2017-07-15 Going To Pump You Up

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Going To Pump You Up
Date 2017/07/17
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Moonlight, Robustus
Summary Moonlight wakes up in the presence of Robustus, which leads to talking and a work out for the femme.

Deck 2: Science & Medical - Medibay

Red crosses on the door identify at a quick glance the medibay. Inside, the forward medical bay contains a half-dozen slabs lining the sides of the room where the medical staff can take care of patients. There is a central slab as well, but the winches and pulleys, carts of tools, and life support machinery is all designed to be easily reconfigured to support any number of patients at any of the seven beds.

At the back of the room, there is a large work station dominated by a large screen that includes two holoemitters. Two doors at the back of the room lead to cold storage, where patients in need of better care than the medibay can provide -- rare as that is -- can be put into stasis. Offices for the medical officers are on the other side.

Robustus came aboard the Lost Light after some thought, got assigned a room, and now for the first time he is entering medibay proper. He half expected another medic here, at the very least.

No, no medic. Just a few people on repair beds at the moment. One in particular suddenly bolts up right, screaming, "No, don't shoot the flowers!" Then she lies back down for a moment, though her optics flicker to show she's still awake. Mostly.

Robustus turns his optics toward the figure that sat up in berth and shouted such an odd phrase. Oh that has context all right. He moves over to check on her, greeting her in a pleasant tone, complete with smile, "Good cycle, I am Robustus. You are in medibay aboard the ship called the Lost Light that's currently on a planet called Rigard."

Moonlight blinks a few times and eventually manages to focus on Robustus. She smiles faintly, then reaches up towards her head and pats it carefully, her smiling widening when she feels her hat there. "Well, I know I /should/ be on the Lost Light, at any rate. Didn't know we had landed anywhere." She glances around. " long was I out for?" she finally asks. She'd only been in the med bay once, and that was two years ago...though she doesn't know it yet.


An average sized femme, Moonlight is primarily colored in black and white. The middle of her torso is black, as well as her legs. Her arms are white, with a V-shaped white patch on her torso as well. For those who have a point of reference, it looks similar to a organic style that pops up now and then across cultures: a vest with slacks and a white shirt. Whether or not someone notices this, it's hard to miss the fedora-style hat perched atop her head at a jaunty angle. Along with the black and white, she is trimmed with pale purples and blues, giving a shimmering, moonlit effect. In contrast, her optics are a brilliant green colour. On her back, four long rotor blades drop down, fanned out slightly, revealing her alt-mode as some type of helicopter.

Robustus replies, "I only got here myself recently so I cannot answer that question at the moment. I'm sure there's a record though." he assures her.

Moonlight slowly sits up again, this time because she's actually doing it on purpose. "I guess that makes sense," she says slowly, perhaps with a bit of disappointment. "I mean, you can't know more than what you've been able to learn." She shrugs her shoulders, then rubs her back. "I don't even know what happened. Never saw it coming. Just a whole lot of pain then..." She squints around. "Nothing."

Robustus inclines his helm to her and agrees, "Indeed so. Are you currently feeling any pain now?" he asks, already looking her over from helm to pede for any physical signs of damage.

Moonlight shakes her head, after giving it some thought. "I don't think so. I feel sore, but it doesn't really hurt. Not sure if that makes any sense." She raises her hands, palms upwards, in a sort of helpless shrug.

Robustus says, "If you do not mind I would like to do a medical scan on you, just to make sure there's nothing internal going on."

"Please, do," the femme says pleasantly, wiping a little dust from her arms. Yeah, she'd been there a while. "After all, you're the professional." She grins. "I hope."

Robustus reaches into his subspace and out of it he pulls a medical scanner. "This won't take long." he assure her as he programs it for standard scans before turning it on. A beam will pass over her a few times. "I assure you I've been at this a very long time miss."

