2017-07-07 Mechs in the House, Watch Your Mouth

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Mechs in the House, Watch Your Mouth
Date 2017/07/07
Location Hutt Colosseum
Participants Frisk, Conduit
NPCs Launcher
Plot Forced Fighters
Scene GM Lieutenant
Summary Frisk and Conduit help Launcher to disable the collars of the trapped Lost Lighters, but more importantly, also exact revenge on the arena announcers for their past statements.

Conduit and Frisk are to stay outside of the announcers' box until Launcher comes once he finishes talking to the rest back at the cells. There will be two guards, at the door to do away with swiftly in the meantime. Both big but not overly tough to take out, and it seems there is some time to kill before the real killing begins.

Frisk is clearly excited about the prospect of what they are going to do. "This is going to feel so good." Those fragging announcers are going to get what's coming to them. "We should take out the guards quick. You want the right or left?" Almost as if an afterthought, "Oh also uh.. sorry about your neck. You might wanna.. reinforce that or something. It was way too easy for me to rip open. Just a lil tip." Seriously, mech, that was like way too easy to do.

Conduit appears to be in worse shape than he truly is. The healing nanites that Frisk planted on him as he won their bout have been at work while their master waited back in his cell, slowly repairing his internals while leaving him still wounded superficially. The guards didn't suspect Conduit's increased energon appetite was sustaining the nanites, either.

After being sprung from his confinement, Conduit picked up the most serviceable pistols he could find from the random assortment of firearms available before getting up to the announcers' box. Oh, he was hoping for an opportunity to correct those blowhards, and the guards posted at the door will not scuttle his plans. He readies the pistols as they draw near. "Indeed. I will take the left. As for my neck ... no apologies necessary. It made a convincing display, and you planted the nanites perfectly. As for its ... fragility, I am not constructed for physical combat. Perhaps augmentation is in order." He peers at the guards from around a bend in the corridor. "We could use a distraction. Ideas?"

<FS3> Frisk rolls Transportation: Good Success. (8 4 2 5 8 5 2 8 2 6 4 2 1 1)

<FS3> Frisk rolls Stealth: Good Success. (5 2 4 1 8 8 1 8 1 4 4 1)

Frisk grins up at the standard, reptilian features pulling back to display all his alt modes very sharp teeth, "Get ready. I'll give you a distraction alright." Grabbing onto the wall, Frisk quickly scales the surface and with a bit more effort soon swings himself up to the ceiling. Ceiling climbing is always hard but a good option so long as a mech is careful about it... and unless you are in cloudwalker territory guards don't tend to look up. This is a situation his alt mode is actually useful for.

Wing and feet claws gripping between the panels, Frisk- admittedly slowly- makes his way over the right guard. A glance is sent back Conduit's way and that is the only warning the standard gets before Frisk lets himself drop straight onto the back of his guard with teeth and claws bared.

Conduit watches silently as Frisk demonstrates excellent stealth skills. Impressive. He waits, tensed, until Frisk drops onto his target; then, giving it just a second or two for the shock to set in, Conduit emerges and advances forward confidently, both pistols unloading on his own target. He expects the microraptor will have little trouble with his own quarry, judging from Conduit's own experience.

<FS3> Conduit rolls Firearms: Success. (4 3 5 3 6 5 6 8)

<FS3> Frisk rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (1 5 5 8 6 2 6 2 7)

The first guard Frisk drops on jumps up and turns to shoot when he and the other get injured by Conduit. Better shoot quick before they shoot next or alert the announcers.

Despite his efforts the guard doesn't last long in Frisk's fangs, which come down directly onto the organic's head. The Eukarian might be small for a Cybertronian but he is still more than large enough to take care of an organic. With that taken care of, the microraptor turns to watch Conduit take out his own, "Now we just have to wait for Launcher before the real fun can start." The Eukarian seems all too happy at this prospect. "Oh OH hold on I got a good idea!" Hopping over, Frisk pushes up the body of the guard to the door, positioning it so that as soon as it opens the thing will wall into the room- and likely right between the two announcers, "That'll get their attention!"

