2017-07-06 Indiana Torque

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-07-06 Indiana Torque
Date 2017/07/07
Location Desert Planet
Participants Torque, Overkill
NPCs Sand Dragon
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Tez
Summary Indiana Torque and her faithful sidekick Overkill seek out the next artifact in the desert! But a monstrous foe stands in their way!

The next artifact to pop on the map is on a cyberformed world that had been colonized by a young race of mechanicals that have strangely gone missing. Their settlements are abandoned. The artifact has been left at a temple of the Guiding Hand, once buried beneath a flow of river sand and mud, and partly excavated in recent years by the young mechanicals. They scarcely seem to understand what they've found before abandoning -- or being forced to abandon -- their work.

The temple sits by the side of a majestic river of flowing, liquid metal, carving a wide path through the tawny, glittering sands. The building is shaped as a pentagon, and on each corner stands one of the faces of the Guiding Hand on a finely columned pillar.

Torque had been checking over the datapad in her hand to make sure they were on the right path to the artifact's destination, but she pretty much abandoned it when the temple was spotted in the distance.

"Whoa.." The medic is just about speechless as they venture closer to the grand structure. Normally she would be helping on the ship, but the recent problems they've been running into with most of their artifact hunts have prompted her to come along for some medical support and extra muscle. Staring a moment longer, she hazards a glance at the cassette that's accompanied her today, antennas skewing in uncertainty. "So.. Mysterious ancient temple, missing colony folk, an an artifact on the radar. It's starting to feel like one of those Earth movies about that guy who goes treasure hunting. Think they call him Indie.." She looks back, brow scrunching. "...So we just head in, yeah?"

       "The proud, noble and fierce OVERKILL strode across the sands of a vacant world, alert of and eager to see what dangers would dare to test his mettle." the Theropod prattled as he moved towards the temple, feet leaving three-toed track in the sand as it crunched and shifted between his feet. His head bobbing slightly with each step, crimson optics sweeping left and right.

"Amused by his own humor, he chortled, Hm, hm, hm! For surely he is the bravest and most humorous of all Cybertronians in the known universe!" he boasted, voice lifting as he crowed his own glory... only to halt, turning those hateful eyes around to regard Torque. "What are you prattling on about, why do you fill the air with such yammering. What importance is it that this has some vague resemblance to paltry earth frivolities when you have in your presence OVERKILL. Where is your praise, your worship of my greatness, my MAJESTY?!" he begins, turning his attention back towards the temple, setting off, bravely and without concern.

"Now follow, follow and see that which you should venerate! Be safe in my shadow-" she was taller than he, "and witness my great deeds!"

As they enter the temple, they leave behind a ghostly silence -- one that's broken in the far, far distance by a whistling that's lost in the general scream of wind across sand. It's probably nothing. The walls are high and the five-pointed vault of the ceiling spears up to leave room for the tallest of bots to stand. Inside, there are places where murals were removed during excavation for repair, leaving behind only broad, blank walls onto which one might imagine a past. The room descends toward the center, each of the five sides lined with rows of seats. There is a single high platform overlooking the area against one of the walls, and a pit in the center that has yet to be dug out. There's a tarp over the pit, and beneath it, something stirs: three heads poke out, all of them mechanicals just a bit smaller than overkill, and all of them dismayed. They chirp and spit in a binary babble that resolves after a moment into a translation they can understand: "--no man's land! What are you doing here?"

The scanner suggests the artifact is very close.

Torque will admit that, while odd, Overkill's self narration at least provides some entertainment. To his chiding of not praising him, the femme snorts and smirks, shaking her helm a little. "Yes, yes, you're quite the mech, Overkill. But let's focus on-- H-Hey, wait up!" Looking up, she sees the tape treking his way into the temple without hesitation, the medic chasing after.