Moonlight chuckles softly, coughing part way through it. She hadn't laughed in over two years; that had to make things awkward, right? "Don't mind me; I try to find the humor in most things. I wasn't really questioning your competance." Then she holds still to let him scan her, optics tracking the beam with curiosity.

Robustus cocks his head a bit at her laugh, "Good to know." he says with a smile, his optics studying the readout of the scanner as it gathers data on her condition.

Moonlight coughs a few more time for good measure. Damn that dust. Oh well. She leans back in a slightly more comfortable position, watching the medic while he waits for all the information to present itself. Craning her neck around, for a moment, she looks to see if she has a label on, or near her.

Beehemoth leaves, heading towards the Science and Medical [SM].

Robustus nods his head as the last of the data feed through the scanners' screen. "Well good news is you are all good internally. I would, however, suggest a good wash down and I'd like to see how you move on your own before fully releasing you. Wouldn't do if you've been under a long while and your motor skills aren't up to snuff."

Moonlight ohs, and nods her head. "I suppose the next step is to stand up and see if my legs noodle out from under me?" she asks, putting her hands on either side of her as she leans forward, preparing to stand at the medic's word.

Robustus puts the scanner aside and stands right by the medical berth, just in case. "Yes please." he replies. "I'm here if you need assistance."

Letting her face fall neutral, Moonlight gives herself an experimental shove off the medical berth. She wobbles for a moment, but manages to steady herself. "Whoa. I haven't been this unsteady for some time." Slowly she starts to stretch her arms out to the side to make sure they can still DO that.

Robustus watches on with a critical optic, at the ready should she require a steadying hand or whole arm if need be. "Just take it easy to start. It will come back to you." he states.

Moonlight sneezes a little from the dust she's stirred up by moving. This causes her to tumble forward, barely catching herself on the medic. "Not easy enough, apparently," she says, holding onto Robustus until he helps her sit back down. Or drops her, but that seems unlikely.

Robustus moves his arms to catch her just as she catches herself. He hums in thought, considering. "May need to limber up a bit. How about you walk, using me as a brace?" he suggests. After all she'd not get steady without trying to move.

"Well...if you're not terribly busy," Moonlight demures. After all, medics are important. She looks around to see if there's any critically, badly, or even moderatly injured parties here.

Robustus states, "Oh not at all. I would be remiss to allow you to atrophy your limbs."

Medics! They always have to talk so fancy. Actually, Moonlight doesn't mind, and she gives him a grateful smile. "Alright, I accept then. Mind if we talk as we walk?" She moves with deliberation, but she's still rather wobbly, her copter-blades clicking against themselves as a result. "Oh, before I forget, my name's Moonlight. You could probably read it on a report or something, but this seems more civil, yes?"

Robustus watches on as she moves, allowing her to use him for balance. "I don't mind talking." he says with a smile, "And well met miss Moonlight." he replies.

Definitely fancy with the words, but that's okay with Moonlight. Her footing slowly gets surer, but she still fumbles now and then. "So, what brought you to the Lost Light?" she asks, curious. Her tone is light, not probing. If he doesn't want to answer, she doesn't sound like she will press him.

Lieutenant leaves, heading towards the Science and Medical [SM].

Robustus continues to watch her as she moves along, keeping right where she can make use of his tall and sturdy frame. "I met a couple of the crew at a local bar and they intrigued me. I decided to come over and check things out. Now I'm a part of the crew too."

Moonlight pauses for a bit to just lean. "I didn't realize getting better was actually /work/," she says ruefully. "As for me, well, they fished my escape pod out of space. My ship had been attacked by pirates. I was really thankful for the rescue. I was still deciding whether to fully join or not when I got hit by...whatever it was."

Robustus chuckles a bit to that comment about getting better. "Unfortunately if you haven't used your body in awhile then yes there's work involved to improve your situation." he replies. He listens to what happened with her and remarks, "You are lucky that you were spared then and they came along to assist you."

