2017-07-24 Unsanctioned Activities

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Unsanctioned Activities
Date 2017/07/24
Location Backwater Planet
Participants Skywarp, Swivel, Panacea
Summary Skywarp drags Swivel out on an adventure into the middle of nowhere - but they get a medic out of it so it's probably fine.

Way off in the middle of nowhere, there is a planet. Okay, so it's not exactly the middle of nowhere, cause it has other planets, and a solar system, and all that. But it's not really anywhere important, which is the important point, oddly enough. This planet is still somewhat green; it wasn't properly clensed, but there are remains of a Cybertronian civilization here, most of which has gone to ruin. To seed even. But there's about five buildings left that, while not in the best shape, are at least powered and functional.

Nominally this is still a Decepticon planet, a remnant from the Imperial age. But the only Decepticons left are the ones that weren't subordinant enough to execute, but weren't deemed worth taking back to Cybertron for the concentrated effort. Basically, the dregs and rejects. Even the records of the place were 'conveniently' misplaced.

And on this planet a little medic is busy filing reports.

Records shmecords, Skywarp has a perfect memory for the coordinates of every planet he's visited, it's impressive and impressively hidden. He's aware of all the Decepticon planets, and it's time to start looking around them for any useful stragglers. Now that they've got a way to access all those stored coordinates in the blink of an eye, he's going to be taking advantage of it.

It'd be idiotic to go alone now, what with those Autobot dopplegangers trying to capture or murder every crewmember they come across, so Skywarp has... persuaded... Ok, he picked Swivel up and proclaimed they'd be going on an adventure and basically kidnapped the ATV to a run-down planet. "So I say: You don't have a leg to stand on- they're in the bin over there!" He grins, finishing up an anecdote and setting Swivel down on terra firma now they've successfully gotten through the bridge.

Swivel is a scout. So she is going to scout. It just so happens that this was an unofficial mission and she was not a volunteer. It would seem that Skywarp was borrowing her for his own - well Swivel isn't sure where they are going or why But she learned a long time ago to not ask questions when people kidnap you. Either they'll unveil their devious plans with hamilicious relish, or be tightlipped and annoyed by questions and more likely to offer beatings instead. While Swivel doubts Skywarp is a villain, since he is part of the crew, she defers to her past experiences to dictate her behaviour.

"Oh, ha ha ha ha - good one! But... seriously... throwing them in a bin seems like a waste. Back in the slums we wouldn't throw even marginally broken limbs away." Being agreeable to your teammate (captor) is also a good survival technique.

Once they are actually on the unimportant planet, Swivel perks up, surveying the environment. "Oh hey! Stuff is actually growing here! Like. Green stuff. Not weird rainbow rock."

Yup, there is a lot of green stuff here. Funny story. The original inhabitants built their city around a lot of natural things instead of mowing them all over to build completely metal cities. Then the Decepticons came over and decided that was a dumb idea and decided the planet HAD to be made all metal. But they didn't stick around long enough to make sure it...well...stuck. So now the green is trying to take back over. Nature asserting itself, and all that. But in the distance, Swivel will be able to detect signs of civilization.

Not one to stand around and smell the roses, Skywarp chirps a "Sure does look like it!" and grabs one of Swivel's wheels, yanking her up while he hops and steps and VOP-

-VOMP they're in the center of some run-down buildings, where Skywarp immediately starts shouting. "OI! Anyone still alive in this trash heap!?" He lets go of the wheel, cupping his hands around his mouth and turning in a circle, shout quickly devolving into an almost monotone "AAAAAAAAAA-".

Again with the wheel yanking - But Swivel just only lightly whimpers and forces on a grin. The warping, on the other hand, still leaves her feeling dizzy and it's probably good she isn't on her own two feet when they reappear. Which doesn't last long. The little femme clatters to the ground. However, she survived a fall from a much greater height not too long ago, making this a trifle. The femme lands on her feet, albeit in a crouched position. She slowly stands up and looks around, seeking out heat signatures while she is at it. If soomeone is here, Swivel will find them. Unless they are in stasis or something. "This place is nicer than the trash heap I used to live in."