Once inside, she slows just at the edge where the descending seats begin, amber optics wide as they scan the likely once decorated interior. "Weird.. It's almost like a stadium.. Eh?" As she makes her way down nearer the center, the tarp begins to shift, leading her fists to ball in defense. Luckily it's some of the natives, possibly, and she begins to lose her initial bristle. "Oh, hello! We mean you no harm. We're actually here looking for, well.. We're not sure yet." She rubs the back of her neck, expression lopsided while giving the temple another look over.

"Was there something special looking in this temple? Like an artifact..? Our scanners say it's in here. ...Almost right under us, actually." Back to them, her optics narrow quizzically on the tarp. "...What's under there, anyway?"

       As his footfalls transitioned from sand to masonry, Overkill made a subtle but noticeable effort to step heavily, his body swaying with each step as he trod upon stone and entered. Once past the threshold, he halted and studied the interior. Not to be wary of traps but to consider the architecture and the acoustics it would provide. "Yeees, a stadium, a, a grand colosseum, Good." he crooned, eyes narrowing with wicked glee, "Very good, Yeeeessss." his voice trailed into a quiet, savoring hiss.

Sound drew his attention to the central pit, head snapping towards the disturbance, a low growl rumbling in his throat. When the heads popped into view, he wiggled the claws of his forelimbs in delight. "Oh rapturous day, a new and eager audience to witness the greatness that makes up every micron of my being. How fortunate they are, what blessings and joy they will experience to be the first of their kind to gaze upon the great and magnificent-"

He stooped, building his voice into a booming volume as he rose up to bellow into the eves, "OOOOOVEEERKIIIIIIIILLL!" his words echoed like distant thunder, the spectre of them haunting the air for several moments afterwards.

He fell quiet, optics shuttering... his voice caused him to shiver... But Torque was being civil and stepping over all of his lines.

Venting air through his nasal valves, he swung his head around towards her, "What are you doing, you don't need to talk to them like that! They'll never understand. You must be forceful, firm, Authoritative!" he chided her once more. His muzzle swung around, regarding the tarp and those it hid, "We come seeking a artifact, if you do not have it in your possession, you are in it's proximity! Leave! Leave now and you will know only my magnificent presence and not my terrible wrath! Surrender the Artifact and this place!"

Ohhhh my goddddd.

The answer to Overkill is a very flattering fear. Despite the fact that mechanicals design is subtly different -- three sensors atop their domed heads, with a body covered by a sheathe of manipulating tentacles -- fear reads the same. They go still, shrink down, and the dull bronze covers over their sensors spiral wide in panic. Their eyes are not bright as a Transformers eyes, but dark and glossy and very, very scared. They just start flinging things out of the pit. Crates of artifacts. Crates of dirt. Excavation tools. Supplies. One of the crates beep-beeps on the datapad: the artifact is in there.

"Get out of here!" the first calls. "You're going to bring them down on us!"

That distant whistling from earlier? It's repeats again, closer, and it's not a whistle: it's the piercing cry of some monstrous beast. Sand stirs in a sudden vortex of wind, caused by the downdraft of mighty wings as the thing lands. It calls again, air-splittingly close, and the sound strikes like a crack of thunder. They've got company.

It's true, Overkill's announcement is both impressive and thunderous as it rings off the temple walls. It has Torque's audials ringing, even, but for the most part she just plants her face in a palm. This is what happens when you pair humble with ego. "..Really?" She vents at his further disagreement with her methods before he goes all out intimidating the mechanicals who, surprisingly, comply quickly. Torque blanks at this, then gives the Con a look as she grunts. "..Okay, point to you, but don't go gloating." As if he'd ever!

Looking about the crates, one in particular gains her interest and she kneels before it, keen interest on her face when opening it to investigate. "Hm?" Distracted, she glances up for a second, concerned. "Bring who--?" An increasingly close whistle gains her attention again, though it's the whipping sand outside and a thud of landing that fulling brings her helm around. "Slag.. Ergh, guess we got company. Stay down, yeah?" She gives the trio a hard look and a nod, urging them to hide. "We'll take care of this, don't worry."

