2017-05-18 Worms in the Engines

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Worms in the Engines
Date 2017/05/18
Location Lost Light: Engineering -- Engine Room
Participants Sandstorm, Whetstone, Skystalker, Blaster, Chimera
NPCs Grease, Cinderglitch
Plot Rebirth of Unicron
Summary Well, close to the engines.

Out there, orbiting silently around Earth's L1 point, are now eight colossal, jet-black monoliths. The first two in line are certainly from the Shivah and Eukaris colonies; the next two are probably from Velocitron and Devisiun, according to reports from those planets. The provenance of the other four isn't known for sure, but if the pattern holds, other colonies are suffering the effects of their own catastrophes.

The rate of arrival has accelerated, and made those in command of the Lost Light and of Elita One's ship, the Ariel, nervous. So, all of their crewmembers have been called back from excursions to the other ship or to the nearby human planet. No one can guess exactly what might happen or when, but the fear is that it will be bad, and soon. Trips to the monoliths themselves have also been halted. Each one tends to be confronted, sooner or later, by swarms of claw-headed, worm-like drones. While individually they are easy to kill, there are so many that it's foolish to try to beat them all back. So, the ships monitor from afar, most sensors set to dance between the black shapes looking for any sign of anything. Lately it's been quiet. Yes, too quiet.

Sandstorm doesn't like this. Not that he likes a lot of things these days - just ask anyone he interacts with for more than five minutes - but this is a special case. Eight of those fragging monoliths now, and the crew still knows next to nothing about any of them. And they're not allowed to go out and study them anymore because of those stupid worm things. Frankly, Sandstorm is surprised Elita One's people haven't done somthing to trigger the monoliths yet, either by trying to nuke them or getting an even bigger drill without finding out what they're dealing with.

Doesn't mean he like sitting here with his thumbs stuck up his aft port either, though. "This is ridiculous." Sandstorm monitors the workstation he's taken up for himself, faceplates in an even deeper frown than usual. "We're just going to sit here and wait for those fragging things to blow us all up? Fat lot of good that'll do anybody. Stupid, we should be trying to get to them, kill off those worm swarms..." He's mostly grousing to himself, even as irritation rolls off him in waves.

Skystalker has been outside surveying with someone on board when they were called back to the Lost Light. His brief partner zoomed off once he got back, and it has left Skystalker to his own devices; frankly, he has no idea what to do next. The worms unsettle him, and he doesn't want to see them out there. So he's come down to the other lower levels to scout things out for himself. The Shuttle Bay is a strained quiet now, and even the cargo hold in its usual bustle is silent.

When Skystalker arrives at the engine room, it is with a cautious step and a curious eye. The monoliths drained it before, right? He catches the tail end of Sandstorm's mutterings. "If you'd like to go out and try, I'm sure it would be fascinating."

Whetstone is leaning the railing of a raised catwalk, slowly sharpening one of his blades against his thumb. "Worry not, Sandstorm - our ship is blessed! The journey will not be halted so easily. Have faith," he preaches unhelpfully. "Still..." Whetstone regards Skystalker with a cheery head-tilt. "It may be wiser to act before the enemy, in some manner..."

An alarm suddenly sounds through the engine room, alert light strobing red. Across Sandstorm's workstation scrolls 'Hull Breach, Deck 2', but this isn't cause for alarm. The other engineers at work pause to check what is happening before merely going back to their business. Hull breaches aren't entirely out of the ordinary for a space ship and this one seems relatively minor as a repair team is already reported to be en route.

"I just might." Sandstorm slants a look at the first speaker. Pretty spacer he doesn't know the name of. Not here to help. "Ever hear of the phrase 'God helps those who help themselves'? I'm not the type to sit around and pray things'll end up fine, but thanks for the empty promises." Target number two, another one Sandstorm doesn't know the name of, though they know his. Whatever, doesn't matter. The alarm is what saves them from further rudeness, Sandstorm's attention whipping back to his workstation. Minor hull breach, huh? While his coworkers don't seem to care, Sandstorm's packing up his toolbox, glad for something to do instead of just standing here and waiting to burst from the tension. It may be a minor alert, and then again, with what's been going on, it may not. Either way, he's finding out, and he's on his way out the door with a, "You two have fun with all those blessings."

