2017-07-18 Go Talk To Him

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Go Talk To Him
Date 2017/07/18
Location Lost Light - Command: Bridge
Participants Drift, Quicksight
Plot Topsy Turvy
Summary Who thought that making Quicksight talk with Drift was a good idea?

No surprise that the captain's chair is central to the bridge, overlooking the stations for communication, weaponry, navigation and so on that are sunken beneath the level of the deck. The displays can be changed as needed, and it is even possible for other stations to be added as the room shifts through multiple configurations. Two rows of large windows form the forward two faces of the room's hexagonal shape; large screens cover the two back walls. Smaller stations, as well as doors to the elevator and to the incident room, are to either side of the room.

After the mishap with Quicksight's wrist swords in Magnus' office, Drift realized that if he was going to be stuck in this body then he might as well learn to use it. Getting a handle on the blades was easy enough, but flying is a completely different matter. He's returning just now from a practice flight, making his way towards his office and room. The clumps of dirt and grass lodged in parts of his frame suggests he had a few mishaps on the flight but the bounce in his step also suggests that it hasn't bothered him.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Observation: Great Success. (8 3 4 2 4 7 2 6 3 7 8 8)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Reaction+Reaction-2: Great Success. (8 4 7 6 8 8)

Quicksight does not like this one bit. 'This' not only requires him to leave the safe haven of his isolated hideaway and expose himself to the public while in the body of a traitor, but it also requires him to seek out that traitor. But orders are orders, especially when they're Soundwave's orders. His efforts may have been a little lackluster, compared to his usual speed in reconnoisance, which probably explains why it has taken him so long. He'd preffer to be seen by as few people as possible like, but he is making an honet effort, and this time, it seems, his trip to the command deck was not just another walk of shame (as he sees going out into public like this).

Lingering near Drift's door, he was just about ready to give up and call it a day when the owner appears at the other end of the hall. If the Decepticon was slouching and looking rather uncomfortable before, the sight of his own body coming this way sends a resentful spark through his optics. The mout shifts into something resembling a sneer, although somewhat odd and askew. He's not used to this mouth thing. the sight of what state his body is in only makes him angrier. He's not afraid of a little dirt, but how dare that fragger do that to something that ain't his! "Hey!" He steps towards the other mech, placing himself squarely in his path.

Drift's good mood suddenly comes to an end thanks to Quicksight's unexpected appearance, and in his body no less. Ugh, now the body swap thing is weird and horrible again. He considers turning around and walking away but Quicksight is already yelling at him and there's no avoiding him now. "Hey," he says with as much fake cheer as he can muster. "Enjoying my body?" He knows the answer.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Selfcontrol: Success. (7 6 3 2 3)

Fake or not, that cheer only serves to worsen Quicksight's mood. Nothing like people looking happy while in a situation that makes you misserable. And that question just sounds like it's meant to mock him "Yeah, always wanted to look like some traitor" he growls. He wants to say so much more, but somehow, he doubts that either Soundwave or Skystalker would appreciate him calling Drift a stinkin, holier than thou pice of scraplet slag "Looks liek you're enjoying messing my body up though." he steps forward to loom over the other mech. Why oh why does it feel so good to do this?

"I'm not messing up your body!" Drift snaps, already having difficulty keeping his cool this early in the conversation. Quicksight just has this effect on him, he can't help it! "I've been taking great care of your body! So what it's a little dirty right now? It's not like I'm going to leave it like this! I was actually on my way back to my room to clean it up." He puts his hands up. "In a very respectable way, I assure you!"

"The oil baths are in the other direction" Quicksight growls, folding his-Drift's arms over his-Drift's chest "If ya gonna use some fraggin religious slag, I'd rather you left it like that. It shouldn't be in that state in the first place!" Of course, it's not like Dift's body is all shines and sparkles either. Scuffs and scratches are pretty much everywhere, especially the knees and aft, the result of Quicksight having trouble calculating his steps properly and regularly either running into things, or falling. It's certianly done nothing for his mood.

