2017-06-03 Regret in the Garden

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Regret in the Garden
Date 2017/06/03
Location Rigard - Central Garden
Participants Lieutenant, Cosmos
NPCs Memory
Summary Cosmos is really regretting his sass right about now.

He didn't want to come down to Rigard. Lieutenant bemoaned coming planet side, internally. But someone has to keep an optic on his weeble-wobble friend, who should have stayed on the ship. There is a library to repair, he shouldn't be down here slacking off, but again, he can't leave Cosmos to his own devices.

Memory has finally come out of the habsuite, carried in Lieutenant's sling over his chest. Unlike the other, he's admiring the garden, happy to see something untouched by destruction. If the drone had his choice, he would beg Lieutenant to stay here instead of going back on that awful ship.

Cosmos is limping a little from a sore leg but he wouldnt classify himself as Weeble-wobbling. Its not like he can't move around on his own ok, besides who would pass up the chance to see this place!? Excluding Lieutenant.

"Look at it, Lieutenant," Cosmos grins over at his friend as he kneels down to look at a plant, "I can't believe how amazing this place is!"

Lieutenant looks at it and in an attempt to not be a total buzzkill he flicks his fins in response. "Decent." he remarks dryly, picking up Memory to put him on the ground who offers more commentary than the avian. "It's so nice! We should get more plants like these for the library!" Rest in pieces Decibel and Bonfire. "Do you think we could find more and pick them?"

Cosmos says, "I don't know, not sure if we are allowed to pick these or not but we could certainly ask someone later!" The UFO glances up at Lieutenant as he distracts Memory with the plants, "I'm glad to see that you're ok, Lieutenant." Within reason, one can say. I'm not sure anyone is really 'ok' after what happened..."

Memory nods, but still considers picking them, just when no one's looking. Maybe while Cosmos is distracting Lieu with conversation. And fortunately, it seems he has, as the librarian tilts his head so-so. "Physically, yes. Glad to see you have been doing better in that department." he replies bluntly, "Soundwave certainly missed you." If there was one good thing about not doing Cosmos' work anymore it would be seeing Soundwave and watching him be disappointed it's not the other green comm mech.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Success. (3 2 1 3 8 1 2 3 3)

Cosmos visibly pauses, visor almost seeming to widen a bit in wonder... or confusion, probably both, "Huh? What do you mean he missed me?" A gentle smack is given to Memory's hand as he tries to pick the flowers. A chastizing look quickly follows it before refocusing on the other green mech. Bad Memory.

Memory yanks his hand back, sticking his tongue out at the spacer. Nyeh! As retribution he's going to lift up his arms in insistence that he be held. It's what you get for not letting him pick the flower!

"Well he certainly did not want me around." For good reason. Lieutenant shook his head, "He was too busy with some little game. A strange looking datapad, round shaped or something." He's not sure what the heck that was.

Cosmos cant help but laugh a little as Memory demands to be held in exchange for not messing with the plants. Giving in almost immediately, Cosmos hefts up the tiny drone and leans him against one hip so he can look at Lieutenant... and effectively hiding the drone from his own sight. Stupid round chassis. His expression quickly turns to surprise, however when Lieutenant mentions the datapad, "Wait, like oval shaped? Wow, I... I honestly thought he was just going to put it into storage or something!"

Lieutenant raises an optic ridge, "I am not following." Cosmos probably knew about it, perhaps, since he frequents Soundwave's office more. But why mention about putting it in storage? Why did Cosmos think he would do that, even if it was a likely outcome? "What is it, exactly?"

"I gave it to him," Cosmos explains, "I got it back on Earth, its basically a digital pet game made by the humans. I thought he might like it but wasn't sure if he would actually use it or not..." I guess suffering through Rumble and Frenzy was worth it then. That actually makes him really happy to hear. "Oh but, uh, speaking of Soundwave. Thanks for covering for me while I was in the medibay!"

Cosmos gave Soundwave a game. A digital pet game. Cosmos GAVE Soundwave, the loyal third in command of the entire Decepticon army, an earth pet game.

Lieutenant just stares at him and though his processor just crashed. Memory starts fidgeting due to the silence, trying to climb up on Cosmos' shoulder but it's the only sound to be heard in the silence.

Cosmos frowns in deep concern as Lieutenant just stares at him, like he grew a second helm or something. "Uh... L-Lieutenant? Hello? You ... you ok?" A hand is waved in front of Lieutenant's face as the UFO lifts Memory up onto his shoulder. Maybe I should snap to get his attention or something..

