2017-07-19 Wakey Wakey

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Wakey Wakey
Date 2017/07/19
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Moonlight, Rodimus, Swivel
Plot Topsy Turvy
Summary Rodimus catches up the two wakeys.

The walls are littered with gashes and pockmarks alike from the worms. Only one bench can really be sat on if any. Thankfully the windows survived so the room is useable. Unfortuneately the peaceful energy of the room is somehow morphed by the damage. It's more of a stoic stagnant air than the once romantic, calming energy from before. There is a large crater in the middle of the floor where a surge of worms burst forth. The crater itself is big enough that a mech like Fort Max could get through it without much trouble.

This is not the room she remembers. The last time Moonlight was here, it was a gently calming least for those who like to stare out into the boundlessness of stars. But it's not just the missing stars that are a problem; Moonlight has an appreciation for landscapes as well, though savannahs aren't high on her list. The damage to the room is impossible to miss, and it leaves Moonlight wondering what had happened to the place. Uttering a low whistle, she just stands there for a moment. A wobble in her legs reminds her that she really should sit, so she nabs the bench. First come, first serve, right?

"I know, right?" Rodimus stands off to the side, easily overlooked. He might be big like this -- big, blue, blocky -- but the stiffness of Soundwave's frame lends itself to stillness. With imperfect control over Soundwave's outlier abilities, he's able to hear the buzz of thoughts as they zip across processors nearby. No secrets with him. "You should've seen it before we started cleaning. We've got a long way to go, though." His voice is flat, with Rodimus's careless words strangely monotone. Thanks, Soundwave.

Meeting of the wobbly, reawakened pod people!

Aimless, ponderous, and perhaps still somewhat disoriented, a petite femme had found her way to the observation deck, occasionally stopping and gazing out at the flat terrain. Whilst Swivel wouldn't think of it at all as boring, it offers little to keep her attention for long before she moves on. The femme often places her hand on the walls to steady herself. Her thoughts are flickering impressions rather than solid, coherent thoughts. Vague bits of memories triggered by the oddest things, and little desire to latch on to any one image or feeling as they cycle through the femme. Well. Other than a sense of being completely lost and slightly disoriented still. She'd been cleared to leave medicl, but even still, the femme doesn't seem to have fully 'caught up' to the present, seeming almost half asleep.

Moonlight has never met Soundwave before; has no clue who he is or his reputation. She has met Rodimus, a few times certainly, but she doesn't know him well enough to detect his speech pattern in such an unusual circumstance. Tilting her head to the side, she regards the blocky blue mech, whose words seem friendly in direct contrast to the tone of his voice and the visor. "All I did was whistle," she says, smiling. "But I guess the reason was pretty obvious." And, of course, she is oblivious to that frame's awe-inspiring abilities. Catching sight of Swivel, someone else she'd encountered a couple times, she offers the femme a wave. Still, most of her attention is on the more imposing figure.

"Seriously?" Again, Rodimus addresses the unspoken, and because it is unspoken, Moonlight has no way of knowing what he's referring to. He pushes his way forward and waves a hand in the direction of his helm and says, "Outlier, not my body, I can hear thoughts." He turns to Swivel as she approaches, adding, "And yours, which by the way definitely don't sound that hod. You sure the medics really let out? Welcome back to the land of the waking and walking, though, both of you." He talks in a relatively familiar way, yet fails to introduce himself.

Reflexively, Swivel smiles and waves at Moonlight, although it takes the femme a moemnt to place the other femme. A flicker of Moonlight holding up three fingers crops to mind, and the femme idly wonders how many times she is going to awaken, dazed and confused withut any recollection of how she got there. Surely, it would not be a healthy habit to form. And she can't even blame the engex. This time. Whoops. Now that reminds her of a time when....

Swivel is brought out of reminiscing about a conglomerate of bar scenes when the blocky blue one speaks more. Her little optic ridges pinch together as he explains he's a mind reader. There is a flush of embarrassment as Swivel quickly tries to recall what she'd been thinking about just now, if it was immodest, and then realises she can't even remember her own thought from two minutes ago. "Er..." Actually, probably nothing incriminating. Probably. Likely not. Oh, but someone who can steal thoughts and bodies? Scary! The femme takes a cautionary step back, hugging the wall as she peers. "Sure, the medics let me out if I promised to take it easy. And I did. A lot. Over and over. Despite..." And the skeptical stares from vaguely remembered faces. So many faces. "So... why are you stealing thoughts and bodies? Should I be worried? I like my body. Don't take it."

