2017-06-11 Pagoda of Knowledge

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-06-11 Pagoda of Knowledge
Date 2017/06/11
Location Rigard - Pagoda of Knowledge
Participants Brainstorm, Lieutenant
NPCs Eidolon
Summary The reception for the welcome of the Lost Light in the Pagoda of Knowledge with Eidolon, Councilor of the Academy.

The Pagoda of Knowledge is usually a sanctuary of quiet. Or peace. A place of learning that's usually pretty sparse when it comes to other mechs being there. But tonight? At the Reception? It's the exact opposite. Rigardian music plays, plenty of mechs of every shape and size mill about and talk to one another. Some hold little bits and bobs, others lil vials, and some seem to have forgotten to remove protective gear. But, above all the active hubbub, there is one individual that DEMANDS your attention.

Easily one of the biggest in the room, they must be a tank and they have an equally booming voice to match. Once you spot them, its almost impossible to take your eyes off of them. Intricate patterns spiral over their gauntlets while ornate filligree decorates their cape-like armor. They're bright and shinny, every inch of them something to look at an consider, keeping one's mind constantly engaged. With the way the other mech gravitate to the Councilor of the Academy, one would think they were literally magnetic. Another laugh booms. "-and then I tol 'em! That's not energon, that's nitroglycerin! Hah!" They smack a mech close by on the back while those around them laugh.

May the silence that once lingered in the Pagoda of Knowledge rest in pieces. Lieutenant was too stubborn to leave at the reception happening in this particular Pagoda, but it's too much noise to keep his focus squarely on his reading. So he has given into people watching. Listening to the nonsense spewed about to filter with might actually be useful information. His optics have latched on particularly to the largest tank in the room, getting lose in his ridiculous stories which, frankly, aren't that funny. Besides, nitroglycerin is yellow, energon is pink. Who would be stupid enough to fall for that unless they were colorblind?

Still, Lieutenant listens.

Personally, Brainstorm preffers his learning to be more active, even volitaile. Add to that Perceptor's account of his encounter with Rigardian scientists and it doesn't become too surprising that under different circuimstance, Brainstorm might have avoid this place. But with an ancient evil, and more importantly, a weapon so distructive that it had to be broken apart and scattered among the stars, the situation is a little different. At the very least he might be able to get some answers about things, until he gets a chance to get his hands on one of those parts.

"Yes, I'm sure they must have been exploding in anger when they found that out" the engineer adds his own two bits to the joke (However plausable the events might be) as he pushes through the crowd to get a little closer to the big guy. He looks like he's in charge around here. Maybe he'll be able to do more than opperate mining equipment.

Eidolon laughs, turning to set their bright visor upon Brainstorm. There's never been a more animated individual with a mask and visor since Tailgate, one can just see the glee as they examine Brainstorm. "He turned out alive and well, not to worry! But, most importantly, he learned from it!" Hefting their wait to turn to Brainstorm fully, they extend a large servo. "You must be one of our Cybertronian visitors! Wonderful to meet ya- I'm Eidolon, Councilor of the Academy! I'm sure we have much to learn from one another. Now, what's your name? AND! Your passion?"

See! Brainstorm can go up and talk to him! No issues. He's excitable, expressive, clearly enjoying his time and pleased to meet others. The avian considers asking about the academy. Or perhaps how long he's been here. Are the Knights real or is this all a hoax? When did it get so hot in here? Oh... no that's just his face.

Lieutenant just stays in his seat, trying to convince himself to get up and talk. He does nothing except listen to what the other mech has to say to Brainstorm.

"Brainstorm, interstelarly renown weapons engineer and ship's genius!" Brainstorm reaches to accept the handshake. What is this 'humbleness' thing? "I'm sure we do have much to learn from each other."

Eidolon's shake is firm, comfortable, until he grips Brainstorm's servo to pull him in closer and put an arm around his shoulders. "Weapons! That's excellent! I've begun my studies in demolitions and explosives, myself. We'll have to talk more about that later! And if there's anything you need from me, always feel free to ask." They give Brainstorm a hearty shake before twisting aroun, lifting a servo to the whole of the library. "And this, this is open to you. Plenty to learn here- my pride and joy. Look over there, its one of you and I don't think I've seen them leave their spot yet." They laugh. "I don't blame them. If I didn't have duties and teachings and classes and mentorships and labs to oversee, I'd be here endlessly myself."

Say something, do something, just make something happen. He tells himself, but still nothing. Lieutenant momentarily wonders if his voice modulator broke on him, but he's too embarrassed to make a sound to test it. What if he attracts attention?

And Eidolon makes a gesture at him. Lieutenant's optics widen being called out for not leaving. He can't help it though! With all the knowledge here he has to stay until he reads everything. Cheeks a new bright pink tint, fins lowered just slightly, he gives a small wave with his fingers.

Brainstorm doesn't resist the pull. Unlike some people, he's perfectly fine with a lack of personal space, being a major perpetrator himself. Unless ofcourse he's working. Then he would very much rather people atlest give him some elbow room. The shake may be a little on the rough end, but he'll live.

Noticing Eidolon turn, he turns as well "That would be Lieutenant. I suppose since our library got destroyed, he's been in need of a new home. Don't worry, he's mostly harmless. There are a couple things I'd like to know, however..."

Eidolon waves enthusiastically to Lieutenant, glancing to Brainstorm. And for a brief moment, a solemn sadness encapsulates them. Destroyed library? Lost knowledge? How awful. "LIEUTENANT!" They suddenly boom, waving him over. "Come! Join us!" And just like that, the sadness is gone. Their attention turns back to Brainstorm, visor brightening and the studious mechs around looking a little jealous with all the attention the Cybertronians are getting. "Ah, and what would you like to know, Brainstorm?"

