2017-06 Question Meme

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Question Meme!

The question meme is a time to ask some fun questions about everyone's characters. The meme is entirely OOC, questions and answers both. Use it as to find about about characters' choices, motivations, feelings, actions, or anything else you've been wondering.

Please keep in mind that OOC information should not be used ICly, and have fun! It's a great chance to talk about things that don't always get a lot of screen time, and to go in deep with characters who may not always give much away.

If you'd like to participate, just make a thread on the talk page with your character(s) name(s):

Put your character name in the subject heading on that page, and then save! Make sure to put your questions under the right character heading.

We will award 1 LP if you ask 10 questions and 1 LP if you answer 10 questions for a maximum of 2 possible LP. (The maximum possible number of LP you may have remains 3.)

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Characters participating: