2017-07-13 Who's That In There?

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Who's That In There?
Date 2017/07/13
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Penchant, Quicksight, Skystalker
Plot Topsy Turvy
Summary Is this hell, or is there a silver lining?

Red crosses on the door identify at a quick glance the medibay. Inside, the forward medical bay contains a half-dozen slabs lining the sides of the room where the medical staff can take care of patients. There is a central slab as well, but the winches and pulleys, carts of tools, and life support machinery is all designed to be easily reconfigured to support any number of patients at any of the seven beds.

At the back of the room, there is a large work station dominated by a large screen that includes two holoemitters. Two doors at the back of the room lead to cold storage, where patients in need of better care than the medibay can provide -- rare as that is -- can be put into stasis. Offices for the medical officers are on the other side.

Skystalker hates being cooped up in medical, and somehow this time it is made multitudes worse by the fact that he isn't actually him at the moment. Lieutenant's frame is hooked up on one of the longer berths, but his wounds are patched and for the time being he is resting and being refueled enough for the next repairs to go ahead. Sky knows that Lieutenant wouldn't be here much less being worked on, and so the starfighter is making a valiant effort to have medical fix as much as they possibly can while he is stuck here. It's the least he can do for a friend.

Memory isn't here, but his charging cradle is; it sits beside the berth beside a tiny set of skidmarks that draw slim lines all the way out the door. Skystalker is currently inspecting himself, because while being repaired he needed to be cleaned-- and it's now that he's noting the vastness of all the markings on Lieutenant's frame. He had seen the ones on his face before-- but there they are, literally anywhere without the pieces of green armor. One pede is currently folded up on the other knee while he lays there, and between the freckles he has stopped to consider the bottom planes of the other flier's feet.

Quicksight is not happy about this. Being out of his own body is bad enough, but it just had to be Drift's body that he's stuck in. And as if looking like the one person he hates the most isn't bad enough, he's still getting used to the size, and type of the body. Too tall, too long, can't fly, and it has a mouth! What the frag is he supposed to do with that!

He can't stand to have people see him like this, like a traitor. He wants this to be over, but until it's over, he's made a goal to hide. Not that this body does anything to help with that. Big boddies are so noticable! How do they even manage to be stealthy? So far, he's managed to keep to the less inhabited lower decks, and he'd intended to stay there until this all blew over, because it had to. And then came Lieutenant's message. Thankfully, it got to him even despite the swap, so atleast he has that to be grateful for. Unfortunately, it means that he has to leave his shelter. He can't just abandon his friend like that!

The figure that squeezes through the medibay doors sure looks like Drift, but it lacks the swordsmech's usual cheer and confidence. It's shoulders are hunched, head lowered, as if trying to hide between them. The optics dart around the room searching, and at first, there's a glimmer of confusion in them. Where's Sky...oh. Finally, they settle on a familiar, green form. Cautiously, not-Drift approaches "Sky..?"

Skystalker touches one of the sensors on the bottom of his foot, and the result is a visible shudder of frame at the sensation. So this is how he knows? He is still holding onto his foot and awkwardly peering at it when he hears his name; the foot drops back to the table with a thunk and there's an instant look of relief as Skystalker finds the frame coming through the door. "Drift. Thank goodness. Nobody has told me what's been going on, and then there was that message--" Skystalker doesn't dare try to stand, but he does sit up somewhat, leaning onto an elbow, canary yellow optics expectant.

Quicksight involunteraly freezes when Skystalker calls him Drift, his whole frame tensing. His face scrunches up as well, although it comes out a little strange around the mouth, like he isn't used to using it for expressions.

"I ain't Drift" he finally manages to regain control of himself "I - it's Quicksight, It - it happened to me too." he cringes at the last bit. He hates admitting it. It makes it seem all the more real. "Are - are you okay?" it feels weird, a little uncomfortable even, talking to that frame like he would to Skystalker normally. Lieutenant may be weird for an Autobot, but he's still not Sky.