There is a clamouring from inside born of a combination of shouting and a bunch of heavy metal feet pounding against the floor. Moments later a rag tag bunch of Decepticons pour out of various doors, and even a couple windows. The first one out hollars back inside, "Hey, it's a Seeker!" Soon there's a whole row of red optics belonging to a bunch of different shaped faces staring at Skywarp in awe. Except for one. The awe is still there, but the optics are white (oh, and she's pink and green.) "It's about smelting time someone came for us," grumbled one of the mechs.

Skywarp's wings sweep back and high, arms swinging down to plant on his hips. "A seeker. A seeker." He grumbles, gold optics narrowing at the gathering 'cons. Still smiling though, and looking cocky to boot, a true seeker. "Yo! So, how many of you know th' war's over?" Off to the side, he gives Swivel a curious look. Huh, gutter scum, cool.

"Ooooh lively bunch. Friends of yo-- well obviously not." After all, they call him a seeker, not, 'hey it's Skywarp, drinks all around' or something. Swivel peers at the mechs all with some curiousity, and a bit of learned wariness. Signs of hostility? Any? Her optics flit from person to person, checking demanor, body language, expression. And of course, she stands VERY close to Skywarp.

"Skywarp, idiot," says another mech, smacking the first in the back of the head. Which earns him a dirty look of course. "So, war's over?" asks a third. "We knew something was up, got a message to come home, but we weren't left with a ship." He looks around. "Or much of anything else." Again there's a lot of sound as everyone tries talking all at once. If there's aggression, it's not towards Skywarp and his...companion. Instead it seems to be a general tension among them, a restlessness even. But Skywarp or Swivel (or both) might notice the small femme with the white optics clasp her hands together and blink several times. She also seems to try to stay out of range of anyone else's feet.

Skywarp shrugs casually, hands lifting to his sides briefly. "Wee~ell. Good and bad news about that- We lost, so's anyone wanting t' go back to Cybertron's shit outta luck unless they really like licking Starscream's thrusters." He's so, so glad they got an out with the Lost Light. Less glad about the whole command situation and Unicron but hey, what can you do. Better than being part of D-Void or like, dying. "Y'got any medical or science personel stuck here?"

"Why would anyone wanna lick..." Swivel stop herelf before asking. Better than way. Swivel turns and regards everyone cautiously again. Being somewhat short herself, she finds herself often glancing at the quiet other small femme. The smaller femme. The blinking smaller femme. Swivel doesn't say anything. JUst watches her. And continues to stay close to Skywarp. He's done a stellar job of keeping her out of danger thus far!

Everyone looks at each other, and some of them shrug. Finally, the 'head-smacking' mech points to the small femme, who timidly steps forward. "Yes, sir. Only me, sir. Panacea, sir." She has a soft, lilting voice, and if not for the symbol she bore, no one would think to even ASK if she was a Decepticon based on her mannerisms. She gives him a low bow; her hands are clasped together so tightly she can't unwind them for a proper salute. It almost looks as if one of the mechs was about to kick her, but then looks at Skywarp and thinks better of it.

Skywarp frowns, looking... down, at the pastel medic. It's a long many moments of him staring before shrugging and jerking his thumb backward. "Cool, so I've got this rad ship and a way for all of you off this junk planet, buuut..." He shrugs, tilting his head sideways. "I can't just bring a bunch of 'cons with me, right? So, Useful little Pancetta here first, then we can get the lot of you to uh- wherever." A little twirl of his finger off to the side. Quieter, he turns a bit to Swivel, making a face. "Star's a... prissy aftload. Think he'd be into that whole subservient thing, y'know? Screechy weirdo."

When Panacea introduces herself, Swivel smiles warmly. She moves forward ever so slightly, as if to step forward, her left arm jerking a bit. But mid action, she halts herself and forces herself back to Skywarp's side, looking up at Skywarp. He should be the one to do the talking. But the femme does notice the mech looking as though he might kick her, and shudders jus the slightest. Swivel had been kicked around enough by mechs like that to feel alarmed. But she is also in no place begin getting righteously indignant and champion the little medic. It wasn't her place. It just wasn't her place. The most Swivel does is ball one of her tiny little fists before releasing it again.