"Oh, like you never crashed when you were learning how to fly?" Drift snarks, jabbing at finger up at himself. "And what about you? I didn't have all those scratches when we swapped. You look like you've been doing powerslides all over the ship!" Which, to be fair, is something Drift actually does. "What do you expect me to do anyway? Stay in my room all day? I have a job to do, you know. I have to actually go out and do stuff occasionally."

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Selfcontrol: Success. (1 3 6 8 4)

"I was programmed with that knowledge from the start. I didn't have the time to learn nothing before I was sent on my first assignment!" Quicksight's optics flare, and his voice raises a handful of decibles, quivering on the edge of spitting out more "If you're so fragging busy, why ya going around messing my body up trying ta fly? I was just fragging looking for you and I can't fragging walk right with these fragging legs!"

Drift doesn't balk at Quicksight's displays of aggression. He continues to stand his ground, as short as that stand is. "Imagine if you were a car for your entire life and then one day you're given the gift of flight. Are you honestly telling me that you wouldn't try to experience the wonder and excitement of the skies if you were in that situation?" He gestures to the scuffs and scratches on his legs. "I've never flown before so I have an excuse for falling down. What's yours? It's not like you've never walked before!"

"I wouldn't feel entitled to messing up someone else's body for my own damn pleasure!" Quicksight curles one hand into a fist as he bends down to get closer to the other mech, resulting in a gesture that's probably more threatening than he expects it to be "Your legs are twice as long as I'm tall!" an exagiration, but he's not in the mood for accuracy right now "I'm usedta everything being higher up and further away!"

Drift had no idea how threatening he could be to someone Quicksight's size until the places were swapped. Still, he doesn't back down. "I think I'm entitled to do SOMETHING that brings me SOME kind of joy considering I've been torturing myself in an attempt to give your body the respect it deserves! Do you have any idea how terrible it is not being able to hold or embrace someone you love because you don't want to offend or disrepect the person whose body you're in? It sucks! Everything about this sucks! Wearing a Decepticon badge sucks! The only solace I can get in all this suckage is that sometimes I get to fly around and you're telling me I can't even have that!?"

"Ofcourse it's all about you!" Any semblance of self control Quicksight might ahve had goes right out the window "Course you ain't capable of thinking bout noone but yourself! Boo hoo, your life is tough for a few days so you feel like you got the right to frag someone over! Oh the horror of having to wear a Decepticon badge after you got fragging 'rehabilitated' from that like we're some sort of fragging disease! After all that boasting how you're better now now that you ain't one of us! After you not only threw those who relied on you and saw you as a light of hope for their own fragging survival to the scraplets, but jopined them in killing us! Cause better kill us than them, right? Cause we're just some disease that you're happy to go around boasting about exterminating!" he's going on a tangent, and he doesn't care. All the frustration and anger of the last couple days comes flowing out nopw that there's a viable target present.

"Ohhh, of course!" Drift throws his hands in the air, rolling his optics. "Of course this is what it's about! Everytime you and I get into it, which is EVERY time we're in the same room together, it always comes back to the 'traitor' thing and how much you hate me for betraying the Decepticons! Every. Single. Time!" He points (rude!) up at Quicksight. "Get over it, Quicksight! Get the hell over it already! It happened and there's nothing you can do about it so why are you always such a jerk!? You think that's going to change anything? You think you're making Megatron proud by it? Well, you're not! I know Megatron better than you ever will and I can assure you your bullying and harassment would just embarrass him!"

"I'm the jerk?" Quicksight steps forward, neither noticing, nor carring just how close he is to the now smaller mech "I ain't saying this for MEgatron, I'm sying thins for all the people slag like you left for dead! You had the choice to become a soldier! You had the opportunity to learn to learn to fight before the fight! Tons of that didn't have that! Tons of that didn't even make it past the first day! And those of us who survived put our faith in our comrades! If we watched each others backs, we had a better chance of seeing another day. If we had powerful peole like Deadlock watching our backs, killing those who would kill us, we thought we had a chance to make it to the end of the war! But not only did you turn your back on us, you joined them in killing us! Cause you didn't wanna fight or something, cause obviously, killing us ain't real killing, is it?" he steps in even closer "If I just 'got over it', I'd be disrespecting all of my comrades who fell, and they atleast deserve that much!"

