2017-07-12 A Twofer

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-07-12 A Twofer
Date 2017/07/11
Location A Spaceport
Participants Soundwave, Lieutenant, Sandstorm
NPCs !Rodimus, !Soundwave, !Air Raid, !Drift, !Wing, Elysium, Frumble, !Bulkhead
Plot Topsy Turvy
Scene GM Tez
Summary Trading !Soundwave for some of his cassettes goes about as well as you'd expect.

There's something particularly awful about the fact that it's !Soundwave who has to help get the Lost Light in touch with the alternate !Lost Lighters to arrange the details of his own return due to the threat against the well-being of his cassettes. But as awful as it is -- it's still a truth.

The once-bustling trading center that is their meeting point stands off of Unicron's projected path ... but not that far off. The Galactic Council ships deployed to track -- and often, desperately fail to deal with -- Unicron are deployed in the system, which is filled with a steady flow of refugee traffic. Mechanical beings such as Transformers do not receive a warm welcome ... but neither are they banned. Yet.

It's a fair neutral ground for them to meet, and they do so in an empty hangar at the spaceport. The Lost Lighters have arrived ahead of time by spacebridge, and Soundwave stands with his more colorful self as well as Sandstorm and Lieutenant.

When the agreed upon time arrives, the !Rod Pod crashes purple and black onto the tarmac outside the hangar, and opens with a fanged (and mustached) grin to allow the !Lost Lighters to exit: "Okay, losers, let's get this over with. I got places to go, people to kill," !Rodimus says, his casual stroll toward the Lost Lighters becoming a frozen flash of rage as he spots Soundwave. The air around him shimmers with heat in warning.

<FS3> Tez rolls Temper: Success. (5 4 8 5)

Sandstorm stands with Soundwave, part of the entourage returning this 'other' Soundwave to where he belongs. Literally, if the rumors are true; that's basically the entire reason Sandstorm is here, to see these other mechs, who look so much like the crew he knows and yet so different. If the rumor mill is right, it's not just their appearances that are different, and frankly after having spent more than five minutes in !Soundwave's company, he's willing to believe, and hate, that rumor.

And on the other side...

"Careful now, don't get too excited." !Bulkhead addresses his captain in a lazy drawl, an amused smile quirking his lips as he follows !Rodimus out of the !Rod Pod. He's alone today, without a certain bug on his leash, which is probably for the best. Don't want to give the wrong impression, do they?

To assist with the hand-off is none other than Drift. Oops, I mean !Drift since he's coming out of the !Rod Pod behind !Rodimus. He's not alone however, as a figure darts out in front of him only to be yanked back by the leash collared around his throat. "Heel," !Drift snides at !Wing. "It's a retrieval mission, not a slaughter." The 'yet' is unspoken, but it's there. He takes his place beside his fellow !Lost Lighters, staring down their less evil counterparts.

!Air Raid hops down the ramp with his bedazzled rifle resting against his shoulder. Most of his armor is white and forest green, highlighted with bands of yellow. His similarly hued optics shine when !Rodimus does his little warning flicker. "Naw naw, toast 'em!" he goads eagerly, twitching a little. Even the missiles, loaded onto his wings in haphazard stacks, seem to rattle.

Lieutenant is joining into this brief 'return' trip for Sir Soundwave. This is his first time being around the doppelgangers so this is an interesting experience. He will never admit it out loud but he just might like their Soundwave more. Although it's hard to look past the obsession with Megatron with their's as opposed to the personality of this one. He does pity Sir Soundwave though. He hangs in the back watching from afar, just in case he has to pull out his sniper rifle and shoot the non-captain and the non-Lost Lighters.

There is also a mech back on the !Rod Pod ramp, sitting pretty and covered in gold jewelry, and makeup painted on his face. His gold tipping fingers curled around to the barrel of the sniper that sits between his legs, stroking the tip of it. "Beasts." Elysium, !Lieutenant, purrs insulting to Lost Lighters and in reference to his own crew.

Soundwave stands their stoicly, expression blank. For many, its not easy to concieve the very idea of returning to their captures just after escape. But he understands. There's very little he wouldn't do for his own cassettes. Such as having to deal with... Sir !Soundwave.

!Soundwave is still enjoying having use of his legs, playing soft, gentle ballads over his speakers as they wait. He speaks conversationally, grooving softly in place... Until the !Rod Pod lands. He goes still, though the ballads still swoon gently to keep him calm. He stops talking, finding a nice cloud to look at when !Rodimus gets out. Hmmm, hmm, HMMM. Nice clouds today.

