2017-07-27 Slip'n'Slide

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2017/07/27
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical
Participants Swivel, Chromedome, Moonlight, Ash
Summary There's slipping on water and accusations happening here. Someone makes things worse.

Where once the communal labs were neat and filled with the tools of science, they now sit nearly barren. Much of the specialized equipment is gone, either outright destroyed or in various states of disrepair. All of it is littered across the tabletops, not organized into work stations by discipline as they once were.

The storage compartments along the back wall remain largely intact, but the locks that held them closed before are often broken or missing. The sorting system has been given up?the section labeled 'picometers' is full of a motley assortment of clamps, for example, and little else is actually found in its proper location. A few of the cabinets have holes punched directly through the doors, and most of the hinges squeal when opened.

The isolation rooms are the only section that seems to have survived entirely intact, with little more than the occasional crack in the transparasteel viewports or doors that now scrape against the floor and sit ever-so-slightly misaligned in their frames. Some of the bolted-down workbenches have been forcefully pulled up from the floor and now wobble when used. Others have been removed entirely after being damaged beyond repair, leaving drill holes in the deck. The door to the storage area sits ajar, revealing a largely empty room, and the sign on the smaller door next to it reads " AZARDOUS MAT IAL: no unauthor try."

Pickings were slim. But Swivel was determined to find phials of the right dimensions and materials. She had tried poking around the medical bay only to get shooed out for being in the way - after all there was a LOT of repairs lately and if she wasn't part of the solution she was part of the problem. So Swivel decided to try the science labs! And she even found a reason to be there!

The floor is wet. Swivel had just mopped the area up. The janitor's cart with bucket and mop are a few paces away from her, while she sifts through the disorganised mess of what few supplies remained. One of her forearms appear to be open - really, a panel is folded open and there as a depression within. She is currently holding a lead phial and holding it just above the opening, before shaking her head and looking disappointed, putting said phial back where she founds it - in a drawer marked "hoses".

Was he too late? Chromedome could have sworn that Perceptor wanted to meet him here in the science labs at this hour. The mnemosurgeon ex-vents, realizing he had the wrong date and time for the one on one meeting with the science head. As he turns to walk out again though, he hears something messing around with the vials for sampling further inside. Turning back around, he goes to the storage area and calls out a "Hello? Brainstorm, are you already back in the lab?"

Poor socialization skills makes most of the mechs unrecognizable to him. New ones hop on and others leave all the time, so it made sense that Chromedome has no idea who was messing around with the vials. "Are you new?"

Science is fun. Science is cool. Science is....wet. Moonlight had come waltzing in for some reason, but that reason is obscured when she slips on the wet floor. Her legs go flying out from underneath her and she lands on her aft with a definitive metalic THUNK. While she's not terribly heavy, the metal on metal does make a rather loud noise. It's a very distinctive sound. Even more distinct is the few choice words that come streaming out of her mouth. Ooooops. She doesn't immediately pick herself up, but she does reach to make sure her hat is still on her head. Which it is.

Ash was just leaving the medical bay when she head such a loud thunk In the other wing. Immediately she moved to investigate, finding someone on the ground. "Woah you okay?" She offered a hand to the other.

Well. Swivel is and isn't new. So Chromedome not recognizing her isn't really too much of a problem. And she isn't even part of the science division. Which is why the femme freezes, the tiny tink of something dropping back into its (im)proper place a sort of fore-echo to the much noisier CRASH of Moonlight being very graceful. Swivel goes from staring at towards the vague direction of Chromedome's voice to whipping her head around to the sound of Moonlight aft-crashing. "Eeeyerk oh no I'm so sorry I fergot to put up a-a-a-a sign or something!"

Swivel was about to rush over to check on Moonlight, then she remembered the wet floor. A floor which she had wet, and takes a few careful steps before halting. Her forearm is still open. She glances over at Ash, who seems to be taking care of Moonlight. "I really REALLY am sorry."

