2017-07-10 Bummer, My Dudes

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-07-10 Bummer, My Dudes
Date 2017/07/10
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave, Lieutenant, Penchant, Skystalker, Whisper, Bulkhead
NPCs Memory, !Soundwave, Spinister
Summary !Soundwave's totally chill healing time is like, radically bummed out by some Autobots, dude. Still got to show off some sick moves though, alright!

Its the talk of the ship. Everyone knows of the evil dopplegangers- or sickeningly good depending on the badge- but to actually have a sit down and meet one without a fight? Now that is news. Soundwave looks less than thrilled by this development, sitting in the very back of medibay as Ambulon examines and works on his chassis. He got stuck with the Autobot because someone couldn't handle any of the Autobot medic. Hrmph.

The someone is !Soundwave. The white boombox is sitting on a medical slab as Spinister- very carefully- works on getting him back into proper shape, even if it'll be for only a short time. "This place is wild! Dudes don't even have dudes hanging from the ceiling! Crazy!" He says with a laugh, vocal synthesizer giving a popping trill to his words at his excitement. "Still can't wrap my head around Auto- and Decepti-dudes working together! Totally crunk."

The news of the doppelgangers has been everywhere, and even Bulkhead, absorbed as he always is in work, hasn't missed it. Well, can't give him too much credit there; he is helping with the Unicron search, and these evil alternaselves seem to be cropping up as a very real obstacle in that. So he's heard about it through a different kind of work, rather than casual gossip. Close enough?

And that is why Bulkhead is here, holding his recently ever-present datapad, stylus poised for taking notes on what this Other Soundwave gives as answers to their questions. He's got several himself, all of import, except the first one that reaches his lips at !Soundwave's comments is, "What do you mean, 'hanging from the ceiling'?"

"Why would we have dudes--" The word falls a touch awkwardly from Rodimus's lips as he echoes !Soundwave. His lips curl once spoken. That's weird. "--hanging from the ceiling?" As obvious as !Soundwave's distaste was for the Autobot medics, you'd think that Rodimus might have taken a clue, but -- no, no he hasn't. He's kind of ever-present. He's followed them all the way back to the medics care, seeing Pipes and Soundwave handed off for treatment. His own injuries are really quite minor. "Like, for surgery? I mean, I guess they suspend us sometimes while repairing us." Probably the wrong thing to say.

The gruesome ceiling comment is almost enough to snap Penchant out of his incredulous staring at the boombox. /That's/ supposed to be the alternate Soundwave. What even is crunk! Pench remains at a distance against a wall, apparently working on his lurking, content to just listen.

!Soundwave laughs, the sound a little stilted over the synth as Bulkhead and Rodimus talk to him. If a boombox could lean away, he would. "Er- well... I heard rumors the Dillweed Prime, uh, talked to them... But mostly, I think the Hatchet keeps dudes hangin' for parts and stuff. Those dudes ain't kickin' ya know?" Beat. "Plus, Hatchet likes to keep the atmosphere. Dude gotta keep up that rep, amirite? Heleftright?" A shiver runs across the boombox, making Spinister grumble for him to stay still.

Bulkhead, completely ignorant to the fact that this Other Soundwave may not like him, steps forward a bit in concern at the mech's tale. "That's...awful." He shakes his helm, trying to picture Ratchet stringing bodies up to pluck from at his leisure, depending on what he was doing at the time. "So they're bodies? He just, he just hangs dead bodies from the ceiling?" Yes, Bulkhead, that's what he said. Venting, Bulk scribbles down a note, more to give himself something to do rather than this being noteworthy. "Our Ratchet's not like that, I can assure you." Doubtful that words can make !Soundwave feel any better, but Bulkhead is gonna make an effort to ease the mech's tension anyway.

A pointless effort, considering, but he still doesn't know that.

