2017-06-22 Clever Girl

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Clever Girl
Date 2017/06/22
Location GCS Wildlife Rescue Park
Participants Grotusque, Lieutenant, Lockjaw, Nautilator, Whetstone
NPCs Anialus, Haywire, Reckless, Ruckus, Whiplash
Plot Beast Park, Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Koi
Summary Another Artifact down! And another species too. We did awesomely.

Both teams have successfully brought their generators online. Neither team really did anything to help with the generator except look really delicious to distract some mechacarnivorious beasts. Some did better than others, but we're not going to name names. (It was Team A.) But now they have both returned to the main base, Team B arriving just a few moments before Team A.

"Haywire, Reckless! You're both alright!" Whiplash cries out, little doorwings fluttering. She pauses a moment to count heads. "Everyone is alright... Mostly." Whetstone is not looking good. And why is that one a lobster? "What happened?" The base itself looks fairly normal... If not perhaps a little off. There's something that doesn't feel right here.

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Mind+mind: Good Success. (5 2 7 1 6 3 1 8)

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Mind+Mind: Good Success. (4 7 7 6 1 1 5 1)

<FS3> Nautilator rolls Mind+mind: Success. (4 2 5 7)

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Mind+Mind: Good Success. (5 7 3 6 7 7)

Aside from the wet from the rain, the mud, and a couple scratches, they're doing better. Again, not that anyone is naming names, but seeing the contrast between the physical appearances gives it away. Lieutenant tenses at the sight of the other two Lost Lighter, audio fins lowering back giving away his pity. He's glad they went with the medic though. Other than that things are almost fine.

Almost. Lieutenant senses something uneasy about the place, but again, says nothing. He just keeps his seismic sense on alert for anything else while he looks over Nautilator and Whetstone. He gives them both a nod, just glad they're alive.

Whetstone is oblivious to anything 'off', though he remains relatively alert for someone missing a substantial amount of armor. Looks like a type of acid tore into one of his legs, circuitry exposed (but mostly tied off thanks to Haywire), and half of his tail is missing, cauterized by his own spark-powered blade. He leans heavily against the nearest wall, looking on grimly. Lieutenant gets a slight nod. "Had a bit of a run-in with your rescues," he tells Whiplash, gruffly.

Following Grotusque's example, Lockjaw has opted to remain in her beast mode, trading in good vantage for better stealth, and the ability to easily tear off limbs. Despite the squat bulk of this form, she has had little trouble keeping up with the rest of her group, easily manuvering over the jungle landscape like she's done this a thousand times before. She has, infact.

The sight of the other group evokes a grunt from her "I see you found a fight as well. This is why I was against splitting up. We would have been slower, but safer" she rumbles, her snout lifting as she scans the area. She has no intention of droping her guard until they have gone back through the space bridge.

"Heeey! Looks like you had dang, not a fun time, huh?" Grotusque is still in alt mode, because he's not sure he'd successfully be able to transform back and forth much with the atmospheric interference. He's sitting up, looking a bit banged up but nowhere near poor Nautilator and Whetstone. "Nevermind, nevermind, we'll find that artifact and it'll become a funny story for the bar, right? Should be easygoing from here on."

He says that, but the observant will notice his wings are aloft and his stub-tail is lashing. "So, uh, guess the music takes a while to turn on?" He licks his teeth. "And, uh, you guys mighta sprung a leak of something."

Nautilator scuttles up with Team B in his lobster mode because he vastly underestimated how awful transforming was in this place. "How the hell did you guys get out with all your pieces in tact!?" He doesn't notice anything off about anything because he wasn't paying enough attention before to know what it's supposed to look like.

Haywire glances at the two Lost Lighters in the B Team. "Morphobots. They got out of the greenhouse," he says, watching Reckless closely as the green mech begins to drift away from the group.

