2017-05-16 Aerialbot Reunion

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-05-16 Aerialbot Reunion
Date 2017/05/17
Location Skydive and Astrotrain's Habsuite
Participants Skydive, Air Raid, Fireflight
Summary Fireflight joins the Lost Light and is reunited with his brothers.

It's been a long time since Fireflight has seen his fellow Aerialbots and he can't wait to make contact with Skydive and Air Raid again. He's been trying, too, really, but somehow it's been hard to get from Point A (Cybertron) to Point B (the Lost Light). Wrestling with his latest unsuccessful attempt at being a courier, the young and somewhat clumsy jet had figured that maybe it was time to scrap that idea and try his hand at something new- something like work aboard the Lost Light, where he could see his two brothers again and maybe turn a new wing. It had been too long and he missed them anyway. Thus his journey began. His journey was... a mess. But he began it, taking the the stars to see his teammates and maybe find a new way.

Some Time Later....

There's a commotion outside Skydive's door. Someone yells something about "No, this is NOT his place! No, I do NOT want to buy anything!" accompanied by a sheepish voice quickly uttering, "Sorry! Sorry!", a slam of a door, and a scuffle as someone stumbles away. Footsteps grow louder along the hallway outside, followed by the occasional thump along a wall and an "oops" or "ow", eventually leading to what sounds like someone falling against Skydive's door itself. "Sorry!", comes the voice, an oddly familiar voice, as it seems to talk to itself, "....I'm never going to find them at this rate..."

Skydive has had wonderful experiences on Earth so far, both spending time among the humans and flying in its atmosphere despite the increased security in its airspace. Today, however, he wishes to spend some time aboard the ship, pouring over fresh literature downloaded from Earth's online databases. ..Note, wishes. That was before Air Raid burst into his hab and demanded his attention, though the scholar would hardly object to that.

"I don't understand why you allow Vortex to sharpen your wings." He comments while sitting beside Raid on his berth, playing some dogfighting simulator on the holoscreen. It's one of the few games he plays. Reaching over, he smirks and glosses a finger along the edge of a wing, barely pressing so it doesn't cut him. "Using your wings as a weapon isn't exactly the best strategy--" And then there's a thump at his door, Skydive perking up and wings hiking in minor alarm. "Who is.." He begins, only to trail off and squint. That voice.. Cautiously he stands and steps towards the door, hesitating a second before opening it to find a very familiar person on his doorstep. "F...Fireflight?"

Air Raid doesn't answer right away. He's /very/ concerned about winning this virtual match, leaning forward with this glossa between his teeth. The touch on his bladed wings distracts him enough to slip up, and he nigh breaks the control in half. "Skydive! Wh- It's the best strategy! Don't you remember pissants like Quicksight tricking us into forests to crash? Slices up trees real nice." The familiar voice makes him pause, and he watches Skydive move to open the hab door with wide optics. "What? Who?" He then pokes his head out above Skydive's.

"Heh heh, now that was just silly, of *course* I'll find them, it just...uh... I just need to, uh...." The voice drops away, then is revealed to indeed be Fireflight standing out in the hallway, awkwardly holding some big boxes and looking a little confused. Looking confused is NOT a new look for him. As Skydive and then Raid pop out of the doorway, Fireflight turns to see them, his confused and even a little bit tired expression instantly brightening as a smile of joy spreads across his face. "IT'S YOU!" Giggling happily, the young Aerialbot completely forgets the boxes he was carrying, letting them drop to the floor as he leaps for his brothers to try to embrace them in a hug. "Skydive! Air Raid!!!!! I knew I'd find you!!!"

Skydive hasn't heard much from the others, so to see one of his squad mates, his brothers, standing before him is almost unreal. At least until Fireflight jumps at them both. Skydive earns the brunt of it, catching the young flier and backing up into Air Raid with a laugh as arms wrap around Fireflight and he returns the hug with gusto. He even has to bite his lip during the moment to keep back his emotion.

After a long moment he finally lets go and instead squishes 'Flight's cheeks fondly. "Where have you been? Why didn't you tell us you were coming on board? Is.. Is Silverbolt and Slingshot with you..?" Even though he's overjoyed to see the youngest of them, there's still a look of hope in his shining optics to see the others.