"So what is this really about, Quicksight? Are you mad at me for being a traitor, or are you mad about being an MTO?" That's right, he's calling him out. "You've got a lot of hang-ups about it and I feel for you, but it's not my fault so stop trying to use it against me like that!" He can feel the rage building inside him and he knows he needs to just walk away, but he can't yet. He needs something..

"Give me my Great Sword," he demands, the two of them standing so close now he can feel the heat between them. "You're not worthy to carry it!"

This time when Quiclksight steps in, his foot comes down wwith a loud thud "It's fraggers like you who think there's something wrong with being an MTO, not me! It's you-" he bends down, thusting a finger right at Drift "Who keeps throwing his privilage around! There was nothing stopping you from leaving Cybertron before the war if you didn't want to fight! But no! You decide that you don't want to do it in the middle of the fragging war. You abandon everybody who relied on you! And then you still fought, but you fought us, cause we're a disease you gotta be rehabilitaed from, not actual people who had hopes and dreams! There was a guy in my batch who wanted to open a sweets show after the war, and he claimed that so long as we had Deadlock fighting with us, he, and the rest of us, would live long enough for that to happen. He's probably lucky that he died without knowing what a fragging, self centered fraud you really are! And he was lucky that he didn't see you going around claiming that you were the second fragging coming of Primus for not being a Decepticon anymore while the fraggers you sided with violated us, left us completely defensless while they could kill us for looking at an Autobot wrong! And he's lucky cause he doesn't have to see his former hero continue calling us a disease that you had to be rehabilitated of! He doesn't have to put up with a supperior officer who thinks a third of his command is just some virus to be exterminated! Anyone like that should not be in command! You know why you are? Cause you're-" he jabs the finger "The captain's" jab "PET!" jab. "Not cause you're a good leader!"

Quicksight is throwing so many false statements at him, Drift isn't sure where to start. He has nothing against MTOs! He doesn't detest Decepticons for being Decepticons, especially the ones that volunteered to be here! Everything Quicksight is saying is wrong! All of it! Except that last part, delivered with the jab of his own finger. He knows the only reason he's in command if because of Rodimus, he knows that it's a title meant to protect him but means nothing in terms of the chain of command. If it did, then why did Hound take Magnus' place when he stepped down? If it did, why was Drift made Rodimus' personal staff and not given departments to oversee? He knows it's true but it's one thing to know it and another to be told it by someone like Quicksight.

Drift slaps Quicksight's hand away and emits a growl like some kind of provoked animal. "I'm taking it myself!" he snaps, jumping up at Quicksight so he can start climbing him and try to retrieve his sword himself.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Reaction+Reaction-2: Good Success. (7 7 4 4 8 4)

Bad move. Though he sees his own body, his recent, heated yelling helps him confirm that that is infact an Autobot, a hated, dangerous Autobot, jumping at him. To grab him. And though he's still in Drift's much bigger body, his mind, his experience reminds him that a grabbing Autobot means certain death or capture, which is just as bad. And he reacts. He doesn't think about it. His arm just swings out at his asailant, blocking, and he himself jumps back. Somehow, he manages to land on his feet despite the strangness of them, but his body tenses, readying to move, his ventelation system kicking up into high gear.

Drift is so tiny! And his actual body is so big and agile! How is he supposed to take anything by force like this? His, or rather Quicksight's, blades pop out from their hiding place in his wrists and he bounces on his feet, eyeing up Quicksight for a chance to-

Wait, what is he doing? Is he seriously pulling weapons on the guy? Again!? He doesn't even have the excuses of parasites this time! This is all him.

Drift goes still and the blades retreat back into his wrists. "...Can I just have my sword back? Please? I don't want to do this whole song and dance again."

The sight of the knives only makes Quicksight slide back. Though Drift might not, he knows that those little blades can be dangerous , and worked up as he is already, it doesn't hit him that Drift probably won't know how to apply them properly. It's only when Drift stands down does he begin to relax a bit.