There's a small smile for Sandstorm's brand of daring. But Faith? Skystalker looks up to the draconic knight up on the catwalk, mouth turned in a considering frown. Blessed? Maybe. In some regard. They aren't dead-- yet. Though as soon as Skystalker thinks this, the alarm rises up in his audials, lights flashing. Skystalker glides to the terminal to look at the message on the readout, glancing after Sandstorm. "It's all the way on deck two-- you sure you need to go? Or are you getting that antsy?" There's another smile, this time more of a crook.

Whetstone is about to happily reply with a 'you're welcome' but catches himself, Sandstorm's rough words making the knight sulk a little. The alarm nearly makes him drop his sword. "...Better to be sure," he murmurs, stepping down the stairs to follow the ornery triplechanger. "Come, Sky!"

Just as Sandstorm gets to the doorway, one of the other engineers calls out, "Sandstorm, no point in going. Repair team just reported arriving at the breach, they have it handled. Right now we should worry about- Grease what's wrong?" An oil stained mech is staring optic'd at a terminal, gazing at a slightly bleary image, "Holy Primus... I.. A friend is streaming us a video from the breach site... You guys might want to see this." It becomes pretty clear in the first view of the screen that the breaching object- whatver it was- moved stunningly fast, creating a straight line of breaches straight back all the way to Perceptor's lab. That isn't focused on for long, the camera moving around to look towards the looming black monolith's in the distance. All at once, the monoliths that face inward begin to form seams that slowly swing wide open. Planes as wide as islands turn on unseen hinges away from their bulks.

Out from within spill huge amounts of material- metallic from the looks of it but the screen is too blurry to tell for sure but there is a lot of it. All of it begins to shift and stream out towards the L1 point, some unseen target. From the primary monolith- Shivah's-, a large structure falls out, red fire behind squares of transparency surrounded in siler and white. The signalling between the monoliths ceases and the only movement is the glistening material sliding together to form a single mass.

Skystalker's smile is met with a glower thrown over Sandstorm's shoulder. "Of course I'm antsy, you should be too if you know what's good for you--" He cuts himself off as his name is called, whirling in the doorway to face the one who'd addressed him, rotors spinning in anxious irritation. He needs something to do and this hull breach, even if it's small, is giving that to him. He's about to snap at his coworker when his attention is drawn to Grease, thanks to the same mech.

Sandstorm is at Grease's side in an instant, possibly helped along by his rotors, which whirl again as he moves and kick up a small gust of wind. The images on the screen are...well, they're unbelievable, to be honest. Sandstorm watches in grim fascination as the monoliths release....something. He's never seen anything like it, or if he has, he's never seen it do this. Without turning to look and see if either Skystalker or Whetstone have joined him and Grease at the terminal, he says slowly, "You better be right about us being blessed, mech. It looks like we're gonna need it."

Whetstone, why must you be so infectious? Skystalker is considering the other engineers and their lack of concern when the mech comes down from his perch. He sighs just a little, wings lifting and settling when he moves to tag along. Except one of the engineers stops them, and Sky is a little glad for it. Up until he moves up to Grease's workstation after Sandstorm, anyway.

The gushing of material starts to slow as the mass begins forming together into a roughly spherical shape, though there are distinct gaping voids along its outline. If the thingy is out there somewhere, it is entirely engulfed. The frothing shard start to settle together into solid plates of silver, grey, and orange. Some pieces, rather than merge with the rest, can just be spotted taking orbit around the object in wide arcs. Its all very orderly and calm.

There is a point on the rough sphere where a circular opening is forming while two prominences assemble themselves on either side, climbing higher and moving back as the center gulf begins to eerily glow. What follows is a beat of stillness, where everyone seems to be holding in their vents. It is then a shockwave pulses out from the mass, rapidly approaching the ships. "BRACE FOR IMPACT!" Is the only warning given as he grabs Grease around the midsection and grabs something. The entire ship rocks as the shockwave hits both ships, slamming them out of orbit.

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (4 2 4 8 8 4)

<FS3> Whetstone rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (1 2 4 5)

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (4 7 1 4 6 5 3 6)

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (2 7 4 8 4 7)

Sandstorm is watching all of this with growing dread, the restlessness of wanting, needing to act and the helplessness of knowing there's nothing he can do growing to a crescendo inside him. At least it's starting to form something recognizable, as in Sandstorm recognizes that it's a shape and no longer a formless mass. What that shape could be finalizing itself into is the real question here.