Rodimus looks back at Soundwave as though he can somehow translate the little hiccups of weirdness in !Soundwave's behavior. "Optimus talked to dead bodies? That's -- extra weird. Even for you guys." He watches !Soundwave, a thin note of concern drawing at his brow. "Yeah, Ratchet stepped out. Are you really sure that you want to go back? To that? We can hit them. Get your cassettes and anyone else out and be gone before they know it."

Part of Skystalker knows he should probably leave things like this to command, but another part of him is way too curious about the person that was brought back. About where he came from, moreso. Maybe there's a part of him that has to see the mech for himself. That nobody was lying about one of them being aboard. While Spinister works on the boom box and it converses freely with Rodimus and Bulkhead, Skystalker slinks in the medibay doors with eyes wide, pausing at a distance, unintentionally lingering near Penchant and his choice of wall.

It's a pretty good wall to stand against and watch. But Penchant finally pushes away from it and tries to beckon Skystalker to follow. See, harmless neutrals! "Are /all/ Decepticons from your uh... situation, kept in altmode like this?"

The little boombox tenses as Bulkhead and Rodimus loom in closer. HAHA. THIS IS A GOOD TIME. "I can tell- this place looks like a proper medibay! I bet Hook would love to be in a place like this again... And- er- y-yeah. I know, totally bogus, dude. But they- sorry dudes but Aid dude is, like Hatchet's apprentice! Those are some primo threats I just ain't willin' to risk, my dudes."

!Soundwave sound relieved to hear another voice that's not Bulkhead and Rodimus. "Alla us? Nah. Some, I guess, but mosta us can't access our alt mode. Fuglimus thinks its funny usin' me like this. I'm not sure what happened to everyone though. I don'thear so well with this thing on me. Its killer."

Spinister sits up, looking rather pleased- or is that puzzled- all over his face. "Alrighty, should be good. He can change!" He takes a healthy several steps back though. "Or he might blow up. But I don't think so..." Squint. "But he might."

"We're ... still blocking that collar, right?" Rodimus shifts to stand between !Soundwave and Penchant and Skystalker, looking back at Soundwave for confirmation. "And he's not actually going to blow up? Look, if we got them out of there, it doesn't matter whose apprentice creepy First Aid is -- we'll have them! It goes against everything in me to send someone back into that kind of thing. Even if I can understand your reasons, I hate it."

Bulkhead's optic ridge creases. Poor !Soundwave...the predicament the !Decepticons are in is horrendous, and he feels a surge of anger toward these !Autobots. What kind of disgusting monsters--! "You're not the only one who has a problem with it, Rodimus." He steps closer to his captain, and, in doing so, !Soundwave again. Oops. "From what you're saying,'s hard to put you back in that situation when we've got you somewhere safe. There's got to be another way to get your cassettes out of there, and anyone else in the same boat as you." He glances to Rodimus, then. Right? They're gonna save all of them, right?

Skystalker is staring, it's rather rude. When Penchant moves forward asking his question, Sky glances to him before tagging along behind, wingtips tucking back so that he seems as unintrusive as possible. He's listening, for now, more rapt with the new understanding that this Soundwave wants to go back. Bulkhead and Rodimus both sound very valiant and all, but... "There's not always a way out. Not like you'd think..." Skystalker murmurs to them, brow pinching as he looks between them and !Soundwave.

<FS3> Penchant rolls Telepathy: Good Success. (4 4 3 1 7 3 8 3 2 3 5 5 4 2 6 5)

Penchant dims his optics a moment, then 'surfaces' with a troubled look. "He's not super keen on Autobots hanging around here," he slowly informs the rest of the visitors. "Look, uhm, Soundwave?" What are they supposed to call him? "Bulkhead's the sweetest, kindest Autobot I can think of, and Rodimus recently gave up his badge. He's neutral! It's safe here. Really." His smile persists, though he somehow looks a few shades paler. Must've been some bad stuff in that head.