"Morphobots? They shouldn't be able to get out of their containment- they can't spread if they can't release their spores... Speaking of, we should probably check all of you for spores, just in case. They tend to plant those on prey that escapes so they- a leak?" Whiplash falls quiet, tilting her head. Oh. "The music is off... Let me comm Ruckus." She presses the side of her helm a few time. "She's not not picking up- Reckless! Don't run off!"

Reckless takes off, following the thick, viscious liquid that steadily makes its way towards the group from down a long hall.

<FS3> Nautilator rolls Complaining: Great Success. (8 4 8 6 1 7 7)

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Protective: Good Success. (2 2 1 1 5 2 8 7 1 8 1)

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Courage: Good Success. (7 4 7 5 5 4 7 5 5 3)

"We had capable fighters" Lockjaw glances at Grotusque. That one has won her respect. Lieutenant did well too. Her head turns towards Reckless when she notices the movement that is the mech wandering off "Do not stray. You will only--" the rest of the sentence is cut off with an annoyed hiss as Reckless takes off. "Do these Cybertronians have no sense?" she grumbles before darting after him, raws opening to grab the mech before he runs into trouble.

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Cheer Up Squad: Failure. (6 3 6 4 4 6 1 4)

"No shit she's not picking up, she probably got eaten like that other guy! Or like we almost did!" Nautilator exclaims, snapping his claws for emphasis. "I don't think I've seen a single enclosure that has an intact fence since we left the tram! What are you building these cages out of, aluminium foil? What kind of shoddy business are you running here, anyway!? Is this place some kind of front? You guys in the mob or something? I literally see no other reason for why this is happening right now." His antennae twitch once and then lay flat against his carapace. "And now you're telling me that those plants that melted my face may have put spores on me? This place is freakin' dangerous! You should NOT be having guests coming through here, like, ever! If we make it out of here alive, I'm suing all your asses, especially Haywire! He wears a cross but he sucks at medicine!"

He watches Reckless run towards the danger. "Tch, that guy's got the right idea. Just friggin' end me now."

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Firearms: Great Success. (8 7 8 2 6 4 8 6 5)

Whetstone's optics pale several shades at the mention of spores. Oh /god/. He glances away, arms folded, murmuring some noncommital noise in Grotusque's direction. It's only when Reckless darts and Lockjaw pursues that Whetstone looks up. "What in the stars is /that/?" he asks, squinting at the liquid. Nautilator then launches into a tremendous tirade, and Whetstone cannot muster up the will to tell him to shut up, because it's all too exhausting. And he mostly agrees with the complaints.

Lieutenant doesn't like the idea of the others possibly caught some alien spores on them. He watches Ruckus run off, and before he even reacts to grab him, Lockjaw goes to nab him with HER GATOR JAW. Personally, Lieutenant would run from that too, but not towards the liquid. His optics keep a concerning watch on Ruckus, but pulls out his blaster from it's holster to shoot the ground in front of Nautilator's face. He can sense where he is so he knows he's not going to hit the lobster when he shoots. "Shut it."

Grotusque may just be puffing out his chest (well, tummy, in alt mode) as Lockjaw compliments his fighting skills. But he feels kind of bad for Nautilator and Whetstone. "Eh, well, also luck's a thing. Ya know how-..."

But as Nautilator whines and whines and WHINES AND WHINES AND WHINES, Grotusque falls silent, wings flattening against his back and claws extending. It is too much. It's just too much. He tries to keep morale up because that's a strategic advantage, but you can't save 'em all! This guy's talking about lawsuits! Lawsuits! Isn't he a Decepticon? Wasn't he in the war? Doesn't he realize he's making beastformers look bad? And he didn't even appreciate Grotusque's puns! And insulted the medic and ruining any chances of Grotusque ever getting a date with him!

"...Well, slag happens," he says instead, scowling again at that goo-trail. At least Lockjaw is running after the runaway. "Hey, bud, don't just run off on your own without a plan! You gotta think these things through!" He starts hovering clumsily. "The goo. WHat's with the goo. We need to know what's goin' on."

