2017-07-22 Team Troublemaker

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Team Troublemaker
Date 2017/07/22
Location Rigard - Eastern District
Participants Blackstorm, Moonlight
Summary Moonlight goes out to investigate the city and stretch her legs. For SOME REASON Blackstorm doesn't want her there, despite being friendly. They have a discussion about this oddity.

The sprawling eastern district of the city is the industrial center of the colony. The regular grid of roads neatly divides the area up for the many automated factories, workshops, and warehouses. An irregular assortment of cooling towers and smokestacks jut skyward, although none emit more than a thin wisp of any byproducts into the atmosphere. Storage tanks hold the energon needed to fuel the city.

A simple rail system stretches northward, past the temple, to the mines dug into the mountains beyond. A more comfortable transport tube sends travelers to the spaceport set far back in the eastern plains.

When Blackstorm isn't making a nuisance of himself on board the Lost Light, one can safely assume that he is making a nuisance of himself elsewhere. Today is no exception to that rule. The minibot has made himself at home in some of Rigard's more seedy establishments, but he feels like it's time to branch out. There can be a ton of fun things to discover in the industrial districts, too! It's always good to know what the locals are producing and supplying under the grid. It's just a matter of figuring out which of these warehouses and factories are just a front for the real business... Inquiries that will take weeks, no doubt, but if they're stuck on Rigard for a while Blackstorm might as well find the best suppliers. Preferably of drugs.

Considering the nature of his observations, the tiny motorbike keeps to the high places. If anyone were to look up they might see a streak of black dashing along windowsills and magnetizing to the side of buildings. But most don't, thankfully. The minibot hasn't gotten very far, though, when he notices a somewhat familiar face among the crowds of locals.

The minibot quirks an optic ridge and redirects his path. Easing down, he leaps from an awning and lands in front of the other Lost Lighter with a loud clang. The minibot rocks back on his heels and smiles up at them. "I've seen you on the ship, right? Don't think I know your name, though. Well, what is it? Why the wait? I'm Blackstorm of the Tetrahexian Tempest." --

While the much taller femme /can/ be a nuisance, she usually isn't. At least, not that she would admit. Her wanderings were far less purposeful. Rather this is her first time out in the city and she's just meandering about, stretching her legs now that they're holding her up properly.

She hadn't noticed the smaller mech, at least not until he addressed her. While her expression shows her to be mildly startled, she doesn't seemed concerned about it. "It's Moonlight," she says, easily enough to the direction question. Kneeling down, she offers a hand...finger...whatever is best for the size difference. "Pleased to meet you." Tilting her head to the side, she muses, "I don't remember seeing you at all. Either because you blend into the dark, or because you saw me during the two years I was in cold storage or, more recently, when they fixed me up in the medbay." --

"Possible," Blackstorm chirps, tilting his head at this 'Moonlight.' "I like to leave teddy bears for Ratchet, after all." If Moonlight wants to ask clarification of that odd statement, she isn't going to get the chance. The minibot shoulders right on the next topic. He waves her down and his voice drops to a whisper. "Hey, Moonlight. We're pals, right?" he mutters. Considering they've only spoken for five seconds, that's a bit of an exaggeration.

"Right! So could you do me a favor. Be... not here? You should try the other districts. Plenty of places to hang out. This one is boring." Also, people are leery of outsiders. He'll never catch sight of any deals with Moonlight strolling through the heart of town! --

Moonlight crosses her white arms over her chest. "Well, I don't know about that," she says. "You seem pretty interesting and /you're/ here," she points out mildly. Still, there's a glint of mischief in her optics. Perhaps she's deliberately playing obtuse here. Then she points a finger at his symbol. "Unless you're just a bit cliquish and don't want to hang around with anyone who doesn't wear the purple." Green optics look him over more carefully, absorbing the details of his frame. Does she look judgmental? Not really. --

Blackstorm looks momentarily startled at Moonlight's unexpectedly compliment, but his expression soon shifts into a wolfish grin. If he was tall enough, he would bat her pointing digit out of the way. As it were... "Oh, you're that type?" he chirps. "I'd love to play, but something tells me you can't keep up."