There is already a moment of pause before Quicksight says it isn't Drift, as if he knows something is amiss as it is. Still, the news does make him blink, optics ashutter and mouth slackened. "Oh... oh." The second comes as the fact dawns that Quicksight must be in some sort of personal hell. Still, maybe this isn't... bad. "Sl--" There comes the beginning of a curse, and he cuts himself off. "I'm... okay. Yeah. It's probably best that I'm in here and not Lieutenant... he'd be so afraid." Sky touches the patching on his chest. "But we'll be alright. Though I don't know about my paint job while Lieutenant has it..." If this is wierd, it's even weirder to see Lieu with one of Skystalker's quiet smiles.

It's bad. This is hell. Quicksight wants out. Even now, he's glancing over his still hunched shoulder to see if anyone's looking at him (Someone's deifnitely looking at him, he's sure of it), even as he approcahes the cot "What do you mean 'for the best'? It means you're here!" not that he would want Lieutenat to be afraid either (Hmm, why would he be?), but having Sky here is not a good tradeoff in his optics. He'd rather it be someone like Drift, or Blast Off, or Tailgate.

"I am... so pleased you're in here fixing that body of his," Penchant says, catching that last bit as he walks in. Only he's rounded and green and pretty adorkable, as Cosmos. No mask to speak of, because how do the masked mechs even manage! "W-well I mean, I'm not glad to see you in the medibay. I mean I'm glad to see you!" He forces a smile, hands on his hips. "Oh, Drift- so Quicksight, right?" Must've been made clear via grapevine at some point. It's hard to hide the worried wince.

Pench catches the nearest medic, "I just need to get these wrist blasters disabled, before I fry my face off." When told he has to wait in line with the rest of the low priority alteration requests, he merely roots himself there, in the way, apparently in protest.

"He doesn't handle medical well, that's all--" Skystalker sits up a little more as Quicksight moves closer. It's so bizarre to see one amica with the other's mannerisms. As he's about to ask a question, the other mech draws his attention. Without an introduction, though, Skystalker squints after this 'Cosmos'. "Okay, I give up, who's in there?" The stammer doesn't help, because Cosmos totally does that too. "And I figured it'd be the least I could do for him. He can hardly walk." Skystalker lifts a hand to rub at his helm, brow lowering with a laugh.

"So... Drift is somewhere, as you?" Skystalker questions, at last.

Quicksight looks up when he hears his name, but the sight of the rotund green Autobot leaves him just as confused as Skystalker. Who? He doesn't dwell on the question, turning back to Skystalker when he speaks up again. His brow knits. No, you shouldn't have to be doing this! There's sedatives for that! But it's not like anyone really ahd a chouce, and Skystalker moves on to the next question. Quicksight cringes again, going tense once more, his face taking on a mix of disgust and horror. No, please don't remind him. He wants to not think about that untill he absolutely has to.

Penchant eventually gets shooed along by some drones, and awkwardly moves for Skystalker's berth. "Getting used to those little kitty paws?" He doesn't reach for a toe prong, but it sure looks like he wants to. When Quicksight doesn't answer Skystalker, the green saucer speaks up, "I saw a small blue drone going through the halls earlier. It kept running into the walls. If I was super certain this was going to clear up, I'd find it all a lot more amusing... Oh, I'm Penchant."

Kitty paws? Skystalker wags one foot on the end of the berth, looking over poor Quicksight as he does so. Penchant proves engaging, especially with the tale of someone running into walls. "Hey. They are... interesting." This is a proper greeting for Penchant, and though he can't read people right now, Skystalker's expressions are definitively not Lieu's. "I hope he doesn't crash too badly. HAve you talked to him yet? It is your frame." Sky looks up to Drift's face, forcing himself to look away again. It's weird knowing Quick is in there. "So, ah... Hou about that mouth?"

Quicksight cringes even more at Penchant's news. How the hell does that fragger manage to run into walls. He's doing it on purpose, isn't he? It's one thing to trip and run into things on these excessivley long legs, but how the hell do you do it on short ones!

Now, is it also possible to make yourself small even at this size? Quicksight seems to be trying atleast, cringing even further when Skystalker asks him about meeting up with Drift "I-No. I have orders to, but-but I don't know where he is..." Quicksight does not want to think about it. Atleast the mouth question gets a more easy answer "It's weird!" he has to move it to talk, and keep track of it, and it's weird!