Soundwave glances at his double, taking a small step forward with the straightening and broadening of his shoulders. Mounted on one is a familiar cannon. (Familiar to the Lost Lighter, his double doesn't sport one.) His chassis already looks up to full repair, the purple symbol shining brightly on the glass. He tilts his chin up to look down at the !LLers even from a distance. "Recollection: last we met, we were not the ones defeated," he tells the !Lost Lighters in his cold monotone. Reminder to all of you who here is exactly superior. "The-"

"Where's my little dudes? You said you'd bring them!" !Soundwave speaks up, having finally brought himself to look among the !Autobots. He's doing this for them, where are they?

"Bulk," !Rodimus snaps, damping the curl of blue fire that begins to lick over his frame. He does no more than singe the ground, quickly leashing his temper. "We promised them a two for one, right? Why don't you show them their two-fer." His grin is wide and a little horrible, being really quite familiar to the Lost Lighters. Despite the paint, despite the mustache, despite the teeth -- the smile's the same, right to the way his eyes narrow.

Does Rodimus look like he has even more guns? Even thicker armor? DID HE GET LIFTS FOR HIS FEET? Maybe. Maybe. As he crosses to meet Soundwave, he's certainly closer to his height than he was last time. "I just want you to know that I am going to kill you. You got time, though. I'll be starting with your tapes." He shifts his attention to !Soundwave with a snapped demand: "Get back in your alt-mode, now." He doesn't threaten. He just demands. Everything about him being here is the rest of that threat.

Sandstorm slants a glare at !Soundwave when he interrupts...Soundwave. Frag, this is gonna get confusing fast. He'd make some snide remark to the Decepticon about keeping his double quiet so that the latter doesn't ruin this trade-off, but Soundwave's too far away. Instead, his hand fidgets at his side, fingers curling and uncurling restlessly over the handle of his blaster. Lieutenant isn't the only one who's prepared to shoot if need be, especially with the way !Rodimus is acting. He nearly grabs his gun when Fuglimus snaps at !Soundwave, but. Control yourself, mech, not right now...

!Bulkhead chuckles at !Wing, straying toward !Drift. "They're always so excitable, aren't they?" he croons, looking down at the mech, cruelty glinting in his optics. His attention is stolen by !Rodimus, and he's chuckling again as the reason for why he really left !Waspinator behind is revealed. "They might be a little...squished," he says, mockingly apologetic, as he opens one of the compartments on his frame and pulls Frumble from within it. They are absolutely looking worse for wear, limbs bent at odd angles and kibble twisted from being clearly shoved hap-hazardly into a space far too small for their root mode. Holding his hand out with Frumble on the flat of his palm, an eerie mockery of the previous day's events, !Bulkhead smiles. "Here you go, a two-for-one special."

Drift stands at attention, one hand wrapped around !Wing's leash to keep him close, the other on the gun at his hip. He's anxious for the inevitable shit-hitting-the-fan moment but he's far better at hiding it than !Wing who trembles with excitement. When !Bulkhead moves closer and grants him attention, he licks his lips with an audible smack. The big reveal of Frumble's fate has !Drift stifling a laugh.

Elysium's laugh rolls like a song, as he politely covers his mouth. "He is so cute." the plane teased in the back at Sir Soundwave, idly stroking the tip of his weapon. "So naive~"

!Air Raid doesn't bother stifle his laugh. "I can't believe they're still alive at this point. Anyway, you guys should be thankful!" he says, beaming and gesturing needlessly. "They're very mobile this way! Compact and all. Handy."

No cassettes, no business. Unfortunately, since the !Lost Lighters have all the cassettes they can't take Sir Soundwave back. Lieutenant doesn't react but he is shocked at Frumble. His optics narrow, preparing to shoot them. Just give the word, Captain.

Soundwave gives !Soundwave a pointed look as he's interrupted. Don't do that. But his baleful glare is saved for !Rodimus however, not letting the slight surprise at the height of the not-Captain show. His shoulder cannon onlines, shifting to aim directly at !Rodimus's face. All five missiles primed to launch at once at the threats to his tapes. "Larger bots have made similar threats, they have not succeeded. Neither will you." His optics flick up and he nearly falters at the sight of Frumble.

!Soundwave's synthesized wail is not held back. He steps in the direction of his poor cassettes, servos shaking as he reaches out. Only the demand to shift to his alt mod stops him. "Let me just see the little dudes. Just a minute, Rodimus. Please. Just a minute."