Reckless is a fast little guy and he goes even faster with Lockjaw after him. And he just keeps going, almost manically, as he chases the liquid further into the base and towards its source.

Haywire is past the point of telling Nautilator shut up. Waaaaaay past. "For the last time, I was never trained as a medic. Decepticons see 'virologist' and think I can perform surgery. And if you had problems, take it up with the Galactic Council. Tch- and don't chase after him like THAT. Just- just follow him." The triple changer huffs and begins to follow the green mech with heavy steps, muttering to himself.

Whiplash blinks. "The enclosures were all... That's not possible," she mutters. "It's not supposed to be dangerous- it isn't! I don't know why this is happening. I..." She wanders closer to the spreading liquid, touching it with a finger. "It's organic hemoglobin... We should probably follow them, then. I-I mean, I'm still your tour guide so, uh, follow me." Doorwings twitching, she follows after where Reckless and Haywire went.

Lockjaw hisses again as Reckless continues running. How did these fools manage to survive here this long? "Stop before you end up dead as well" she growls as she picks up speed as well. Despite the wide open maw fullof pointy teeth, that isn't a threat. She's trying to help him, dammit. Atleast the otherse seem to be following, from the sound of it.

While he doesn't show any facial expression, but Lieutenant is very confused. There is no choice to stay behind but honestly, what's with these people and their lack of saying anything? What is an organic hemogoblin? What's it got to do with the ooze? He's not sure but he just follows with an annoyed hiss.

Whetstone is still pretty hellbent on getting these artifacts, so he presses onward after the rest, with a pretty obvious limp. Damned if he's going to sit anything out, not on God's watch!

"You want us to follow you? After all this?" Nautilator juts a claw at Whiplash. "Following you is what got us into this!" He scuttles backwards towards Whetstone and digs his feet in. "I ain't going anywhere unless this guy does. He's got my back! Right god-boy?" Nautilator looks behind him and sees Whetstone running off. "Damnit.. Wait up, will ya!? Or carry me?? I can't run so well!"

"Organic? Hemogl-oh, right, the stuff that's in a lot of organics instead of energon and is kinda iron-y." Grotusque pauses. "Sorry, I got nothing in the 'irony' jokes right now. This night's bleedin' me dry." He starts trotting after Whiplash in as steady a gait as his gargoyle form can manage. "Hey," he adds to Whiplash, "Nothin's foolproof. Kimia wasn't supposed to fall to some purple horned clown, neither, but it did. No point worryin' about what is or isn't supposed to happen. It's happenin'! We just roll with it and figure out what we do about it." He clears his throat. "So I'm gonna assume that if an organic's leakin' everywhere, that's a bad thing."

Whiplash shares a smile with Grotusque. And then she frowns. "Its very bad. As of right now, who knows what species has now gone extinct..." Lockjaw arrives first but the others aren't far behind- alright, Whetstone and Nautilator lag a bit but that just means more bonding time for them.

They arrive at a broad room, some of the lights out. The ground has several remains scattered about, more of that hemoglobin smeared about. A few carcasses of peaceful, endangered critters are also strewn about. Standing in the middle of it is Ruckus. She's standing there, a pair of shears in her clutches as she stares ahead blankly. Reckless is before her, shaking her shoulders and getting no response. Haywire watches, scowling with a pair of arms crossed. He hasn't moved far inside, just to be safe.

Something flutters somewhere in the dark.

Lockjaw slows as she approaches the building, all her senses atuned to her suroundings. If Reckless wants to be so reckless, that's his choice. She wouldn't make much of a rescuer if she got jumped too. Maybe this way, she can sneak up on him and his friend and grab them before they try to run off somewhere again

Before she can get within range of a lunge, however, the flutter catches her attention. Since Reckless has likely already destroyed any chance of them not alerting anything that might have taken up residence here, there's probably no harm in making some noise. Lockjaw's jaws open again, and out comes a throaty, warning hiss.