Moonlight blinks a few times. That wasn't exactly easy to follow. Okay, so she knew what each word meant, but strung together, they made little sense. It's hard to miss the thought of 'Who the heck is this guy?', especially since she's thinking it really LOUD to see if he really does hear thoughts, or is just being some random guy messing with her. The last part made more sense, and she peers at Swivel, who has also had issues lately it would seem. While she doesn't think that Swivel is right, Moonlight could be in the wrong, so she looks cautiously between the two of them, giving Swivel a brief gesture to come join her if it makes her feel better.

"Wow, you are fragged up." Concern shows itself in the slight downward curve of Rodimus's lips: visible after removing half of Soundwave's mask. The visor remains in place as a compromise. Somewhere, his frame is running around half-masked in the other direction. "We got hit by some kind of weapon our evil alter egos made and it mixed up a bunch of us and dropped us into bodies we can't handle. It really slagged our combat response, so whatever they wanted out of it, they've probably got it. And how much of that do you need me to immediately repeat because you forgot it? Maybe you should come and have a seat. You really don't seem that great." He too gestures at the seat, moving to stand nearby.

Swivel's gaze shifts over to Moonlight. Memories are hazy, but she has a positive feeling about the femme. Giving Not Rod a wide berth, and keeping her tire-laden back to the wall, the little femme begins to skirt around sort of towards Moonlight with a very indirect route. However, as she listens to the explanation, her optic ridges lift and she pauses. "Oh. Well. That's..." well it sounds like something from a cheap novel. Or video. But then life can be stranger than fiction, and the femme tempers her own skepticism, for she is certainly missing a lot of information. And without a frame of reference, why NOT believe the large blue mech? He doesn't LOOK evil. But then, who really looks evil? Lots of people back in the slums of Nyon didn't look evil, and really weren't, just desperate. And... back to the present, Swivel. "Well, my processor was heavily damaged, they said. I'm supposed to report back for regular something or other." Scans. With the seat offered, Swivel's smile brightens and she scrambles over. It was always nice to be offered a seat. Not glared at. Or when one is on a seat, shoved off because one is small and shove-off-able. Ah. Sweet (not sweet at all) memories of her treatment, home, on Cybertron.

Moonlight shimmies sideways to make room for the smaller femme; she'd been a bit sprawled before. "Just another day on the ship, eh?" asks Moonlight dryly. He never answered her unspoken question, so there are doubts in her mind about the veracity of his mind reading abilities. Regardless, it's an interesting tale. "Must have been a pretty fancy weapon to do something like that," she muses. "I guess it didn't hit sleeping people, or something." She's knows she's definitely in her own frame, even if it's a bit stiff still. "I don't recognize the body at all; do we know each other though?" she wants to know. When Swivel joins her, she gives her a smile. "I was out for the count quite a while. My mind seems to be fine, but sometimes my body gets a bit rebellious on me."

"Yeah, I know. Wait until you get to the part where I tell you that the evil alternates who attacked us got super juiced by an evil planet that's even older than the Knights of Cybertron and that we're the ones who accidentally woke him up," Rodimus says, all monotone casual. He waves his hand at Moonlight's question, saying, "Right, sorry," as though she's asked it twice. Three times? Four? How many did he hear and how many did they say? "I'm Rodimus." He spreads his hands wide. "Believe it or not. I kind of wonder if whatever happened to us helped jar you awake."

Once seated, Swivel looks around, suddenly appearing awake and alert as she whips her head around, looking for something. That something may be someone coming to deseat her or yell at her. Completely rational thought, Swivel! Nope. No one's coming. Swivel smiles cheerfully and begins to swing her legs, humming merrily despite being in the middle of a conversation. She shouldn't help it. The moment some chipper tune she'd heard abroad appeared, she began humming quietly while others talk. Because THAT'S polite. She only breaks the airy, chipper tune to ask, "So you've been out cold too, yeah? I'm just a little wobbly, but otherwise, my body's fine. Good thing I didn't end up in someone else's. Because then someone else would have mine and I'd be sad. Though I wonder if they'd be stuck with my foggy head or I'd take it with me?" Swivel leans back against the bench and stares upwards, a little curious to see how much of the ceiling had suffered the local damage. "Evil selves... evil planets... what's with all the evil anyway? Sure they aren't just misunderstood?"

