2017-07-29 Drinking on the Patio

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Drinking on the Patio
Date 2017/07/29
Location Rigard - Southern District
Participants Rodimus, Moonlight, Ultra Magnus, Pipes, Swivel, Waspinator, Beehemoth
Summary Chats about command and drinking.

Rodimus's favorite bar on Rigard is honestly kind of a dump. It's a friendly sort of dump, clean and well-cared for, but it lacks the glitz one might expect from a guy who willingly walks around with flames on his chest and has -- had -- a giant shuttle shaped like his face. But the engex is good, the prices are even better, and there's seating outside beneath the gently fogged, clear sky. He has a datapad on the table next to him with a stylus that suggests he may have been working at one point, but right now he's just playing some dumb game or another on it, his finger wiggling around the screen as his avatar collects various powerups. His spoiler wiggles and twitches in muted reaction to the screen's adventures.

"Mind if I have a seat?" comes Moonlight's voice from behind, and slightly to the side, of where Rodimus is sitting. She'd been taking a walk around the city, and spotted the rather obvious looking Captain quite easily. He really isn't the kind that blends into the background...unless one is on a planet colored like fire.

Waspinator meanwhile is sitting in the shadows of the bar, fully content to sit there and get himself drunk early in the afternoon. The bug has actually been really surprised about Rigard, most of the colonists are being... nice to him. Its weird. No one is nice to him without a reason. But still he sits, the bartender being strangely nice to him as he gloomily sits in his corner and tries to make the duct tape stick right over his newly aquired injury.

He's known the captain is here but is too worried the mech will notice HIM if he tries to leave. He still remembers you cornering him in the library, Rodimus. Waspinator never forgets someone who scared him.

It had been a long, long night, for Behemoth of searching across the surface of the planet. For what he wasn't even sure any more. His tires were caked in mud from his travels, he didn't want to be standing right now. Was he searching for something, or running from it? He couldn't even remember anymore but it had taken him one side to the other.

Kicking open the door the absurdly small Autobot wanders into the bar, done up in those black and yellow WWII style camouflage he looks like a 5 foot tall WWII soldier. Complete with ammo belts, a massive neted helmet, and a large cigar stuck out the corner of his mouth.

He walks in firing up the actuators in his shoulders to give them a quick roll, walking tall and proud as he throws himself up at a stool near the bar. "Give me a glass of the strongest stuff you've got, and I'll pay you double if you don't cut it with anything."

It's certainly more of a command then it is a request from the little bot. His voice booms like that of a bot fifty times his size, deep and filled with gravitas. It's clear to anyone who can't see him he's a man from the war, or at least someone who knows how to train people for it. Ever the professional soldier, he leans up towards the bar, having to spin the stool around a few times just to be up enough that he can see over the bar itself. Adorable yet deadly.

In answer, Rodimus weaves his foot through the legs of tables and chairs to find the seat of a chair opposite him. He kicks it out toward Moonlight, and allows his avatar to die a fiery death when he looks up with a grin. He kills the app, revealing a screen full of -- some kind of weird looking writing, to be honest. "Have a seat." Beehemoth's entrance draws his eye, but his gaze passes over Waspinator without recognition. He notices him, but that's about it: he gives the other two Lost Lighters an up-nod of recognition. "How's the thawing going?" he asks Moonlight.

"I'm pretty much all better," Moonlight says, spreading her arms wide for a second before sliding into the offered seat. "Glad to be back in your own body?" she asks. No one's told her that it was a tabboo subject, so she doesn't treat it as such. "I have to admit, I like you looking like yourself much better. Other form didn't suit you at all." She's never met the owner of Soundwave's body before, so she doesn't know how extreme the contrast truly is. Hearing Beehemoth boom away, she grins slightly, even though their last encounter didn't end well. It didn't end just ended abruptly. While she sees Waspinator, she doesn't know who he is, or even that he's a crew mate.

Waspinator freezes as the Captain's gaze sweeps over him, only to subtly relax as the mech seems to just pass over him in favor of the femme beside him. He turns back to his drink but keeps one audial on their conversation. The decepticon needs to know if he should ditch or not. Though the new glass of engex slid in front of him does wonders to make him think about leaving less.