Lieutenant doesn't even flinch. Memory gives a bit of a concerned look to the avian. "I think he broke." Could be likely since the other doesn't take care of himself very much. Not to mention Memory hasn't been around recently to shoot the mech for neglecting himself. Lieutenant finally, barely opens his mouth to quote one of Quicksight's most frequent questions, "Why?"

Cosmos almost seems to startle as Lieutenant suddenly speaks, half expecting the avian to actually be broken, "I... uh... why not?" Is... is this really such a big deal? Sure he thought Soundwave would like it and specifically went to get it for him but... Ok maybe that is a big deal but not a huge one, right?

"Explain further." Lieutenant isn't exactly thrilled about that idea because it's Primus-damned Soundwave. He's been letting go of the whole situation between Penchant and Soundwave but now there's THIS! Soon he won't be able to have any friends that AREN'T linked to Soundwave in some way.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Sass: Good Success. (2 3 4 8 7 7 6 5 4)

Cosmos' visor suddenly narrows a bit at Lieutenant, beginning to feel a bit indignant over Lieutenant's apparent questioning of his sanity, "I'm sorry but I didn't think my love life was any of your business-" The UFO suddenly pulls up short, the realization of what he said hitting him. ..... Oh thats bad... "I- Uh... f-forget you heard that. There is no love life, I was lying, I'm gonna be alone forever!" Yeah. Smooth recovery.



Memory tilts his head at Cosmos momentarily, before giving the most cheeky little smirk to the spacer. "So THAT'S who you like! Soundwave? I haven't met him myself but oh my gosh!! You should tell him, silly! You don't want to be alone forever because that's just too long." As the little drone rambles with excitement, Lieutenant just continues to stare.

Cosmos stares right back at Lieutenant, meeting him eye to visor before gently taking Memory off his shoulder and handing the drone over to Lieutenant. Once the little guy is firmly back in the avian's hands the UFO turns on his heel and starts marching straight out of the garden as fast as his sore leg will let him. No no nope, he doesn't want to deal with this.

Memory is tucked into his sling again for safety. Giving Cosmos a total of a five second head start before Lieutenant takes two steps to grab Cosmos' shoulder. If allowed, he'll hold him there, still for a moment, still unable to say anything.

Lieutenant sighs, "Your... relationship life is none of my business, you are correct." He pauses, trying to figure out what to say without being so awkward as he feels at the moment. "I know not what I am to you, but as your colleague, I ask that you be careful. You are a wonderful mech, and an enjoyment to have in company. If- If Soundwave is the mech you have your visor set on, I will respect that. I will trust you to know what you are getting into." He's gone through this with Penchant, he's had months to accept it. So the second time is a little easier to come to terms with.

Cosmos lets himself get tugged around to see just what exactly it is Lieutenant wants to say before pausing, and then giving him a dry look. "I think it is pretty safe to assume we are friends Lieutenant. Unless you don't think so... but- either way you make it sound like me-" He already knows so Cosmos might as well spit it out.. doesn't mean he says it above an embarrassed mumble though, "liking Soundwave is going to be the end of everything or something. Trust me, he's not. And as for the visor set on him... Well, let's just say I don't know if he even could feel the same," I kind of have a lot of factors going against me here. "So, you might not have to worry either way..."

Lieutenant wanted to say they were friends, but not everyone would consider him one. Especially considering his fluctuating moods. The avian shakes his head, "Perhaps not, but I get worried. I will, I will try not to be for you." It's hard not to have some concern for your friends after all. Particularly having eyes for such a known Decepticon. "Considering he had some concerns for you when you were in the medbay, I would say that if he does look at you the same I would not be surprised."

Cosmos can't help a small snort of laughter, "He probably just is worried about a friend at best. I uh... don't wanna get my own hopes up too high." Gotta be a realist, sadly, "... He's- he's also not as bad as most people think, really. I talk with him for a bit whenever I drop off reports and he's pretty nice. A bit stoic and intimidating maybe, but nice." Even he will admit Soundwave can be kinda scary.

Lieutenant can't really judge a book by it's cover as he didn't really get to know Soundwave. "If you say so." he says with a touch of ease as he let's go of Cosmos. Memory smiles, "Well, Soundwave isn't a fire-breathing torturer, so I'd say he's safe!" The avian bundles him in the sling. That's enough from him.

Cosmos looks confused at the mention of a fire breathing torturer but decides it best he should probably not ask. "Uh.. right. Well, did you want to head back to the ship then?"

Lieutenant gives a nod in response. He has a library to finish cleaning after all! And some time to clear his head about Soundwave.

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