Bouncing back, the minibot magnetizes his pedes to the nearest building and starts to climb. Within moments he's already several feet up. "Unless you have a secret climbing talent!" --

Moonlight shakes her head. "No, I can't say that I do," she says, watching the mech go up a wall...literally. "Handy trick, that." Smiling, she adds. "No, I have secret talents of my own, and they've always served me well enough." Shrugging her shoulders easily, she stands up to her full height again, since Blackstorm is obviously able to compensate for his size. "As for my 'type', well, that depends on what you mean. I don't care what badge someone has, as long as they don't care that I lack one." --

Blackstorm comes to a stop when he's just a few feet above Moonlight's helm, glancing down at her with a snort. "I like all types. Autobot, Decepticon, slugs. You name it," he chirps. But you know what he likes even more? Drugs. And not being cheated. He's got a good inkling his supplier for circuit speeders on Rigard is scamming him, especially since he's an outsider and wouldn't know the market prices....

"Your own secret talents, you say? Sounds like an entertaining time. You'll have to show me sometime," he says, but with his thoughts turned back to drugs he's already starting to crawl back up the wall. --

"I could show you now. Though, technically, it's not really a /show/ kind of thing," Moonlight muses, walking along close to where the small mech is wall-climbing. "But, a not-so-secret talent of mine is I can, when I need to, be very distracting," she notes. No, she's not a mind reader, but when someone as amiable seeming wants another someone to leave, without any real provocation, it usually means something is afoot. Or a magnawheel in this case. --

Blackstorm is a mecha on a mission, but he doesn't get very far before he realizes that his crewmate is following him. He pauses in his climb, glancing down. "Hey now! Don't be stealing my thunder! I'm the one who's supposed to be distracting," he pouts. The minibot's lower lip component starts to peak out. He can't allow Moonlight to be more distracting than him! It's even worth putting off his scouting for. Blackstorm starts to make his way back towards the ground. "Guess no one has told you that the resident troublemaker position is already filled." --

Moonlight holds up her hands. "I don't make trouble...per se," she hedges. "Call me a team player." She seems satisfied with that self-assessment. "But you're right, there's a lot of things I haven't been told." She smiles faintly. "I wasn't on the ship for very long before I was knocked out for about 2 years." The femme makes a face. "I don't recommend it." Also, she never said she was the most distracting person EVAR! She just said she could be distracting. --

Blackstorm plants himself back on the ground, crossing his arms and puffing out his armor in a ridiculous display. "Well! That's... boring," he says, shaking his helm vigorously. "You should try the troublemaker thing. Just don't get as good at it as I am, okay! It's a good time. Maybe group up with that Hunker guy. I'm trying to get him to loosen up and have a little fun, too!" Blackstorm's definition of fun seems to be a bit odd. "Trouble," he repeats, reaching up to tap at the side of his helm. "Think about it! You've got two years of shenanigans to get caught up on. Might as well start now." --

"I didn't say I don't get into trouble," Moonlight protests. "I said I don't MAKE trouble," she further clarifies with an impish chuckle. "I just tend to go with the flow." She spreads her arms expansively for a moment, then takes on a relaxed posture, leaning slightly to the side. Lowering her voice this time, she asks, "So, what trouble /were/ you about to get into." Since he just outed himself as the Team Troublemaker. --

Blackstorm pauses, his optics flashing brightly behind his visor. The minibot gives a quiet laugh at the stranger's question. It's one that he hears a lot. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he answers. "But taking the surprise out of it ruins the fun." Also, he doesn't want his boss on his case about his drug habits. Mostly that.

Moonlight has made the mistake of making this sound like a game. The minibot dances back, armor starting to shift as he changes to alt mode. "If you want to know, you'll have to catch up!" he hollers as he speeds away. --

Everything is a game. Some stakes are just higher than others. Keeping up, however, isn't just a matter of speed; it's a matter of wit as well. While she's good enough at the one, her robot mode is of average speed and jumping capabilities. She has no magnawheels. Also, her altmode would probably grab more attention since helicpoters generall don't zoom around that low in the cities. At least, not most of the cities she's been in. She's not quite up on the local customs. Still, Moonlight is going to make a good show of trying!

After a while Moonlight gives up the chase; this isn't her forte. So, when Blackstorm returns to his room, he'll find a card there waiting for him with the words "You Win. This Round," signed by Moonlight. With a flourish, of course.

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