There's less then four seconds between the first glass being sat down in front of the Autobot beehemoth, and his downing the entire contents of it. He's not savoring the flavor, just chugging it back before slamming it down, and asking for another. There's nothing Really spoken from him otherwise, as he places a single hand on his own helmet supporting his head against the bartop.

There's still a wake from Beehemoth's entrance to the bar, and Pipes walks in among it. He makes sure to gently pivot the door back into its proper location, hoping for approval from guests nearby for doing so. There are signs of dust and bits of caked mud evident around his wheel wells. He takes a quick, appraising look around the establishment, and when he spots Waspinator he makes a little wave at him, but he decides to approach the table where Rodimus and Moonlight sit. "Captain," he gives a salute, but then turns to face the other. "Hi Moonlight, I'm Pipes. Like, really Pipes. We met the other night up on the mountain, um, when I was a horse?"

The conversation Rodimus has with Moonlight is pretty innocuous, with no sign in his words that anyone is going to need a quick exit: "Like you would not believe. Being Soundwave was a nightmare -- but in kind of a weird way, I miss it. Or parts of it. Or a thing it was like." He waves his hand, entirely unclear and well aware of it. The smiles that angles across his features is wry. "Hey, Pipes. Join us? Looks like you've been getting muddy. That was basically the first thing I did once I was back in my own body, too." He pauses, then adds, "Well, and after Ratchet welded me back together. Swapped into and then out and back into an awful lot of damage. Starting to wonder if Soundwave chases it."

Moonlight gives Pipes a good look over. "How are you feeling now that you're back to yourself?" she asks, curious. The whole body swap thing was intriguing, but she's also very glad she wasn't involved. She does extend a hand, however. "Well, pleased to meet you properly then Pipes." And she gives him a very welcoming grin. The expression is still on her face as she turns back to the Captain. "There's a saying about walking a mile in someone else's shoes, but I imagine walking in someone else's body would be even more telling," she says. "And I think it says something about your crew that they managed to get through this...especially with such high stakes things going on besides." She looks thoughtful for a few moments. "But I'm wondering how much I can really help anyone," she says, idly tracing her finger across the table's surface. "I'd be lying if I said I really understood anyone on board."

Waspinator has a subtle shiver go down his frame as he recounts his time as Flame. He had set his room on fire twice and then stayed nearly glued to Fort Max... Fritz's? ... side. He's still confused on all of that, really. All that he knows if that it was stressful and scary and- well actually it seemed like his frame was in better condition returning than leaving. Which was weird. In any case, the bug takes a big swig of his engex at the reminder and continues to eavesdrop after sending a wary glance towards Pipes.

Another drink is sat down in front of Beehemoth who downs it all in short order. His pause only to look far across to the wall, and through it. "Next round for them's on me." He offers towards the bartender, while downing a third glass. The mixture does little for him but it's the action of the thing that matters at this point.

"Yeah, thanks! I'll grab a drink from the bar first. Yeah, I went for a long drive ... it's not the same as running, though. Feels good anyway." There's ambivalence in Pipes's voice, despite his words, but he takes up Moonlight's hand happily. "It feels ... comfortable. Good. I mean, I can't complain, Roughshod took good care of, well, me. Well, I'll be back." With that he scoots over to the bar, next to Beehemoth. He superficially peruses the drink menu and then orders an Old Forged, as usual. While waiting, he caaaaaasually turns his head around to look at Beehemoth, followed by a friendly "Hey."

"We did a pretty good job of pulling it together enough to still be effective," Rodimus agrees, "but I always knew they would." He leans back to watch Pipes as he heads to the bar, calling after him: "And bring back those other Lost Lighters when you get your drink!" He tips his datapad at Waspinator and Beehemoth. He sees you. "You've had some time to get up to speed on just how much in the thick of things we are. You telling me there's not a single piece of it that makes you think you can help?"