In the back, Soundwave gives a curt nod. He's blocking it. But he's not happy about. Spinister, by now slowly ducking behind a medical berth that he's WAY too big to hide behind, waves a servo at Rodimus in a 'maaaaaaaaaaybe explode.'

"If Spinister says its diesel, then I'm sure it's diesel! Oop- here I go!" !Soundwave makes a GLARINGLY OBVIOUS avoidance on some of those topics brought up- like going back and the Autobots all around- by beginning to transform. By the sound of his t-cog grinding, its been a while. Its slow and it creeeeaks- SNAP! The slow change becomes a flurry of movement, !Soundwave flipping back into his root mode with a hip hop-esque sweep of his leg. "Dy-no-mite! It worked, dudes! It-erp!" Despite being larger now, Bulkhead and Rodimus still seem to loom and so close. He pushes away but doesn't seem to be used to having limbs again because he pushes himself right off the berth, falling back and onto his head with his legs hanging on the slab still. "Whoa, off the hook..." He slowly extends a leg, testing that it still works.

Rodimus shifts, about to offer a hand before Penchant's words catch up and he steps back. He takes up a patch of wall with a troubled expression. "Don't tell me that sometimes there's not a way out," he says to Skystalker in a somewhat heated undertone as he picks his patch of wall by proximity to the other Nyonite.

Bulkhead's cheeks tinge pink at Penchant's compliment - he'd have waved it away if it wouldn't have looked garish - and then realizes. Wait. If Penchant has to reassure this Soundwave that Bulkhead's a good, trustworthy mech...the pink drains as quickly as it came. What kind of person does that make the Other Bulkhead?

It's this, coupled with how !Soundwave stumbles back from them to begin with, that has Bulkhead halting mid-movement as he automatically goes to help the mech off the floor. No, that won't make anything better, so he, like Rodimus, steps back several feet. He ends up closer to Penchant, and the hand holding his stylus shakes a little as he writes this new information down. "That may be the case," he says softly to Skystalker, once he's recovered, "But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try every avenue available to us." There's a faint part of Skystalker that wishes Rodimus had been around for him, too. He spares a ghost of a smile for the captain, a little weary before he moves forward and past Penchant to where the other Soundwave has gone tumbling off the berth. Whatever he thinks will have to take a backseat as Sky stoops to offer a hand to him, manner gentle. "How do you feel now?"

Memory, who is still under the berth listening, jumps a bit with excitement as the transformed Soundwave finally gets out of mode. Despite the fact that it would give his position away, the drone claps for !Soundwave. He stood up! That seems to be a good thing! He's just going to stay sitting under the berth until the bigger mechs are done talking.

"This is so surreal," Penchant murmurs, mostly for all of the weird slang. He chases away his fleeting amusement with a stare that's twice as grim. Which isn't very grim to begin with. Skystalker's small reference isn't lost on him. "Yeah, every avenue. If there's anything else you can tell us, Soundwave..." Pench tap-taps Bulkhead's knee. "Shoulder?"

!Soundwave watches his legs as he bends them, slowly beginning to bicycle them. He does not seem put off by being on the ground. It would seem he doesn't have the same pride his counterpart has. His visor- its color almost mirroring the yellow-green of Penchant's- is expressive and shines brightly as the servo is offered him. He laughs, a real laugh, and takes Skystalker's servo to help him hoist himself to his feet. "Hold up, dudes, let me just..." That's when his speakers turn on. Synthetic strings with a strong drum beat to beat accompanied by a chorus. And as the music picks up, !Soundwave pulls Skystalker in close and swings, hips moving to a rhythemic dance. Yeah, don't back up now, feel the rhythm of two. We can go all night to this hypnotic groove.

!Soundwave is as naturally graceful and smooth as Soundwave is stiff and still. And he's having fun being able to dance again.

In an aside to Soundwave, Rodimus says, "I'm recording this."

Bulkhead's attention is immediately caught by Memory's clapping, which isn't hard because he's watching Skystalker and !Soundwave anyway. Despite the tense situation, he can't help the soft smile, and if Memory wasn't so close to !Soundwave he'd go over and pick up the tiny drone. As it is, there's another smol who needs his lifting attention.