Vicious glee lights !Rodimus's expression as Soundwave falters, and !Soundwave's wail causes him to close his eyes and lift his face and bask in the sound. That's some good shit, my dudes. SOME GOOD SHIT. "That's not how this work," he says, eyes snapping back online to level at !Soundwave, fire in their depths. "I tell you what to do and you do it. Have you forgotten? Do we need a reminder? Do we need a reminder course?" He gestures at !Bulkhead. Maybe a little twist? Maybe !Soundwave needs a little twist of his cassette(s)? "Transform. Now. Unless you're so selfish you'd rather see your cassettes suffer for your sake."

Sandstorm's look of horrified disgust is not filtered when the cassette is produced. What...the that? Even he, with his black little spark, is moved by !Soundwave's wail. "This is fragged up," he mutters to himself, optics bright and hot as he glares at the !!LLers. "You can't tell me we're just gonna let them walk after this." Is that an aside to Lieutenant? It might be.

!Bulkhead shakes his helm, calmly pulling his hand back and lifting Frumble up out of !Soundwave's reach. "As our esteemed captain says, that just isn't how this works, Soundwave." His smile widens at the gesture as he humbly bows his helm. "It seems like he does. Come on, transform as your master tells you. It's easy! Watch, Frumble can do it." With his other hand, !Bulkhead grips Frumble's helm between two fingers, and he twists, bending them toward an approximate cassette shape, forcing their parts to shift and move the way he wants them to. There's a horrific grating sound as pieces not meant to be turned that way are pushed into doing so, as Frumble 'transforms' for their deployer.

Over the sound of Frumble's agonized cries, !Bulkhead tuts. "See? Simple."

!Wing's optics seem to roll right into the back of his head when !Soundwave let's out that mournful wail. He begins to tremble more now and wraps his arms around !Drift, hands grabbing at his armour as his engine roars. !Drift reaches behind him to cup his chin, a finger pressing against his lips. "Calm yourself," he hisses, his voice stern despite the toothy grin on his face. "What a shoddy transformation," he says of Frumble's new, agonizing form. "They need more practice, clearly."

!Wing begins to gnaw on Drift's finger, very obviously pleased with what he's seeing.

!Air Raid watches with grim fascination as !Bulkhead forces Frumble into cassette mode. His attention drifts from their silly, distraught !Soundwave to !Drift's pet. His smile is gone, and he seems to just be soaking in various reactions. Finally his optics settle on Sandstorm. "What are you going to do?" he asks, tone unnaturally genuine. Lieutenant's fins lower, glaring at this sight before them. How dare they. how dare they! The avian still manages to appear come across calm outwardly. But what can he do other than watch, because it's all on Sir Soundwave. And he hasn't been given an order to shoot yet.

Elysium watches from the back with a wistful sigh, "Bulkhead, play that again, would you? It was almost as lovely of the music my pets play~" Said pets should've been brought along but sadly, he couldn't.

"No!" !Soundwave cries out, holding out his servos as if they could pacify the Autobots. "No, no! Please, stop. Please!" He covers his visor, unable to watch. Shaking, !Soundwave shifts and shrink down, back into a white boombox, easily cowed by !Rodimus and the other Autobots.

Soundwave? Not so much. And !Rodimus is so close.

One hand shoots out for the purple mech's neck, the other reaching over to make a grab for his spoiler to twist and wrench it. His shoulder cannon has locked onto the remaining !Lost Lighters, the five rounds ready to shoot at all of them. Soundwave burns with rage and protective fury. "Release them to us immediately or I will tear your mind to pieces," he snarls despite the monotone, armor flared out. "<< If they attempt to make a move to take the cassettes' lives, shoot them, >>" He quickly comms the Autobots with him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Soundwave=Unarmed VS Rodimus=Unarmed+2 < Soundwave: Great Success (4 8 3 8 6 1 1 8 1 7) Rodimus: Great Success (8 6 1 4 4 5 4 7 7 8 1 1) < Net Result: DRAW

Soundwave spends 1 luck points on I GOTTA KICK !RODDY'S ASS.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Soundwave=Unarmed VS Rodimus=Unarmed+2 < Soundwave: Good Success (7 7 2 8 6 6 5 5 4 2) Rodimus: Good Success (4 3 6 7 8 3 5 8 5 2 3 3) < Net Result: DRAW

"Good." !Rodimus kicks !Soundwave back toward the !Lost Lighters and the !Rod Pod, holding his hands up like a sportballer scoring a touchdown as the little white boombox sails into the shuttle. He shoots his hands into the air and yells, "Goooooal," thus further muddling the sports metaphor. "Bulk, go long." He holds up his hands to catch Frumble. This is how Soundwave catches him.