"Comfortable is good," Moonlight says to Pipes as he heads for the bar. "It's not that I don't think I can help the ship; I just don't know if the help I give will balance with how much I seem to annoy people." She chuckles softly; she's not indulging in self-pity. She's just making an observation. "I don't mean to disrupt things just because I'm me," she adds. Rodimus mentions 'other' Lost plural. She only recognizes Beehemoth. Looking around, she wonders, curiously, who else might have been on the ship.

Waspinator doesn't react to Beehemoth's proclaimation of paying for the next round. He knows that he won't be included, never is he just- wait what did the Captain just say?

Waspinator looks substantially more confused and startled as he blinks wide optic'd around. W-what do they want with Wazzpinator??

Drink number five is downed before Beehemoth finally responds to that 'hey' His head nodding slightly. The little autobot leans over a bit hunching slightly as he pushes off against the bar. "Well I wasn't expecting to be able to enjoy some R&R on my lonesome."

A light chuckle escapes beehemoths voicebox. "Evening Captain, thought I could slip by unnoticed." A good deal of respect in his voice as he tips his own helmet, and looks over towards Pipes, with a bit of a nod of his head. "Seems this last few cycles I can't help but run into crewmen. One hell of a change from the last few years."

Pipes , as one might expect, misinterprets Beehemoth's declaration. "Of course, you really can't enjoy R&R by yourself! I'm Pipes by the ... way ..." well, at least he heard the captain. After receiving his own drink - and grabbing a straw - he toddles over to the other "rogue" crewmember. "Hey Waspinator, c'mon and sit with us? Captain's orders, right?" Pipes chuckles a little and sips. Ooh, it's got a kick.

"Look, if you're holding steady at annoying people and not attacking them once you've had a little too much to drink, you're doing pretty good." Rodimus's answer to Moonlight is a touch distracted as he watches Pipes and the others at the bar. He grins at Beehemoth, saying, "Just Rodimus here," when he's addressed by rank. "I know that there's not really enough of us to overrun the colony, but sometimes it does seem that way, doesn't it?" He turns the datapad over as the others gather, mysteries face-down.

"Well, name aside, you /are/ the Captain, Rodimus," says Moonlight. "I've had a few run ins. I was told the ship was run like a military vessel. Which didn't add up to me after meeting you a few times," she goes on to say. "So I guess I just really want to hear it from the guy in charge: what do you really expect from us? As crew members, I mean." She stabs her fingers at the table as though to make a point. Her tone is earnest; she really wants to know. It's not a prelude to a rebellion. At least, that's not her intention. As Beehemoth approaches, she gives him a brief nod, expression faintly wary. She's not sure how much of the conversation they had really sunk into his mind. Spotting Pipes trying to coax over Waspinator, she gives both mechs a friendly, inviting wave. Yes, that means you too Wasp.

Waspinator is about to say that he is ok, doesn't need to come over, but then Pipes says captain's orders. That was probably the wrong thing to say if the short mech wants the bug to be happy about coming over, but it was the right thing to say to get him to come over without complaint or a struggle. Unsurely standing, Waspinator crosses the room with Pipes and sits down at the table he was called to... in teh seat farthest away from Rodimus, and practically kneeling on top of the chair- as if ready to bolt in an instant. At least he has his drink, so he's unlikely to run and risk spilling it. Never waste engex.

For everything that has the Autobot giving respect, there's still that bit of him that's none too happy to be setting beside a decepticon. In fact he's rather unhappy about it, but live and grow. He sets himself down on a tiny chair, the last one open which happens to be smack dab next to the Decepticon. "Well on the up I'd say it's been an opportunity to finally put names to faces"

Well, that was easy. Pipes cheerfully returns to the captain's table and takes a seat, his beverage plopped dead center in front of him. He's got nothing to say at the moment, so he listens, occasionally dipping his head to engage with the straw in his glass.