This is a disgusting mess. Not to say the avian hates organics, but he likes them when their squishiness is kept in their meat sacks. And, well, not that he's a betting mech, but when Lieutenant hears a flutter and tenses. Comedentem Animam, likely. But then that's the only flying creature they've come across thus far.

"I am not /god-boy/," Whetstone hisses at Nautilator, trying to ignore the pain. "And I have your back ONLY by the grace of the Flaming Arrow and the HARBINGER." Rodimus and Drift, of course. "You can walk, Nautilator. You're doing it now. With your many legs."

Upon seeing the glastly sight within the room and the remains strewn about, Whetstone reaches for one of his scimitars and whirls around, cursing.

Nautilator does the lobster tromp, occasionally sticking his claws into the ground for leverage as he tries to keep up with Whetstone. "The Flaming Arrow? Oh please dear god, tell me that's not what you call the captain. You already make it so difficult to like you!" When he finally reaches the room and sees the scene inside, he falls silent. And then he breaks that silence with a really bad joke. "Clean up on aisle three! Heheheh, get it? Because it looks like a slaughterhouse in here?" He looks around to see if anyone got his super funny joke. "Ugh, screw you guys."

Yep, Grotusque recognizes that smell. Coppery, viscous, not the same as what Earth organics bleed, but close enough. He growls softly, lowering his head and extending his claws to prepare for battle as the guns mounted on his back lower. "S'bout to be more of a slaughterhouse, I betcha. Be ready."

He gives a flat side-glance to Nautilator. "You gotta time it right," he adds. "Also never try to explain the joke. That's like, that kills jokes."

Whiplash gasps as she sees the carnage, hand covering her mouth. "Oh no..." They're dead. Some of them the last of their kind. "This is horrible... This-" She squeaks as Ruckus stumbles forward, a stinger sunk deep into her back. Reckless takes a step or two back as the Comedentem Animam stalks out of the shadows. In its grip is a trio of what look to be petrified eggs. Its wings flair out and begin to buzz while Ruckus starts leaking her insides from her joints. Lieutenant was right, good job, Lieutenant. Ya smartie.

"E-Everyone look away!" Whiplash shouts, covering her own optic quickly. "Don't look, don't move!"

<FS3> Nautilator rolls Buffoonery: Success. (3 3 4 6 2 7 4)

"I know how to tell jokes!" Nautilator snaps. No he doesn't, and he files Grotusque's advice away for later. "Man, it's gonna be hard marketing a zoo of extinct creatures when everything's..." He pokes at some gore with a claw tip. "Extinct." When it's revealed that Ruckus is impaled on the stinger of that giant bug that was making hungry eyes at him earlier, Nautilator recoils in horror. Then he sees something in it's grip.

"Hey! HEY!" He gestures wildly at the creature. "It's got the egg things! Guys look!" He steps in some extinct animal entrails and comically slips around in them, making a huge racket. "EW, FRIGGIN' NASTY!"

Whetstone does feel just a twinge of sympathy for poor Whiplash and her precious creatures, though it's quickly replaced by horror as Ruckus reveals the stinger. Hooboy. "Courage, mechs! You've fought 'cons and 'bots more fearsome than this, surely!" Then Nautilator scuttles and slips around in entrails, and Whetstone drags his palm over his face. This also helps with not looking at the beast, thankfully. "Be still!"

<FS3> Whetstone rolls Knighthood: Good Success. (6 5 7 8 7 3)

<FS3> Whetstone rolls Temper: Success. (8 3 4 2 2)

The last encounter with the insectoid is still fresh in Lockjaw's mind, so she wastes no time following Whiplash's instruction. Her optics offline, but her other senses remain as sharp as ever. The smell and sound are enough for her to pinpoint its general vicinity. Per Whiplash's advice, she doesn't intend to move unless the creature attacks. That plan falls apart when Nautilator and Whiplash, start yelling. No, these Cybertronians have no common sense. In their state, this could be bad. Breaking her stillness and silence, Lockjaw turns towards the creature, and loudly hisses. Back off, or at the very least, focus on someone who can actually still fight.