Soundwave burns with rage and protective fury; !Rodimus just burns, igniting in a nova flare. Soundwave can certainly still get a hand on him. He's just also going to lose that hand if he keeps hold. At the very least, his fingers are going to fuse. "You're not even in my league! You're just as much a joke as he is; they just don't know it yet. We'll take you apart, Deceptiscum."

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Reaction+reaction +2: Good Success. (5 1 2 8 1 7)

"Maybe next time," !Bulkhead asides to Elysium, enjoying how !Soundwave breaks down and gives in at the little display. He stops twisting Frumble, allowing them to stretch back out into their root mode - or the bent, mangled mess it is currently. "They're not looking so good, are they? If only we weren't handing them over, perhaps they could use some parts from one of their brethren." He cycles his optics at !Rodimus' antics, though looks about ready to start hustling backward in order to throw Frumble, as requested, when Soundwave strikes.

!Bulkhead is bulky, yet here he moves deftly, shifting Frumble to his non-dominant hand and drawing his blaster all in one smooth movement. As Soundwave's weapons are trained on him, his is now trained on Soundwave. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he says, sounding calm despite the breaking down of negotiations. "You're outnumbered." His aim turns, toward Frumble, who quivers. "And shooting us won't save them."

"None of your fragging business," Sandstorm snaps to this false Air Raid, several seconds before things go to shit. He almost worries that he's going to be the one to mess things up if that mech even tries to speak to him again but, no, it's Soundwave, and Sandstorm can't blame him after that disgusting display. His weapon's out too, though he doesn't shoot - not yet. <<"No offense, but that seems like a really bad idea,">> he hisses over the comms. Especially since, yup, there they go, threatening Frumble. <<"Back off so we can get the cassettes and get out of here in one piece!">>

Disaster spends 1 luck points on +50 to piss Drift off by hurting Wing.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=firearms+50 Vs Drift=reaction+reaction+2 < Lieutenant: Great Success (4 1 6 6 2 3 1 7 1 7 3 6 7 1 4 4 8 2 4 4) Drift: Good Success (4 5 5 7 2 2 3 2 6 7) < Net Result: Lieutenant wins - Solid Victory

Lieutenant immediately draws his sniper rifle, and with no hesitation, probably due to being a little angry with the dopplegangers. He pulls the trigger on Wing, aiming for his head, but he doesn't hit square between his optics, but there is a headshot. He'll take what he can get.

!Air Raid just smiles sweetly in Sandstorm's direction, wetting his lips. When Soundwave goes for !Rodimus, the white jet does a little dance, and some of his overstacked missiles fall off onto the floor. They don't explode "Whoa, haha, whoops, jeez..." He kicks them aside and levels his tricked out rifle on the orange triplechanger. "GET SOME SANDYMAN!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Air Raid=firearms Vs Sandstorm=reaction+reaction < Air_raid: Great Success (3 7 7 4 1 7 1 7 6 7) Sandstorm: Success (8 3 1 1 1 2) < Net Result: Air_raid wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Fortitude: Success. (5 5 1 2 2 8 6 3 2)

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Hardiness: Good Success. (3 5 8 3 6 5 1 4 7)

Elysium stands up and aims his own weapon at Soundwave. He's not looking to really protect any of his 'comrades' but it's nice to keep them alive. You know, so the Lost Lighters don't shoot or fight him. Fighting is an absolute last resort, thank you. He's not looking to get down and dirty fast like the rest.

As soon as Soundwave makes a move, Drift is unholstering his sidearm and pointing it at the Lost Lighters. He knows !Rodimus can handle a Soundwave regardless of which universe it comes from, he's more concerned about the rest of the crew following Soundwave's example. "Which one first?" he asks of !Wing who promptly groans and presses his face into !Drift's neck. Before he can point out which Lost Lighter will die first, he's struck in the head by sniper fire and drops to the ground.