"Thanks, Pipes," Rodimus says, giving him a tilt of his own glass in salute of his achievement at consolidating tables. Table and bar. Whatever. Looking back over at Moonlight, he grins: "We're run like a military vessel because that's all most of us know how to be. But even then -- well, it's not exactly military discipline, and it's definitely not a command. Military-ish. As to what I want -- that you help. We've got a lot of pieces moving. This little quest we headed out on now includes things like reaching out the colonies and helping with aid and recovery, researching the Knights and Unicron, fighting back against our evil, poorly-painted alter egos, finding the pieces we need to stop Unicron--." He breaks off with a shake of his head. "What do I expect from you? Make things better. Somehow. Somewhere."

Moonlight nods her head to Rodimus, listening carefully. "I can help, sure. I just don't fit into the military thing." She gives Rodimus a slightly guilty look. "I kinda got up in someone's face over things. It was mentioned that if I kept it up, or questioned the wrong person, I would be put in the brig." She frowns over the memory. "I was just trying to stick up for Swivel." She sighs. "Just the notion of calling someone my 'superior' officer makes my fingers twitch." Then she breaks off, peering at Waspinator. "Hey, you look a bit concerned. I don't bite," she adds with a grin, recovering herself somewhat. She nods her head to Pipes as well. "We still have to pick a time to have me look at your collection."

Waspinator only gives a wary glance Moonlight's way before taking a slow sip of his drink. Slow for him, probably nearly downs the thing to others. Doesn't look entirely convinced that the femme doesn't bite.

Pipes gives another little salute to Rodimus, but then feels a little bad about it maybe making Moonlight uncomfortable. The mention of his collection vanquishes his worry. "Yes! Yes, we do! Now that I'm ..." he wiggles his fingers, small enough to handle all the delicate and precious Earthly items. He watches Waspinator slurp up his drink and takes a draw from his own.

Rodimus tilts his head and considers Moonlight, tapping two fingers to the side of his glass. "Look, here's the thing: I've got a certain amount of sympathy for that. I mean, all it would take is about two seconds and a single conversation with literally any other person on the ship and you could probably figure that out." His smile, crooked and a little wry, fades into a more focused expression as he sits forward. "But that gets people killed, Moonlight. That can get you killed. We might not be a military ship, exactly, but more and more it feels to me like we still managed to stumble our way into a war."

"Which part?" Moonlight asks. She did say a lot of things all at once, after all. "I can follow rules...if I know what they are. But I have to be told. This whole structure, it's not intuitive to me. As for the superior officer thing, I can't assume that someone is 'better' than me because they have a rank." Her lips twitch slightly. She reaches towards Rodimus, and rests her hand with her fingers just before touching his arm. "I'm sorry you feel that you've been dragged into another war. But it

"Which part?" Moonlight asks. She did say a lot of things all at once, after all. "I can follow rules...if I know what they are. But I have to be told. This whole structure, it's not intuitive to me. As for the superior officer thing, I can't assume that someone is 'better' than me because they have a rank." Her lips twitch slightly. She reaches towards Rodimus, and rests her hand with her fingers just before touching his arm. "I'm sorry you feel that you've been dragged into another war. But it's not the /same/ war from what I can tell. These aren't your people fighting themselves." To Pipes she nods. "But first, drinks, right?" She gives Waspinator a very long look, not sure what to make of someone who doesn't pipe up and say something.

Waspinator finishes his drink and looks forlornly down into the now empty glass, gloomy and missing its contents. He's not nearly drunk enough yet... he doesn't really have anything to say about the current conversation, the bug has always followed orders because if he didnt obedience would be beaten into him. He still expects to get hurt if he doesn't do something exactly as he's been told... It has happened once or twice actually, though not from a superior officer just other crew members (who technically dont have the authority to boss him around).

His sulking over the loss of his booze is momentarily forgotten when he realizes Moonlight is staring. Straightening a little, Waspinator nervously stares right back, leaning away slightly. What does she want from him? He starts playing with his badly mended injury again, just looking for something to do and not have to stare back at the femme.