"I don't like the looks of this," Sandstorm begins unnecessarily, mostly to himself, optics still glued to the screen. His entire frame is taut, body coiled tightly like a cat about to spring. Maybe that's why he moves so quickly, so instinctively, when the shockwave rockets toward them. He doesn't shout, knows it's useless at this point; instead he's grabbing for the nearest mech - sorry Whetstone - in a mirror image of Grease and his companion, bracing himself against the floor and holding tight to the workstation as the force of the blast slams into the ship. Rotor arms shift, angling themselves so when his rotors start spinning they're working against the direction the shockwave's push wants to send him flying in.

Skystalker leans forward to watch the screen, optics rapt with what is happening outside. Of all people he knows that space is filled with things even more ancient than them, and something like this-- this is beyond the scope of what he understands. "Wormholes, I think? The monoliths don't have enough volume otherwise... I don't know what that stuff is."

He quiets as the contents of the screen play out, calm and methodical. Skystalker is too busy watching the smooth movements and dance of objects to notice the shiver of preparation that precedes the shockwave. His vents hitch and he grabs onto the nearest something, thrusters buzzing alive on their own and giving him the boost before he actually rises from the floor, arm around a rail.

Whetstone is trying to scroll through all of his internal records for anything that mentions what's unfolding on screen. So drawn up in his searching that he can't grip the workstation in time. Thankfully Sandstorm keeps him from flying off his feet, but the Wrecker gets a face full of metallic feathers, and streaks through his paint, as Whetstone clings with his claws. "By Primus!" He tries to spring free. "Mayhap it's time to notify Command?!"

"Lost Light," Rodimus says, activating the ship's comms on Perceptor's advice -- just in time for the shockwave to hit them. What follows the first words of his address is a truly /vile/ string of swearing right over the ship's systems as he scrambles to keep his feet. In the wake of that, he's a bit lackluster as he says, "--brace for impact. That would've been more helpful five seconds earlier, huh?" He has still forgotten to kill the comms. "And prepare for a possible fight."

The orbiting ring of material has solidified into a circular outrigger ringing the entire central sphere, which is now covered with curving plates of orange and gray. There remain missing swaths of structure between the stretches of completed surface. Overall the sphere is huge now, the donations from the now-emptied monoliths enough to create something the size of a moon, at least. The glowing maw is now rimmed by triangular tooth-like structures, while the prominences taper into curved horns.

From the hole a mass of writhing white seems to escape, unintelligible from the blurriness of the screen... until it suddenly gets closer, revealing itself as a massive horde of worms swelling straight for the ship. The first wave hits the ship and the screen flickers before going black as the mech streaming the video seems to be knocked off their pedes. As soon as the screen goes dark it begins lighting up with dozens upon dozens of messages, telling of hull breaches all across the ship. Those are quickly ignored, however, as the engineering staff turns to look up in horror as the engines suddenly hitch with a flicker of lights. Banging can also be heard racing closer and closer to the engine room door, climaxing as a worm like creatures pokes its pincer'd head around the doorframe.

From somewhere, a faint roar can be heard.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sandstorm=Firearms Vs Worm=5 < Sandstorm: Success (2 4 3 3 3 7 3 6) Worm: Success (4 5 8 1 5) < Net Result: DRAW

"Yeah, it would've," Sandstorm grits out, as if Rodimus could hear him from here. "Slag--we're fine now, get off! Get off!" Shoving Whetstone away from himself, regretting having grabbed the mech in the first place, Sandstorm grumbles wordlessly as he takes stock of all the new marks on his plating from Whetstone's clawing. Great. He turns back to the terminal to watch as alert after alert pops up on the screen, showing hull breaches all over the ship. From the previous images, he's got a pretty good idea what's coming.

