2017-07-12 Not Your Body

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-07-12 Not Your Body
Date 2017/07/12
Location Rigard - Spaceport
Participants Sunstreaker, Whirl
Plot Topsy Turvy
Summary Whirl and Sunstreaker have some differing opinions on what makes a body yours.

When Whirl fell into recharge last night, he expected to wake up the same he would any other day. Imagine his surprise when the first thing he did after waking up was rub his face. With hands. Needless to say, it was a bit of a shock and it took a good hour or so for him to accept that this was real life and not just a dream. So what does he do now that he's been blessed with the fantastic gift that is Sunstreaker's body?

Hit the town, duh!

"Oh hell yeah!" Whirl exclaims to no one in particular as he exits the ship, arms stretched over his head. "I gotta enjoy this fast before someone figures out how to fix this."

If Whirl is having a great time, then Sunstreaker is in a nightmare. Speaking of, that's how he woke up this morning- to a nightmare. Usually Bob is there to stop those, snuffling in his audio to wake him before it got bad. Not today. He woke up, vents gasping and heaving, and promptly managed to crash off the berth. Him crashing- something so ungraceful! He knew something was wrong.

So after managing to control his panic, Susntreaker went and found a mirror. Because, honestly, he couldn't believe those claws were his. They couldn't be, they couldn't be, they couldn't- Oh Primus, they are. How could this happen? This couldn't be happening! He couldn't be- wait.

If he's in Whirl's body... Who's in his magnificent frame?!

Sunstreaker took off. And by 'take off', he really just crashed into walls and sproinged into the ceiling once. How the hell are these legs even- Doesn't matter! He's gotta find, er, himself! Claws snipping in aggravation, he watches for any glint of gold- because wherever his body is, its not in his room. Gold, gold, gold, gold...


Sunstreaker storms his way to himself, or whoever has control of his body. "YOU!" He roars- oh primus he sounds like that piece of trash. "Theif! Stop right there or- hnng!" He puts too much oomph in one step, springing forward. PRimus, primus, primus, primus. His STUPID feet scramble for a purchase but fail to balance right, making him skid on his aft right past his frame. "How the hell do you control this thing?!"

Whirl has never been shouted at in his own voice so obviously the speaker has his full attention. He turns around just in time to watch himself trip and fall on his ass which, of course, has him laughing like a mad man. "Hahahaha! Holy crap! That was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Thanks, I needed that!" He then starts touching his (well, Sunstreaker's really) lips with his hands, still amazed that he has the ability to smile and laugh with an actual mouth.

"Stop trying so hard. You're springier now, you'll move fine with less effort," Whirl says, voice muffled by the fingers still poking at his lips. He even slips a finger into his mouth to feel his teeth. "You got a nice mouth, Sunshine."

Know what's worse than falling? Getting back up. Sunstreaker growls, twisting this way and that to get a good angle to push himself- HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO PUSH WITH CLAWS. Said claws snip-snip the air and Sunstreaker decides to just turn around to face himself. He'd make a face of disgust before glaring if... he had a face. Instead, that single optic just stares at his frame.

"I know how to-" Sunstreaker snarls which dies in his throat. (Really lengthy throat, its weird.) "I- Whirl?? Whirl are you- Get your- my- fingers out of my mouth! What are you doing in my body? Give it back right now!" Its hard to show how angry he is when he's sitting there all spindly legs and single ye just staring.

"Of course it's me. Haven't you ever seen a body swap episode on T.V? If you're in my body, then obviously I'm in your body." It's so simple! Whirl grins, giving his fingers a lick before finally pulling them away from his mouth. "Give it back? How do you expect me to do that? I'm no magician, Sunshine." He reaches down and tap-tap on Sunstreaker's boxy head with a finger. "I don't know how this happened but I sure won the jackpot, eh?"

Sunstreaker stares at Whirl, though that seems to be the default in this body. He'd grimace if he still had a mouth which Whirl just used to lick his own fingers. "Stop that," he snaps with a clack of his claws. His armor flares with the condescending tap.

Sunstreaker jerks his ridiculously long head away, again trying to rise to his feet. Its slow and shaky but he's getting up and that's what's important. "Yeah, and I got... Ugh, this is cruel and unusual punishment. And stop calling me that." He vents harshly, finally standing and- whoa. Is that what the top of his head looks like? He shuffles closer, leaning down to stare at the shiny, black helm. Oh, it looks good. "I don't know how but you had to have something to do with this. So fix it! I don't want to be in your freaky body."

Whirl waggles a finger at Sunstreaker. "Tsk tsk, being rude won't get you anywhere. First off, I had absolutely nothing to do with this. If I had to guess as to who is responsible, I would say Brainstorm. He's the one with all the weird experiments, right? Maybe yell at him instead. Secondly.."

He takes a few steps back and poses in the sexiest pose he can possibly muster. "Look how hot I am! If I had the ability to fix this, why in the hell would I? Do you have any idea how easy life is going to be for me? I'll never have to pay for a drink again!"

Sunstreaker's single optic shutters at that finger waggling. Clack-clench go his claws in anger. But Whirl is right. It probably was Brainstorm. Ooooooh, he will be giving him a visit. "I know what I look like," he hisses. "But that is not your body. You will be giving it back. And until that happens, you're not doing anything." He shoves a claw in Whirl's face. "I'm watching you. I look that good for a reason and I'm not letting you ruin it. So you're not leaving my sight."

"It's not my body?" Whirl asks, wrapping his hand around.. his claw. He drags his fingertips over it's length and pricks his finger on the tip. Oops~ "I'm walking around in it. I'm talking in it. Sure seems like my body." He pushes Sunstreaker's claw out of the way and turns his back on him, walking away with a little swish to his hips. "It's my body now, you can't tell me what to do with it!"