       Fear, validation, it rolled across him like warm, summer breeze. He bathed in it, every bit of circuitry he owned came alive in the presence of such abs- Hold on, let me let him tell you, '..Really', "Aaah, yes. See, do you see? How they grovel, how they hasten their efforts in my presence? My spark surges at the sight of it, fit to burst from it's housing and become as unto a star, the brightesat in the night sky for untold light years. A star that all would guide themselves by in those dark voids so far from light before my rebirth." he got a little off the mark there but it served. The under-things prattled and jabbered, making nonsense quibbles and concerns. "Fear not the dangers with out but glory in that which has arrived! Have you not been told, do you not see my grandeur?"

She locates the artifact and he watches her regally as if it were at his behest that she moved, that her spark surged in her chest.

Then came the cry, the call, the arrival. The shriek causes Overkill to flinch, head ducking as his eyes narrow. "What now?" he wonders, turning to peer out past the doorway at their newest adversary...

"Do not trouble yourself, Femme." Overkill instructs his compatriot, "Such a paltry offering will not even be a challange for one such as I! No, stay, secure the artifact, and when I have finished emerge and see the ruin I make of it. Steel your resolve for it will not be a pleasing sight lest your heart longs for malice and gore. I will rend this thing to ribbons, it will damn itself and it's creator for having it birthed it into a world where it should meet it's end at my jaws, my claws. It will know that the universe is a terrible and cruel place for it has guided it here and allowed it to be as foolish as to challange-

The theropod strides forward back into the open air before he bellows his acceptance of the monster's challanging bellow


When his voice did not return to him several times over, Overkill snorted his displeasure, "One moment." he bade the beast, lifting a forestalling claw as he took two steps back.... and then after consideration, a third.

"OOOOOOVEEEEEERKIIIIIILLLLL!" the structure acting like a megaphone as the casette roared.

Overkill says, "Yeeesssss"

There's a collection of loose detritus in the crate: a mix of ancient garbage and mysterious fragments of items that are older yet, none of it well-sorted and all of it waiting for a grad student's attention. As Torque sorts through it, her hand brushes one particular bit of metal -- and it calls to her, literally and metaphorically, with a tug that roots itself on her spark and a soft chime of metal. It looks old, rusted, but as she withdraws it, sand and flakes of rust fall away to reveal two coiled gauntlets, clasped together.

"You're ruining years of research!" one of the mechanicals squeaks from the pit in an outraged piping noise. "Who even are you?!"

When the thing lands outside, they might as well have disappeared given how close they flatten to the ground. Sand is blown in by the buffeting of mighty wings, the winds gale-forced and driving the grains of sand into joints and beneath plates of armor where they crackle with static charge. As Overkill calls a challenge, the dragon calls one back, launching a vicious attack on Overkill when he stops to yell again. Someone does NOT care about theatrics.

    <COMBAT> Sand Dragon attacks Torque with Tooth And Claw - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Torque attacks Sand Dragon with Unarmed - Light Stun wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Overkill attacks Sand Dragon with Tooth And Claw - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Back to the box, Torque quickly shifts aside more old bits and pieces of technically artifacts. But they're not what she's looking for, even if she has no idea what this thing even looks like. That is until-- "This is it.." She mutters, antennas swiveling up and optics sparkling in awe at the strange, invisible tug at her spark when withdrawing a terribly aged pair of gauntlets.

She would stare all day if she could, entranced, but the shrill anger from one of the mechanicals, as well as the beast at their doorstep, brings her back to reality. "We're here to save your afts!" She snorts to the three. "..After bringing the danger in the first place. Whatever! Just stay here!" She maglocks the gauntlets to her hip and springs to her feet, sprinting after the smaller lizard that's now trying to challenge what appears to be some huge, desert dwelling dragon.