"Sure thing, Pench." Bulkhead snaps the stylus to his datapad before bending and easily scooping the (smaller than usual? When--) Penchant up, placing the mech on his broad shoulder. There should be plenty of room for Penchant to sit comfortably.

!Soundwave's spontaneous dancing gets a chuckle out of Bulk, and okay so he's still trying to keep his distance but - "You've got some nice moves," he compliments, hoping his grin is non-threatening and easy.

Skystalker helps !Soundwave to his pedes with a small measure of determination-- he's still Soundwave, after all. Although much of that goes flying right out of the window when he is pulled in close to the sound of strings and a rumba beat; Skystalker's expression lights up, though his laugh is one immediately flustered knowing how many of them are watching-- including their own Soundwave. Still, Skystalker can dance along for as long as this mech wants him to, optics bright and expression beaming. "I take it the answer is 'good'..." And that's perfect. He knows what it feels like to want to stretch again.

Whisper arrives, without fanfare. Driven by curiosity, she nevertheless stands in the back of the room with her head canted slightly to one side, her face an impassive mask with the wide, pale glare of her yellow optics behind the gleam of her visor. Her Decepticon badge is a bright blazon in the midst of her sleek chest, dark blue with pale highlights and the flicker of biolights lit beneath the cross of her arms. To the surprise of no one, she does not immediately speak.

Penchant gets a nice view of this new development from his gracious perch, and smirks, settling his cheek into his palm with a slow head-shake. "Primus. This is kinda' charming," he asides to Bulkhead before casting a cheeky glance to regular ol' blue Soundwave in the corner. "Welcome to the party, Whisper."

!Soundwave's wide grin can be seen in his visor as he moves smoothly with Skystalker. "You're pretty clutch yourself, dude," he tells the spacers, twisting before placing a servo on the small of Sky's back. And as the song tune hits its last strong beat, he dips Skystalker with a flourish. He keeps the pose before righting the mech. "That's was radical- I haven't been able to move like that in... in ages!"

Laughing, !Soundwave reaches into subspace- he can do that now!- and pulls something reeeeeeeeally long and the same color as his visor out. In one swift movement, he ties it around his head. "You dudes can call me Sir Soundwave!" He's knighted, you know. “Finally get to see you dudes and you get to see-" His look around the room stops on the only other Decepticon (outside of Spinister but he's distracted by his hands again.) The !Decepticon makes a beeline for Whisper, to bring her into a hug. Possibly twirl around while hugging her. "Whisper! Ah, dude, its so good to see you." Specifically. Sorry everyone here.

Soundwave in the very back gives Rodimus a dirty look.

You must stop gagging that channel to speak on it. "It is." Bulkhead watches the rest of the dance, the smile never leaving his face. It's good to see !Soundwave able to stretch again, to move freely. He can't even imagine being stuck in alt, with no way to transform back, or how good it would feel to finally have that power returned to him. When Penchant says hello to Whisper, Bulk glances her way and gives her a nod of greeting. He doesn't know the mech at all, so he doesn't do anything more than that. !Soundwave, though...

"Guessin' they're friends in that hellworld he's from," Bulkhead comments quietly, more to himself than anything else. He hopes this version of Whisper will take the attention as well as the other one must, for !Soundwave to act like this.

<FS3> Whisper rolls Mind + Composure: Great Success. (4 5 3 8 7 7 7 1 8)

Rodimus answers the dirty look with a double-barreled fingergun: pow-pow. Memory saved forever. "Spinister," he calls over. Is he done hiding? !Soundwave hasn't exploded yet. "Check in with Knock Out and Ratchet, would you? Anything you noticed or learned while working on him might help when we find the others. Thanks for helping out. Looks like you did great work."