Sunstreaker jerks the claw back. "Don't do that!" He's already damaging it! "Yes, you're in it but its not- don't walk away!" His legs are WEIRD but they are longer, much longer, and it only takes him a sproiny step or two to get in fron of Whirl. "Its MINE! I worked too hard getting my body back to let you ruin it. So you either do this the easy way and turn around or..." Snip snip go his claws menacingly. "We do this the hard way."

Seems like Sunstreaker is finally getting the hang of walking on those spindly bird legs. Whirl pops his finger in his mouth, tasting the energon that dribbles out of it. He remembers this taste and it makes him smile. "Are you threatening me?" he asks, popping his finger out with a loud 'smack' of his lips. "What you going to do? Beat me up? You'll just be damaging your own body, ya idiot."

"AH-HA! So you admit its my body!" Sunstreaker says triumphantly. "And since you admit it, you shouldn't mind doing exactly what I say to keep it in perfect working order while I watch."

Whirl siiiighs. "Are you stupid? Don't you see I hold all the leverage here?" He shakes his head and then grins up at...himself. "I don't give a shit about my body, but you.. you care an awful lot about yours, don't you?" He lifts a foot and starts dragging his heel against the floor, making a sickening scraping noise. You can already see paint starting to streak against the floor. "Oh gosh, that sounds bad! I sure hope I don't.."

Whirl falls onto the ground, scraping and scuffing himself against it. "How long until all your paint is gone, you think?"

Sunstreaker's plating flares. "Don't-" he says but its too late. Whirl is throwing his frame to the ground. Making a mess and ruining his hard work. "NO!" He bounces on his two springy bird, claws snapping as he tries to figure out what to do. "Alright, alright, stop that! You're ruining my frame!" He quickly dives to scoop his own body up and off the ground. "Universe just can't stop punishing me..."

Whirl brings the back of his hand to his forehead, swooning when Sunstreaker scoops him up. "Oh, Whirl! You're so strong~" He wraps his arms around Sunstreaker's shoulders and laughs, kicking his feet. "Buy me a drink and I'll kiss you with my new, sexy mouth."

Sunstreaker looks up and stares off into the distance. Primus hates him. Primus hates him and has cursed him. Living was a mistake. "Don't call me that," he grits out. "I'm not you. And I'm not buying you a drink." He grumbles and starts heading back inside the Lost Light. "I have to fix up my finish now- and don't you kiss anyone. Like anyone would want to kiss you."

"Is that a challenge, Sunshine?" Whirl grins and hangs onto himself tighter. This is an extremely weird situation but it's also kind of fun so far. He doesn't squirm or try to get away as they head back towards the ship, content with letting Sunstreaker fix him up before he escapes to the city.

"No," Sunstreaker says flatly. "And willyou stop... Stop wallowing in my arms. Have some self respect." He grumbles something about this ridiculous chest and why are there even guns there.

"Self respect? Who do you think you're talking to?" Whirl laughs again and removes an arm from around Sunstreaker's shoulder to paw at one of the guns mounted under his chest canopy. "Be careful with these," he notes, rubbing circles on the barrel with a finger. "They pack a punch. You don't want to accidently kill someone, would you? People may think you're a traitor all over again."

Sunstreaker pouts. Well, his shoulders droop a little. He can't pout anymore now. He stiffens. "H-Hey. Don't touch-" He stumbles and nearly drops his frame, making an undignified noise as one of his gun barrels are circle. "Whirl, cut that out- hnng- now!" He can't focus on the traitor comment with the rubbing.

Whirl grabs hold of the gun barrel when he's nearly dropped. "Watch it! You drop me and it's your body that suffers, remember that!" Since his touchy-grabby hands are what caused the stumble, he should probably stop, right? He doesn't. "You trying to tell me what I can and can't do with my own body, now?" He pinches a pedipalp. "You're so demanding!"

"WHIRL!" Sunstreaker stops and makes sure to set Whirl on his feet and then uses his new height to LOOM over... himself. Then he reaches out and veeeeeeery gently pinches Whirl's new helm finial. HE's careful not to scratch but he knows what they're like. How about a taste of your own medicine. "My body, not yours. And you're going to take care of it if I have to make you take care of it."

Whirl is always too big to be carried around so he's a tad disappointed to be back on his feet. "Hey! What the-" His complaining is cut short thanks to the gentle touch of a claw against his finial. Unfamilair with hiding his emotions, his face twists in what might be pain but most likely isn't. Actually, judging by the way he squirms, it definitely isn't. "Heh.. I'll have to remember that one.."

He turns towards the ship and takes a few steps before stopping. Idea time! "Hey, Sunshine.. I was just thinkin'.." He flashes him a toothy grin. "I didn't see Bob when I woke up this morning. Wonder where he is.."

"What did I say about calline me-?!" Sunstreaker's snap dies before it gains its bluster. If his single optic could widen, it would. "Bob..." He looks around frantically, bouncing on his sproingy legs again in anxiety. "Hnnnn... Stay HERE. I'll be right back. I just have- I have to find Bob." And then he takes off.

Sunstreaker manages to sorta run into the doorframe, cursing. "Stupid eye- STAY!" He shouts at Whirl and goes off again. Gotta find Bob.

Whirl does stay. Until Sunstreaker is out of eyesight, of course, at which point Whirl transforms and revs his engine. "Oh hell yeah, time to get fast and furious up in here!" His tires squeal and he zooms off into the city. He may or may not crash into something on the way.

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