Air Raid is bewildered up until he hears the giggling. Then Skydive is suddenly backing up into him. Raid promptly lights up and draws his arms around both of them, with enough momentum and strength to lift them off their feet briefly. "Fireflight! Holy crap!" He frees them to let Skydive dote, and rounds to lean an arm atop Fireflight's head, teasingly. "I missed you."

Fireflight squeals with delight as he's scooped up and his cheeks get squished, which still doesn't lessen that wide grin at all. "I did tell you!" He answers cheerfully, optics bright... and then a flicker of doubt shadows his face briefly. "Oh... well... I thought I did?" He brings his hand up to scratch at his chin. "I mean...I *was* wondering if I forgot to hit the Enter button on that message I sent, I-I couldn't remember, but I *thought* I did, but...?" His expression turns a bit sheepish. "Heh... well, anyway, I'm here now!" His smile returns, only to fade again at the mention of the other Aerialbots. He looks down wistfully towards the floor, "No, sorry. I wish they were here too, but... it's just me. I- Oh!"

Smile back on again, he laughs as Raid places his arm on his head. The shorter Aerialbot grins up at his taller brother. "I missed you, too." He stands there, just taking in the sight of them for a moment, basking in it. "I'm so glad I finally found you! I've been looking a long time. I.." He glances back at Skydive. "Well, I was on Cybertron, then I quit my job and got on this spaceship to board the Lost Light, but then the Lost Light wasn't where we expected it to be, and then... well... there was that weird space alien who gave me a lift in the direction your ship was rumored to be, and then I had to work on this big scavenger ship for awhile, and then I kinda.. broke something important accidentally and had to work off my debt, and then..." He apparently has quite a tale to tell on how exactly he got here.

Skydive can't help a small, crestfallen look when Fireflight says the others aren't here, glancing to Air Raid briefly. Well.. at least 'Flight made it, so that's something. As for how exactly the young Aerialbot got here, Skydive looks mildly distressed at thinking of Fireflight being on some alien ship and working off debt while trying to get here.

"Dear Primus, Fireflight.. Seems you've had an adventure getting here. A shame that message didn't come through or we would have planned something special for your arrival." He smiles fondly to the mech, like that of a big brother admiring his youngest sibling. Skydive protected everyone, but Fireflight always got a little extra doting. "But I'm glad you're here now. I think the Lost Light will be good for you, especially now that we're all learning to coexist again." He never did enjoy having Fireflight fight, but such is war.

Air Raid levels a soft look on Skydive. "They'll catch up. Don't worry," he assures, finally leaving Fireflight's head alone. But then he goes to mess with the smaller jet's wings, pinching the tips and making them stiffly 'flap'. "When you gonna' get upgrades so you ain't so pint-sized, eh?" Now to drag Fireflight into the hab. "Yeah we would've thrown a little party! Huh, scavenger ship? Shouldn't be talking to strangers," he chides. It's hard to tell if he's serious.

"You would have?" Fireflight's smile brightens the room. He laughs, "Well I can go outside and message you and then wait and you guys can get ready and...oh wait, that'd take time, wouldn't it? And shanix, you'd have to order party supplies, and... ahh," He waves his hand, "Nah. This is better anyway, I loved the look of surprise on your faces." He looks a bit relieved when Skydive says he is glad he's here. "I'm glad you're glad. I wasn't sure... it's just, things haven't been easy and..." His face suddenly grows thoughtful, "...Oh, yes, it's Decepticons and Autobots together here, too, right? How's that going? It's still kind of... tense over on Cybertron. Everyone- ohh!"

He yelps as Air Raid starts playing with his wings, giggling and squirming immediately. "That tickles! Skydiiiive!" He calls to his other brother as if to save him from Raid, though his genuine laughter shows he's enjoying this. "I'm not THAT pint sized! I think I grew an inch or two out in space, the absence of gravity stretches you out or something doesn't it?" He tries to pull away from Raid enough to measure himself against the others, but soon finds himself inside the habsuite. Then he's looking for a mirror to better compare himself with them. "Don't worry, bro, those space scavengers weren't strangers by the end of my trip. They were *strange*, ha ha, but not strangers. They were cool. Well, most of them. There /was/ that one guy who- Oh!"

Enraptured by Skydive's apartment, Fireflight appears to forget evrything else as he gazes around, fixating on anything at all sparkly or especially beautiful. "Is this.. is this your place then? Both of you?"