"Oh, yeah, I'm /very/ grateful," Moonlight says earnestly. "Helps that the Captain was so personable. You know, not a stuffed shirt." She pauses for a moment. "Um...pardon me. I use a lot of organic slang." Laughing softly, she shakes her head, which makes her a little more unstable. "I /must/ have been out for quite some time," she adds with a small sigh.

Robustus says, "That's all right. I'm sure I'll learn it all eventually." he points out as he puts his hands on her sides to help stabilize her. "Perhaps so. How about we get you back to the berth for a rest. No need to overdue it."

Moonlight actually seems relieved at the suggestion. "You're the doc, Doc," she says lightly. After all, it doesn't do to come across as a TOTAL wimp; she's okay with a reputation as a partial wimp, however. "See, the ship I was on was mostly run by organics. Owned by organics. Never saw more than a couple Cybertronians at a time on it at any given time."

Robustus smiles at the term doc, "True." he agrees, helping her get turned around for the return trip back to the berth. "That's interesting. Saw a lot of space then I take it?" is asked.

"Well, I've spent more time among stars than I have on any given planet," Moonlight says. "I've never been the stationary sort, which is why staying on the ship appealed to me. But until I'd met more of the crew, I didn't want to make a call." She takes a breath as they get closer to the berth. Ah, relief! "I was from one of the further out colonies and was never involved with the war at all. So I wasn't sure how I would handle a ship full of opposing factionals...or how they would handle me for that matter."

Robustus moves to assist her with getting back onto the berth, "A wise decision to meet some crew before making such a decision." he states, "I'm a nuetral myself, have been for all my functioning. If they don't like that, tough." a little playful smirk at his slight bravado.

Moonlight gives a long sigh as she settles back into being somewhat comfortable. "None of them really gave me any grief over it, though I think a few times I came across as insensitive. But, I was just being myself, and I'd rather be insensitive than ungenuine." She holds up her hands in a faintly apologetic manner.

Robustus makes a thoughtful hum, "And how exactly were you be insensitive? I what context did this occur. If you wish to enlighten me that is Moonlight."

Moonlight purses her lips for a moment. "Well, just making light comments about the war, that sort of thing. I don't remember all the instances in detail." She shrugs her shoulders. "I didn't really offend anyone deeply. Just got some funny looks, or the odd comment here and there."

Robustus ahs and nods his head once, "I could see that happening. Those involved in a war tend to get worked up a bit if you say the wrong thing. They'll get over it."

"I don't know how fast they learn. After all, it took them a long time to realize killing each other was a 'bad idea'," Moonlight says in a very low voice. Yes, she included the finger quotes. "Still, as individuals, everyone seemed pretty alright, so I'm willing to give them a fair shake. Especially since they /did/ rescue me."

Robustus says, "I concede to your point on realization. Sometimes it takes the right individuals to finally say enough and end things. Thankfully that has occurred." a short pause, then continuing, "I think Moonlight that it would be best to start you off on some passive workout to help limber you up, get those pistons pumping."

Moonlight nods her head and listens to the doc's medical opinion. "Alright. Is there a specific set of things I should do, or just general easy movements?" she asks. Obviously she's never had to recouperate from anything severe enough to need these extra measures. As disappointed as she sounds, she doesn't argue with the medic.

Robustus says, "We start with your legs, since they are unsteady." he explains, "First we will work on the knee joints with lifting and lowering the lower leg via that joint. You can do each knee individually or together."

Okay, that doesn't sound /so/ bad. Not torturous or anything. So Moonlight just nods her head. "That sounds do-able," she says agreeably. "Am I supposed to push them against something, or just in the air?" she asks.

Robustus says, "Start with air, then weights can be added. The point is to get the joints moving, which in turn help other parts that assist the joints in movement."

She's going to look mighty silly doing this, but pride is not one of Moonlight's strongest vices...though she might pretend otherwise at times. Leaning back slightly, to rest on her arms, she lifts her legs in the air bending them at the knee, then extending them, each in turn. "Like this?" she asks.