If the plan was to enrage !Drift, it worked. Immediately after !Wing collapses, !Drift is charging towards Lieutenant not with his pistol drawn, oh hell no, he's duel weilding shotguns now and every shell fired is aimed right at the avian.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Drift=melee Weapons+2 Vs Lieutenant=reaction+reaction < Drift: Amazing Success (8 3 8 6 2 7 6 7 1 7 8 8 6 3 8) Lieutenant: Success (2 5 1 2 8 5) < Net Result: Drift wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (7 7 3 3 3 3 2)

The heat is intense but Soundwave refuses to let !Rodimus go without punishment. And he can function with the fingers of one hand fused together. One servo retreats from !Rodimus's throat but the other goes to twist his spoiler just like they had twisted Frumble. "Rodimus's memory, short. Already forgotten: Soundwave, superior," he says tersely. Then he lifts a foot to kick !Rodimus back, rounding to look at !Bulkhead. "The cassettes. Give them to me now."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Soundwave=unarmed Vs Rodimus=unarmed+2 < Soundwave: Success (1 6 3 3 5 5 3 7 4 1) Rodimus: Great Success (7 4 7 8 5 7 4 3 6 4 6 4) < Net Result: Rodimus wins - Solid Victory

The kick earns Soundwave a scorch, but Rodimus doesn't even rock on his feet. "I know what you sound like when you scream. I know every single one of your cries. I'm looking forward to relearning them again soon. Bulk! Give him Frumble. I'm sure they'll have a really touching, spark-felt reunion." He sweeps a look across the Lost Lighters, and then back at his own. "Look at how weak you guys are, Soundwave. We'd destroy you." He makes a gesture -- brushing dust from his shoulder -- as he turns to walk away. "Pack it up, guys."

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Unarmed +2: Great Success. (4 3 1 5 7 8 4 8 1 1 4 8)

"Son of a--" Sandstorm doesn't get the rest out as he's shot, at NOT FAR ENOUGH range, by !Air Raid's fucking clown car of a rifle. He tries to move even as he knows it's useless, and takes the fire in his upper chassis, on his right pauldron. It hurts like a motherfucker, and Sandstorm's thrown backward with the impact, landing hard on his kibble. He grits his dentals against the pain and pushes himself back up unsteadily, still somehow having held onto his blaster. He'll get you, you little fragger--

!Bulkhead isn't impressed by Soundwave either, gun yet trained on Frumble. "As you wish, Captain," he says smoothly, optics trained on Soundwave. "You know, you really ought to improve your game if you think you stand a chance against us." He grins, with gleaming, sharpened dentals, and puts his blaster away. "Here you are, one - oh, I'm sorry, two cassettes." He makes as if to hand Frumble over to Soundwave, before. The grin grows nasty as, instead, he winds up and chucks Frumble away from himself, back toward the direction the Lost Lighters came from. "Go long!" he calls, frame rumbling with laughter as he turns to follow !Rodimus.

Lieutenant gets shredded with bullets, thanks to !Drift's onslaught. He collapses, but not dead yet. It hurts, it's excruciatingly painful, and if he thought he wasn't getting off the ground with flight before, his wings sport new holes in them. He bites his tongue so not to cry out; and although he should stay down, shaking from the pain he manages to sit up. All he can do is glare momentarily at !Rodimus before riding bitterly to his feet. He doesn't care that his HUD is flashing warning signs, or that his body wants to collapse again. "They are a pain." he grumbles through gritted denta.

!Air Raid pauses to pull the barrel of his rifle up against his lips, venting in the wafting vapors with a shudder. He lowers his weapon, reluctantly, when !Rodimus calls them off. "Too bad," he sighs, turning to follow, but not before smacking the thrusters above his aft in Sandstorm's direction. "Maybe next time!"

"...Mech your dog doesn't look so great," !Air Raid says of !Wing.

!Drift pauses in his onslaught only to reload and he's shocked to see Lieutenant sitting up by the time he's done. This is an obvious show of defiance that won't be tolerated! !Drift cocks his shotguns and presses both barrels against the avian's head, fingers twiching over the triggers. Fortunately for Lieutenant, !Rodimus calls everyone off and !Drift has no choice but to comply. He lowers his guns and flashes Lieutenant his best crazy eyes. "I'll remember you," is all he says before turning his back on him.

!Air Raid's comment earns him a snarl but !Drift is far more concerned with retrieving !Wing than getting into it with him. "Shut up and help me drag him."

Soundwave doesn't stay to show !Rodimus how wrong he is. He is Soundwave. No one takes his threats lightly. But he has no time, Bulkhead is throwing Frumble. And the priority goes from hurting !Rodimus to catching Frumble. He takes off as fast as he can to catch them, prepared to dive to keep them from landing so harshly. Meanwhile, he comms back to Rigard. "<< Spacebridge requested. Immediate medical attention requested. >>"

<FS3> Soundwave rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (1 7 4 3 6 4)

There's a moment as Soundwave's hand reaches for Frumble when it seems like he might plummet through his hands, damaged as they are -- and then Soundwave is able to close his hands over Frumble, pulling them against his body, as the spacebridge pops up to welcome them home. Minus one !Soundwave, but plus -- 1.5 Frumble.

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