"It's going.. well." Skydive has to actually think about that. "The Decepticons here are tolerable, for the most part. ....Air Raid has even become friendly with one of the Combaticons." Air Raid gets a look when he says that. It's not happy, nor is it disappointed. It's just a look. To someone dating one of their age old enemies. The impish one, no less. "I merely ask that you take care, Fireflight."

Watching the two interact warms his spark, Skydive chuckling softly and being brought back to old times. "You're perfectly fine the size you are." He assures and moves back into the hab with them, habitually straightening some datapads on his desk. His habsuite is indeed a sight to behold, decorated with antiques, bookshelves of datapads, star charts, and other items to give it that aristocratic feel. "I wish it was." He asides at the comment. "Unfortunately I've been placed with one of the Decepticons here. Astrotrain. He is.." Lips press thin. "..On duty often, thankfully." And messy, and a loud sleeper, and ugh.

Air Raid is grinning from helm guard to helm guard. He lets Fireflight go without a fight, and leans against the doorframe as the youngest jet tries to measure himself. Skydive's comment on Raid pairing up with Vortex earns a stiffer smile and some mild bristling. He seems embarrassed. "Don't be tellin' 'Flight I have some sorta' soft emotional side." He rubs his neck sheepishly. "Astrotrain's pretty cool. I mean, I wouldn't want to /live/ with him..." Snap-snap go his fingers, habitually. Maybe to see if Fireflight is still focused.

    <FS3> Fireflight rolls Focus: Success. (5 4 7)

"One of the *Comnbaticons*?!" Fireflight looks shocked, turning quickly to stare at Air Raid."But those guys... well, those guys are..." He looks to Skydive for confirmation, "Well, you know..." He lifts his hands up to make a 'crazy' looping gesture next to his helmet. Now he looks back to Air Raid. "Crazy?" Now back to Skydive, the brief hint of a frown on his face. "Take care? Is something wrong?" The shortest Aerialbot does look a bit relieved at Skydive's statement on his height, and he flashes Raid a grin despite everything else. This part is all teasing, and feels wonderful. "I feel like I've been lost a long time, and now I just got home."

Then he's back to grinning at Raid and reaches over to playfully elbow his older brother. "No, no, I'd never mistake you for a soft, emotional type. You're the cool older brother who knows what he wants and.. and how to get it!" He gives his fellow Aerialbot a confident nod. "I... uh..." He starts looking around the room again, trying to imagine Astrotrain in there. "That big shuttle? How DO you live with a shuttle, don't they take up like the whole habsuite? I mean, when I was on that scavenger ship I- huh?" Almost miraculously, when Raid snaps his fingers, Fireflight focuses back on him. "Yes! Tell me everything, bro! I could use some advice, some..." He seems unsure just what to say next, so it fades away unsaid.

"No no, nothing of the sort. Some mechs aboard are simply.. rough around the edges." Skydive tries to be as polite as possible when speaking about their opposing faction. He isn't fully against the Decepticons, only some of them. As for Air Raid, Skydive glances to him when he defends his rough and tough attitude, one arm crossing over his chest to support the other, fingers touching to his cheek. "You're right, how silly of me to assume." Of course he fixes Raid with a little smile playing over his lips and half-mast optics, suggesting otherwise. He's known the strike eagle to longest, after all.

Back to Fireflight, a gentle laugh bubbles up in his chest at the shuttle comment. "It feels like that sometimes, yes. But we've learned to respect each others spaces."

Air Raid squints at the 'crazy' gesture. Vortex was a lot of things, but Air Raid never saw him as insane. "He's just a little... bad at normal interactions. He's gettin' there. I know it's strange, they were enemies for so long," he says, slowly, hesitating every few words. "But this journey is all about progress. Besides, the captain wants us to get along." Nod. Fireflight's compliment makes Raid smirk, and fold his arms proudly. "That's right buddy." Skydive's addition and subtle expression makes the smirk twist into a laugh. "Who am I kidding." These are the mechs he's most comfortable with, after all, no need for a front. "Logistics assign you a roommate yet, Fireflight?"

Fireflight nods as Skydive replies, his expression thoughtful once more. Hearing about respect brings a soft smile back. "I'm glad to hear it. If you can learn to get along in such a small space, then... then maybe there IS hope for all of us. Hope to... start over." His gaze is wistful now as he looks around the habsuite again. "kind of.. like I'd like to."