Robustus nods, "Yes like that Moonlight. Remember this is to help you get on your own two feet without needing assistance so the more you do and the more often, the quicker you can gain freedom from medibay."

Moonlight keeps repeating the motion. At first she's fairly unsteady, but she slowly becomes more firm in her motions. Most likely if she was organic, she'd slowly be working up a sweat as she continues to keep her legs up and moving. "I like freedom. Freedom is good. Not that I have a problem with being in medibay specifically; I just like to be able to be on the go."

Robustus says, "Oh you don't have to spare my feelings. Trust me I know for fact that most individuals do not enjoy being in a medibay too long if they can help it. Thank you for being honest that you rather be on the go."

Moonlight pauses for a moment to give her legs a rest. He /did/ say not to over do it. "Well, I figure there's no point in lying about it. Or getting mad for that matter. I don't think medics make people stay in medbay for kicks. There's usually a good reason. I'll likely live longer if I listen to medics instead of getting my nose all out of joint. Or doing the opposite of what they say."

Robustus smiles at her, "Indeed not. I rather see patients happy and healthy outside of medibay if at all possible. Though part of health is seeing a medic for regular checkups. The irony." he remarks, reaching up to stroke at his goatee. "Well I must say you are much more agreeable than most patients."

Moonlight seems quite pleased with this assessment. "I was a trader for years. Doing business is one of those things where it helps to keep an amiable attitude towards people. It's all smiles on the surface, even if people seethe under the surface. There's a lot of competition in trade. People gravitate to those who are polite over those who are rude." She shrugs easily. "Besides, as the organics say, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

Robustus cocks his head a bit at this, pausing mid-goatee stroke. "Hmm yes, good point there. Though I rather be, as you put it, genuine both on the surface and under it."

Moonlight thinks about this for a moment. "For the most part I am. Still, I have my training, and experience. Which makes it easier." She starts moving her legs again so they're not still for too long. "Rather, because I have a good disposition, I'm more natural and believable at it than someone who is covering for a more spiteful or bitter outlook," she finally assesses. "But from what I can tell, no one is completely genuine all the time."

Robustus lowers his hand from his goatee and smiles as she starts up with the leg lifts at the knees again without a prompting. "Really? Hmm I suppose my age has a lot to do with my disposition. It is easier to be completely myself rather than cover for something that I may be lacking."

Moonlight isn't here to argue the point. At least, not in a heated way. "Well...I suppose it's more accurate to say that no one is always completely open. We all have things we keep private, to some degree. It's not being ungenuine, but it does mean each person decides when is the best time to say, or do, a given thing." Time for her to pump those legs some more. One two, one two. Left, right, left right.

Robustus says, "Yes that is certainly true." he agrees, "And we all have reasons to keep certain things private."

Moonlight makes a mental note to avoid being knocked out for so long again. Then again, if she'd had a choice, she wouldn't have been out cold in the first place. Her legs are doing a fair bit better now, but the repetition is a bit...tedious. "So hiding things isn't always lying. But I guess in each case it's hard to determine if it's deceit, or just prudence."

Robustus inclines his helm, "Depends on how the individual is acting when they speak to you really. If they are looking you in the optics its prudence. If not then it would be deceit. There's tells too, just have to learn to look for them." he points out, "How about we give your knees a rest and instead have you lie back and you can lift your legs up from your hips for a bit."

Moonlight is more than happy to take the suggestion of the medic this time around. She settles herself back down and elevates her legs from the hips instead. Different joints are worked, plus she gets to lie down again. She seems to have regained a little more enthusiasm for the task. "There's a point to that. I learned to watch body language as much as I learned to listen to the tone of voice, and the choice of words. Little details can make or break a trade. And while the consequences aren't as dire as those in war, there /are/ consequences for not doing your due diligence."