Does he stand still? Do nothing again while Ruckus is still attached to that thing? Lieutenant doesn't want to, he wants move like Nautilator does, grab Ruckus and get out. But in reality she's safer there. Pulling her out from the stinger would do more good than harm for her at this moment. So instead of shielding his optics, he pulls out his blaster again to fire upon the creature's wing. Sorry Whiplash.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Mind+Mind: Good Success. (6 8 1 8 2 6 3 5)

Ugh, Grotusque does not like NOT moving. Especially when he smells blood and itches for a fight. He wants to get in there, to tear and bite and breathe fire and shoot like a proper monster. But he remembers what Whiplash said about that creature, how it hypnotizes. And then people yell anyway, much for that, eh?

He keeps his optics offline, relying on scent and sound. And transmissions instead of vocalizations. "<< Okay, how important is it that we keep this thing alive? >>"

The Comedentem Animam (CA) doesn't have any discernable eyes. But it does have pincser mandible just in front of a very large mouth, that opens to show lots of needle-like teeth. Its head turns towards Whetstone and Nautilate, jerking its stinger out of Ruckus who collapses to the ground, making an unsettling sloshing sound as she does so. CA rears its stinger up, wings still going, but Lockjaw gets its attention before the stinger can strike. It clicks aggressively back at Lockjaw, bristling. Lieutenant might feel a bit of a tug on his mind. Enough of one so that his first shot misses the wing.

Everyone seems to have avoided being hypnotized yet- well, almost everyone. Reckless watches the wings dully before speaking. "Out... Out. Mine, mine. Not trapped, mine. Out. Out. Die, die, die. Feed me," Reckless murmurs in his trance. If anyone could see it, Whiplash's mouth fall open.

"<< Did you all- Did you hear that?! Its communicating! Amazing! Its smart enough to use others and speak through them. This opens so many doors it- it... its very dangerous and... And... And killed all these others, I guess... >>" Whiplash sighs over the local broadband frequency. "<< We should probably use lethal force. And before it tries to eat us. >>"

<FS3> Nautilator rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (4 7 7 3 1)

He missed. He's blaming that on not attending the practice rooms enough. "<< Not to rain on your parade but it is talking through your possibly dead friend. >>" Lieutenant replied, aiming to shoot again. If he can take out it's wings, it'll still live but will lack in threat. He's going to keep trying until it's down and wings are shredded.

Having gotten its attention, Lockjaw intends to keep it. She hisses again. Come on, ugly look over here, ignore the others (hopefully, atleast some of them will have the sense to take advantage of the diversion). If she can get it to strike at her, she might be able to determine its reach, or even move in before it has a chance to pose for another go.

And you, chatty, keep it down, will you? The fact that it uses people to talk is actually rather disgusting.

Nautilator slips around and makes a bunch of noise just long enough to catch the CA's attention. Thankfully Lockjaw is in full-on gator mode and holding it's aggro which means he can do some sneaky shit. Well, as sneaky as a big clamboring lobster can be. He scuttles his way around the CA, giving it a wide berth until he gets behind it, at which point he starts to close in. Closer... closer.. When he's finally in range, he reaches out with both claws and clamps down on it's abdomen as hard as he can. "Hey god-boy! Hurry up and take advantage of my heroic deed!"

"<<Lethal force it is!>>" Grotusque is just going to have to turn his optics on again, taking the risk. He takes flight again, aiming his back-mounted guns and firing them off at the creature at the same time he breathes a stream of flame.

Then he sees Nautilator pinching the big big and grins. "<< Oho, that's more like it, Nautilator! I like you after all! >>"

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Firearms: Failure. (1 4 5 1 6)

Grotusque spends 1 luck points on FIRE BREATH.