Raid brings him back to focus once more and his face pinches in some slight apprehension. "Bad at normal interactions? Oh my Primus, you're dating the shuttle? That mean, cold, snobby shuttle, whats-his-name? Take Off ...Blaster... no, wait, Blaster was one of us,... uh what was it? I- I mean," He thinks to say, bringing his hands up, "I mean, you're right, progress is good! I'm not one to judge! I support you, bro, you were always more experienced in this sort of stuff than me." He looks up, Air Raid the wise Big Bro in his optics.

"Oh, right." At Raid's question on a roomate, Fireflight takes out a datapad and gazes at it, fingers fumbling as he tries to find what he's looking for. "Not yet, last time I thought to look anyway, I've been here for days but I keep getting lost, couldn't find your habsuites, did find some really weird people who helped me, though, or... well... and then there was that accident near the Oil Reservoir, and..." Hmm. His face pinches and he sighs. "Oh. Right. Roommate. Oh! There is something now!" He looks closer, expression blank. "...Doublecross?" He shrugs. "Sounds nice enough?"

Skydive may not like it all the time, but Fireflight appears to have the right idea of them cohabitating, to which he smiles approvingly. "That's a wonderful mindset to have, Fireflight." He has to bite his tongue, though, when Blast Off is brought up, holding back a chuckle at the assumption. "It's actually Vortex." He answers before Raid can, smirking to the bruiser and reaching to tweak one of his 'ears' affectionately before moving to the door. "You two make yourselves at home. I'm just going to get us all some drinks to celebrate, I'll be back shortly." And make sure to bring something weak for Fireflight. The mech can barely keep from bumping into walls while sober, precious as he is. Stepping out with a nod, he thankfully misses the part about Doublecross, lest he really get worried.

Air Raid pales. Somehow. "Not Blast Off! Urgh." He continues to make a face while Skydive corrects Fireflight, but then Fireflight gets all sweet and supportive. "Aw jeez. I mean. Who cares about my love life anyway!" A rather uncharacteristic laugh-snort escapes him when Skydive tweaks his helm kibble. "Oi!" Then Skydive goes out for drinks, and Raid finds himself almost following instinctively, but catches himself at the door. "Get me something strong, I'll pay ya' back."

"Doublecross huh," Air Raid finally murmurs. "Okay, well... Just try to be alert as often as you can. Remember what to do when you find yourself drifting off. There's some smooth talkers on this ship."

"Vortex? But he's... isn't he the..." *interrogator*? /Torturer/? "The words are unspoken as the young mech's face registers some alarm that then fades into a quiet acceptance. Air Raid knows what he's doing, he should trust him! "Well, I'm sure he's totally reformed now, or you wouldn't be seeing him." He nods sagely at that assertion, then glances to Skydive as he exits. "Oh! Ok! Great. Yes! I brought goodies too, they are... uh..." He stops and looks around. Where'd they go? Oh right! He dropped the boxes outside. He grins as Raid answers, "Yeah, that snobby shuttle used to shoot me down all the time, I'm kind of glad it's not him." He laughs again as he starts heading out the door. "Alert, yes, I'll be totally - OW!!!" He bumps into the doorway and rubs his helmet before heading out to grab the boxes. "...Alert."

Coming back inside, he hoists a box at Air Raid. "Here, I brought gifts!" Once opened, the box will reveal candy and several sparkly or shiny little cheap trinkets that caught the Aerialbot's eye. Most of them are sort of... smushed or broken. The drop on the floor outside didn't help, and knowing Fireflight, that wasn't the first time he dropped the box. "I was thinking of you both, wanted to get you something!"

Air Raid sulks a little. He must be setting a very bad example. "He's... fairly reformed! But you should still be careful n' all that. Okay? Because... Mechs might take advantage of your kindness, no matter the faction." Pause. "Goodies?" He watches as poor Fireflight bonks his head, and reenters with the sweets and trinkets. As smashed as they are, Air Raid seems pretty touched. "Ugh, how'd we go so long without ya'." Time for another crushing mechly hug (which just involves Raid squeezing Fireflight's head against his chest while chewing on the ener-sweets). "Remind me to make sure this team doesn't split up again."

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