Robustus nods firmly to this observation, "Yes, exactly. You are a smart one." he remarks. "I hope that all you have observed and heard from me has shown you that anything you say to me is between us." He keeps to watching how she is moving her limbs, looking for any issues as well as listening for anything that suggests lack of lubrication in the joints.

Moonlight nods her head. "Unless I show a threat to the ship, of course?" she asks with a wink. It's unlikely she will pose much of a threat; she doesn't have much onboard weaponry. "And I don't know how much of it is smarts, and how much of it comes from watching so many people go by. Most of the 'squishies' are woefully short lived, so they do things a bit differently. What is an entire lifetime to them is a few blinks of the optics for me. Still, some of them are just as wise or mature as any of us who live for millions of years. It's actually something that has puzzled me....and intrigued me." Now that other joints are getting a workout, she starts to feel better in a general sense.

Robustus gives her shake of his head and states, "I believe this ship has seen worse threats than either of us realize, so I'll take your question as a light sparked tease." a nod to her when she talks about the organics she had been hanging around. "Street smarts count as smarts, just as does having body reading and tone reading smarts. Its all about how much time you've spent developing that sort of skill set." he points out. "Be as that may, your statements so far tell me you know what you speak of and I believe you when you say you learned those skills."

Moonlight looks pleased again. "I /do/ like to learn. Mostly practical things, but I don't think knowing stuff is ever really wasted." Then she makes a face. "What I'm not keen on is my body being all stiff." She then gives the medic a half smile. "But I'm sure you get enough complaints, so I'll hush on that for now."

Robustus inclines his head to her, "It will pass with time. It wouldn't hurt to get you some warmed oil to help with loosening and relaxing the joints a bit. Which will help the stiffness. But first its good to get them moving, which you are doing with not too much complaint."

Moonlight never likes to be too antagonistic OR too complacent. Rather, she likes to find herself in a happy medium, leaning to one side or another as it suits her purpose. "The oil sounds good, but all in due time, right?" she says chipperly. "Hopefully it won't take too long, overall, before I'm able to be of some use around here."

Robustus says, "Yes all in good time. Consider it a reward for hard work to get yourself to useful phase hm?" he asks with a smile, "I'd like to see you to add some sideways lifts from the hip now, just to get the flexibility going."

Moonlight twists slightly so she has a better angle to do as she was asked. "Okay." As she does so she flexes her fingers. They seem to be alright, but they also don't have to actually hold her weight. Still, why not make sure they are good at the same time as the legs? Seems to make ense to her.

Robustus watches on and smiles seeing what she's doing. "Good. Keep that even, steady pace." he encourages her.

Moonlight mentally counts to herself as she does this, to set her rhythm, let her body memorize the pace. During this she is silent; it's hard to mentally count while talking. While absorbed in this, her face is mostly neutral, letting a lot of the smiles fall away for the moment. Occassionally her lips move as the number tick upwards.

Robustus watches on without disrupting the pace, letting her decide when she's done with one side to switch to the other. He keeps still as well, being as much of a non-distraction as is possible.

Once it seems like she has the pace down pat, and does a few more bends, she switches around to the other side, moving carefully so as not to undo all her work. Then she gets to counting again to get the other side used to it. Now that she has a feel for the rhythm, she gets back to being chatty. "I think this is getting easier, so it must be working, right?"

Robustus says, "Yes it will get easier as you work on it. Just remember that you have to allow your body to recuperate after a workout, then get back at it again. Repeating the motions will have the body remembering quicker and soon enough you'll walk out of here under your own power. It may not happen this particular session, mind you, but you are getting there and that's all that matters."

Moonlight does her work for a while, but then she starts to flag a bit. Not in a wobbly way, but in a way that says she's had enough. "I...see what you mean. I think I'd like a bit of a rest then," she finally says. She sounds tired, but not in pain. "Thanks for all your help."

Robustus says, "No problem Moonlight, glad I was able to guide you at least."

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