2017-06-28 Mutiny and Anarchy

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Mutiny and Anarchy
Date 2017/06/28
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Blaster, Blast Off, Brigade, Penchant, Perceptor, Rodimus, Soundwave, Tailgate, Ultra Magnus
Summary Just kidding. Got your hopes up though, didn't I?

The walls are littered with gashes and pockmarks alike from the worms. Only one bench can really be sat on if any. Thankfully the windows survived so the room is useable. Unfortuneately the peaceful energy of the room is somehow morphed by the damage. It's more of a stoic stagnant air than the once romantic, calming energy from before. There is a large crater in the middle of the floor where a surge of worms burst forth. The crater itself is big enough that a mech like Fort Max could get through it without much trouble.

Meetings of the full command staff -- the bridge crew plus the area heads -- probably don't happen often enough. They happen -- but not as often as they should be. So when Rodimus calls one off schedule, it's unusual, but in light of everything else that's going on, not that surprising. There are only a million possible things that this could be about. The question is which one of the million he picks. The room has been set up in an aggressively egalitarian sort of way, without podium or stage, leaving everyone to just kind of wander around and wait for Rodimus to get to the point. For now, he's still waiting for people to show. If it were possible for him to look green, he might.

Meetings of the full command staff -- the bridge crew plus the area heads -- probably don't happen often enough. They happen -- but not as often as they should be. So when Rodimus calls one off schedule, it's unusual, but in light of everything else that's going on, not that surprising. There are only a million possible things that this could be about. The question is which one of the million he picks. The room has been set up in an aggressively egalitarian sort of way, without podium or stage, leaving everyone to just kind of wander around and wait for Rodimus to get to the point. For now, he's still waiting for people to show. If it were possible for him to look green, he might.

Usually one to be fashionably late, Blaster was fashionably early for once. The unusualness of it was enough to make Blaster curious. He leans against the wall to watch everyone, but mostly Rodimus. It's weird to see the captain so serious.

Penchant shuffles in looking pretty tired, but also bewildered. The schedule has been broken. He's not inflexible, but the change in routine (aside from the other major change in routine) has him twitchy. He fidgets with a stylus, though there's no datapad in sight. "...Is this bad news, Captain?" he finally asks.

Blast Off is here for what may be his first full, command level meeting. Is... is this what Onslaught has experienced as a team leader meeting with Decepticon leadership in the past? Thinking that he's anything like Onslaught is a plus in his books, so the Combaticon sniper has arrived a little ahead of schedule, datapads in hand, looking as professional as can be. He feels a little out of place but is determined not to show it. Instead, he presents his usual, or what he imagines as his usual: a look of cool, calm aloofness, standing a bit back and focused on the task at hand.

When Tailgate arrives he seems a little surprised to see a lack of podium or even an upturned box. Usually meetings mean Rodimus stands on something, right? Still, he is on time and seems eager for whatever the meeting is about, looking particularly shiny for some reason. Of course, being small his first target is something at his level; Penchant will get a wakeful, chattery minibot magnetizing to his bubble. "Hey, Penchant! How's digs? You know what this is? Well, besides a meeting."

Soundwave has found the darkest corner and took up residence there. He's unreadable with his armor clamped down, standing there like nothing has happened. No tension whatsoever. He watches Penchant the closest, not saying a word. So, on par to his usual self.

Brigade shambles in, likely one of the last to arrive. He gave himself plenty of time to stroll across the ship but even the best of intentions can't make up for one of his bad days. His knee joint has been throbbing since he first woke up from recharge, leaving him in a more irritable mood than usual. Once he arrives at the observation deck, he beelines for the one remaining bench that can still hold the weight of a mecha. For anyone unlucky enough to meet his optics, his crimson eyes glare back. Thud. He drops down, groaning quietly.

"Probably should lead with that one, huh? No, it's not bad news." Rodimus's expression catches in a twist, like he might add more: a qualifying statement, a footnote. 'It's not bad news UNLESS--' or 'It's not bad news EXCEPT--' and go from there. Instead he swallows it with a grin. His gaze marks each person as they arrive, with a smile that only falters briefly as he spots the lurking Soundwave. He looks like he might say something -- or that he thinks about saying something -- but in the end he addresses the whole as the last trickle in: "Okay! Let's start with clearing up that it's not really bad news, Unicron's not actually just outside the nebula and closing fast, and the Knights of Cybertron aren't secretly ancient evils out to feast on our sparks, okay?"