"These things aren't that hard to kill," Sandstorm's saying already, even as the lights from the engines flicker. "But there's a scrapton of them, so, prepare for that." He already is, drawing a blaster from a new holster at his hip; he'd had to go for a backup he keeps in the armory, since his preferred one was left out there on the monoliths thanks to that gunformer jumping him. Which is why he's not expecting much out of it, even as he aims toward the door from behind which is coming louder and louder noises as their enemies approach. When the first worm appears, he fires immediately.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Skystalker=Firearms Vs Worm=5 < Skystalker: Good Success (2 7 1 2 5 7 5 7) Worm: Good Success (7 8 2 7 1) < Net Result: DRAW

Sandstorm's blaster shot hits the worm in its writhing body, sending it flying back into the oncoming mass. Instead of stopping or slowing, the others simply slither over top the thing as it struggles to regain what traction it can get.

Skystalker can't help but grimace a smile out at the intercoms, feet planting hard against the floor when the shockwave moves through only to be replaced by the peppering of objects into the hull. Somewhere in his head there's an offense that these things are trying to destroy his home, and from there Skystalker pulls himself out of the moment of stillness.

One of Sky's plasma pistols draws out on the crest of his arm when he turns to face the door with Sandstorm; the ex-Wrecker's shots precede Skystalker peppering the doorway and the intruders with his own fire.

Whetstone isn't quick enough to escape Sandstorm's shove, and stumbles forward. Yeesh! "Right! We can handle a scrapton!" He draws both of his scimitars and draws them against his shins for some extra sharpness. But he doesn't launch into battle just yet, stepping to the side as the other two bots get to work. Man, guns look pretty cool. Stupid oath.

Sandstorm's blaster shot hits the worm in its writhing body, sending it flying back into the oncoming mass. Instead of stopping or slowing, the others simply slither over top the thing as it struggles to regain what traction it can get.

The shots fired from Skystalker don't seem to do any real harm either, but again the creatures are shoved back- barely being kept at bay. Grease and the engineer share a slightly panicked look before bursting into action, the oil covered mech sliding under a engine's panel while the other runs to a terminal and runs diagnostics. "Keep those things off of us and away from the engines! If they get to it we're done for!" None of them even bother to stop and listen to a Broadcast from the bridge but it can be heard playing in the background, Lieutenant's voice starkly contrasting the panic, "Lost Lighters, prepare for an invasion! Take up arms and aim only for the wormlike creatures." Memory pops out to add before the avian clicks off, "We're about to get fucked!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sandstorm=firearms Vs Worm=5 < Sandstorm: Success (6 3 5 4 7 5 2 5) Worm: Good Success (1 8 7 2 4) < Net Result: Worm wins - Marginal Victory

"The hell do you think we're trying to do!" Sandstorm shouts back at his fellow engineers as they get to work. He's still firing on the oncoming worms, and despite his continuing annoyance with Sterling for making him drop his blaster the other day, he's kind of wishing she was here again. At least with her alt they would have a much better covering fire. Especially as, suddenly, his backup blaster overheats, effectively 'jamming'. It only lasts a few seconds before the gun corrects, but those seconds were crucial, and the surprise of it messes with Sandstorm's aim. In a fit of frustration, he utters a phrase he hasn't used in years: "Son of a bitch!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Skystalker=Melee Weapons Vs Worm=5 < Skystalker: Good Success (7 6 2 7 1 2 1 4) Worm: Success (7 5 1 3 3) < Net Result: Skystalker wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whetstone=melee Weapons Vs Worm=5 < Whetstone: Success (1 4 6 2 6 6 1 7 5 4 2 5 2 6) Worm: Success (2 4 3 5 7) < Net Result: DRAW

There's a reason Skystalker doesn't use his pistols-- and the fact is, he's just not used to them. The time that he gets in shoving the worms back with his suppressing fire, is time that he spends in reaching into his subspace and producing his sleek staff with a flick of his wrist and an extension of his arm; before it extends fully, Skystalker jumps down from the workstation and swoops in with a burst of fire from under his wings, the heat flaring out behind him. Time to crush some worms.

Whetstone pauses to squint at the crassness of Memory, but only lingers in offense for a split second before springing into the action. With a sharp bounce into the air and several flaps, he drops into a whirl, bringing his swords down. Sandstorm adds to the crassness, naturally. "Curses won't blinkin' save us!" he shouts over the writhing drones.