And then his face contorts into a mocking grimace "Hey, I had a bad day too. Had to wal around with an Autobot badge, and looking like a traitor to boot. These swords are something special, ain't they? I think I'm entitled to enjoy toting one around for a while for my own pleasure!"

Ugh, of course Quicksight is going to be like this. Drift puts his hands up to show surrender. "Look, you won, alright? I won't fly around anymore, I promise! And you can tote around all the swords you want, I just want one!" He points at at the sword hanging off Quicksight's back. "The Great Sword. I need it. Please."

"Yeah, ofcourse you'd only do that only when it somehow benefits you" Quicksight scoffs, optics narrowing suspisciously at Drift. Still, he reaches for the sword "Aint' like your word's worth slag, but here" he holds out the weapon aloft at arm's length, as if it were something vile and infectious. The mocking grimace turns into a malicious sneer. Clang! the sword drops to the floor like a piece of scrap metal. no respect there The sneer doesn't disapear. He knows what his body is capable of, and properly lifting a sword that's twice as long as it is tall is not in its powers. Have fun dragging your precious sword across the floor.

Drift doesn't even care that Quicksight is being a huge prick about this because at least he agreed to hand the sword over. He looks relieved and then horrified as the sword is dropped like a piece of trash. Completely disrespectful and incredibly offense, but Drift keeps his mouth shut lest Quicksight suddenly decide to change his mind and take it back. "Y-yeah, thanks," he mumbles, trying to keep his cool as he scurries over to examine the sword and look for damage.

The horror on Drift's - his face brings out a victorious sneer on Quicksight's - Drifts. So this is what mouths are for! Not that he couldn't do it just as effectivley without one. Say, it must be tiring, running around on short legs you aren't used to. Here, let him give you a hand. Or a foot. As Drift scurries over, Quicksight reaches out with a foot to kick the sword in his direction. There you go!

Just as Drift reaches for the sword it's kicked out from underneath him and it slides down the hall with a sickening screech of metal scraping against metal. His fists clench and he's practically shaking now, ready to burst in a fit of anger. "I'm sure you're really making Skystalker proud right now."

Quicksight's grin grows with Drift's reaction, only to suddenly flop when he brings up Skystalker "Don't go bringing him into this!" there's a part of Quicksight that is worried about what Sky, or Soundwave might think, but the anger, at Drift, at the truth of what he just said, muffles that "If you can go around disrespecting what's precious to me, why the frag can't I do the same to you, huh? Or are my dead comrades just cannonfodder disease that should be dead anyways?"

"Yeah, maybe I was a little rough on your body but I apologized and stopped. You're just being disrespectful for the sake of being disrespectful." Drift takes a moment to collect himself and then makes his way towards his sword down the hall. This sure would be faster if he could fly! "And what I said about Decepticons being a disease.. I didn't mean Decepticons themselves were a disease, just what the Decepticons stood for and represented towards the end of the war. I think it's a fair distinction to make."

"Ofcourse you don't get it!" Quicksight begins to tremble a little, the rage growing again "Compared to those you threw to the scraplets, and joined those scraplets in killing, my body ain't nothing! Do you know how many friends I lost to the Autobots? How many of them could have survived if there were more people with fighting experience around? 'Course you don't, cause you ain't capable fo caring bout nothing unless it benefits you! And the Cause has always been and always will be for equality! The equality the Autobots fought against! You're saying that equality is a disease! I guess you really do belong with the func slagggers that started this!"

Clearly nothing Drift says is going to change Quicksight's mind. Quicksight preemptively decided what kind of person he was and absolutely nothing is going to sway him to think differently. Drift knows this and he worries that responding will just make things violent so he keeps his non-existant mouth shut and continues walking down the hall.

Quicksight sneers as he watches Drift walk away. Of course. Just pretend you're aninnocent fragging little angel who ain't never done nothing worng. The scout scoffs "Yeah, go frag yourself too!" He could go after him, or he could go his own way. Finally. Back to his dark corner in the bowels of the ship. Hre talked to Drift, as ordered. No one said he had to make friends with him. And so, he too, moves down the hall, in the oposite direction. Have fun dragging your precious sword across the floor.

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