Yes, that wasn't suspicious at all mecha Chromedome never met before. But before he could ask her anything else, he hears another noise- this time a crash and a yelp- interrupt any potential interrogation. And the mecha in question running off toward the noise. "This is quite a lot of excitement for such a late night." He comments as he follows her towards the source of the second noise. Of course, he did not see nor noticed the wetness of the floor... which causes him to slide on it and then promptly fall on the already fallen Moonlight. Great. This is what he gets for mixing up appointment times.

Chromedome oofs as he falls on his back, then groans at the sudden dull aching pain that is now going up his backstruts.

Moonlight looks up from her place on the floor. Spotting Ash she gives the femme a wry smile. "I'll live," she says, in a tone that is much drier than the underside of her legs are right now. Looking over to Swivel, she includes her in the smile. "Yeah, a sign would have been good, I agree. But I should have known better than to walk so carelessly in any kind of lab," she points out. "Science might be predictable, but scientists aren't."

And then Chromedome proves her point by slipping and landing on her...even though she doesn't really know he's a scientist. She just knows him as 'that quietish guy that she was stuck on a planet with once.' "Why hello there," she says, winking to hide the wince of being landed on. Chromedome isn't exactly small. When he groans, she rolls slightly to get a look at him. "You sound worse than I do," she notes.

Ash glanced up to Swivel and silently nodded in agreement with Moonlight, then saw how Chromedome did not seem to know about the water and braced herself for impact. She mangaed to steady herself on the door frame and grimaced at how Chromdome fell. Ow.

Oh. Right. Swivel just remembered she was rifling through things that weren't hers. "Wait the floor's --" too late "....wet." Swivel really should have put up a sign.

Swivel puts her hands on her hips, and feels something idly bump against her side. She jumps, and then realises it was just the open panel on her arm. Sheepishly, she closes her arm compartment and then peers at Moonlight, Chromedome, and Ash. "I'll.... uh.... put up a sign next time I mop. I promise..... Sir." No idea whether she needs to sir anyone here, but she just says it to be on the safe side.

Chromedome slowly lifts himself off the other mecha- "Sorry about that, I didn't see the water-" and then manages to catch Swivel closing a compartment on her arm. In any other case, he wouldn't care about what a mech wanted and hid. But since this is the science lab, and he felt an odd duty to ensure that things are safe and didn't, you know, EXPLODE, he decides to speak up.

"So, what was it that you are looking for... I don't know your name." He addresses Swivel directly as he stood... and rubs his back. "This is not a place where you can just take random trinkets with you, even those who do work in science division. Perceptor is particular about safety and order."

Moonlight stays on the ground and crosses her arms, a little pout forming on her lips. She doesn't like to be ignored. It's one of the few things that can get the femme cranky. Drawing her knees up to her chest she just sits there in the puddle of water. Still, she's listening to what's going on, looking at Swivel with curiosity. What did the smaller femme snatch? Is it trouble? Or just interest. Maybe she's a little klepto.

Ash noticed the pouting femme and offered a hand up again. "You still okay?" She couldn't help but laugh a bit. Her attention did turn to the other femme however she was curious to what is happening. To be honest, she wasn't sure why she was here, but she had nothing better to do so why not stay?

Swivel peers up at Chromedome, now that he was actually standing and puts her hands behind her back, raises her studded shoulders and frowns. Her large optics peer up for a moment before she looks down. "Sorry. I wasn't keeping anything. I swear. I just wanted to see if there WERE any vials that would fit... and then was going to ask for permission once I knew there were some. Really. I swear!" Swivel would seem emphatic if she weren't looking more kowed. She continues looking down and begins to make tiny circular motions on the wet floor with the tip of her peds. Swivel doesn't dare look at anyone else for the time being.

Chromedome is not buying any kind of fake-innocent act. While Moonlight is being helped up, the taller mech approaches Swivel. He didn't get her name after he asks. Another tick against her. "Whatever it is you took, hand it back, now." He was no officer, he gets that. But he has worked in science, and alongside Brainstorm, for far too long to know that stupidity always got someone in trouble. "And if you really needed a vial, you could have actually asked someone instead of sneaking around. So far, I am assuming you are not science division at all and you never intended on asking anybody for permission. If I have to take this to the Chief of Science Division I will."