<FS3> Whisper rolls Body + Stillness: Good Success. (4 6 4 2 2 8 1 5 5 8 5 1)

Whisper tilts her head in a slow inclination, and then lifts her gaze with visible bafflement reflecting in the set of her otherwise composed expression -- only to react to the new fact, which is that she is being ASSAULTED. HUG ASSAULTED. It's possible to describe what she does next as playing dead. That is, a Cybertronian in stasis lock would move just about as much. !Soundwave has an armload of dead weight, her wingspan spread stiff behind her in whole-bodied consternation, her visor a pale stare of yellow-bright confusion. Her lips part like she might speak, but she makes no sound: only a soft thready rush of voiceless whispering like, "Hhhhh."

"Well... questioning him hasn't been particularly fruitful but at least he's happy. And a knight apparently. Though for some reason I doubt he's in the Circle of Light." Penchant idly bounces his heel against Bulkhead's shoulder in thought, and sooorta' shields his face a little from whatever Whisper may inflict upon Sir Soundwave. So far she just seems to be hissing.

Clutch? He'll have to remember that one. Skystalker laughs when he's dipped at the end of the song, a slight flush to his biolights glimmering through as he rights himself, looking after !Soundwave when he dons a band. This guy is so far gone from theirs-- no wonder all of them are so much different. Skystalker blinks when he goes for Whisper to grab her into a hug, her reaction one that is not at all surprising. It's a wonder she didn't throat-punch him instead of... freezing? "Might want to take it easy on her, friend." Sorry, Whisper. He's just so happy to see you(?).

Soundwave just looks away because he's done with this mockery and Rodimus. He'd cross his arms but Ambulon is stil working on his gaping chassis. HRMPH. Spinister, however, spring up, nearly drawing out a firearm in surprise of hearing his name. He doesn't, thankfully. "Wot. Oh. Oh riiiiiight," he says before nodding and walking off to go do that. No guarantee he won't shoot something on the way to one of the CMOs.

!Soundwave continues to twirl Whisper, overjoyed at seeing her- "Huh?" He looks to Skystalker and back to- oh, oh right! "Ah, sorry dude. I just got a little excited." He puts Whisper down and steps away. "Its easy to forget you dude is not my dude," he tells Rodimus. "But less easy to forget you ain't my dude. Er..." He pauses and holds out a fist for a fist bump from Whisper. He looks at her eagerly, lifting his head a bit and making his collar visible. After a moment of thought, he holds out his other fist as well. Fist bumps for all.

<FS3> Whisper rolls Mind + Chill: Failure. (3 1 5 5)

Once !Soundwave has released her, some of the tension radiating out of Whisper's frame eases, though not all. She stares at his fist. Her head cants to one side. She is mystified. What is this fist for.

Oh no, a fistbump. A fistbump offered to a Whisper who doesn't Quite Get It. Bulkhead chews his lip, trying to think of how he can approach this situation. Maybe he can... "Hey, Pench," he asks, glancing at the cassette out of the corner of his optic. "Wanna do me a favor?" Without waiting for an answer (surely Penchant will agree?) Bulkhead shuffles forward, near !Soundwave but not too near. Then, he reaches up and gently scoops Penchant from his shoulder, keeping the mech on the flat of his hand as he extends it toward where !Soundwave is holding his fists out. His expression is silent urging. Fist bump the guy for him, please?

Penchant is still tap-tapping his lips in thought when Bulkhead lowers him, still sitting in his hand. Just his hand! "Hah! Oh jeez. Sure. Here, Sir Soundwave-" He makes a little fist and bumps his knuckles against the knight. "Cheers. But you should still try to help us help you," he reminds. "Even if some mechs here still wear badges, we're all on the same crew. We're all pals. Uhm, ya' dig?"

odimus sends a thumbs up after Spinister and maybe comms a quick internal warning to Ratchet and Knock Out so they are prepared for the gun and it doesn't escalate into actual shooting. As his gaze falls on Soundwave, he regretfully tags the recording for deletion. He's super into teasing; he's not so much into humiliation. "I have literally no idea what you said," he admits to !Soundwave. His gaze lingers on the collar and his hands curl to fists at his side. He doesn't fistbump. The visual scalds. "I've never heard that many dudes in one sentence--" Two sentences. "--in my life. But Penchant's right: if we can help, we will."