Ever seen Lieutenant jump twenty feet in the air? He practically did at the thunderous call of his name. Right out of his seat to his feet. Some how, through millions of years of forceful practice, he manages to stow all that meekness away as he approaches the two. "Eidolon, Councilor of the Academy, I over heard." he says finding his monotone with a bow, that just so happens to make his visor fall over his optics. If he can't see the mech, no reason to crumble again. "A pleasure, sir." And that's all as he doesn't want to interrupt Brainstorm's questioning.

"A lot of things, actually, but I'll start small." with barely an aknowledging look at Lieutenant, Brainstorm gets down to business "Mainly, I'minterested to know just how much you know about this ancient legendary evil currently hanging around Earth, and WUD, this gun we're supposed build out of pieces." mostly the gun.

Eidolon gives the instinct impression that he's smiling as Lieutenant joins in. "Nah, no need to be so formal, Lieutenant! Just Eidolon will do! And a pleasure to meet a fellow library enthusiast. You're always welcome to come and stay here." Lieutenant is treated to a slap to the back just as Brainstorm was.

Eidolon taps their chin in thought. "Ancient Evil? Unicron, you no doubt mean. Big thing, isn't it? Gonna have to be more specific about that sort of thing, aren't ya? As for the weapon! Ya aren't building it outta pieces!"

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Balance: Failure. (2 6)

Wings flair out at the unexpected slap, stumbling to keep his balance but he drops down to a knee. "Apologizes," Lieutenant says before picking himself up, "But I do find it pleasing to meet someone such as yourself as well." At that, he listens to what Eildon has to say about Unicron. "So it is true.." he mutters with a sigh. Great.... "Someone has mentioned about artifacts the Knights had. Not sure how those tie into the Unmaker but if you know anything about those?"

"Oh?" Brainstorm's optics flicker, curious "The AI with the attitude down there definitely sent us to pick up something. If not pieces, what are they?" Unicron can wait for a while, let's talk about the really interesting things. Lieutenant's question, too, gets a nod. That too. How does this all tie in?

Eidolon's servo hovers as Lieutenant falls. Whoops! But the mechs seems okay. "I haven't a chance to talk with that AI- though I've dabbled in programming, it'll be fascinating to meet him! Oh, erm." Eidolon's visor shutters as he remembers that questions were asked of him. Right, right! "Artifacts. Well, ya see, the Knights came a lifetime ago- exceptionally long considering our life expectancy-- have you ever thought if we have a natural due date and we just haven't reached that part yet? Ahem, anyways, they entrusted us. We don't know ever detail, of course, but if the texts I've read were accurate! The artifacts aren't parts, they're to power the weapon. I'm not exactly sure how. But! How fantastic that we get to figure that out!!" The tank hops around excitedly, like a new build trying their first sweet ever. "Not knowing things is more fun than knowing."

"That makes two of us." Lieutenant comments about the AI as he was present but was he taking part in the socializing? No. He stood far away from all of that. "The texts you have read, if you do not mind, are they here?" It would be excellent to have accurate texts one something and have knowledge on what the heck they're getting themselves into. Not to mention more reading to do. He lifts up his visor just slightly to peek at Eidolon as he hops about. How is this mech real? "Not knowing only makes it more thrilling to learn and know."

"Doubt it, he was a jerk." Brainstorm's face scrunches at the memory "Though I would mind taking a look at the code. I've done some AI work myself "But back to the weapon. So if the artifacts are just batteries, where's the weapon itself?" there's a certain glimmer in his optics. Maybe he can get a look at it sooner than he though.

Lieutenant again gets a nod"I personally preffer knowing things, but I suppose getting there is half the fun."

Eidolon nods. "Just about everything we know is in this library- I've made sure of it. Information should be accessible, don'tcha think?" the laugh. But seriously, they've written several of the volumes. Even taught themself to be gentle enough to hand write on the paper texts. But they're not here to brag. "The weapon's here, of course. Only place for safe keeping, here on Rigard." They clap Brainstorm's back again. "Of course it is! Though, being an engineer, I can see why the pursuit of the product gives you the most satisfaction."

"Incredible." Lieutenant compliments, perhaps he should start looking for all that Eidolon has written. Thank you for your time. he says, or thought he said as the avian assumes he's wasted enough of their time. Instead however, "It would be an honor to discuss the texts written by you sometime, if you had the chance?" the librarian's voice squeaked out in the end. Why him? Quickly he tacks on, "But, thank you for your time!" And shifts gears into reverse.

Brainstorm's optics practically begin to sparkle at the news that the weapon is indeed here "If you don't mind, I'd like to get a look at it sometime. You know, since we'll be using it and all, I'd like to know what we're dealing with." And is there anything he can use in his own designs. "when you have time of course, or if you can just give me the directions." The texts sound interesting too, but the weapon comes first.

Eidolon nods delightedly. "I'd love to discuss readings with you. Just come find me any time you'd like to, Lieutenant!" They wave to the green mech before their sole focus is on Brainstorm. "Ah, now that, that might be complicated. You see-" And then there's a small 'BOOM' followed by a shout of paint. "-And I'll get back to you on that! Come by the academy some time, I'd love to see you there. Now excuse me! I've got to go teach a student here how to reattach their fingers." Eidolon laughs, gives Brainstorm another slap on the back and troops off.

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