Moonlight sighs and finaly accepts the hand up from Ash. After all, her aft isn't getting any less sore as she sits in the water. "Yeah, I'm fine. I've had worse. And if I'm frail enough that landing flat on my aft takes me out of comission, well, I probably shouldn't be on THIS ship," she says, her good nature being easily restored despite being ignored. Hearing the conversation between Swivel and Chromedome, she dusts her hands off and walks over to stand behind Swivel. As far as she can tell, the femme is a good 'kid'. "I don't think she's causing any trouble," she says, speaking directly to Chromedome in a definitely NOT flirty way this time. "She's more absent minded than devious from what I've seen."

Ash softly smiled at Moonlight's comment about the ship. Her attention did turn to other conversation again, and she frowned a bit at Swivel. Something was not right, she was avoiding questions, and there was just something off about her. The scout stepped near Chromedome and crossed her arms. She tried to say neutral, "He does have a point. Anything can happen in labs, you should have asked first. Um. What was your name?"

And here comes the slapped puppy face. Swivel's chin quivers a little as she peers up at Chromedome as he demands she hand back whatever she took. She holds her hands out, empty. "I didn't take anything... and.... I didn't wanna bother anyone... so I was just looking... because... I don't.... I... I...." Swivel peers briefly at Moonlight when the femme tries to take her side, flashes a quick shy smile, but then quickly looks down at the floor again, listening to lecturing.

"Oh..." When Ash asks about her name, Swivel glances up again. "I-I-I'm Swivel."

Chromedome glances between Moonlight and Swivel. "Do you two know each other?" He asks, then finally notices Ash. Where are they all coming from? Never mind. He nods at Ash in appreciation for her speaking up and asking for the other's name again. "Swivel... you are new." To him at least. He generally would have ignored most new mecha except in exceptional cases, like this one. "I have to say, I don't believe you at all. And I don't believe your act. Be assured I am telling Perceptor about this, since sample containers are for science division only and you didn't have the common sense to ask someone in it if you can have one."

"I don't think that's entirely fair," Moonlight protests, putting her hands on her hips. "She had bad processor damage when she first woke up. If you're taking the issue up with anyone, talk to medical." She pauses for a beat. "Or the Captain. He would know if she's a sneak thief or not. Wasn't he in that body that did all the mind reading tricks?" She flicks a glance to Swivel, then back to Chromedome. "Well, I know who she is. We've met a few times. But we're not like best buddies or anything. Far as I can tell, she's pretty harmless." Okay, deep down, Moonlight isn't just doing this to stand up for Swivel. She just wants the attention, dangit! Swivel might not be cheeky, but Moonlight has cheeks to spare.

Yeah, Ash was not buying it, "Why do you even need a vial anyway Swivel? Especially one that fits in the compartment on your arm?"

If it were possible to shrink any more, Swivel would. Instead she just whimpers as Chromedome tells her she's done wrong. And keeps referring to her behaviour as an act. But she doesn't try to defend herself. She just meekly nods to Chromedome.

Besides, who needs to defend oneself when there is a brazen Moonlight there to save the day? Except that Swivel is terrified Moonlight will get in trouble too. Thus Swivel stares at Moonlight, somewhat aghast, and holds out her open hands, fluttering them emphatically. "Oh no no no no, First Aid said I was doin' better, really, I can't go misbehaving and blaming it on an injury! I'm in the wrong, really. And I should know the rules. I started reading them but.... I didn't get to the ones about the science division before..." Swivel trails off and again tries to summon up even a flicker of a memory of what had happened to her. Nothing. The femme continues to appear increasingly more distressed.

Luckily, Ash asks a question which distracts her from her memory issues. "Oh..." Swivel holds out her arm and pops open the compartment. Inside are two vials hooked to some tiny tubes that run off somewhere futher inside of her arm. There are indentations that could fit two more of roughly the same size. "My other two broke." Of course, that doesn't explain WHAT they are for.

"If she has processor damage, she should be more carefully monitored rather than letting her wander around a dangerous place. Especially one as damaged as this area." Chromedome responds to Moonlight, his own hands on his hips. "She might be 'harmless', but her faulty memory could cause actual harm to others if she took something she should not." Now he is crossing his arms. "And if you, Swivel are looking for personal storage, you should go to logistics who deal in getting things for the crew. They might have something for you to use."

Ash's direct questioning provided immediate answers as Swivel does finally reveal her arm compartment. CD leans over to look at it. "Does it contain medicine? Then you should have gone to medbay for a replacement vial, not here. We don't exactly deal in medicine here. Medical research is rather different than medical practices." He then looks at Swivel. "Another reason permission is needed- we probably have use for those vials, any that might /look/ empty probably are not all the same."

"Well, I think you're being a big bully," Moonlight states. "She's obviously scared, and instead of just guiding her away, you have to rip into her. I mean, the Captain seems really nice. Does he know you go around bullying people like this?" Yeah, she doesn't know much about the guy or what he does. Would that stop her? Maybe. It's hard to tell. Swivel protests that she's okay. "Did anyone tell you not to come in here?" Then she holds up a hand. "Ooooo, better yet. Why don't you tell them exactly what division you're in and what you do for them? Did someone order you to get those vials?" If Swivel's not used to this kind of command structure, she might not even think about that sort of thing.

This is strangely familiar. Ash has had her fair share of memory problems. She didn't notice the growing frown on her face. "Swivel What are the vials for?" She thought a moment longer. "Hey um, Chromedome, right? I believe you've made your point there's no need to go to the captain or anyone. She knows not to do this again right?" She glanced to Swivel, her tone of voice suggested nicely to both of them. "How about giving her a break? Memory loss is hard to deal with on its own. She was just too shy to ask for a vial."

"Medicine? No. These are empty. I need empty ones." Swivel closes her arm back up. She flexes her fingers a few times. "Logistics? I should've talked to logistics. It's just... I'm not used to asking for things, no one to ask in the slums... not that I am trying to excuse myself! Just explaining why I didn't do the... well... proper thing... which I will do from now on! And..."

Swivel just stops talking and stares at Moonlight as she calls Chromedome a bully. Swivel doesn't see him as anything of the sort. She begins shaking her head and fluttering her hands even more. The femme makes a few choked back noises, unable to form words just now. However, Moonlight did ask a question, and Swivel manages to calm herself just enough to answer. "No one told me to come here. I'm a scout. So... navigation. But..." Swivel flexes her fingers again, looking towards Ash. "...I also sometimes take air samples. Or liquid, if it isn't too gooey." Really scientific word, that. Gooey. "That's what the vials're for. I just like to be prepared. Ya never know..."

Swivel turns back to Chromedome, apologetically glancing up to his face only briefly before looking down again. "I really am sorry. It won't happen again."

"You. Whoever you are. Stop. You are making this situation worse." Chromedome tells Moonlight. "In case you can't tell, I /am/ helping her by guiding her to the right areas and mechs. I am also helping her in informing her that the vials she might be trying to get something that might contain even residues of past experiments. I see three mecha here that I do not recognize that do not even look like they know how to navigate their way in here." An ex-vent. "I'll be informing Perceptor if just to keep a new lock on the cabinets, but not get you in trouble." Presuming Swivel is truly innocent. He has known mechs to fake memory loss among other things to get away with stuff. "We don't mechsit on this ship. A lot of us are soldiers, and gentle guidence isn't really a normal thing around here." He looks at Swivel now. "I apologize if you are upset, but I take my station very seriously and I also take others safety very seriously."

... samples. From a scout? Strange... Chromedome couldn't recall whether scouts are to automatically take samples. Espcially one not ordered by a scientist, particularly one whose specialty is in geology.

"...Just ask permission if you need a vial or anything from here. We are not inaccessable."