That is definitely a lot of 'dudes', but Skystalker can follow. It must be hard to see someone you know otherwise not know you here. He laughs faintly at Penchant, giving his own faint "Ya dig?" In echo of him. All for one, et cetera.

"But dude," !Soundwave says, sounding perplexed as he answer Rodimus without looking directly at him. "There's, like... fives dudes speaking sentences right now- good thing we're in medibay, dude, you might want to get your hearing checked." And then he laughs because damn he thinks he's funny. !Soundwave continues to look at Whisper hopefully. Come oooon... Bump his fist...

"Yeah, yeah. I dig! Of course, I know you all will and are... I mean, doi! You dudes aren't my dudes but dude... You look an sound it, its hard... I'm not sure if I can help anymore either- hearing isn't what it used to be with this bogus collar on. Goin' back is how I can get the most good. Spare my cassettes." !Soundwave then gets a visorful of a splotchy cassette bumping his fist while sitting in the servo of one of the guys responsible for Frumble. His vents hitch and splutter and he makes a grab for Penchant to pull him close. Possibly try and shove him in his chest in a panic.

When some of the attention seems to be off her, Whisper slowly lowers her wings in a kind of release of tension. She still looks quizzical but less like she might be about to lash out. Her stance is a broad set of her feet against the floor, her hands fallen to either side in a careful stillness of her sharply pointed fingers. She speaks for the first time: "The collar may not be removed?"

The touch of fury that ignites in Rodimus's spark doesn't come anywhere close to his expression as he lifts his hands and says, "Yeah. Right. Got it, uh, dude." He starts to make his way out of the medibay only to freeze when !Soundwave grabs Penchant, locked between one terrible idea and the next. In the end, he looks to Soundwave to fix.

Bulkhead had thought this was a good idea; Penchant's a small, non-threatening sweetheart. Surely fistbumping !Soundwave in Bulkhead's stead would be fine? He's quickly proven wrong as the alternate Soundwave tries to grab Penchant, and. Okay. Bulkhead doesn't know what his other self has done, this mech that looks and sounds just like him. He doesn't know the VERY GOOD REASON for !Soundwave's fear of him. All he knows is that Penchant is being grabbed by a stranger while in Bulkhead's personal bubble (read: sphere of protection) and.

So he acts instinctively, jerking his arm back, curling his fingers up in front of Penchant as a sort of barrier. Bulkhead draws Penchant back against his chassis and takes several steps back, letting out a slightly high-pitched, sheepish laugh as his wits begin to overpower gut instinct. "Whoa, uh, whoa there, Sir Soundwave, let's uh, not get grabby!"

Penchant isn't rightly sure how to react to the grabby-grab, but Bulkhead seems to be on top of things and draws him away. "It's alright!" he assures, slowly catching on. "Bulkhead's my friend. I promise." He keeps his tone light, adding to Bulkhead's nervous titter. "He's not going to do to /any/ cassette here what your version did to yours..." He waves off Rodimus. It's fine. WE'RE FINE. "If you've said all you can say though... Maybe we should give you some space."

Skystalker keeps a careful eye on the proceedings, including Whisper, who finally chances speaking. Given that he responded well enough to Sky, the starfighter moves up alongside !Soundwave with a posture of ease, trying to exude a little reassurance. "You're safe with us."

There's a minor scuffle in the back of medibay as Ambulon tries to keep Soundwave seated for repairs and Soundwave tries to knock him aside to get at !Soundwave. He'll fix this by decking his double, Rodimus. No worries. Thankfully, Penchant has things well handled.