Pipes watches the silent interaction between Moonlight and Waspinator while considering the conversation. He's definitely one of those who are used to the military life, so in comparison the way the ship is run feels downright comfortable, even relaxed, on occasion even a little too much so. So, Moonlight's view is definitely interesting and oh wow, his drink is empty. He hasn't noticed any servers around, so he slides his chair back to stand and get back to the bar. He pantomimes to Waspinator, and it's a probably confusing flurry of pointing between Waspinator himself, his empty glass, the bar, Pipes, and Pipes's empty glass ... several times each.

"Ship's regs are on file. You should really at least get the abbreviated version," Rodimus says, giving Moonlight a bemused look. He passes his hand over his face and looks up at the sky. What is happening to him. "Help," he says, words muffled with his hand partly covering his mouth. "I'm telling someone to look up and follow the rules." His smile ticks back up for the gesture and her words, and he says -- voice light, "I dunno. Sometimes it feels very much like literally fighting ourselves when they look just like us. Anyway, the superior officer thing -- it's never been about who's the better person. But your commander generally has a better view of the bigger picture."

Moonlight smiles /hard/ at Waspinator. Mostly because he looks uncomfortable. "I don't bite," she promises with a wink. Then she looks at Pipe's little mime routine and gives him a thumbs up. Drinks are good, yeah? Looking back to Rodimus, she nods her head. "Those rules aren't the hard ones. It's the unspoken rules that ages of war have made between people. Things that I wouldn't be able to just intuitively pick out for myself." She laughs softly when he speaks through his hand. "Well, that's part of the burden of being a Captain, I guess," she says. "There's nothing wrong with people being in charge of me, in command, but I wouldn't ever call them superior, unless it was somehow about something specific. Like, there are many who would be a superior marksman to me. It's not hard. Or superior at singing. Or, whatever. I guess I just don't like blanket statements." She leans forward. "But the question is, when this dealt with, do you plan to stay a military course, or would you rather leave that behind? Assuming, of course, this threat isn't replaced by another." Which is going to happen, whether the Lost Lighters know it or not.

Waspinator leans even further away from Moonlight, concerned by her continued assurance that she doesnt bite and the smile that almost looks on par with a grimace or bared teeth. When Pipes does his forementioned miming act, Waspinator can only stare blankly for the first two repeats of the motions. its just as he is beginning to wonder if the short mech might be having some kind of stroke that it finally clicks into place what the autobot wants. Now THAT Waspinator doesn't hesitate nearly as much on, standing to follow behind.

Oh good, Waspinator understood. Pipes didn't really want to interrupt the conversation, and he feels some relief as the odd pair walk to the bar. "They sure are talking serious stuff, aren't they?" he asides as he reaches to slide his empty glass on the bar. "And yeah, I'm pretty sure Moonlight is nice. When I was in Roughshod's body, she even petted me, so, well, that counts for something."

"We're a ship of Autobots, Decepticons, neutrals, and colonists." Rodimus almost always names neutrals and colonists separately, and for someone who watched an exodus-worth of people leave Cybertron rather than fight, they might have different connotations. "I'm not sure we're ever going to stop running into the unspoken, but since we're deescalating from warfare to a brawl, we're at least headed in the right direction. I don't think I can get behind calling Unicron just an ... issue, though. Have you watched any of the vid feeds?"

Moonlight holds up a hand. "I don't mean to be insensitive; I just have a habit of underexaggerating. Stops me from getting hysterical," she says, half apologetically to Rodimus. "I admit, I haven't. I'll probably work better if I'm not shaking in my metal booties all the times." This is followed by a wry smile. "It seems to me I'd be better off helping with things that I'm already good at, or doesn't require much skill, rather than trying to jump in on the fight. Though, if you could recommend a couple good teachers...I can learn more about fighting. I just won't much use immediately on that front." She looks over at Pipes helping Waspinator. "It looks as though at least some people are willing to progress past your war, and that has to really touch the spark." Rodimus came across as someone with a lot of spark to her.

Waspinator gives a small nod as he follows Pipes to the bar, "very zzeriouzz.... Wazzzpinator not get it." He doesn't understand why someone wouldnt follow orders... is that just a neutral thing?? As for Moonlight, "Wazzpinator... will take minibot'zz word for it..." No, no he won't.