Moonlight blinks a few times, and then laughs. She can't help it. "Wow, you sure look different," she says after finally containing that laughter. "You look so...severe...this way." Then she sobers up. "I can't imagine what it would be like to suddenly be in someone else's body. Must be even weirder to see yourself walking around," she makes walking motions with two of her fingers. "Evil planet? I've seen a lot of things in space. I've seen planets FULL of evil things, but never one that was evil by itself." She gives another low whistle. "I'm guessing part of all that is how this crater got here?" Glancing at Swivel, she just shrugs her shoulders. Evil isn't something she actually knows a lot about, not being much of a philosopher. "I guess between us we have a fully functioning person," she notes. "But yes, it's just as well we're in our own bodies."

The easy smile that curves Rodimus's lips flattens to a thin, strained line. He laughs, a sound that comes across strange, even harsh in the forced monotone. "No. They're evil." His voice is unforgivingly flat, flatter than the rest of his flat, flat fLAT FLAT. They are bad. There is no argument to be found in his words. "Unicron is--" He pauses, hesitating here. "Honestly, don't know much about it. But we know plenty about the other Lost Lighters. If you see someone with a purple Autobot badge, run. I don't remember either of you as particularly strong fighters, and they took out Sunstreaker like he was nothing."

When Moonlight laughs, Swivel also laughs. She doesn't know WHY she is laughing. She just is. There is a vague flicker of Rodimus, in his actual body of course, telling her she'd been asleep four million years. Suddenly, Swivel sobers up. Four million years. Four million. That's right. It was almost like hearing it for the first time, despite playing the memory over in her mind. The abridged history of everything from an Autobot perspective that followed also flashes through her mind with vague snippets of such clarity to remmeber the exact tone of voice a few words were said, and then the rest seeming like a stop-motion film with vague mumbling to represent speech. The femme goes into a silent stupor, wearing a perplexed expression. Swivel is only vaguely drawn out as she catches the tail end of what Not Rod was saying. Something about fighters, someone named Sunstreaker. "Who and the what now? Sorry... I was..."

Moonlight nods her head slowly, since her impression of Rodimus from before was not that of a stern person. The fact that he gets even more severe means things are serious, either because he's telling the truth and things are really that awful, or he's lying and someone is pretending to be the captain for some reason, which wouldn't be good. The easier manners of the Captain she met before wouldn't flatten out so easily for anything other than the most serious of things. Pulling herself into a more upright position, she clasps her hands together. "How can we help?" she asks earnestly. "You're right that I'm not much of a fighter, but I don't want to do nothing either if things are that dire." Not that anyone has ever accused her of being lazy. Looking at Swivel, she sighs. "Maybe you should go back and see the medics," she notes.

"Moonlight's right," Rodimus says, watching Swivel with concern. "You shouldn't be pushing yourself. First thing you can do to help is focus on getting better. Because like I was just saying, even some of our best fighters are getting taken out like they're freshly sparked. Things are -- a bit rough right now, but there's probably a lot you can do other than fight." He just ... goes a little blank trying to think of it. Someone has a one track mind.

At Moonlight's inquiry, Swivel sighs, bringing up a hand and rubbing the side of her helmet. "Yeah... I just... wanted a change of scenery. Didn't think I'd be really pushing myself much." Swivel pauses, the swinging of her legs slowing down until they just hang over the edge, limp. Shorty. "Sounds like there's a lotta trouble about. I... I hope I'm not a.... what's the word...." Liability. That's the word that she can't quite remember. "Bother. I hope I'm not going to be in the way." And even if she was, what could she do? Swivel looks suddenly very uneasy.

"Well, if anyone has any time, they could teach me a few tricks. Improve my odds," Moonlight suggests. "I might not be the most armored or strong person, but I learn fairly quickly." Holding up her hands, she adds, "But if that isn't likely I can just busy myself looking after supplies, or doing menial, repetitive things so that it clears up sturdier folks for the heavy combat. You're the Captain (if he really is), you'd know best what is needed...or be able to direct me to who you delegated to know best." A hint of her cheeky smile reappears, but only a hint. "Even if it's just to help keep up morale, I can try to swing it." She looks over at Swivel. "Give yourself a few days before writting yourself off. It takes a bit to get used to being up and about...especially in the face of such...extreme news."