Penchant pulls away all of his nosey glances, even the sympathetic one to Brigade, to return Tailgate's smile, tilting his helm in Rodimus' direction when he answers. He then blinks at the comment of the Knights, but says nothing, looking up expectantly.

Soundwave being present makes this a bit more nerve-wracking for Blast Off. The Combaticon can't help but sneak a glance towards the other Decepticon every now and then, fully aware of the Con leader's ability to sense thoughts and emotions. It makes him more nervous, frag it, and then he works on trying NOT to be. Nothing to be nervous about, after all! Maybe Soundwave is pleased with him for stepping up and representing another Decepticon in the ranks, for all he knows. He sneaks another glance the blue Con's way. The other people in the room earn a glance, but that's all for now.

As Rodimus begins speaking, Blast Off turns his full attention back on the Captain. The Combaticon's cool violet optics narrow just a bit as the glib mention of Unicron (bringing about another glance, this time outside the ship's window, not that there is anything to see). His shoulders jerk back softly as he mulls on the scouting mission he's about to lead to look for that very monstrosity. "Well, I'd hope Unicron isn't just outside that nebula or our scouting mission shall be very short."

"Sounds great so far, Rod. Is there any catch to that?" Blaster senses a lead up to something. A nice big something. He catches Soundwave lurking in a corner and smirks slightly. Of course the communication mechs take up the wall. He looks at Boff now. "There is a scouting mission to search for / Unicron/ ?" That seems like suicidal insanity, given what they know about Unicron.

Ultra Magnus very carefully does not smack his hand into his face at how Rodimus chooses to begin this meeting. He stands at a kind of modified parade rest. He has situated himself, not immediately beside Rodimus, but in the careful egalitarianism of the room, close enough that he plainly is not distancing himself. He probably calculated some geometric angles with a cosine or a tangent in his head in terms of where to stand. He doesn't actually say anything. He looks bland. Deliberately bland.

"Heh, probably." Tailgate beams between Penchant and Rodimus, standing upright as the latter goes on to begin the impromptu meeting. For his part he stays quiet through it. Good and good. Both things definitely not bad news. "Was there a chance that they were ancient evils? Just to be clear--" The minibot seems slightly put off by the idea they could have been, but now at least he knows they aren't? Blue visor bright, Tailgate swivels his attention to Blaster. A catch?

"Yeah," Rodimus says, immediately -- and, one might get a sneaking suspicion, gratefully -- distracted. "We've been on the back foot, reacting to everything. We need to be ahead of Unicron. We need to know where he is and where he's going before he gets there. We need to know what he's after, and we need to figure out how to stop him." Pausing, he says, "I mean -- other than this ... weapon thing. Which will totally work, I'm sure. But I don't like relying on any one thing." Except a quest to find the Knights. No one point that out. He holds up his hand at Tailgate's question and says, "What? No! Why would they be? I just -- meant because that sounded really unlikely and crazy. They aren't, guys. Totally not."

Brigade rumbles quietly, optic ridges lowering behind his visor. Speaking of developing strategies, that's what he could be doing now. He's been studying endlessly since he received his promotion, and while he had hoped this meeting would provide him with important information to continue them he's starting to doubt that. Just the way the captain is rambling on and on. "Sir," he says, his voice a little sharp. It's not outrightly rude, but there's an edge to it that seems to scream 'Get on with it.'

Now Blast Off glances to Blaster, regarding the Autobot for a moment. He never knew him well, seemed like a copycat of Soundwave, *sniff*, but that is neither here nor there anymore. His attitude remains neutral, professional, as he responds with just a note of *pride*, "Yes. I am leading a scouting mission to obtain what information we can." Rodimus explains further, the shuttleformer nodding. "Exactly, Captain. We can combat our enemy more effectively with as much knowledge as possible, after all." Look at him, he's being so ...leader... like... ish!

Soundwave makes sure Blaster realizes he's being ignored. He puts just a bit more effort into it than he usually would- he doesn't like that smirk on his face. He nods to Blast Off in acknowledgement, and Tailgate gets one as well but his attention falls on Penchant again.

Soundwave vents a hushed, annoyed sigh as Rodimus... What's the word- rambles. As he rambles about what this meeting is not going to be about. Get to the point so he can go back to his office. Definitly not so he can go sulk and be away from people.