The bartender is quick to refill their drinks and Wasp is quick to drain his just as fast, almost immediately ready for another. Come on, he needs to be drunk!

"Yeah, me neither." Pipes gets his own refill, but before he even gets a straw in it, Wasp has already finished his! "Whoa, easy there! I mean, the drinks here aren't exactly weak. Then again, maybe that mech is still paying for them." He pokes a thumb at Beehemoth. Drinks being free changes the calculus of inebriation. Pipes decides to stay at his usual pace, though, and lingers by the bar with Waspinator in case they get him another right then and there.

"Talk to Brigade. He's in charge of combat, so he'd know better. Not everyone needs to be a frontline fighter, though. I'd still suggest you know enough to take care of yourself, but -- yeah, stick to your strengths," Rodimus says, following her gaze toward Pipes and Waspinator. "I'm always glad to see it, but I know we've got a long farther to go."

This is not the first time that a bar on Rigard has suffered from Ultra Magnus darkening its doorstep with his looming presence, although the patio makes it easy to pick out his associates from afar and arrive on measured steps, each bearing ponderous weight. Arriving, he sweeps his glance over the assembled, massive and a little out of place on the peaceful planet with all that on-board weaponry. He says hello by saying, "Captain. Crewbots." It is super appropriate to the venue.

Moonlight isn't that scary. Really. Unless you have a fear of hats or helicopters. She keeps her optics away from the Wasp' now, though she won't look away if he comes directly into her line of view. "As long as you're not going backwards, that's something," she says to Rodimus. "Brigade, hm? I'll keep that in mind," she says, filing away the name for later use. "But that's pretty much what I want. A little more edge to take care of myself and not be a damsel in distress." More organic speak? "My strengths are mostly economical and social. But, that might help in dealing with those who are less...war ready." Then the Magnificent Ultra Magnus shows up and she almost looks panicked for a split second before her expression goes back to a slight smile. She gives the large mech a wave and a smile.

Waspinator gives Pipes a peculiar look, of course he knows the drinks are strong. That's exactly why he's drinking them! The bug was already about eight drinks in when the others showed up.

When Magnus enters through the door, Waspinator startles a little bit- used to looming bots being there to hurt him- but relaxes, remembering that the mech didn't hurt him but in fact believed him when he said he didn't do anything wrong... course that doesn't mean he won't still hurt him, but wasp can be hopeful!

Pipes can interpret Waspinator's look, and he raises a palm in surrender. "OK, knock yourself out, Waspinator." Heh.

Of course, Pipes notices Ultra Magnus's entrance along with everyone else in the vicinity. With a glance at Moonlight - she seems like she's not looking over here - he snaps a quick salute to Magnus. He hopes that the dried mud from his recent drive doesn't get noticed, or he'll probably be sentenced to the oil baths.

Rodimus's expression brightens to match the warmth of his eager greeting: "Magnus! Hi. Come have a seat." He fishes his foot through the maze of feet under the table to find the biggest of the chairs and kick it back next to Moonlight's. "We're talking factions, war, and I literally just told her to follow the rules so if you want to shoot me and put me out of my misery, I'm good with that."

"You have only just recently been /repaired/, Rodimus," Ultra Magnus says, like this is the reason he won't shoot: inefficient. The signs of relief at Rodimus's welcome are subtle but detectable -- a slight shift of his shoulders, the lowering of high, taut rocket towers. He moves with an odd hesitation in his step as he claims the chair, folding himself down, and then folds his hands. He makes no move to attempt to attain anything like a /drink/. He says, "Thank you for continuing to provide a good example," and turns the survey of his glance over the others, tilting his glance between them and then glancing down at the clasp of his hands.

It had been an somewhat long day for Swivel. It had started off with fishing for small jobs to earn a little shanix, and coming up short, only to wander the streets looking mournfully at various shops. And it is during this trivial self torment that Swivel had come across the group of SOME familiar faces. Her stroll slows to a stop as she stares over at Moonlight in particular. Well. Moonlight then Rodimus. However, she makes no move to join them yet.