The worms take that crucial second where Sandstorm is stalled to being swarming into the room only to run head first into Skystalker's jet powered charge. There is a loud screech as he manages to indeed crush several of them. Whetstone gets a similarly noisy result but less effective as they mostly manage to swing out of the way.

Grease pauses under the machine, nervously calling out, "Cinderglitch... what was that?" The head engineer looks back at the doorway, swearing under his breath as he sees the situation become worse, "Nothing Grease! Everything's fine! Panel 64 is overheating, go! Everyone non essential help keep them back." Cinder grabs a nearby wrench and runs over to help with several others as he mutters repeatedly, "Everything is not fine. Everything is not fine. Don't let Grease know. Keep him calm."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sandstorm=Firearms Vs Worm=5 < Sandstorm: Good Success (8 6 4 7 6 1 4 8) Worm: Success (5 6 2 8 3) < Net Result: Sandstorm wins - Solid Victory

Sandstorm glances back at the scrambling engineers, and some part of him knows that he should be back there, with them. That's his life now, fixing, keeping the engines stable and the ship running. But when you go Wrecker you don't come back whole; part of you is always one, and that's the part that's in control now. He fiddles with some of the settings on his blaster, then smacks the side of it, palm flat, before resuming aim. He can feel the difference in how it fires almost immediately, and his lip curls in a smirk. "Says you!" he calls back to Whetstone, rotors whirling in a surge of confidence.

Skystalker's charge into the tangle of squirming bodies with his staff earns several sickening crunches and the tingle of satisfaction when he manages to smash them into shrieking submission.

"Less talking, more hitting!" The starfighter chimes in, oh so helpful as he files away the locations of the engineers and moves forward to take on any more of the constructs trying to shove their way in the door. He may not be the biggest mech in here, but the whirling dervish that is his staff tries its utter best to make up for that.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Skystalker=Melee Weapons Vs Worm=5 < Skystalker: Good Success (3 4 8 6 1 8 8 3) Worm: Success (6 5 7 3 6) < Net Result: Skystalker wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whetstone=unarmed Vs Worm=5 < Whetstone: Good Success (8 6 6 5 5 8 2 8 4 1 2) Worm: Good Success (6 8 7 2 2) < Net Result: Whetstone wins - Marginal Victory

Whetstone can't help but talk when things begin to get dire. The entire ship is being invaded with these things!? Whetstone swipes frantically, losing a little focus as the worms manage to advance on him while the other two mechs push back. They're pretty impressive. Oh right, some Lost Lighters spent millions of years fighting a war. Huh.

Whetstone finally transforms into his archaic wyvern mode and parts his jaws to take a bite out of that writhing mass. Just need to keep them away from the engineers.

The battle is beginning to turn. Sandstorm begins to push them back with his blaster fires- taking out one after the other- as Skystalker crushes any not fast enough to writhe around his attacks. Whetstone only adds to the slaughter as he rips worms apart in draconic jaws and soon they are pushing them back towards the door.

The lights begin to flicker and dim even more and there is a loud curse from behind them before it is quickly followed by a victorious noise. Sounds like Grease managed to keep the engines going, for now. "Sandstorm!" Said mech calls, "Think you can figure out how to splice the secondary lights' power to the engines?" Well, what little there might be left.

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Fixing: Good Success. (1 8 6 8 1 3 4 4 5 4 2 7)

"Learn how to do both!" Sandstorm fires back at Skystalker, as he fires on the worms. Another valuable skill taken from the Wreckers, alongside the PTSD and inability to healthily express emotions. Anyway, between him, Skystalker and Whetstone, they seem to be doing a number on the worm horde, giving the engineers behind them the space they need to keep the engines running. The cursing is worrying, and Sandstorm is turning to check quickly when Grease instead makes a noise of triumph. Not great, but better.