Penchant watches Quicksight now. His stammering is endearing. "You don't like it?" He makes a 'pop' noise with his lips. "It makes you more emotive. You can convey more with less talk. Maybe try a smile...?" He can help but snerk at Quicksight's shrinking. "Aren't you two always at odds? You and Drift?" he says bluntly, more than asks. "I don't know where Drift is now either, but I'm sure he won't be hard to find. I should find Cosmos..."

Skystalker reaches out to take Quicksight's hand when he sees the further attempts to curl in on oneself; it's a natural reaction even in this body, and for a moment there is some sympathy rolling through the look of his face and the touch of his hand. He's a little chilly, but nowhere near the lost heat Lieu normally has to go through. Penchant's emoting earns a smile, though as he suggests Quick try some of it there is a pause from Skystalker.

Whatever it is causes his focus to wane, optics dimming hazily as the other two mechs exchange words. Skystalker appears quite distant, a state familiar to Penchant. His mind is wandering quite quickly now.

The touch is somehow both strange and familiar at once, and though Quicksight enses at first, he does not pull away. Atleast, not until Penchant speaks up. He whips around, or, atleast, he attempts to. The sudden motion sends him stumbling once more, trying to regain control of this uncomfortable body "I emote fine!" infact, he's doing it right now, his optics flashing, and that mouth Penchant was praising so, baring in a clenched-tooth scowl. "What, ya saying people with no mouths can't emote?" It isn't that huge of a deal, but with all that's been going on, he's been more irritable than usual. And here Penchant is impying that Drift is more emotive than him by the luck of birth?

Penchant holds his hands up defensively. He'd always been on decent terms with Quicksight, and he certainly didn't want to ruin it over small talk. "Sorry! I didn't mean that. Mechs with your features are perfectly emotive, I just..." He spares a look at Skystalker, if only to ask for some backup here, but Skystalker appears to be elsewhere. It takes Penchant a moment to realize what's happening. Reading folk the old fashioned way is difficult! "Sky," he says firmly, thumping the surface of the berth a few times. "You're on a berth in the medibay. Come back. Did you talk to Lieu yet?" he attempts.

It's strange enough that Drift is Quicksight and holding his(Lieutenant's) hand, but with the frame comes the memory, and he falls quickly to it without the experience that its normal owner possesses. "I can't..." He murmurs to nobody, gaze turned to the far wall and frame tense.

The noise made on the berth resonates in audials and in frame, and Skystalker tilts his face around to find the source, gaze moving to the fist making the sound and then up to Penchant's round frame. "Hnn." His dentae grit together. "Yes...?" The shock that it seems like moments ago catches him off guard, vents hitching.

"Just what?" Quicksight's optics narrow as he looms over Penchant. He would realize that this does feel oddly empowering, if he was in the mood for that. Well, 'Just' what? Not emotive enough by your arbitrary standards?

The accusation never gets out as Penchant draws his attention back to Skystalker. In a moment, the angry creases of his face smooth out into worry "Sky? Are you okay?"

Penchant will only tolerate so much of that looming, as evinced in his twitching visor, but Skystalker has most of his attention now. "And Lieu told you he's an outlier, yes? That can remember /everything/? So... You need to find out what triggers memories. Or at least get some kind of dampener, if they exist for that..." He frowns deeply, pushing away from the berth to fold his chunky arms.

A shiver moves down Skystalker's frame when he is able to concentrate on the voices of the others, tugging himself out of another place and time. His optics clench shut for a few long moments, and when they open again they seem all the more strained, peering up slowly. "I don't know..." Triggering memories is different than the hauntings of nightmares. It's lucid, and he sees it all there. "Do they? Hnn." Sky rubs at his helm with the palm of a hand, fingers dragging down along the edge of freckled, angular cheekbones. "I'm... okay, I think. Sorry..."

"Everything?" Quicksight looks at Penchant, and then back at Skystalker, his wory growing. Knowing what Skystalker's memories consist of... "Sky, if- if you ever have problems because of it, just call me. Or this..." he glances down at the body he's in now, some disgust creeping onto its face.

