"I'll see you around," Arrow offers as he starts to head back towards the exit and into the light of day.

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