Shoving his blaster back into its holster, Sandstorm's already moving away from the fighting when he calls back, "Yeah, piece of ener-cake." He smoothly slides onto his knees beside another engine panel, kibble a whirl of activity as it shifts down and inward to make it possible for Sandstorm to slide beneath the panel and get to work. He had, of course, slipped his toolbox away earlier when the video feed of the worms first began, which means it's right there for him to pull out of his subspace. The danger and action making him a bit heady, Sandstorm hollers toward the fighting mechs, "If you two can keep 'em back without me and we somehow get out of this with our skidplates intact, the first round of drinks're on me!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Skystalker=Melee Weapons Vs Worm=5 < Skystalker: Good Success (7 2 1 1 7 4 1 8) Worm: Success (3 3 8 4 6) < Net Result: Skystalker wins - Solid Victory

"It's inefficient to do--" Whack! "Both!" Skystalker barks back, halfway playing at the fact that he's still talking, given the crook on his lips as he strikes out at the worms with Whetstone at his side crunching them into scraps. While Sandstorm careens his way back to help the others with the engines, Skystalker poises himself at the door with wings flared and thrusters on idle fire. He pushes forward to make his way out into the hallway beyond, intent on cutting them off on the other side. Maybe the guys can get the door barricaded this way.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whetstone=unarmed Vs Worm=5 < Whetstone: Good Success (8 6 3 5 2 2 3 6 3 7 6) Worm: Success (6 7 1 6 5) < Net Result: Whetstone wins - Marginal Victory

Oh sweet god the worms taste like sin and hellfire. Whetstone thrashes and chokes as he snaps them apart, and ends up accidentally swallowing the remains of one, which prompts him to back off completely and claw at his neck. "HAGHH!" is the answer Sandstorm gets, but the command reaches him apparently, as he twists around to sweep his spaded tail across the floor.

"<< Command! These vile drones are swarming us and threatening to take down the engines! We're trying to hold them off- (sounds of some gross wretching) -Just letting you know! >>"

When Skystalker aims to push the mass back into the hall, Whetstone catches on and follows up to drag the sliding door with his teeth.

And from the Bridge comes Blaster, ready and willing to help. Fighting giant legless monsters are /not/ his specialty (he hasn't forgotten his clumsy stepping waking up a giant stone snake). But this was on the ship now, and the mechs in the engine rooms are not doing so hot. Fighting his way through what worms there were, he arrives just in time to see Whet practically gagging. "You all right?" He asks the Cybertronian wyvern.

If the worms were smarter, like the crewmembers fighting in the halls, they would move out of the way of the huge lion that's barreling down the ship's corridors. But they're not, so they're easily stomped underfoot. Some try to cling to and bite at Chimera's body, but her thicker armor provides enough defense to ignore them for long enough to reach the lower decks where the engines lay.


Anyone at the main door is warned to get out of the way as Chimera comes charging through and skids to a halt, claws dragging lines into the floor. With a vigorous shake she detaches the worms on her and huffs, transforming to her base form with mane already sparking at full power again. "The generators! Where are they?" She booms the command, having no time to waste.

Grease's triumphant- if muffled- cheers grow louder from under the engine as Sandstorm manages to successfully reroute auxiliary lighting power to the engines. As a result several lights go out, making the entire area significantly darker but the engine sounds better than before.

Victory is definitely seeming more at hand, Skystalker and Whetstone managing to beat the snake like creatures back into the hallway... to the disgust of one dragon.

Grease pops his helm out from under the engine. He looks about to ask what is happening, only for his features to light up upon seeing the energy crackling across the large femme's mane. "Yes, yes, yes! I need cables quick someone- CABLES!" The engineers still working are quick to jump and help. Soon they have jury rigged the cables into the engines systems and Grease skids to a flailing half in front of Chimera, "Bend down! We need to attach these to your mane!" Don;t worry about the snappy bits, it's fine!

Just as the short engineer gets on his tippie toes to try and snaps the cables in place, there is a loud thud and tremor that passes through the ship. A message comes down to them from the bridge, "Engineering crews, prepare for linkup! The Ariel is coming into alignment with us. Connect and ground in three, two... one!" and suddenly the engine levels rise up and spike, lights blaring on at full power.

Grease isn't the only one whooping when Sandstorm's successful in his venture. From where he's partially obscured by the engine panel he's working with, raucous laughter can be heard as the engines gain some power. Unintentionally copying Grease, he pokes his head out while remaining mostly beneath the panel - he's not done here just yet - he lets out a "Frag yeah!" before. Holy slag, is that a giant lion? After the Tourniquet incident, Sandstorm knows better than to ask, and instead lets the others handle getting cables for Grease and the huge femme that transforms in the lion's place. He's going to stay under here and keep working, as there's still plenty to be done. He only hopes this newcomer, and any others that might be out there, don't expect him to buy them drinks too after all this.