Everything. "Yes." Skystalker rubs at one optic with the heel of hand, peering out and then promptly sinking back. His head hurts now, and it lingers like a bad day. "Don't worry about me... I'm safe in here. You should find Drift, though. Make sure he hasn't crashed you up a Jeffries tube." Skystalker's response is soft, but he looks at them both with a faint note of gratitude.

"It's why he's so good to practice on when I'm working on my telepathy." Penchant mirrors Quicksight's look of worry. "I'll check, for the dampener thing. But yeah, Quicksight," he turns a little, only to see the disgust on Drift's painted face. "We're all supposed to be pairing up with our swap-ees... to help. So, not that I doubt it, but I'd urge you to be helpful." He's adopted his superior officer tone.

"But, I-" Quicksight turns back to Skystalker, and once again, the concern is back. True, he's safe here physically, but what about from his own memories? He's seen what those can do "Just-just call me if it gets bad. Please?"

The topic of talking to Drift doesn't become any easier to adress however. Quicksight cringes more with every word, though this time, the look on his face is something more desperate. Finally, he concedes "I know I gotta. Soundwave's orders" just so no one thinks that he thinks this is a great idea himself "I just - it's- ugh!" he ends witha noise of frustration. Why did it have to be that guy? He doesn't want to help him in the least!

"It's okay. I will. I promise." Skystalker hopes that there is a dampener somewhere that he can borrow, but in the meantime he has to manage it. "For real this time."

That Soundwave has already ordered him to find Drift and he hasn't yet is a little shocking; usually Quicksight is good about orders. Maybe it's that anger. "I know you don't like it." What he does not voice is that perhaps it could be good for the both of them. "When you go, at least do it for yourself. I don't want to know what some of these mechs might be doing with other people's frames, I'll be honest."

Penchant sets a troubled look on Skystalker. "I'm certain no one is going to do anything beyond accidentally crash into walls. We have solid crewmates." He sounds a little defensive. Then remembers Vortex. Oh, right. "Mostly solid... Anyway." Skystalker gets a three-fingered pat-pat on the shoulder before Penchant moves off. "I'ma' speak with a medic. Hopefully a medic."

Despite Penchant's certainty, that's what actually serves as encouragement for Quicksight. It's a little harder to bristle in this body, but it is easier to scowl. The idea that Drift is out there doing something - something - traitory in his body, or spouting some anti-Decepticon nonesense with his vocalizer is infuriating! This cannot do! "I'll make sure to find him" he growls.

Skystalker reaches out again, curling fingers under the surface of Quicksight's borrowed hand to give it a squeeze before setting his arm back onto the berth. "Try to be calm, okay?" Skystalker's voice may not be his own, but the manner and the softness are all him as he begs a little tempering from his amica. "I know this is strange and frustrating, but everyone is feeling it."

Almost reflexivley, Quicksight's hand lightly wraps around Skystalkers in return. So alien, and yet, familiar, comforting. "I-I'll try..." he finally promises, though his voice remains a little uncertain, his head, bowed "I just- why did it have to be him?"

"I don't know. I don't even know why we're not ourselves..." Skystalker doesn't understand what anyone did to earn such a punishment of an ability, either. Poor Lieutenant. The thought brings a stinging light to his optics, but he stifles the haze. "Maybe there's a reason. Or my wishful thinking is getting the better of me. But right now the best thing is to come to an understanding. For everyone's sake."

"If there is, it's a lousy one" Quicksight grumbles. Any reason that would lock him in this personal hell can not be a good one. He looks up again, noting some fo the medics giving him looks. Atleast, he assumes they're giving him looks. Not only is this Drift's body, but it's also taking up space, which seems to be at a premium right now "Are you sure you gonna be okay?" he turns back to Skystalker.

"Yeah. I'm going to ask for something to help me rest. I'll be out in no time." Skystalker smiles more broadly, Lieutenant's features not terribly against the expression. "Let me know when you find him, okay? Keep me in the loop."

"Alright" Quicksight nods "I -I guess I should let you rest" he glances at the door, his escape route, before glancing back at Skystalker "Make sure to call me if something goes wrong, yeah?" he's about ready to leave, but he wants to make doubly sure of this.

"Yes. I will." Skystalker is a little more stern this time, but his smile lingers. "Go do what you have to. I'll be here when you finish."

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