He is really having too much fun with this.

These pistols are hardly satisfactory, but what does one expect when they came from a literal pile? Conduit smacks them each on the butt end of their handles and alongside their barrels as he closes the distance. The guard he shot is lolling confusedly, and possibly still a threat, so Conduit sends one blaster bolt at close range into his brain module. Threat eliminated. The other seems neutralized, and leaning against the door there's a risk of his shot penetrating and giving them away. No matter. "I would expect so. Normally I'm not one for ... theatrics, but in this situation, I'm pleased to make an exception."

He meant to come earlier, but the colosseum is huge so it took him a while. Launcher comes to a near screeching halt startled to see one of the dead guards against the door. "Uh, props for creativity guys?" He's not sure about this approach but it seems fitting. Unfortunately, "We have to get going now, or the others will just be standing out there waiting to get blown up. Conduit, can I have your nanites? I need them to shut down the collars. After that, you guys just bust in there and get rid of the guys behind there."

Frisk gives a nod, "Want us to be big and distracting right?" Oh please tell him yes, that means he can do more than just scare the heck out of these guys for their commentary!

"Of course." Conduit is usually loathe to lose an entire nanite population, but that was always a risk here, and these were selected from a larger brood anyway. He goes to get a capsule, but his own collar once again stays his hand, and he can't ... quite ... get it. He sighs. "Reach here and take a capsule. One with red lights contains nanites that disintegrate their target. They only function for a moment before exhausting their energon."

Launcher grins to Frisk, "Go big, or die trying." He approaches Conduit with a nod, just touch the capsule in the neck. Plucking out, he rests a hand on Conduit's arm, "I'll take care of them." With that he steps back from the two, spacing the capsule, and stretching his fingers. With a swift punch to the ground below him, Launcher creates a hole through a foot of cement to drop down to the level where Hutt's box is. You two have your orders, make a scene.

<FS3> Frisk rolls Dramatics: Failure. (3 3 1 2 3 1 1)

Frisk spends 1 luck points on This is Frisk's calling! He's finally asked to be dramatic!!.

<FS3> Frisk rolls Dramatics: Good Success. (3 7 2 3 2 7 3)

Out in the arena, it's dark out, there are only light shows going on, reflecting off the force field dome. "ANNND HERE WE ARE FOLKS!" One of the announcers calls out. "The Cybertronian fight, here for your entertainment! We have Autobots, Decepticons, a dino bruiser, and the fancy birb!"

"Last night's fight fell short, but when you have a setup like this, it's hard to be disappointed! I can't wait to see how this turns out!"

Frisk is dino grinning widely, "Now your talking sense, standard!" This guy is ok, he likes this guy. Now he waits for the cue... and then waits one more beat for them to be in the middle of a sentence before simply using a wing to key the door open, letting the body thud heavily between the two announcers on the other side. Its only once they see it that Frisk steps into the doorway, "Hi." And then he's lunging forward with a loud hiss to sink his fangs and claws right into the torso of the announcer to the left. But its not a move to kill, no. This is to make a lot of noise into the open microphone.

<FS3> Conduit rolls Coolness: Good Success. (2 6 5 5 1 4 7 2 4 8 3)

Conduit follows Frisk inside calmly, a marked contrast to Frisk's pounce. He closes in on the other announcer, single pistol aimed directly at his stupid organic face. "We also cannot wait to see how this turns out. It's quite a collection of combatants. Although I've heard, from perhaps you, that they do not make Decepticons like they used to. Was that you, who I heard?" Conduit speaks loudly enough that, hopefully, his words carry through the microphone and through Frisk's chomping. He waits for a response, and hopefully for his collar to deactivate, so that he can do what he truly wants to do.

