2017-07-22 Two's Company

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Two's Company
Date 2017/07/22
Location Rigard - Southern District
Participants Blaster, First Aid
Summary Blaster is drinking alone. First Aid joins him.

Another day, another drink in a bar alone. Luckily, there was no one in the rather quiet little bar he found in Rigard's Southern District. With the way the Communication's Officer is feeling, he really did not want to be surrounded by a lot of people there. So it is just him and his engex tonight, as it is every night.

The mech never gave away any kind of feelings of loneliness to others, especially those under his command, and he prefers it that way. Let them believe that he is always cheerful and bright. Someone got to remain positive around here. He nods to the bartender as his usual is slid to him and starts to drink, alone in his loneliness.

First Aid tends to display two moods to his patients: optimistic or stressed. Rarely anything in between. Today, he's just mellow. The mech was actually free for once and was dismissed to take some time off. Something that First Aid would not take for granted. Coming into the bar to order something light, he noticed he wasn't alone.

"Hello, Blaster," the medic said amicably. "Do you mind if I sit here with you?"

Blaster pauses mid-drink to look behind him. "Hey, it's First Aid." He drawls, putting on a smile for the smaller mech. "I believe we made a deal a long long long time ago that we would get together for drinks and then that never happened." His tone is teasing as he says that, before nodding his head to the bar, a silent invite to sit next to him. "Guess now is a good time to make up for that."

First Aid slides into the seat next to him, sucking his drink from a straw through the little slot in his mask. He's not quite comfortable enough to take off his mask around others yet. That's very personal to him. "I suppose it is, mm? What are you doing here all alone? Did the others get on your nerves too much? I know they can be very overwhelming sometimes with their noise."

Blaster gives a soft laugh. "Mech. I am most of that noise." He takes a long gulp of his drink. "Although I know I haven't been as noisy lately. Perhaps it is because two of my subordinates have been playing an odd kind of game involving flirting that amuses me." A small shrug. "I come out to where I am not as known so I can... I don't know. Relax for real, I guess."

First Aid hums in acknowledgment. "Perhaps. We all need to relax sometimes. I've even given medical orders to some so wound up that they need to take time off from work and relax." Not very many, but lately it’s been more often. People just get so stressed and forget to take care of themselves. "I'm not interrupting your alone time, right?"

"Nah. I think I can handle your company. Unless you get real rowdy when drinking." Blaster winks at him before calling for another round. "Just... I hope you are not expecting me to be entertaining or something."

First Aid laughs (and maybe snorts a little, but will deny it if Blaster says anything). "No, I've noticed that when I get drunk I tend to get tired and affectionate. Something I will spare you from as I'm only having one drink. And no, you don't need to entertain as long as I don't need to doctor. We're both away from our jobs right now."

Blaster nudges First Aid playfully. "Good start, going into this with no expectations. Just how it should be." The Comms mech could not help but ham it up a little, as that is natural inclination. He gives a soft ex-vent as he starts on his second drink, expression changing to something much more sullen.

First Aid frowns, looking to Blaster's change in mood and expression. Everyone was pretty low lately, sure. But it was worrying to see Blaster like this. "You okay?" he asks, voice soft.

Blaster is broken out of his reverie by First Aid's question. He looks at him, then a small smile. "I'm fine. Mostly. Just working out my own thoughts, ya know?"

First Aid tilts his head in curiosity. It must be pretty sad thoughts to provoke that kind of expression from the mech. "Well, I'm a good sounding board if you ever want to verbalize them."

Blaster reaches out and rubs Aid's helm. "You already are a good sounding board." His smile turns softer and warmer now. "It's good to talk to someone who you can be yourself around without alarming them. Or... having to put on airs and go into officer mode. At least for me." A quiet ugh. "I can't get my own section to relax around me. They just see me as their boss and nothing else." A frown on his face as he takes another long drink from his engex.

First Aid makes a sound and nods. "I can understand that. It's not easy to drop the doctor part of my life and just be First Aid." He wasn't in a position of authority, but he could empathize with him based on that. "I find you relaxing to be around."