She bites back a curse when stinging, sparking sand is set upon them when approaching the door, but she covers her face with an arm and muscles her way through it until she's face to face with the beast. "Frag, Overkill, watch out!" Body tense, she makes a leap to scoop the cassette out of the way, only to earn a mild graze of claws over middle that draws out a yelp and leaves her stumbling a few steps. "Gah, fraggin' beast.." She grunts, setting Overkill down and righting herself with a grunt, likely ignoring his complaints. It's been so long since she's been in a fight like this, but damn if it doesn't send a spike of adrenaline and a great buzz through her system, her plating flaring a little from a shiver. "Oi oi, so yah wanna scrap, lizard breath? Bring it!" Armor clamps down and, with possibly a little smirk on her face, she's making a dash for the creature, going for a clawed hand should it swipe again and swinging a fist to buffet it away.

       Perhaps it was those steps that saved him the Dragon's initial salvo, perhaps it too heard some call from those gauntlets. Whatever it was, the beast seemed to simply by pass him and lash out at the Femme instead.. The Tapeasaurus Rex craned his head back to see what effect it had on his companion. His jaw dropped, flabberghasted that he would be so poorly misused, ignored. "How. DARE YOU!?" he roared his indignation, "You DARE ignore the great and terrible OVERKILL?! You hold your life so cheap, so paltry and loosely that you would strike a lesser foe?! Bear your heart to me, wretched fool, split open your breast so that I might gnash that which you hold most dear IN MY TEETH!" he prattled as he stooped down and charged, head lowered and legs pumping. He sprang, leaping at the Dragon's armored breast, forelimbs scrabbling at the beast's thick hide to find purchase, his legs kicking and rushing to anchor his talons into the beast while he snapped and bit, trying... and failing to rend his way into the monster, halted by thick, daunting armor.

As Torque catches the dragon's claw in her own hand, it turns to snarl down at her. It's taller than her -- taller than them, and taller than the temple -- and the force of its body weighs down on her, until its claws scrape over her armored front. Lightning crackles from its throat and between its teeth. It's not clear if it is mechanical or organic, but its hide is metallic and its eyes are bright with an electric light. For a long moment, it doesn't even really seem to notice Overkill -- then, finally, it registers that ah, yes, there is a loud other, and it turns its attention down upon him.

    <COMBAT> Overkill attacks Sand Dragon with Tooth And Claw but Sand Dragon DODGES!
    <COMBAT> Sand Dragon attacks Overkill with Tooth And Claw - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Torque attacks Sand Dragon with Unarmed - Serious Stun wound to Right Leg.

So much for buffeting. The clawed hand has more swing behind it than Torque first anticipates, leaving her bracing against it. Fist driven into its metal palm is forced to switch to two, her feet starting to sink into the sand under the huge weight. What makes matters worse is the claws bearing down and slicing further over her middle, overlapping the old once and making her hiss behind gritted teeth. "Guh.. Fraggin'.. Get off!" She snarls and flexes to heave the paw aside while springing away under the dragon's body.

Venting, she scrambles to her feet again and turns to see Overkill taking on the beast up close and person. Youch, that dino's got some bite! And even if he doesn't breach the armor, he still offers a distraction, Torque taking advantage of it and digs heels in before running full tilt under the dragon towards its back legs. Swinging her arm back as she nears, there's a sound of straining inner workings, like metal groaning under pressure. Her arm shaking from the buildup, she throws more power into those last few steps and jumps, releasing her shotgun punch directly into the dragon's supporting leg joint.

       "'our hide ith thick 'ut it 'ill 'ot sa'e ou ore'er!" Overkill snarled as he gnawed and bit at the beast. Ignore the fact that his words were born fully from a vocalizaer and did not need the workings of his lips or a tongue to form them! He ripped and tugged as best he could to no avail! It was soon that the beast noticed him once more. A swipe of one hand dislodged him and sent him sailing away, a dent worked into his side. He landed, poorly, tumbling over and over before he could steady himself and lurch to his feet. It was a effort to consider. He shook off the mild daze of his landing and raked a clawed foot through the sand before he brought it down in a stomp!