Tailgate is left to literally scratch his head, fingers rubbing at the edge of his helm as he looks on at Rodimus with a confused pinch to his face. He's not sure that the logic makes sense to him, at least without context. Something else has to be going on here, surely. It's nice to hear Blast Off's update on the scouting situation, but that's more like a memo.

Penchant might be just a little sour over his last visit with Anialus, so he actually entertains the thought of an ancient evil. And quickly shakes it out of his head. "That should be helpful," he says to Blast Off, offering a thumbs-up. He should be olivious to the burning visor on him, but he's not.

Glancing over at Brigade, Rodimus catches himself before he can launch into Knights of Cybertron storytime. However temping that might be right now. "Right. And you've all got an idea of the scale of what it is we're facing by now, I hope. I mean -- Barrister forwarded those news posts. It's not just a 'maybe'. It's happening, right now. The colonies are basically all disaster zones right now after the monoliths tore through them. Cybertron's been working pretty closely with them on helping out, stabilizing. Starscream's riding a wave of great PR." He pauses, then says, "Okay, maybe that was a little bit of bad news," because everyone hates Starscream, right? Shaking his head, Rodimus says, "But I think you all know by now that this thing -- this Unicron -- that it's bigger than us. Bigger than Autobots, bigger than Decepticons."

"Sorry to say I left my confetti cane back in the habsuite."

Soundwave acknowledged him! That's a good sign. Blast Off nods back, then focuses again on the task at hand, said hands tightening their grip on his datapads. Lots and lots of datapads. Just in case he needs any one of them. He's prepared! He notices Penchant's thumbsup and it takes a second for the Combaticon to react, but he nods in return as well. "I do believe so."

Now back to Rod. There's a subtle twitch of the Combaticon's optic at the mention of great PR for /Starscream/..... there's a history there, and not a pleasant one necessarily. But indeed, probably true for a lot of people. The rest of the Captain's statement is met with focus, though Blast Off waits for where this all leads to. Especially when *Autobots* and *Decepticons* are brought up.

Penchant stiffens as Rodimus goes over the actual bad news. Reading about is one thing. He goes back to fidgeting with his stylus and chewing his lip. But yes, he nods, obviously this is bigger than factions. Then Brigade chimes in, and Penchant slides a hand over his face, coming to rest on his brow. "It's important to outline!"

Ultra Magnus intones with a weight of dryness in his voice, not shifting his stance from his modified parade rest: "Please rally accordingly, unless you are in the mood for a brevet promotion to morale officer."

Tailgate can't really judge ol'Screamer by virtue of never having met this one. He has a fair idea, at least, enough to give a breathy chuckle. "I guess it would be bigger, yeah." Tailgate answers Rodimus, looking between Brigade and Penchant with a rub at his neck. Ultra Magnus' words seem to put him in check too, at least, killing any temptation to add to the duress. Be good, Tailgate. He looks up to Rodimus, optics large behind his visor as he waits to hear more.

"Wow, you are gonna be so disappointed in yourself for forgetting it in like -- five seconds," Rodimus shoots back at Brigade. His tone is light. His spoiler betrays his tension, clipped to a quivering stillness. Unable to quite find his cadence again, he says the last in a bit of a rush, but undeniably spark-felt "It's bigger than any side -- and I want to move us forward to being more than old enemies. I'm removing my Autobot badge."

Now it's Ultra Magnus who earns a glance (lots of glances here tonight). Blast Off isn't used to being in a command meeting with the likes of this Autobot, and he's another one who could make a Decepticon a bit nervous. Probably moreso if he were Swindle, though. The Combaticon's wandering thoughts are pulled back REALLY FAST when Rodimus makes his announcement and- "What?" Did he hear what he thought he just heard?

Penchant is fiddling with the stylus tip he'd broken off from tapping it too hard, and nearly drops it when Rodimus announces his decision. "Wait... Wait, you were /serious/?!"

Ultra Magnus tilts his head very slightly in Rodimus's direction and attempts to look supportive. He does this with an absence of further dialogue.

The light in Soundwave's visor narrows in distaste. Starscream always has that affect on him. He draws himself up, squaring his shoulders. He can feel it coming. And maybe its his outlier ability giving him a tip off. And there it is. His gaze sweeps around the room, guaging reactions. Peaking at thoughts... No one will know- well, except Penchant perhaps but he won't tell.

Tailgate notes in silence the angle of Rodimus' spoiler, the tension in his posture despite the lightness of his voice. It has the tiny security chief sobering up a little as the rest comes. His optics grow large behind the visor, still shining outward. Did he-- Rodimus? Really?! In the absence of an Optimus, Tailgate had a Rodimus-- and now? He touches the small badge on his own chest, almost subconsciously. "...Really?"