Moonlight doesn't apologize, but she does seem to relent. "Okay then," as though that solved everything. "Oh, and my name is Moonlight," she says, offering a hand out and smiling, as though the conflict didn't happen. After all, he's not 'picking' on Swivel anymore. "I most definitely am NOT a soldier. Never have been, don't want to be. I'm just a trader." She shrugs her shoulders. "I don't do things to make them worse; I just had a knee-jerk reaction to your interviewing techniques." Still not an apology, but apparently she's not someone who holds a grudge. She flashes a grin to Ash when the grey femme takes Swivel's side. As for Swivel herself, she just pats her on the back as a sign of encouragement.

Ash crossed her arms again, confusion crossing her face. "Samples? Scouts don't need to get any samples. /I'm/ a scout I know that." Ash in a way merely glanced back at Moonlight.

Chromedome looks at the hand, then at Moonlight. "There are less gentler and kinder mecha on this ship than just me. And there are quite a few who take a much harder stance than I do. For example, questioning an officer like that can land you in the brig." A shrug. "It is less about what you like or dislike, it is more like obey or go to jail or get booted off the ship. Signing on to the Lost Light means just that, and it is run exactly as we know how- like an army." He then looks to Swivel. And Ash. "I can't do anything more here, so it is best if you just... um... get along I guess. And also don't spill anything more? Please?"

As the tension begins to taper off, Swivel is only marginally relieved. Or at least, is only showing a hint of relief. She's still very nervous. "See? He's not a bully. He's really being very kind!" Swivel insists to Moonlight. "A bully would have probably, I dunno... threatened to get me into heaps more trouble than I deserved and then demanded my energon rations.... or hit me. I'm used to being hit. I know bullies. He's not one. He just wants everone to be safe, so, that's... that's good. I was just... being stupid. Which is nothing new."

Swivel shrugs just a little. Then she winces when Ash questions why a scout would gather samples. "Samples are a kind of data, yeah? I gather data. I let the sciencey types analyse it. I don't know half the stuff my sensors pick up.... never... learned... because... I just didn't get the chance."

"Okay, maybe he's /not/ a bully," Moonlight grants to Swivel. "That doesn't meant it was /kind/ though. At best I'd rank it as a dutiful neutral." Which she can respect, if not like. "And you're not stupid; you're just like me. We're not military, we're not warriors. We can learn this stuff, but we have to be taught. It's not intuitive; it's not our nature," she says to Swivel. Then she looks back at Chromedome, her hand still extended, even though it only got a glance. "Well, I guess I can come back later for what I was here for," she says. "It's not urgent and I've obviously upset one of the science lab natives. But unless you're one of those folks that was made for a war, I'm guessing you had to learn this stuff too at some point," she says to Chromedome, using her mildest voice with him yet since this whole fiasco started. "Just think on it." See, she's not just a pile of bluster!

Ash kinda just stood there watching, Hum well ah I should go yeah um to my room. Or something. She awkwardly stepped back.

Everything Moonlight says makes sense to Swivel in a way she hadn't consciously thought before, but felt somewhere in the back of her mind. Swivel was eager to depart and ponder. Swivel bows her head to Chromedome. "Well now, if all that's need to be said's been said... I'd better skedaddle before I get up some trouble. Sir. And... sorry again about the wetness. I was also trying ta help out with the cleaning... but forgot the slippery floor sign... pylon... things." Swivel walks over to the cart with the mop and bucket and begins to roll it towards the exit. "And... thanks.... fer... well you know," Swivel says to Moonlight. Now it's a matter of remembering which maintenance closet she pulled it out of.

"I was drafted into the war, just by my particular skill alone..." Chromedome responds quietly, looking at one of his hands before going to look for something to soak up the water with.

It clicks enough to Moonlight that there's /something/ with Chromedome's hands, but she has no clue what it is. He didn't shake it, and then he give them a look. Oh well. Either she'll find out or she won't. Dropping her own hand, she makes a motion as though to tip her hat, but doesn't actually do so. She gives Chromedome a faint smile that is somehow sad before her regular expression resumes. "See you guys around," she says, sounding amiable enough. Then she heads out the door. Chromedome has his Science to himself now.

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