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Firearms: Failure. (5 5 3 3 2)

So they are permitted to kill it, at least. Unnerved by the creature /speaking/ through Reckless, Whetstone shakes his head and keeps his optics off. This is going to be difficult going in blind. Thankfully Nautilator has a bout of honor and clamps down on the beast. Wincing through the white-hot pain still lancing through his leg, he crouches and sprints closer to the beast, making to use the slickness of the floor to slide and grab those eggs. Or at least one of them. Or anything. It would also be nice not to get crunched on.

Whetstone spends 1 luck points on IMA WIN.

<FS3> Whetstone rolls Transportation+50: Amazing Success. (2 8 8 6 3 1 5 5 8 7 5 3 2 4 5 5 3 7 6 7)

The CA rises up, tail poised to strike. Unfortunately for everyone here, none of them are fast enough to avoid a strike from that stinger tail. Have you seen documentaries about scorpions? Ain't nothing dodging this sucker. But, weirdly enough, the universe aligns just right and Nautilator comes to the rescue. CA shrieks, its tail striking but its at a bad angle. The stinger hits the floor repeatedly, leaving pockmarks and acid burns where it strikes as it attempts to make lobster bisque out of Nautilator's insides. "Out! Out! Want out! Die! Die die die! Out! Ou-" again the CA uses Reckless to speak but Lieutenant's shot tears through a wing, killing they're hypnotic effect.

Grotusque has no effect whatsoever. Except of the morale kind for Nautilator, possibly.

The CA writhes and immediately begins to try and break away and get away. Its darting for where everyone came from. Haywire, who hasn't moved an inch, presses himself against the wall even more. Ignore him, he's not here. Before the CA can get away, Whetstone does the most amazing one-legged knightly dive ever, swiping all three eggs from the insect. The CA shrieks outrage, turning to get at Whetstone.

Lockjaw is ready to move when she hears the tail strike some distance from her, but the interuption in the buzzing makes things even beter. Her optics flashing on, the gator lunges for the insectoid's legs, jaws ready to close, and pull.

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Chomp: Great Success. (7 8 8 2 8 6 5 4 6 1 6)

Nautilator is concentrating very, very hard at keeping his claws on the CA, because the second he lets go he's going to get a face full of acid stinger. His concentration is almost broken at Grotusque's words and if you squint, you may be able to see a twinkle in Nautilator's lobster eyes. Someone.. likes him? "I like you too, you gargoyle freak!" he shouts as the stinger slams into the floor beside him. "I'd like you a lot more if you did something though!"

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Inspire: Good Success. (2 2 7 6 2 5 1 7)

Oh good, Haywire is staying away from the group. At least Lieutenant can rest easy on that bit. When the Comedentem Animam is down, he rushes to grab Ruckus and pull her free from the stinger. Maybe they can still save her! Maybe she's not completely dead yet. Maybe she won't end up like Wreckage. Maybe.

"<< ALRIGHT WHETSTONE! ALRIGHT NAUTILATOR! I owe ya all drinks! >>" Grotusque is so stoked about Whetstone's success that he's not even that bothered by how poorly he did against the monster just now, even as its stinger almost impales him. "<< Come on, we got this! Be real heroes, save some other endangered critters from ending up this greedy gus's dinner! Save the universe too! And...yeah that's fair, Nautilator, that's fair. Wanna see me do something? I'll do something! >>" He'll do something rather flashy, in fact. He takes up flying to give himself an extra boost and dives for the monster, trying to bite into another one of its legs and pull.

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Unarmed: Success. (4 3 1 8 1 4 4 6 2)

Whetstone onlines his optics when the shot wrecks the creature's wings. He looks down at the eggs in his arms and vents a sigh of relief, which is short-lived with the very pissed off CA lunging for him. "Assistance!" he yelps, trying to dart through both the slipper entrails and the oncoming deadly assault from Lockjaw and Grotusque. "I've got the eggs!" If that wasn't clear. "I say we retreat, barricade the door!"