Moonlight has met Ultra Magnus a few times, but she's never sat at a table with him. "It's a good day for relaxing," she says pleasantly to Ultra Magnus. Spotting Swivel, she energetically waves her over, expression encouraging. She wouldn't have done that if she were in trouble. To Rodimus she says, "No, don't get yourself shot. I'd miss you," she says. "And, more importantly, what would happen to your crew?" Yes, it's light teasing, since she's pretty sure Ultra Magnus won't take him up on the 'offer'. Still, there's an earnestness beneath it.

"Ugh, I can't believe I'm providing a good example." Rodimus bonks his foot against Magnus's in a quiet hello beneath the table. Kicking people is a normal way to say hello when it is just a gentle little tink. "Hey! Hope you're not lost!" he calls when he sees Swivel, hand raised in two-fingered salute of a wave. He rests his elbow on the table, chin in hand, and taps the back of the datapad face-down in front of him as he grins at Moonlight. "Why, they soldier on without me. What else is the chain of command for? Hound takes over, and Primus knows he can handle it, and maybe we even stop waking up ancient evils."

Waspinator does knock himself out, well... thats the plan! Draining another drink, Waspinator is suddenly struck by the realization that this may be considered rude and he doesn't want to get into trouble with the mech being nice to him. Slag what do normal mechs do in this situation!? Sharp fingers clinking against his glass, Waspinator glances nervously down at Pipes, "Doezz..." Think Wasp think! But dont hurt yourself thinking. ".... bot want Wazzp to buy him drink?" Nailed it, maybe? He's gonna buy him a drink anyways then kind of curl in on himself, just knowing he did something wrong.

"I have complete confidence in our command structure," Ultra Magnus intones gravely, glancing from Rodimus to Moonlight. He shifts slightly where he seats, reaches across the distance between them to touch three of his fingertips to Rodimus's arm, and then draws his hand back again to drop it to resume the clasp. "Yet for some reason I would still prefer to keep you around." He tips his chin, glancing across toward Swivel when Rodimus waves at her.

Swivel smiles rather broadly when Moonlight waves her over. But it isn't until Rodimus acknowledges her that she begins to very cautiously approach. The femme walks over to the table, but does not take a seat. "Good to see you aren't in trouble," Swivel says to Moonlight, giving Rodimus and Ultra Magnus quick side glances. Nope. No sign of anyone in trouble. "Oh... not that I'm assuming you would be looking for trouble or anything... uh... just... you know... um.... nevermind." Swivel then peers back at Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. "Hello Sir. And Sir."

"Well, if this wasn't a war mission to start out, I can only guess they came along to follow /you/," Moonlight says to Rodimus. "Ultra Magnus included," she adds after even the rather stern mech says he'd like Rodimus around. "Hey, Swivel, take a seat. This isn't the ship; they don't own this section of the planet." So she assumes. She flicks a glance towards Waspinator. "Who is that guy and what's up with him?" she asks, jerking a finger in the Wasp's direction.

Rodimus's side-eye is casual, following the jerk of Moonlight's finger without turning his head. "That's Waspinator. He's kind of -- uh, maybe you should get his story from him," he says in a stunning display of diplomacy and tact. He grins at Swivel without addressing her stumble over the same, instead asking, "How's recovery going?"

He's looking at Ultra Magnus as he answers Moonlight, saying, "There aren't really a lot of people who came out here to follow me. There are a lot of people who came out here for other reasons and put up with following me. They came here believing in our quest, or wanting off Cybertron, or dozens of personal reasons I can barely guess at and in one case--" He tips his head at Ultra Magnus. "--mostly to make sure we didn't screw things up." Rodimus's smile is easy as he says, "Of course, they're mostly all still here, so."

There is no sign of anyone in trouble. Ultra Magnus offers no more threat than any other massive-framed bot sitting quietly in a chair, not drinking. "I did join the crew initially specifically to follow Rodimus," Ultra Magnus says, steepling his fingers gravely. His expression is very smooth and bland, without even a twitch to his composure. He does not add, 'with a dustpan and brush'.