The first thing that comes out of Brigade's mouth is, "You're kidding, right?" However, it is for a completely different reason than everyone else. Brigade is an Autobot, yes, and a proud one. Still, he's not an idiot. He knows the only thing that ever stopped him from fighting for the other side was one well-timed Autobot raid. The tank's hand reaches up to rub at his Decepticon serial number.

"Congratulations, sir," he rumbles, but his spark is not in it. He hopes this news is followed by something that actually relates to their fight to unicron, the real issue at hand here. Why hadn't the Captain just found someone to write a memo about this? It's not like this sort of hippie slag wasn't happening left and right since the war ended. It's not that surprising.

Perceptor is unfashionably late, making no attempts to mask his displeasure at this unfortunate state of affairs when he manages to enter the room housing the ship's officers. The general air of disbelief wasn't... precisely what he was expecting, Rodimus must have made an announcement of some kind. And he's missed it.

Spotting Perceptor's late entrance, Rodimus just kind of ... wipes his hand over his face. It's okay. Perceptor's smart. He can pick it up from context, right? "Yes, really. And I wasn't serious then, not really, but I thought about it and -- you know, there's something to it. This ship carries Autobots and Decepticons, neutrals and colonists." The categories are somewhat distinct. "We're a little bit of everything. I'm not just leading Autobots. I can't be just an Autobot. I see this as choosing to be more."

Penchant really, /truly/ looks like he'd heard the best news all millenia. He dons the biggest smile and the brightest optics, cheerily looking around the room. This is great guys! Why isn't everyone smiling!? He wants to reach and shake someone's shoulders, probably Tailgate's, but he's too short now, dammit. "That's fantastic!" he blurts, pumping his fists. He looks between Soundwave and Ultra Magnus for a lengthy moment.

Blast Off 's optic ridges furrow down, his natural caution- possibly suspicion- coming into play. Is Rodimus really serious? This isn't a joke, right? The Combaticon's first instinct is to look- hard- at Soundwave. He even adds the thought, should Soundwave be able to pick up on it, because why the heck not, here you go Sounders, a willing mind to read (for once): ***Is he really serious???***

Ultra Magnus continues to try to look supportive as Rodimus explains. He's not doing a bad job of it. He's not frowning. He's not scowling. He does look solemn, but then, this is the face of Ultra Magnus.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Rodimus. It's a good thing you're correct in this case. "You sound like Optimus." And if he's reading this correctly then... "What changes, if any, do you propose to make to the overall appearance and classification of the ship's crew to reflect this newfound desire to bridge gaps?" To be fair he doesn't know what brought this on or what was discussed prior to his entry into the room, but asking questions can't hurt, can it?"

Wow, he's really serious. Despite the implications of everything, Tailgate feels some warmth in his gut as he lets it dawn on him. The blurt from Penchant has him looking over, expression soon pulling into something positive. He understands, of course-- all the friends he's ever known have always ever been mixed up in a jumble. He hardly ever thinks about his own badge, a reminder moreso for him to abide by a new standard. He tries quite hard. It doesn't always work out. Tailgate's gaze moves to Ultra Magnus, passively searching before looking back to Rodimus. Perceptor voices his only question in more verbose fashion. "In other words, what happens with the rest of us?"

Soundwave makes eye contact with Blast Off and just nods. Rodimus is serious. VERY serious. His vents huff an amused sound as Penchant celebrates. Of course he would. Its nice to see him so happy. He looks to Rodimus as everyone seems to take this well, asking what's next. Rodimus is the one with slideshow. (Please don't show them the slideshow.)

Well no one's shooting yet, anyway. Given no immediate outbreak of mutiny, Rodimus relaxes out of an almost battle-ready tension, and flashes Perceptor a grin -- naturally, of course, he said the O-word. It's a grin unsteady enough in its sudden brightness to hint at how tense he must have been. "The only change I'm making is Ultra Magnus will take my place on Autobot high command." He spreads his hands, body language becoming more expressive now as he relaxes. "The ship chain of command isn't really changing much. Or at least -- I'm still captain. I'm changing a little bit about how the departments feed up because of all the people we've picked up and added to the crew: comms, logistics, and nav report to Soundwave, combat and security report to Magnus, medical and science report to Hound -- who's the most senior officer, by the way, in terms of succession." There's no slideshow. You're welcome, Soundwave. "Little bit more formal, but nothing crazy."

