2017-07-30 Finding Her Place

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Finding Her Place
Date 2017/07/30
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage
Participants Penchant, Moonlight
Summary Moonlight finally meets her division head and slides into her niche. Penchant gives her a few good ideas.

A steady hum of activity runs through the lower levels of the ship. Although never entirely quiet, there's a feeling of isolation that's impossible to entirely shake.

Penchant is expecting a newbie! So he's kept his schedule largely open in the evening, but there was that extremely enticing stack of hull plating that he wanted to organize. He'd kept stealing looks at it, the stack teetering and haphazard as it sat in the corner of his small office. The desire eventually wins out, and he leaves a note on his desk for Moonlight to come find him in the storage aisles (look for a white/brown mini-minibot).

It is time. Moonlight has been flitting about doing odds and ends since waking up, but it's time to actually talk to her perspective CO and make sure things are right as rain, even though the femme never understood that expression. Going to look for this 'Penchant' person, she instead finds a note and follows the directions. Entering the storage level of the ship, she calls out a friendly, "Hello in there?"

Penchant has gotten himself a little scuffed in the process of stowing plates half his size on tall shelving units. He's only holding one now. "Hey! Down here. Actually- stay out there, I'll come to you."

"I'm Penchant," he says, holding out his hand when he emerges from the unlit section. "I'm guessing you wanna' be set up here? You might've been under a different manager before... So what're your specialties?"

Moonlight smiles at Penchant, not at all affected by the mech's size. "Well, this seems to be the place I'd fit the best. I doubt I'd be much good for anyone else. Well, /maybe/ communications if you squint at it really hard." She laughs softly. "I never had much chance to fit in here, as far as command structure goes. The ship I came from before was far less...regimented." She grins then at the question of specialties. "In essence I'm a trader, so I'd say economics is my specialty, especially interplanetary. I'm also pretty good at reading body language and being diplomatic." Touching her hat briefly with a finger, she adds, "I also have an outlier ability."

"Perfect!" Penchant sets a fist in his palm. "Swindle's been our resident trader, and he's great, don't get me wrong, but for some reason he's gotten a bad reputation with other traders..." He looks Moonlight up and down, nodding slowly. "We've been in talks with Rigard for supplies, and the spacebridge has been a huge help, so... Your job may involve a lot of travel. Outlier, huh? What can you do?"

Moonlight taps her hat again. "I calm people. It's not a lot, but I find it helps in trade negotiations if people aren't angry or anxious," Moonlight says. "I wear this hat because it plugs into the back of my head and keeps my ability in 'off' mode. I've discovered people don't like having their emotions tampered with." She adds in a mumble, "Even if it's for the better." Making a movement like dusting off her hands, she brightens up. "I'll probably have to do a bit of catchup work, but two years ago I had a finger on the pulse of galactic trade. I knew what could be gotten where, at what prices, and what was needed where and how badly."

"Whoa... You can /influence/ the mind?" Penchant considers this a moment, tap-tapping his chin. Yeah, that would be immensely handy. "Ah, nice, a dampener's always helpful. I'll set you up in the database... And give you the required permissions to hunt for deals. I think we're getting a lot of bargains here because everyone feels sorry for us, heh. Drift has... a lot of funds, but we can't go crazy with them. It's important to remember that."

Moonlight nods her head. "I might be irresponsible with my own money, but I take other people's money very seriously," the femme says. "And I can't influence minds so much as emotions," she clarifies. "I can't actually make anyone think, or do, what they don't want to. I just make it really hard to stay upset. Or get excited for that matter. Which is another reason that I wear the dampener," she says wryly. "I mean, life would get dull without a little thrill and excitement now and then, and I'd hate to deprive anyone of that." She says so earnestly. "So, most of the ship's funds belong to Drift?"

"I bet Rung would find that really useful," Penchant murmurs, mostly to himself. Then shakes his head. No, Rung can't have her, dammit. "Well... Drift is the ship's purser? But Logistics manages most of the money. We have to get Command approval for costs over a certain amount. A lot of crew-members have graciously gone out and helped raise funds since our crash. Everything has gone to repairs, for the most part. The Lost Light is currently our 'little project'. It's what Logistics should be focusing on, if we're not out hunting artifacts. Make sense?"

Moonlight wouldn't mind helping Rung, if she was needed, but she knows this is the section she belongs in. "So, tell me more about this space bridge," Moonlight says. "What kind of capacity does it have, and distance?" she asks, curious what her range is. "Anyhow, if you show me the kinds of forms, and what the ship needs, I can start to sort out the best way to get the help we need. It doesn't take a genius to see how bad of a shape the ship is in." She taps the side of her cheek thoughtfully. "I am not much of a fighter at all, so that works out even better. I don't jump into violence readily, so I'm less likely to get into a scrap. However, some places I might want to borrow a little back up in case I go someplace rough. Is there a protocol for that?"

"I'll forward you the specs, I actually don't know off the top of my head." Penchant sets the panel he's holding up on the shelf, and dusts himself off, before casing a funny look, optic ridge arched. "Sure, we actually have forms that let us loan out approved members from the Combat division, if you're worried about a deal going wrong. It's been a long time since that's happened... But I'm actually going to be heading to a surplus store in a little, with one of my couriers. We could probably use a trader, and muscle too."

"That makes sense. And, depending on the worlds visited, sometimes things can be more dangerous. But usually a bit of muscle will stop anything from actually happening. Usually. But that's also where my ability comes in." Then Moonlight pouts for a moment. "I tried to use it once on one of the crew members, but the Captain stopped me. I'm guessing if you're in charge of me, though, you can direct when I can use it?"

"Sure - I'd only try and use it to de-escalate. Well, with strangers." Penchant shrugs. "I guess I should say I have vaguely similar circumstances. I'm a mind reader, but I'm projective, not receptive, so it's an effort, rather than something that happens all the time, like yours or Soundwave's. Anyhow, just keep an optic on your inbox. It'll list your shifts. You should find time to talk to Fritz and Static, or the haulers like Hunker and Astrotrain. They're nice! They'll show you the ropes."

Moonlight files away the names for later use. "Thanks for the advice," she says cheerfully. She's not being snarky on this case. "The Captain told me I could always use it in self defense," she says. "I don't want my face shot off, after all." She grins. "Anyhow, it was really nice to meet you; I think I should be just fine working for you."

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