"I will rend you apart at the cellular level, I will slake my thirst with your blood and taste the last sweet moments of your life as they dribble out between my teeth as they bear down on your throat and RIP it asunder. Oh beast, or wretch. You may have been the apex predator of this world before I arrived here but know now and forever more that your kind will shiver with fear once I am done with you! They will hold the night's sky as a grave and terrible thing for they will know that in that expanse, in that great blackness that is mostly void but partially stars, out beyond where their pathetic eyes cannot see is OVERKILL and that he could return at ANY moment to eradicate them from this, their meager and paltry planet!"

With this said and while it is said... and possibly afterwards, Overkill barrels forward once more. He leaps... and finds nothing. The beast shifts, turns, thrashes or just casually steps aside. Overkill tumbles, his bluster all for not... But now, now he is well and truly angry.

That is a punch powerful enough to stagger a dragon.

Let's repeat that for everyone in back:

As Torque draws her fist back, she delivers so powerful a blow that it staggers a beast the size of a building, with a sickening snapping noise deep within the joint. It throws it's head high, crying in pain, and lightning spears from its jaw to the clouds where a storm brews. The sand whips around them, driven to a frenzy by the lashing of the wind, its wings, its tail: it scratches, slipping between seams with an uncomfortable static prickle against their wires.

As Overkill leaps, the dragon turns, one leg dragging behind, to swat him out of the way so that it can turn and focus on Torque.

    <COMBAT> Sand Dragon attacks Torque with Tooth And Claw - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Torque attacks Sand Dragon with Unarmed - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Overkill attacks Sand Dragon with Tooth And Claw - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Sand Dragon attacks Torque with Tooth And Claw - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Overkill attacks Sand Dragon with Tooth And Claw - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Torque attacks Sand Dragon with Unarmed - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Overkill attacks Sand Dragon with Tooth And Claw - Moderate wound to Right Leg.
    <COMBAT> Torque attacks Sand Dragon with Unarmed - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Sand Dragon attacks Torque with Tooth And Claw - Moderate wound to Left Hand.

Mix a medic with a pit fighter and you've got a dangerous mix of someone who really knows where to hit to make it hurt. That snap of inner workings confirms her hit was on point, Torque landing unsteadily in the sand and taking a moment to shake out her arm, which flares armor to vent some heat. "Nh, been a while since I've hit that hard." She puffs and looks back, but is accosted by more whipping sand that digs under her armor and sends an uncomfortable, prickly stab through her lines. "Fraggin' hell, what's this sand made of!" She hisses, gritting teeth against it, lines starting to itch from the irritation.

But she has no time to relax as the beast comes back around. This time the two are more on point, Torque deflecting blows, but her own in turn are deflected by the dragon for longer than she'd like. Still, it gives her enough time to work some things out in her head, soon calling across the field to Overkill. "I think maybe it's protecting the temple! It has to be! Maybe if we- Agh, shit!"

Winding up another attack, the dragon manages to catch her with a rend of claws. Mostly is just knocks her aside, but one manages to score nastily down her forearm and across the back of her hand. Cast back into the sand, she bites her lip hard and cradles her arm now streaming moderately with streaks of pink, drops staining the sand. "Listen! Dragon! If you're protectin' this thing, then we're on your side! We're here to use it to stop Unicron!" Maybe it's just a territorial dragon, but you never know.

       Overkill railed, he bellowed, growled and shouted. Entire litanies of promises to end this beast, to rend him asunder, to dwell in his hollowed out corpse and rule there as this planet's new and greatest king! He was upon the greater beast, scaling it's scales, ripping and rending at it's armor, sparks flying as he tried to all but burrow into the monstrous fiend to little avail. It's armor was too thick for Overkill, too hardy. He tried the monster's sides, it's flanks, lashing out with talons, claws and fangs as best he was able, ignoring the irritation of sand as it worked into seams or between joints. Exalted, excited, infuriated, he ignored the surge of static electricity in the air that frazzled his sensors. He wanted blood, the blood of this beast!

He found it, in the monster's belly where armor was thin, he found it, raking his claws against it's hide, he first found it as unyielding as the chest!

But there was a weakness, he knew it, he could feel it.