"All of that from a few personal meetings? That's a high compliment." The smile is back on Blaster's face again, warmer than it was before.

"Well, you're a very personable guy! I like to spend time with you," First Aid says cheerfully. "It's nice to be around people who don't expect me to fix them-- or run away from me thinking I'm going to force repairs on them."

Blaster gives Aid a little noogie. "Why would you force repairs when there are none to be had? Some mecha got real paranoia about medics and what they do. And you do the most stressful work. None of us would be here without all of ya."

First Aid shrugs. "I don't know. I've definitely met some mecha who refused to be in the same room as me because of my profession. And thank you... we really do try to keep you all in one piece."

"I think of all of ya as badafts. Just... healing is a tough and stressful and at times sad profession. We need more mechs to heal, and not to fight." Blaster tells him, ordering a round for him AND Aid. "And I don't mind if ya get cuddly. You seem like a mecha teddy bear to me." A playful grin at the nurse's way.

"A mecha teddy bear?" First Aid repeats with a laugh. "I'm not soft or squishy, though. I'm still as mechanical as you." He reiterates this by knocking lightly at his own armor.

"Maybe I am wrong, but I always thought you have a softness to ya." Blaster passes one of the drinks to Aid when it arrives. "It makes ya easy to talk ta. Get ta know."

"You think so?" First Aid says, his voice warm and surprised. "I'm glad. Cause I do like talking to you. It's easy to talk to you and be more of myself around you, instead of just a medic."

Blaster is shifting now. "Really? Here I thought I was maybe boring you. I certainly don't talk science and medicine the way some other folks do."

First Aid shakes his head. "It's nice not talking about medical or science or anything about work. I sometimes can get so caught up in work that it takes fully disengaging to relax from it. Yeah, I don't mind doing so on occasion on my times off. But it really is nice just to step away from work for a bit."

"You know... I am actually enjoying this. I don't know, maybe it is because, for once in a long time, my company has been accepted by someone else. Or you really are just that easy to talk to and get to know." Blaster radiates warmth now, his body language showing relaxation and ease.

"You always seem so surrounded by others around you, though! I wish I had your confidence. I can be a little shy sometimes," First Aid confesses. "It's much easier for me to stick with the mecha I already know."

"Shy? I don't see a shy mech in front of me right now. You accepted my invite to sit with me with zero hesitation and you even seem so concerned for my well being. I don't see you as shy at all. You are more like a longtime friend than anything. And this is the longest we ever spoken to each other too." Blaster is facing Aid now, leaning in his direction.

"Well, this is also not our first time meeting. But I did say a little shy, not a lot shy," he points out. "But you are right, this is our longest time talking! I'm really enjoying talking to you! We should do this more often and maybe hang out in places that aren't a bar?" Blaster looks interested, he tilts his head at Aid. "Well, we are here on this colony for a while. There is a lot of exploring to be done that are not bars. Perhaps you would want to look around with me?"

Blaster is right. There's no telling how long they'll be here-- and why not take advantage of the opportunity while they have it? "Sure! That sounds like a good idea! Now or later?"

"How about now?" Blaster stands up now, a buzz of excitement in him that he has not felt in a while. "Let's look around, get to know the place, and hang out." Just a little longer. He hasn't had someone he felt that could be a friend for a long long time.

First Aid gets up, setting his finished drink aside. "That sounds good! I haven't really had the chance to look around and see what this colony has to offer! And no better time than now, I don't know when I'll get another day off like this."

Blaster pays up for both his and Aid's drinks, and then goes out the door, a kind of new bounce in his step.

Should First Aid try to hold his hand? ... No. No, he should not. But that doesn't mean he doesn't want to, though. "So, where to? Have you been here before?"

"Been here before? None of us have been here before. That's the beauty in exploring something new." Blaster takes Aid's hand in his. "Come on, we are here in the bar and entertainment district, so we can look somewhere else."

Well, First Aid mainly meant recently since Blaster was already in the bar down here. He blinks when his hand is taken, but he lets himself get pulled away to different sights! "Oh, that sounds like fun! New adventure~"

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