Swivel glances at Moonlight, then at Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. Swivel then inches closer to Moonlight, leaning closer to her and talking in a very hushed tone. "I... I don't plan on staying long. I don't wanna get in trouble for loitering." She then straightens up and grins uneasily at Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. She doesn't really have much to say about Rodimus' leadership. It's not her place. So she just stands there with an awkward, social smile.

Moonlight considers Rodimus' words carefully. "Well, if they weren't willing to follow you, they might have found a different way to get what they wanted," she says reasonably. "At least, that's the way I see it. I could be wrong. I wasn't there." Hearing Ultra Magnus speak, she smiles faintly. "And are you disappointed?" she asks smoothly. She looks over to Swivel and shrugs. "If you don't want to stay, I wouldn't make you. But if you do want to sit, and feel bad about sitting without a drink, I'm sure someone will cover you."

"Like I said: mostly to make sure we didn't screw things up." But Rodimus's smile at Magnus is too wide for that to carry much weight. He slides his datapad to the edge of the table and palms it, tapping Ultra Magnus on the arm with it as he rises. "I'm gonna collect a cube and head back. Come find me when you get back to the ship, yeah?" He rests his palm on his table and glances at Swivel: "I have literally no idea what kind of guilty conscience is weighting you down that you think you're gonna get in trouble," he says, laughing, "but you might wanna talk to Rung about it. Catch up with you guys later."

Magnus meets Rodimus's glance for an extended beat and then ducks his head very slightly as he looks away. "I'll be along," he says. The faint cinch of a frown touches the edge of his helm as he looks between Swivel and Moonlight. "I have personal and professional respect for Rodimus as my commanding officer, if that is your query," he says mildly.

"What guilty con-- Rung!?" Swivel stares at Rodimus with an expression of stunned confusion. Her mouth opens and closes a few times fruitlessly before she does decide to take a seat. Well. She flops against the seat more than sits on it. "Whaddya suppose he meant by that?" Swivel asks out loud somewhat incredulously.

"See you later, Captain," Moonlight says with a grin and a wave. "Thanks for talking with me." She folds her arms and rests them on the table. "I suppose that's one way to interpret the question," she says slowly. "But I meant more if you were satisfied that you came along," she points out. "I think that he's the counselor. Or something. I saw it on the list," she tells Swivel. Then she claps her hands. "Actually, that's a wonderful idea." Calling after Rodimus she says, "You're brilliant." Never mind that Rodimus is probably out of earshot by now. "

"I would not take it back." Ultra Magnus considers for a moment, sitting on the seat with his hands folded in his lap. His gaze lingers in a slow sweep across Swivel, with her expressed anxiety and incredulity; it weights upon Moonlight for a moment. He says, "Even an amateur investigator like Rodimus--" Amateur investigator? BOY DETECTIVE? "--can determine you feel guilt when you express anxiety about petty crimes without any appearance of having committed one." He glances over toward the bar, Pipes, Waspinator. People enjoying themselves. Relaxing. Having a good time. His hands tightening slightly, he nods once, and then rises from his seat. "I believe I have work."

"Oh, I know he's the counsellor, but... I'm sure he's busy with things I've heard about the crew. No offense. I really don't think I oughta waste people's time is all." Swivel straightens herself up, as Ultra Magnus weighs in. "Oh... guess that makes sense, sir." Swivel clasps her own tiny hands together, but that soon turns to fidgety thumb-twiddling.

Well, Ultra Magnus didn't stay long. Moonlight nods her head. "Have a good evening," she says to the very imposing mech. "If you have a problem, Swivel, it's not a waste. But if most people aren't giving you any grief, you just need a little time to get used to things," she says to the very twitchy femme. Glancing back towards the bar, she looks to see if Waspinator is completely passed out yet. If so, she might have to get a little help hauling him back to the ship.

"I should go. I just stopped over to say 'hi'. Really." Swivel follows Moonlight's glance over to Waspinator for a moment. She shrugs. "Yeah... going... now. Have a nice rest o' the evening." Swivel carefully picks her way around the chairs to return from whence she came.

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