"Do not try to reason with it, Femme! End it, break it! Shatter it's bones and bathe in it's blood! A lowly vermin such as this is mere childs play for the great and magnificent OVERKILL! See now how I begin to flay it alive?!" he bellows as at last his forelimb manages to pierce the hide and rend open a large gash to let the vital essence of this monster flow!

    <FS3> Torque rolls Presence+Presence: Success. (1 7 1 2)

Something about Torque's words just barely manages to catch the dragon's attention, and it pauses with a snarl in it's teeth, the great head turning toward her.

    <COMBAT> Overkill attacks Sand Dragon with Tooth And Claw - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Torque won't fight if she doesn't have to, and to her surprise and delight the dragon appears to understand her. Being stared down by a creature as giant as this is odd, even moreso when it isn't attacking, but luckily she knows what to do. Crossing the stars on a mission of peace and healing, you have to know how to deal with aliens or beings that don't speak your language, though there's always one surefire way of getting your intent across. With a universal greeting.

Still holding her arm, optics never leaving the dragon's, Torque stands and holds her ground while reaching into a small compartment to pull out an energon goodie dispensor. "Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong." The goodie sticks may be almost microscopic compared to the dragon, but she holds out a whole fistful of them to compensate. "I'm sorry we broke in and started all of this, you're only doing what you're supposed to. Let me fix your leg. Please?" Of course her attention is off of Overkill, unsure of what he's about to do.

       "Platitudes, empty, hollow, you would have us leave here our fight unfinished!? Our glory unwon?! You think that we can take our meager prize and return as cowards that fled battle?! No, noooo I THINK NOT!" Overkill had seen her effect upon the beast, he had witnessed it's attack abating and he cared little for it. "For you, Beast, you have challenged OVERKILL!" bellowed the over-sized tape, turning his ire towards the Dragon, jaw working a mile a minute as he prattled and boasted, "Greatest of the fallen Decepticon Regime, it's most vicious warrior! This is no battle you will walk away from. There is no surrender or forfeiture of this prize. That which you will now reap is your end beast. It was a fatal mistake you made when you came here, fatal, final, your last, for now; DEATH!"

And so he lept upon the monster's breast and he tore. With claws that could rend through the hulls of battleships, Overkill rent and tore with wicked glee and delight.

There's a moment -- a moment -- where it seems like Torque might be getting through the dragon, busting out the universal greeting and everything -- and the Overkill attacks, relentlessly, and the moment is gone. It turns on Overkill, Torque forgotten, with a bolt of lighting striking from its jaws to sear the sand beneath Overkill to glass as he leaps to attack.

    <COMBAT> Sand Dragon attacks Overkill with Tooth And Claw but Overkill DODGES!
    <COMBAT> Overkill attacks Sand Dragon with Tooth And Claw - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
       "Do you feel it, do you know the presence of your own death as it looms over you, have you the wits to recognize your imminent end as it hurtles towards you with your blood on it's lips?!" Quizzed Overkill as he dropped from the beast, his claws and fangs dripping with the monster's vitality! It stains the sand as he rushes to the left, claws kicking up sand in his wake, sand that turns molten in an instant, a beautiful thing of strange intricateness. "That will make fore a fitting headstone for you, a work of art that all might see when they come and visit the many slaughters of OVERKILL once my glory is recognized as it rightfully should be!" he swore, eyes sweeping to one planted claw of the beast.

He drew breath, the planet's air mixed with chemicals and turned to combustive fuel as Overkill exhaled, "BUUUUURN!" he demanded of the creature as flames bathed out past his maw and washed over the dragon's hand.

Torque feels bad it had to come to blows like it did, but hope shines in her optics at the prospect of a new path. But nothing like that can happen when they're involved, can it? The blooming moment of understanding is shattered when Overkill rushes back into battle. "NO!!" Optics flare and energon goodies are dropped into the sand, forgotten as she claws at the sand to run towards the fighters.

