2017-05-26 Take a Break

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Take a Break
Date 2017/05/26
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants First Aid, Blaster, Cosmos
Summary Blaster visits Cosmos and chats with First Aid.

It had been a busy time for the medical staff. Between the lot of them, there were still plenty of patients coming in and out with injuries-- some more injured than others. Cosmos, for instance, who came in with an extremely busted leg. First Aid has tried to repair to the best of his ability, but there's only so much one can do in a short period of time.

First Aid comes over to Cosmos, offering him a cube of energon. "Here, you should get some fuel in you. How are you feeling? Hopefully less pain?" For as long as First Aid had been working on Cosmos, he hopes that the pain has diminished.

Cosmos looks up as First Aid approaches, giving the nurse a grateful, if tired, smile under his mask. "Thanks, First Aid. Definitely not hurting as much." The spacer carefully removes his mask and sets it aside, shifting into a better position while trying not to jostle his still very much injured leg, "I'll be fine. How is everyone else doing?"

Hey there Cosmos, Blaster heard you are in the medibay! He brought some goodies to cheer you up and let you know that you got some time off to heal! "Yo Cosmos! You doing okay?" He comes in and puts down the treats next to his berth.

First Aid hums, canting his head slightly. "They're, ah... You know. Recovering. As best as they can, considering." First Aid looks up when Blaster enters the room, stepping back to give them some space.

Cosmos looks up as he sips the energon to see his boss and friend step into the medibay. "Hi, Blaster. Better than before, I can say that at least! How's everyone else in communications holding out after .. well what happened." Blinking a little at the treats, Cosmos cant help the small noise he makes as he is touched by the gift, "Aw, thank you Blaster, you didn't have to bring these though, I doubt I'll be in here much longer!"

Blaster claps Cosmos's back a little. "Good! And communications is holding up fine. I mean there is a lot of cleanup to do- files that are not in the system are now scattered around the area, but Lieu is really on top of that stuff as well." He then looks at First Aid... then winks at him. "How are you doing nurse? Long time no see." He gives Aid a rather big smile.

First Aid points at Cosmos. "You'll be in here as long as I say you need to," he warns. He then looks to Blaster and his visor softens to a warmer hue. "Heh, the only reason you haven't seen me is because I've been in here nonstop. I hope things aren't too hectic for you?"

Cosmos gives a small nod, "Yeah, Lieutenant should be able to get stuff done, he's good at that sort of thing." He gives First Aid a small raised hand in surrender before pausing. Was that a... Oh that was definitely a wink! Well, now its Cosmos turn to step back and give some space, metaphorically of course. Really all he can do is pretend to be invisible and let the natural course of not being noticed take place. He most certainly isn't eavesdropping. Nope. Just sipping his energon and looking at the... wall.

"Chief of Communications and all that entails." Blaster responds to Aid's question with a grin. "Cosmos and Lieu been of great help with the organization since that is the not my strongest suit." He pats Cosmos's head. "We miss you in the Comms area, but you deserve rest at some point. I worry I overwork you." He tells Cosmos now.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Sass: Great Success. (6 3 4 5 8 7 7 7 8)

Sigh, looks like no gossip for Cosmos. "Its fine, Blaster. I don't mind." At least not usually, Cosmos thinks. "Guess that means my tap dancing class will have to wait, what will I ever do." Cosmos takes another sip of his energon once that somewhat dry joke is done with.

First Aid chuckles, shaking his head. "Perhaps," he muses. "I think I need some better organization boxes or filing cabinets that I can use." First Aid then squints at Blaster. "You didn't get hurt, did you? I don't think I've seen you in here yet..."

"Does being voided on by a cyberwyvern count as an injury to my dignity?" Blaster asks, trying not to grin and make himself sound more like a self satisfied smugaft but lips still twitching anyway. "I'm fine-ish. Tiny dings don't warrant time off in the medibay, there is not enough room as is." A shrug. "Thanks for asking, you are a sweetspark."

Cosmos eyes Blaster over the rim of his cube before good naturedly commenting, "Oh, so we are counting me just doing everything as teaching then?" He settles a bit, content to just sip at his cube and let the two of them talk. He gives a quick look over to Blaster before squinting. Voided on by a- what now?

First Aid stares at Blaster. "I... guess that's not really an injury I can heal. Except maybe with high-grade. But you'd probably rather go to Swerve for that." Well, at least Blaster isn't hiding injuries from him. Some of the crew, in an effort to avoid the medibay, had been refusing to talk to First Aid or the medical staff. Which is very irritating.

"Wanna join me in the 'healing' then, Aid? We can both drink some soothing liquor- oh wait, I think Swerve's been damaged too." Blaster makes a face. "Well, I guess I have to rely on some of my personal stashes then. Still, the invite is open. You too Cosmos, if you need to drown down your feelings." A smile at Cosmos then. "But I get the feeling that you can hold down- or hold back- your own emotions just fine."

Cosmos chuckles a little and gives them both a lopsided smile, "I would take you up on that but though I can hold my emotions my engex not so much. Hope you both have fun, though."

First Aid looks at Cosmos, worry emanating from him. "I don't know if I should leave the medibay... You're still needing attention and there are other patients..." First Aid hadn't left the medibay to even go back to his room in... well, awhile.

"You are not the only medic though, First Aid." Blaster points out. "There's Ratchet, there's Buzzkill, and Tourniquet. And more trainee medics as well. Everyone will be fine if you took a small break from work." A raised eyeridge at Aid now. "Gotta make sure our doctor finds ways to be healthy and rested so he can better care for us all. And by rested, I mean relaxed, away from the medibay, and just unwinding a little."

Cosmos probably more helpfully- and realistically- suggests, "If you asked Ratchet for a little time off I'm sure he would let you. For the most part things seem to be handled at the moment and he can always call you back in if something goes wrong."

First Aid fiddles with his hands, mulling it over. "Yeah, okay. I'll go tell Ratchet I'm taking a break." Most likely, Ratchet would give the go-ahead. Things had calmed down a little bit. "You sure you're okay with me joining you?"

Blaster smiles more. "Absolutely. Want me to bring you something Cosmos?" No, Blaster has not forgotten about you, UFO buddy.

"Naw, I'm fine," Cosmos waves them off with a smile, "You both go have fun... well, at least, relax a bit. not sure this situation would classify as fun."

"You promise to call me if you need me back, right away. No matter what." First Aid is still a little nervous to leave the medibay in case something happens, but taking a break does sound nice...

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