!Soundwave is about to make another lunge to grab Penchant but the little cassette's words reach him and he draws his hands back. "Right, right... This is all hella confusing." He draws back, his headband ribbons somehow blowing out majestically. Maybe some worm holes are making a draft. He glances to Whisper and shakes his head. "I dunno if there's a way- takin' them off comes at a heavy price in the form of a really explosive payload." He vents, rubbing the back of his head. "I'd rather not have space all alone. Sounds lame. Actually, is there anywhere I could, I dunno, cartwheel around? Just move for a while."

"Practice Rooms. Level three." Lieutenant says approaching the opening of the medbay but never crossing the threshold. He's not here to admire or ask anything of this second Soundwave, it's the drone that's between Sir Soundwave's legs that he has his optics on. Memory scurries off to the avian, raising his arms to be picked up. Does he have so information to tell him!

No. NO. THAT IS NOT WHAT RODIMUS WAS LOOKING AT SOUNDWAVE FOR. He sets his hands on his hips and glares across the medibay. BAD SOUNDWAVE. His gaze pulls back at !Soundwave's question, and he says, "Yeah, sure. Whisper, Skystalker, or Penchant can show you around. Start you off in the practice rooms, maybe." On the crew comm, he adds, << "Keep him inside and away from any data that'd show him where we are or what we're doing with the artifacts. I don't want him to get a look at where we are. It's not that I don't trust him -- but I don't trust them, and he's going back to them pretty soon." >>

In all of the hubbub, Bulkhead keeps Penchant close to his chassis. You'd think he was trying to spontaneously develop a cassette docket of his own for the mech to hide in, away from !Soundwave's attempts to snatch him. He stays quiet through the following exchanges, too wrapped up in his thoughts - and in keeping away from Soundwave's double. Clearly that's the best course at this point, especially considering what Soundwave just tried to do to...himself...over Penchant.

The mech's right, this is too confusing.

"Penchant," Bulk asks quietly, "Can you tell me exactly what it is I - or this other me - did to his cassettes?" He shouldn't ask, but. He wants to know.

Whisper looks at Rodimus with reproach in her otherwise blank face. She has never shown anyone around in her life.

"Practice rooms, then..." Skystalker definitely has. He looks between Whisper, Penchant and Rodimus with a small nod for the comms in his audials. There's a second look to Whisper, and Sky's wings fan up a little as if silently beckoning. "Would you like to come along? I'm sure it won't be boring. And if it is, you can give us the slip."

Penchant gestures to be lowered back to the ground, patting Bulkhead's shin when he can reach it. "I didn't read him for that long. Only caught some flashes," he replies, just as quiet. "It's... er. I'll tell you out in the hall." Skystalker gets a thankful thumbs-up, as does Whisper. But he doesn't linger on Whisper's face for long, because she's still kinda' scary.

Whisper hesitates visibly over this offer for a moment, and then tilts her head in acknowledging way and moves on a light, careful step towards Skystalker. She seems inclined to give the others a wide berth, and yet disinclined to actually refuse the invitation for whatever reason.

As he's asked to do, Bulkhead lowers Penchant, gently setting him on his own feet. "Alright. Thanks, Pench." As he straightens, Bulkhead rolls his neck, looking for all the world like a mech about to walk into a very difficult battle. Which, for all intents and purposes, he kind of is. And as they make their way out of the room, he'll be sure to give !Soundwave plenty of room. Don't want to cause any more trouble for the poor guy.

Soundwave huffs in the back of the room, settling down for the rest of his repairs. Yes, leave. His other self is annoying. Doesn't shut up... 'Dude' stopped sounding like a real word hours ago.

!Soundwave 'smiles' at Skystalker, still avoiding looking at the Autobots. Sorry Autobots. Ya'll are terrifying where he comes from. "Thanks, dude. I appreciate it." He waits to be led off, being sure to say good bye to anyone not coming along with his thumb and pinky out, other fingers curled into his palm. Hang loose and stay radical, my dudes.

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