She makes no more moves to fight the dragon, her intent clear while running for Overkill. Skidding, she just avoids the lightning that turns the ground to a sheet of glass and ducks under that gout of flame pouring from the cassette's mouth. But before he can cause more damage than the fire already does, Torque tackles Overkill to snap a hand around his mouth, likely burning her hand as she holds it fast and pins him. "You idiot! What are you doing?? It understood me, we don't have to fight!" Looking up the dragon, she pleads, "Stop! Please! He doesn't know what he's doing!" And if it won't stop she'll be forced to try and flee with Con she so wishes to strangle right now.

Slow to turn on its injured leg, the dragon is unable to close its teeth over Overkill. They snap -- snipSNAP -- with a crunchy cracky of electricity as a growl builds deep within its body and breaks as a snarl. It surges into the fire, fearless despite the damage it takes, so that it can close on Overkill ... and even if Torque gets between them, those teeth, those claws: they don't stop.

    <COMBAT> Sand Dragon attacks Torque with Tooth And Claw but Torque DODGES!
    <COMBAT> Torque subdues Overkill!
       "YEEEEES, BURN, BURN AND KNOW THAT-" howled Overkill, the flapping of his jaw interrupting the stream of fire as it boiled out of the nozzle set into his mouth and seared the Dragon. It is in that moment that he is tackled, Large for a tape, he is likely on equal or slightly lesser footing to the Femme, being the approximate size of an actual Tyrannasaurus Rex... even though he is OBVIOUSLY a Ceratosaurus... but Soundwave likely knew little about the ancient apex predators of earth when he commissioned Overkill's reformatting.

I Digress.

Overkill goes down in a tumble with Torque and despite hbis fury, despite his rage at this SUDDEN BUT INEVITABLE BETRAYAL, he is impotent to do anything against her. She has him from around the back. His legs kick, his arms paw impotently at the air. Even his jaw she has muzzled. She will hear about this later. She will hear about this NOW

"MF!? Mfmfmrph, hMF! mfm hm hrmph hmph hm. Hmrh hrff hf, HRFMFHRGH! Hmf hf mrf hfff, mmph, hmph, hrf-" ... he keeps going.

When Torque aims to pin someone, she damn well is gonna pin them. Whatever Overkill hopes to dish out in retaliation she'll take without complaint, be it slander or claws. Venting hard, she looks up just in time to see the dragon coming for them once more, but fighting spirit is still strong in her even if it isn't her intent right now.

With a kick she sends herself rolling back out of the dragon's range with Overkill in tow, though when she comes back up she'll have her knee planted firmly on the back of his helm and the gauntlets suddenly off her hip and between her hands, an obvious threat of tension in her arms. "STOP!!" She bellows, holding her ground against the creature. "I know this is what you're protecting! So if you value it, you'll stop this right now! I can break your leg and I can break these, too, I swear it!"

    <FS3> Torque rolls Body+Body: Success. (6 1 1 6 4 6 5 8)

Maybe it's the lingering memory of Torque's earlier strike on its leg, but the dragon seems to believe her. It snarls, looking down at them both, while its tail lashes in agitation. It rears back on its legs -- leg, really; it's definitely lopsided, avoiding putting weight on one -- and attempts to buffet them with its wings to intimidate them into behaving properly. Like screaming and running away and leaving the artifact behind, maybe??

Torque won't drop these gauntlets for the world. Not even with this thing standing in her way! Literally! "Ergh.." She growls, squinting hard and ducking low to the sand to keep from being blown off balance from the large cassette she's keeping in line. "Hey--Hey! Knock it off!" She snarls through the heavy wind. "And get off that leg, you're gonna make it worse!"

Bracing to get up, she pauses and glowers down at Overkill, a fire behind her optics. "You attack again and I'll lock yah in your altmode, got it?" Her glare lingers before standing up and pushing through the gust towards the dragon, maglocking the gauntlets again and taking a medical kit from subspace. "Sit. Down." Medic mode takes over, so her tone takes on ten shades of commanding. "I told you, we're on your side. I'm gonna use this thing for good, I promise you. Now let me fix my mistake."