Rodimus looks intensely chagrined as Swivel and Moonlight speak, rubbing his lower face. "Primus, no. Sorry, I don't really mean it like that sounded. You're not a liability, and you're more than just a morale booster. Not that morale isn't important. Believe me, I knew that much even before I could literally hear how much every stupid thing I said lowers yours." He tries for a roguish grin, but it just looks awkward on Soundwave's face. "There's a lot going on with the colonies, too -- oh, by the way, we found a bunch of the lost colonies. And they all had bits of Unicron on them, which we accidentally powered up, so they tore loose and the colonies suffered for it. So there's a lot of work being done there. Helping the injuried, rebuilding, ferrying things around. You don't have to fight to help. They can use a lot more hands there than they have, even with Starscream helping." He pauses, then says, "Do either of you remember Starscream?"

Gwarsh. Swivel looks up at Moonlight, reviving her smile. The femme seems to soak up the smallest encouragement. The femme leans against Moonlight. It's not a neck-tie hug, but it's easily gained affection. Better keep an eye out for this one.

As Rodimus goes on and further explains a lot about the situation, while also trying to assure both the femmes that they aren't redundant or useless, Swivel's own thoughts go to her own capabilities. She had a lot of skills... which rarely got used. Sensors no one cared about. Observations she always kept to herself during her courier work, in fear of getting involved in things she wanted no part of. Even when she worked on ships with organics, it was usually as a custodian - taking care of ships that went through deep space while the rest of them remained in stasis for the taxing voyage. Primitive ships, mind you. So much time alone, and doin tasks that never worked to her own strengths. Which left her wondering what those strengths were. Swivel straightens up and slips off of the bench. "Starscream.... Just a name to me. I'm... I'm going to head back to medical. Because. If getting better is how I can help, then I'll do that."

Moonlight listens to what Rodimus says intently. Finally she shakes her head. "I was from a colony, remember," she says. "So I don't know a lot of the same people you do." Then she smiles faintly. "I didn't think you were tearing us down. I'm just saying, for myself, that I'm willing to do most anything in my power to help." Her expression softens slightly, lossing it's usual dose of sass. "It sounds like there has been a lot of loss...I've never had much loss myself. I don't know how to really deal with the losses of others." She hesitates, feeling rather awkward, which is unusual for her. "I'll just have to be careful. I usually take the light view of things..." She doesn't know what else to say about it. Then she gets leaned against, which takes her by surprise, though the actual action isn't unwelcome. She pats the smaller femme's shoulder. "Yes, you just take care of yourself." See, even Swivel knows more about Starscream than she does.

"Okay. Well. He's in charge of Cybertron and I'll just let you decide for yourselves whether or not that's awful," Rodimus says the two confess ignorance. His tone is flat but the curve of his lips is wry, even envious. Clearly life is nice not knowing Starscream. "I just wanted to check out the space and start clearing it out for -- ah, a funeral, actually, speaking of loss. Looks like we still need a lot of work. I'm going to put together some work crews. If you guys feel up to helping out, send me a comm, yeah?"

"Well... I'll see what medical says about me helping out before I go volunteering for anything immediate. I mean, I'd like to help clean up, but... and I'm not making excuses!" She's not. She's honestly not. There is a moment of apprehension about being thought of as lazy or unwilling. "I just don't want to, you know, be the one who aggravates medics by ignoring ther medical advice." Pause. "I'm... I'm going now!" Swivel says, gesturing and pointing where she is headed before she gets a move on.

"I can clean. It doesn't take a lot of coordination." Moonlight isn't in pain or anything. She just gets wobbly now and then. "And I'm already doing much better. I imagine the last few tics will work themselves out over the next day or so." She smiles and nods to Swivel as she exits, then looks back to Rodimuswave. "Just let me know where the supplies might be and I can get started. Whether or not you use this room, it sure needs a lot of work." She looks around at all the destruction, and can't help but feel glad she missed whatever did the damage. She's not smug about it, just grateful.

"I'm ... gonna make sure she gets back okay. Then I'll come back and we can get started, yeah?" Rodimus asks with a turn of his head to look back at Moonlight. The rest of his body does not twist. It looks frankly awkward. "We're definitely going to need more people to make a dent in this, but -- if I can't go out there, either, at least I can do something worthwhile here." He gives Moonlight a thumbs up and then waits until Swivel has started out to begin casually following her. Checking up. Making sure she gets there in one piece.

"Oh! Okay. Thanks!" Although Swivel's first impulse was to assure the large blue Not Rod that he needn't bother with her, her second impulse was genuine gratitude at being looked after. Still occasionally placing a hand against the wall, the femme heads back to medical with her gallant collower in tow. The femme has a springier step despite her reported wobbliness and she begins to hum. Gosh, she's a cheerful one.

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