Swivel gives Skywarp just a confused look when he answers that question of hers she probably wish she didn't ask. He doesn't get a verbal response from the femme. She does, however, continue paying attention to the other mechs. Panacea is being singled out, given an opportunity. That might make the others a little... out of sorts. And resentful. And maybe they will say something. Maybe they'll DO something - and likely to the pastel medic and NOT Skywarp. So Swivel cautiously approaches Panacea with an outstretched hand, continuing to monitor the faces of the mechs closest to her.

Fortunately for Skywarp, these guys aren't terribly smart. "Um...okay," the first mech says. "About how long will that be?" asks another, groaning. After all, they've been waiting here for ages. The mech that looked tempted to kick Panacea actually /does/ so, sending her sprawling onto her face in front of Skywarp. "Permission to get up, sir," she requests, her voice mumbling against the ground. She does /look/ up however to see Swivel with an outstretched hand. Her optics light and crinkle to suggest she might be smiling a little under the faceplate. "You're going to take our only medic?" asks another mech from the crowd, who doesn't seem distressed for the femme, only for his own health.

<FS3> Skywarp rolls Firearms: Good Success. (7 8 5 2 2 6 8 4 3)

Skywarp's null rays angle and shoot the kicking mech's feet- or damn near close to them. A few inches and he'd have some new holes and would really need the medic. Then it would really suck he's taking their only one. "What the pits- Y'get left and you forget how we work?" He bares his teeth, wings tilted up and null rays staying angled up while he very quickly bends down to just pick the medic up instead of giving permission. "Whatever happened to following command- or a code? Figures you lot got left here to rot." The seeker tips his chin up, shuffling Panacea under his arm to the opposite side of him from Swivel for maximum grabbing ability. "Slide puzzle, you wanna check out some of that grass on the other side of this dump?"

Swivel saw that kick coming. But there was nothing Swivel could do - well - would do. Other than wince sympathetically. Pushed down, lying postrate, asking permission to rise... it's all familiar to Swivel. So is being picked up and handled. "You'll be okay," Swivel quickly whispers to Panacea reassuringly as she steps back. The fire weapon usually would make Swivel jump out of her armour, but she manages to keep it together. She doesn't agree with the assessment that anyone deserves to be left behind to rot - but she won't tell Skywarp that. Instead she peers at Skywarp, again with a look of confusion. "Are you telling me t'go get plant samples... or that we're leaving?" She won't even correct him about her name. Nicknames are signs of affection, right? Not just a sign someone can't be bothered to remember her designation?

Panacea stiffens and the sound of fire, and burries her face in the ground. The mech who gets a free dancing lesson curses. A few other mechs bowl into him to get him to shut up, and then most of the mechs in general start fighting with each other. They've been left here alone for far too long. It's a wonder any of them are left! As for Panacea, the moment she's picked up, she tenses and then starts to tremble. When it turns out she's NOT being thrown against a wall, she relaxes. Marginally. "I'm smiling inside," she wispers back to Swivel, hearing her assurances. "Can I bring Tibby, sir?" she ventures to ask Skywarp, who hasn't turned her into a football yet.

Skywarp lifts an optic ridge and raises Panacea up a bit, hunching to look at her. "I don't know what a Tibby is but y'know, fuck it. Where's it at?" He straightens up, giving Swivel a bingo fingergun. "Leaving is good- but first! Whatever a Tibby is- it better not be a Trobble, we're leaving it if it is and I will not feel bad for you." He starts edging around the fighting mass of 'cons, waving for Swivel to follow. C'mon, things to rescue, barely-deserving-of-the-badge-Decepticons to leave for dead.

"Yes, sir." Well. Now Swivel is sirring Skywarp. Swivel obediently scurries after Skywarp, weaving around the fight with keen alertness. She's trying not to think about what leaving these mechs behind will do to them - what they will do to each other - otherwise she may start feeling guilty. But guilt isn't very useful to the femme right now, nor was it in the Nyon slums.

"It's my plant, sir. In a pot. In my quarters, sir," Panacea clarifies. How much trouble can a plant be? Don't answer that. "I'm not sure what a Trobble is, sir, but I'm pretty sure I don't have one." As for the mechs, well, they'll really be missing Panacea in a few minutes...when they realize the damage they've done for each other. Panacea's optics look a little worried, but it's hard to tell.