       "Hrglmphrgl?!" Shoved down and into the sand, Overkill scrabbles, digging but with her CONSIDERABLE WEIGHT pressed down against the back of his head, he struggles. Doing little more than digging through the sand.

When she shifts her tonnage off of him, he rears back, mouth gaping in a bellow of, "GRAAAHL!!" He rounds on her, jaws snapping closed as he fixes her with a glower... but she cuts him of, INTERRUPTS HIM with a threat...

Crimson eyes flicker, his head rocking back at the end of his neck as he rears, "You wouldn't dare!" he gasps.

But she would. "So cold a heart, how debased a spark, to imprison one such as I, to bind me in that damnable form, incarcerated in my own body. Oh sinner, of fiend. There are few courts left that could try you for a crime of such magnitude!" he seeths, glowering at her.

"But have your way, converse, consort, and consummate to your heart's desire. I, OVERKILL, will have no more dealings with it!"

The dragon watches them, almost confused by the continuing lack of fight. Okay so we're -- done now? That's it? It blows a breath over them both; the charge in the air prickles at their sensors as it, "Hrrf,"s over them both. Hrrf. You hear that? HRRF!

The dragon seems to WEIGH Torque's CONSIDERABLE request, its eyes drifting closed and its jaw slacking, hanging loose. It draws a bellowing breath, scenting the air with a flick of a silvery tongue as its eyes narrow. The ground quivers beneath them, ever so slight, as a hum builds from the lowest subsonic registers to build and build. The charge in the air rises, until sparks leap and snap between their joints, all as the dragon considers them.

The sound builds to an almost painful level, still just below the range of hearing, but loud, loud enough to shake the ground, as the charge builds to the edge of pain. Then--

Lightning strikes, splitting the ground between them, as a mighty bolt shatters the ground. When their optics reset, the dragon is gone and the temple's roof is cracked. The air is still and quiet.

Hrrf all you want, Torque's heard worse griping. Standing before the dragon, she awaits its decision, keeping steady as its jaws open to taste the air. She would approach further, but a strange, faint feeling beneath her feet and an almost electric hum in the air stops her. "What the.." She blinks, watching in awe, but hisses through her teeth and holds her arm as sparks crackle through her. It hurts, but she keeps steady, enduring it until the sound becomes nigh unbearable and she has to hold hands over her audials.

Just as the sound reaches its crescendo the sky splits with a bolt of lightning and crashes to the ground before Torque, tossing her back with a yelp. Dazed, she lays there for several moments until her optics are able to reset back to normal, rubbing her helm as she sits up to see the fissure before her and the dragon gone.

Several beats pass until she exvents in exhaustion and flops onto her back again, laid out. "..Can we go home now?"

       He knew it, "I knew it.", yes I just said that. Overkill knew it. Their battle was not over, not by far. Turning, his grand a elegant tail sweeping about behind him as he faced the Dragon once more, He set his feet and glared hatefully at the beast. "Come then beast, come and taste these, your last moments of life before I fill them to the brim with-" Overkill began as silvery threads of light sparked and popped along his chassis, he was about to arm the warheads on his missiles. They needed only movement, not sensors to find their target... Well, the electro-static surge would likely still interfere with their guidance system but Overkill knew this not!

It felt and sounded like the world was split asunder. Overkill howled his surprise and dismay, his audials left near-blown by the cacophony. He reeled back... and when his optics cleared of the overload, they were alone.


"See, were it not for your intrusion, your lack of ferocity, I would have bested it, bested and slain it! But now it is gone, GONE. KNow that you have cheated me of glory this day, cheated OVERKILL of a grand prize in the taste of that beasts heart. I will not soon forget this." he swears, turning to tread back to their shuttle.

Torque puffs a low grumble and rubs her face at the constant sound of Overkill's voice starting up again. "Yeah yeah, you'll get your glory another day. Now shush and let's get back. I'll patch yah up on the way." In that sluggish, don't wanna get up way, Torque drags herself to her feet and shuffles after him to the shuttle, all the while looking over the strange gauntlets she acquired. Maybe one day she'll find out why they're so special...

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