Penchant starts to get a little emotional. Agh. He stands perfectly still, staring at his feet, waiting while Rodimus lists who to report to now. Soundwave gets a wobbly grin and yet another thumbs-up. Reporting to him is ener-cake. "Oh, er..." He points at Soundwave, then Magnus, "The rest of command isn't... following suit?"

Brigade is starting to drift away from the conversation, his thoughts turning inwards to ponder the issue of Unicron once more. The tank's crimson optics dim and fade. As long as this is the only announcement tonight he has no reason to stay engaged in the conversation. Or, at least, not until Perceptor speaks up. The tank suddenly straightens up, his faceplates shifting into a frown. "Chain of command has changed drastically in a short while. Many of the crew are still getting used to me and Blast Off," he says. "Consdering our current situation, I'd advise against any more drastic changes unless absolutely necessary. As long as the only change is who we report to, though..." he trails off. He doesn't want to be squabbling about hierarchy when they could be focusing on other things.

Soundwave's reaction tells him what he needs to know. The Combaticon's shoulders slump in shock, near disbelief, and yet... it appears to be true. His gaze slowly turns to Rodimus, this time with wide open, violet optics. This is... truly surprising. He stares as Rodimus explains the new command structure, all of this still sinking in. There's a lot. But for right now, hmmm. He glances to Brigade. "...Perhaps, but... something like this could mean a great deal to the half of the crew who are Decepticons."

Blaster is silent, not looking thrilled at this news at all. He remained quiet while the others spoke, then he says something. "Are you going to be the neutral who mediates between Autobot and Decepticon now? Do you represent all neutrals here Rodimus?"

"The rest of command is not following suit," Ultra Magnus states mildly. His hands are still contained behind him. "We respect Rodimus's choice to do this, but we also recognize the importance of stability and continuity to the crew. The decision is up to each individual to choose. Freedom is an ideal that we all hold." His gaze flicks very briefly toward Soundwave's lurking corner. Then he says says, "Rodimus is the Captain of this ship. All report to him. He will not be mediating disputes except in his role as captain, which requires him to chair committees of inquiry and courts martial."

"Ha -- uh. No," Rodimus says, the first, sharp not-laugh at Penchant's question gentling as he looks between Soundwave and Magnus. "Really, really no. And it's probably for the best. A lot of people are going to need that stability. Brigade's right that we need to stay focused on our fight against Unicron," he says with a quick nod at the combat head. "Believe me: I'm not planning on any other drastic changes, and I'm counting on you guys to help me make sure that there aren't any." He means that no one mutinies. No pressure. His gaze slips to Blast Off, and he lifts his chin just a tick: "I know something of what it could mean, so let me be clear: this isn't about rejecting the Autobots, either. I want us, all of us, to find the best parts of us."

"Yeah, like Magnus says: if we need a neutral spokesperson, they can elect one, or something -- but I'm not standing for neutrals above Autobots or Decepticons, either. I'm standing for this crew," Rodimus says, firm. "All of it."

Soundwave nods to Penchant, equally satisfied at having Peenchant reporting to him. Delighted in fact. Blast Off is in second. Blaster reporting to him is satisfying in different ways. He finally speaks to answer Penchant. "Negative." Sorry, he's still a Decepticon, Penchant. Magnus and Rodimus explain it better. And with more words.

Penchant nods, slowly, at Ultra Magnus' careful and clean response, Rodimus' additional words, and then Soundwave's simple 'negative'. He can't have it all. "Alright," he says, perking up again. "Fair enough... Best parts!" Fist-pump. Now he'll go silent, lest he draw the ire of the less enthused mechs about.

Brigade gives a quiet rumble, glancing between Ultra Magnus and Rodimus. "I will hold you to that, sir," he says. His concern now waylaid, the tank begins to pull himself back to his pedes. The process is slow and laborious, but eventually he manages. "If that concludes the announcements for this meeting, do I have permission to be dismissed, sir?"

The ghost of a smile flashes across his faceplates. "I have to run to my habsuite and rally with my confetti cane before I find myself promoted. Important work, you know."

Tailgate is rapt at attention, engrossed in this new development in such a way that he loses himself somewhat in his own thoughts. He hears them, but for the longest time the minibot is dwelling on what they mean to him. When he came to them, these mechs were his ideals, and even now as Ultra Magnus more or less Supports his Captain, it's impressed on him.