The CA is relentless as it goes after Whetstone. Its hisses and spits, dragging Nautilator along. It doesn't like you touching her eggs, Whetstone. The CA raises her tail to strike the knight once it is close enough. It won't be missing this time. And it doesn't. The tail shoots forward just as Lockjaw and Grotusque attack, knocking the CA off and its aim- it manages to impale itself on its own stinger. The creature bucks and struggles, slowly going still. Gurgling, it goes limp, occasionally twitching.

And its quiet again. Whiplash looks sadly at the CA, however. "What an intelligent creature... Must have hypnotized Ruckus while we were touring, sabotaged the place for its own escape. Amazing, maybe even sentient... And now they're all gone. Another species gone extinct by Cybertronians." She cares about all the monsters here. Haywire slowly lowers his servos from his eyes. "... See, I knew you all had it taken care of. Good show, I assume. I didn't see any of it, of course."

Within Whetstone's grasp, one of the stone-like eggs begin to crack.

Nautilator's legs scrape against the floor as he's dragged around, but he refuses to let go. After so many spectacular failures since they got here, there's no way in hell he's going to let himself mess this one up. "AaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" he yells continuously until the CA stabs and murders itself. "AAAAAaaaghhh..." The yelling peters out and Nautilator finally lets go. "Phew. That was pretty intense."

Grabbing Reckless and Ruckus in each arm Lieutenant takes both of them to Haywire. "Do what you can now, or I am taking them with me to the bridge." Right now, he couldn't care about the artifact anymore. He just wants these two to live. They can't lose anymore lives on this trip.

Once the CA goes still, Lockjaw spits out the leg, leaving several tooth-shaped dents in the chittin. "It was either it, or us" she rumbles, nudging the corpse with her snout, just in case. Who knows with these alien things. Maybe it's immune to its own venom and just unconscious. She's not about to take her optics off of it just yet.

Grotusque lands and catches his breath, venting next to Nautilator, and watches Lieutenant help Reckless and Ruckus. He nods his head at him. "Good on ya, Librarian. Good job everyone. Ha." He's a bit worn out, if it isn't obvious.

He pads over to the eggs. "Wait, wait. Wait, they hatch?"

<FS3> Whetstone rolls Ceremony: Success. (6 1 2 2 3 5 8)

Whetstone is bracing with one hand against the wall, near Haywire, visibly shaken. But he manages a slight smile, at least in his optics, when Nautilator's screams die down. "Color me surprised. Nicely done, Nautilator." With Whiplash mournful over the loss, Whetstone can't help himself. "As Lockjaw said. But may it's memory live on and forever burn in the Light of the Endless Circle, and may its spark know naught but peace under the stars, and when th'-GAH!" He nearly drops the egg that's hatching in his arms. "Someone take this!"

Haywire looks at the two in Lieutenants arms. "I... I have very little medical training- I'm a virologist. But Ruckus doesn't look like- just take them with you, alright?" He crosses his arms, looking away. "Just makes sure they make it... And tell us if they do."

The CA doesn't move. It's dead Lockjaw, you can relax mamagator.

Grotusque is the closest and gets a hand-paw?-ful of egg. The petrified rock cracks and breaks away, crumbling away until a smooth, silver egg-shaped vessel is revealed. It feels warm in Grotusque's paw as the top splits and slides open. Inside, resting on a velvety, pink pillow, is an ornate hand mirror. Covered in detailed and beautiful filigree, its surface reflects the image of Grotusque's alt mode back at him. It shimmers and just asks to be held.

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Self Esteem: Success. (2 3 3 3 7 2)

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Courage -2: Good Success. (3 7 3 2 4 6 8 2)

Finally, with a final nudge, Lockjaw, backs away from the body. Alright, it's dead. Probably. She'll stay alert, but she can atleast take her attention elsewhere. Like the hatching egg "That does not look like any hatchling I've ever seen" she lifts her head to get a better look. Since when do mirrors come from eggs? "Is that the artifact?" she was expecting something more...awe-inspiring.