Skystalker stands his ground in the hall outside of the engine room when Blaster comes first, wings upward and unfolded outward in a flare of silhouette, vents puffing and thrusters still hot. He strikes out at a worm as the bigger mech moves into the engine room proper, and he is about to lash out once more when he sees Chimera's leonine shape bounding closer. Naturally, his first reaction is to flatten to one side, staff held in a guard across his chestplate.

Skystalker leaps back to the engine room in her wake, working to help close up the doors for a barricade. He can barely make out the message in his audials, but he does hear 'prepare for linkup' and a countdown, enough to hold on again and watch the process behind him. The linkup is good, and with Chimera-- "<< Bridge, Engine's at full capacity, hostiles at bay-- >>" For now, is left unsaid, as Skystalker comms up to the Bridge proper.

Whetstone voids the remains of a worm in a splatter on the floor. Right in front of Blaster. After a few sheepish coughs, he draws his lengthy neck upright, trying to regain some dignity. "I'm fine, thank you Blaster." Then suddenly charging lion. Whetstone springs out of the way with a few flaps and gawks as several things happen at once, making the mistake of looking directly at the electricity discharging. "Slag!" he curses, basic and simple, as he tucks his head away and shutters his optics.

Chimera is just about ready to rip open a hole in whatever looks like a generator and zap it, but Grease saves her the trouble when he suggests hooking up to it by cable. "Many thanks, friend." Sitting beside him and crossing legs, she allows him to connect the clamps to her mane. Idle energy in her hair instantly snakes through the connection to provide an extra boost of power alongside the Arial's. She has to close her optics and focus, however, as it continuously draws from her reserves, having to make sure to keep a steady feed to charge the engines without burning herself out. It's a bit harder than it looks with the way she grimaces, electricity popping and flitting about her hair and body, but she keeps it up, not allowing the generators to leech everything at once.

"Ack!" Blaster jumps back as the voiding hit the floor and almost on his peds. Seeing any mech upchunk anything was always a horrific site, but the color and... bits... from this one was more horrifying than the usual. "Uh, you are welcome." He manages to get out before he was almost ran over by a lion-like being. He stumbles to the ground, managing to avoid the stuff already on the ground, and stands with his back to the electricity. A good thing, as he saw the wyvern turn his head away. He carefully looks over his shoulder a bit to see what was going on, but turned away at the sheer brightness of the charge being produced. "Do you need me to do anything else?" He asks, although he feels like that was pretty much all there is to do.

Skystalker tucks himself against the closed door when he sees the light in his optics from Chimera hooked to the engine. He looks up to Blaster with a squint of his gaze, features weary and one hand still clutched around his staff. "We can check the corridor again once the engine is stable... make sure there aren't stragglers. They are-- insistent creatures, aren't they?" The starfighter pushes out a tired laugh, still half shielding himself from the rest of the room and offering a reassuring call to the lioness hooked up there. "You're doing great, Chimera-- Steady on."

Grease grins widely as he charges from station to station checking the status of the engines, giving a chorus of "Yes, yes, yes!" as everything is in working order, "Lady you are Gorgeous!" His exuberant praises and excited comments are quickly cut off by two mech's calling own from the bridge over the terminals, first from Lieutenant, "Good work on the engines. All crew members brace for a quantum jump, in ten.., nine.., eight.., seven.., six..," only to be cut off by Hound, "Initiating quantum jump!"

All the engineers pause.. before jumping away from the engines, Grease punctuating it with, "Back off! We're jumping!" One does not want to be next to a quantum engine when it jumps.

Despite festering with worms tearing up the majority of their hulls and innards alike, the ships flit away from the Solar System in a quantum energy burst. If any pieces of the ships were splinched off in the jump, they can't be distinguished from the other debris left behind.

The terminals all suddenly come alive as someone on the bridge sends a live feed down to engineering. As the outside world resolves again, it is stunningly still. Faint stars glitter in suddenly different locations in all directions except straight ahead. There, instead of the distant glow of Earth is, well, seemingly nothing, a dark patch. Sensors reveal that it is a nebula, but they cannot relay more information in their damaged state. The Lost Light and the Ariel limp forward toward its dark embrace.

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