When they get to the femme's quarters, they find a rather harmless looking plant with a pretty white and dark purple bloom. Swivel's scans will easily show that it doesn't contain anything harmful to their species. Sounds of the fight from outside are starting to die down already. Hopefully it's not because the mechs are dying, but they haven't been gone from them for THAT long.

Swivel gets a cheeky grin tossed her way - they're in the same division and practically the same rank, this is rich. Skywarp crouches to set Panacea down in front of the plant, making little hurry-up motions. "Subspace it so it doesn't get chewed up in warp or something 'n lets get going." His wings give an impatient flutter, but otherwise he's pretty much just in a rush to get off the planet, not irritated with either of his tiny companions. She should probably take her stuff, too, he's making it sound like there's no intention to come back here. Ever.

Swivel does scan the plant a little and gives Skywarp a thumbs up. "Oh, yeah, heads up, warping is really dizzy-making. At least. For me. Actually, not sure I can prepare ya for it... so nevermind." Swivel smiles sheepishly. She looks at the entrance to make sure no one is going to come stumbling in and start a fight or something. Swivel also doesn't really know who is more important than who on the Lost Light yet, so when someone acts important, she follows up with politeness. And Skywarp was acting important out there. And being treated important.

Panacea hurries. She pretty much just grabs her medical kit, a few datapads, and her plant. They're carefully stuffed into subspace and then she nods her head, apparently in satisfaction. "I'm ready. We don't have much here," she says, her lilting tone wistful. "They weren't always so bad; they're just mad because we were left," she adds meekly, trying to speak the best of the Decepticons that she had spent her last several million years with. "Thank you for the warning," she says to Swivel, and braces herself for what is going to be 'dizzying'.

"They're prats." Skywarp affirms, placing a hand on both minbots' heads and VOP-

-VOMP they're back where Skywarp and Swivel initially stepped out of the space bridge- well, where Skywarp carried Swivel through it. Semantics. The mech releases both helms, sagging a little. "Ugh. Right- So, one of you can. Com for the bridge I'm gonna be like, over here. Not moving." And he steps back a few, plopping down in the grass and dirt and shoving his head into his hands.

Swivel teeters a little, but she is getting batter at holding up against the disorienting effects of warping! Obediently, Swivel comms for the space bridge. The whole while, though, she is staring at Skywarp with a look of distracted concern. She doesn't ask though. After all, they just grabbed a medic! A medic would be a better judge of whether or not to be alarmed, right?

Panacea feels rather awful herself, but when she sees Skywarp's reaction, she is immediately shifted into medic mode. With very wobbly legs, she toddles over to the Seeker and pulls out her medical kit. Carefully she retrieves her scanner to make sure the mech is okay. While she's never worked with an outlier before, she's read enough theory to know that such abilities can sometimes be draining. Or maybe he had some bad engex? Anything could happen. It's a big universe out there.

Skywarp waves his hand to get the Medic away, wings twitching with the feeling of getting scanned. Gross. "'S fine. Shitty fuel's all. Make sure y've got all your parts or something." Go pay attention to someone not him. The ship's main engex supply was wrecked not long back and Skywarp is, unfortunately, an expensive jet to fuel. Especially when he's warping around so much. Maybe he should stop that.

... Fat chance. Warpers gotta warp.

"Okay, gotcha." Swivel looks over at Skywarp. "Space bridge will be here in" WOOOOOSH! Swirl. "...Right now. Okay. Wow. Are we gonna have to drag you through, sir?" That would be an amusing sight, although perhaps not very productive considering the relative size and strengths of the two minifemmes.

Panacea gets the sad optics and sighs through her mask. But she doesn't fight the 'superior' Decepticon's motion. Although, timidly, she lays down a box of energoodies beside him and wanders off back towards Swivel. She would have known right away if any of her parts were missing. At least, that's what she tells herself. She's been kicked around enough to know what it feels like to miss things. Also, she is often compulsively checking her self-diagnostic systems. Anyhow, she's never been on a space bridge so she stares at it uncertainly.

Skywarp snags the energoodies, nomming on them while he drags himself to his feet and tromps after the tinier parties. "'S not gonna kill you, less weird than warping, too. Haven't seen anyone purge yet." And he steps through, time to get back to Rigard and then make the trek (shudder) on foot back to the ship. Awful, this was the worst plan, why do people let him plan things. They should know better.

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