<FS3> Grotusque rolls Body+body: Failure. (3 2 1 5 2 1)

Whetstone's praise makes Nautilator feel.. surprisingly good. Too bad he can't admit it. "Pfft! Of course it was nicely done! I'm perfectly capable of doing things, you know!" Ignore all those other times. He keeps a safe distance from the hatching eggs, but draws closer when the one in Grotusque's hand hatches into..

"Is that a mirror?" Nautilator flicks his antennae at it. Touch touch. "Mirrors come from eggs?"

Grotusque steps back in surprise when the egg crumbles away, and stares at the splitting egg-chamber. He'd expected perhaps a skeleton, or maybe a sculpture in the shape of one of these creatures. He rather liked them, even if a lot of them wanted to eat him. It's why he liked this place despite everything. It's nice to think someone wants to look after something that's, you know.

Instead, it's...oh.

If one looks very carefully, they might see him flinch at the sight of the mirror. Or himself, in the mirror. And it's just such a pretty mirror, too, isn't it? And it's calling to him. For just a second, his wings droop, his head lowers...

And then he throws back a laugh. "Pa-hahahaah, how's that for irony? Prettiest freakin' mirror you ever saw, and guess what it has to show? Sucks for it, huh? Bet the Knights woulda been pissed if they knew.I bet..."

His paws aren't the steadiest things, for a second he considers transforming; an attempt proves too painful to even consider, and he doesn't wanna risk dropping the artifact. So he just takes it in his paw. "...Ha..."

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Medicine: Success. (4 4 1 6 6 8)

Lieutenant huffs, both frustrated and tired. It's been a long day. "Fine." He's no medic himself, but he knows enough basics to keep them alive long enough to reach a real medic. Sadly, he's not watching Grotesque's touching moment, but he hears him. "It sucks that you cannot see what it sees." the avian replies, trying to repair the others. "Anialus has to bring us back. Now."

Whetstone obviously doesn't know what to make of the mirror, but it seems to stir something in Grotusque, and that's enough for the battered wyvern. "You were destined to find this!" he says earnestly, free hand over his own spark. "Primus saw to it. A-and... the hard work of the team. A shame there was so much slaughter. Mayhap we're not meant to shepherd other species. We can barely shepherd ourselves. But Lieutenant's right, on two counts. We need to get back."

Right on queue, a space bridge portal opens up. It washes out the room in white blue light. Whiplash quickly takes the remaining not-Knightly eggs before anyone can take them away but she looks rather awestruck by the portal. Even Haywire looks stunned. "I'm guessing that's how you're getting out," Whiplash says. "We're- I'm sorry this happened. I'm glad you found what you're looking for and you all made it safe. Please tell us how Ruckus and Reckless do." She gives a small smile. "I-I mean. Thank you for visiting and, um... Come again... Oh! Lobster and Dragon! Be sure to wash up when you get back home! Spores!" Just one last reminder.

Whenever they manage to get through the portal to the otherside, they'll here Anialus's rather stuffy voice. "-anaged to decrypt the corrupted file. It would seem the artifact was hidden amongst a rather intelligent, territorial and dangerous species that guarded its eggs at any cost. I'm sure that didn't cause you any troubles."

Lieutenant doesn't hear Anialus, the second he's on the other side he does something rarely seen: run to the medbay. "Talk later, bye!" They need help, but with the mission done, he can be at ease they don't have to go back. At least for now.

"I, uh. Yeah, I guess." Grotusque's usual cheer sounds a bit drained and half-hearted even as he starts carrying the mirror to the portal. "Destined! Or somethin'. Eh, I'll...get used to it. Find a nice place for it after I register it. Like a trophy." Which means he's going to put some kind of a sheet over the mirror-part, probably. But it's to stop Unicron! To stop...Unicron.

"Still owe ya those drinks," he adds to Whetstone and Nautilator before he leaves.

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