"...The best parts of us." Tailgate repeats, unintentionally audible. The next part comes in a more sober fashion, as professional as the little boss can get. "Aye-aye, Captain." His salute is a little too tilted but the effort is there when Tailgate gives it.

Blast Off listens carefully at this news, taking it all in for digesting later. He does not react strongly one way or another, though someone like Soundwave may pick up a quiet, cautious pleasure at this news. He does appear receptive on the outside surface, iving a nod of his head, holding the datapads down towards his waist now as he ponders all that this means.

Rodimus' point is also carefully considered, bringiong a slight tension to his mouth (under that faceplate) and subtle stiffness to his frame that relaxes a moment later. "I see." There's a part of his mind that thinks: too bad. The old prejudices aren't completely erased, though they have weakened over time on this ship. The other part of his mind voices, "I believe..." He considers his words, again glancing towards Soundwave before his gaze rests on Rodimus, "...that this is indeed a step forward, and your action is... appreciated." He gives the Captain a slightly deeper, more prolonged nod than usual.

Perceptor shrugs with an unconcerned nod. "I realize I've missed much of the meeting but this announcement doesn't seem entirely shocking, it's a logical course of action, given present circumstances. It ultimately changes very little outside of possible crew perceptions of you, Rodimus." He frowns. "We are to trust you've consulted thorougly to stay any forseen loss of morale or confidence stemming from this decision anyway." Something like this wouldn't have gotten so far without that, it's more of a rhetorical statement.

Blaster shakes his head. "There are going to be bots who see you as just giving up Rodimus. Not that you are trying to make it better."

"We will endeavor to correct them." Ultra Magnus's voice is very cool, his frame very still.

"Confetti away," Rodimus says, waving an almost-salute at Brigade. "But I'll be making a wider announcement to the crew soon. Until then, this is just for command." His gaze lingers on Blaster longest, and he dips his chin. "I know, Blaster. And I need you to find those who feel that way, so I can talk to them. Can you do that?"

Magnus says correct, and Rodimus says talk, and Tailgate is relieved for the latter. He was hearing it in a somewhat less favorable way, of course. At least they'll be open to dialogues! That is also a relief. "When will you tell the crew?

Penchant dusts his hands. "I think that's our job, Tailgate."

Blaster gives a small grin, first he made since Rodimus dropped the bomb. "I'll help keep it positive too. I see that our job as heads is to make sure this is going to go smoothly."

"I'll tell the crew," Rodimus says to Tailgate, rolling his shoulders in a shrug, "just -- as soon as I figure out how." He glances in the far-away direction of Drift. Someone's gotta write a speech. Make it good. "And if you think of any really great turns of phrase, please -- send them my way." The look he gives Blaster is frankly grateful, and his smile widens in answer. "No one I'd trust more with that than the Voice."

Tailgate nods once up to Rodimus, chuckling at his fellow minibot. They'll definitely help ease things, anyway. "Could always just say it in the morning announcements? I mean-- everyone gets those... and you wouldn't have to risk anyone starting something--? They could think about it on their own time and not in a room full of people." He pauses. "Not that that's a dig, I'm glad you told us together!"

Blast Off will be considering all this and what it's implications are for a long time; it's just the way he is. For now his quiet but amiacable (for him) demeanor rests on the surface as he watches others respond. He hasn't always had the easiest time of it with Soundwave, but he trusts the Decepticon leader not to lead him astray here, and if Soundwave believes Rodimus, then he will, too. Well, for the most part, the Combaticon is naturally cautious. Yet his caution is largely directed at the rest of the crew and how it will respond. But right now- there's a trip to find a planet-sized monster at hand and he's got to get ready for it. Autobot, Decepticon, or other- they've all got that nightmare to face together. "I'll continue to keep Navigation focused on our universal threat- and finding our universal solution." Double entendre, anyone?

"Oh, a speech, yes, thank Primus," Penchant looks relieved. He'll gladly run and tell neutral pals. His division has a lot of Autobots, though. "Start anything? ...They're Autobots!" he says, immediately contradicting his thoughts. "If they don't trust in the /mostly/ Autobot Command on a ship under the Autobot Code, by this point, it's hopeless."

"We'll figure it out, no matter what happens," Rodimus promises those gathered, then stretches on his toes. "Right. Well -- you've got the heads up, then. Stay tuned for the wider announcement, and let me know if you hear anything that needs my attention, okay? Dismissed, or whatever."

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