"Only one mech stands this t--AAAUGH!!" the first announcer scream, toppling over in his seat, knocking over his mic. The second jumps up, but a new voice is heard over the mic over the screaming. A cool, smooth Decepticon scientist's voice speaks, "We also cannot wait to see how this turns out. It's quite a collection of combatants. Although I've heard, from perhaps you, that they do not make Decepticons like they used to. Was that you, who I heard?"


Meanwhile, everyone will feel the collars powering down. Hutt moves clearly in front to see what is going on. Please admire his ugly slug mug.

<FS3> Frisk rolls Body+Body: Good Success. (8 8 1 4)

<FS3> Conduit rolls Nanotech: Good Success. (4 8 5 5 3 5 4 7 3 1 4)

Frisk lets the screaming go on for a bit longer before he lets go and instead bites the mech's head. "Wanna make another comment about my alt? Huh? You know... I think thats our guy down there... I'm gonna send him a present. Lemme borrow that." Frisk motions for one of the guns Conduit wields and once its passed he sends several bullets through the glass before doing what he really wanted.

Lugging the heavily bleeding organic to the side, Frisk looks over the edge, "Lets see if you can fly like I supposedly can with my 'bird' wings." With a heave, Frisk throws the alien at the now weakened glass and sends him crashing down straight onto the slug like alien looking up at the box.

"Tsk tsk, calling for security." Conduit shakes his head gravely, and notices that his collar no longer restricts his movements. He takes out another nanite capsule, its red lights pulsing, after a no-look handoff of a pistol to Frisk. "You should have answered my question. But you didn't, therefore I'll have to assume that it was you. Sadly, your mouth keeps getting you into trouble. I feel you don't realize this. Here. I shall demonstrate." With sudden rage, Conduit swiftly rams the nanite capsule into the announcer's mouth, crushing it open as he does. The hungry occupants stream out and in a matter of seconds, eat away the announcer's head from the inside, as his muffled scream gurgles into a final gasp.

Still holding the capsule in empty space, Conduit casually looks on as Frisk ejects the other announcer. With a nearly effortless shove, he sends his headless student out after him.

Ripping off his collar, Frisk slaps foot on counter, picking up the dropped mic, "Oh and look at that ladies and gentlemen an amazing display of raw Cybertronian might by our contestants tonight! What do you think the chances are of anyone making it out of here alive tonight conduit?" Come on Conduit, gotta keep the crowd entertained! The stage calls to him!

"Minimal." Conduit isn't a talker. But after a beat, he realizes he needs to rise to the challenge. "In fact, if I were in the crowd right now, or perhaps an employee of the arena, I would certainly run for my pathetic life."

Conduit notes Frisk eagerly ripping off his collar, and does the same with his. It's not as much of a rip rip, but it is done with satisfaction nonetheless.

One of the announcer's corpse is thrown out of it's box, hitting Hutt on it's way down. It also bounces off the force field, falling upon some of the patrons below. The other does not get such a merciful death as Conduit's nanites eat the announcer's head inside and out.

With a loud whoop and a pump of his fist into the air, Starstruck hollers, "ATTABOY, CONDY!" before he lets loose a barrage of laser bursts.

Ultra Magnus stares grimly towards Hutt. The towers of his shoulders both draw open, the massive rocket missiles in each of them charging.

Launcher approaches from behind. Sorry, but if anyone gets to to kill the slug, it's him. "I am Launcher of Rada Mor, a made to order Autobot! That means I was made for one purpose! To fight! For the past decade I have been the victor for nothing other than your entertainment, and for three million years prior I fought for the freedom of those who only made me to add to the body count!"

"Not today though. Today is a new day, and I intend to fight for every prisoners' freedom here! As well as my own." He glances out to the arena, smiling at those there below and glancing above. They're finally going to be free. They're finally-- Launcher's collar beeps rapidly and his optics widen.

The collar.

There is a huge explosion from Hutt's box a second after that.

<FS3> Frisk rolls Fortitude: Failure. (3 6)

<FS3> Conduit rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (6 2 8 4 2 7)

The remainder of this scene is merged with 2017-07-07 The Final Showdown.

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