2017-05-15 Trailbreaker Go Home

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Trailbreaker Go Home
Date 2017/05/15
Location Pipes and Rung's Habsuite
Participants Trailbreaker, Rung
Summary Trailbreaker misplaces his habsuite.

<FS3> Trailbreaker rolls Drinking: Good Success. (6 6 1 7 2 2 2 5 8 4 5 6 1 4 6 6)

It is currently Trailbreaker Seriously Go Home Hour, in which Swerve basically manages to convince Trailbreaker to walk off some of his heavy inebriation rather than pass out at the bar. Again. This time Swerve was apparently pretty successful, because Trailbreaker is in fact wandering about in a zig-zaggy way, whistling and smelling very heavily of Nightmare Fuel. Sometimes he sings a half-forgotten song to himself, or stops to stare at some blurry words on the wall. S'just words. He likes words. Why doesn't he read as much as he used to? He's gonna start reading again. Tomorrow. Tomorrow he's gonna have a Good Healthy Day and read.

Today, he is plastered. Again.

He stumbles upon what he's quite sure is his habsuite. Isn't it right here? It's usually right here. Did it move? He keeps punching in the code, but nothing's happening. Why is it all lock-y?

"Hey!" He pounds a fist against the metal of the door. "C'mon! You're sposta OPEN! When I push the buttons. I am PUSHING the BUTTONS."

Rung is in the middle of fixing the rear thruster on his Ark-5. Its a very delicate proceedure that requires his absolute concentration to- OH PRIMUS ABOVE! Rung jolts as a very loud bang echoes through the empty habsuite, twisting his tools and snapping the piece he had been trying to repair right off again. He only has a moment to bite back a soft curse before the pounding continues, who could that be? It most definitely isn't Pipes. Standing up and brushing his project out of the way, the therapist goes and carefully opens the door to see, "Trailbreaker?"

Trailbreaker still has his hand up in a knocking gesture when Rung opens the door. He sways, peering at the much smaller orange robot through his visor. "...Hey! I know you. You're the psychiatologist. Uh, shoot, s'on the tip of my's like...Stepladder? No, that's not it. I got this, I got this." And then wheels start turning in his Enjex-addled mind. "Heeey. Wait. How come you're in my room?" he says, speech slurred. "I know I was getting a new suite mate but I thought it was gonna be that Imager lady. You are much smaller than her and more orange. And not Imager."

Rung peers at the mech for several seconds in confusion before the smell hits him. Well. Nightmare Fuel definitely explains a lot. A hand is quickly braced against the taller mech's arm in an effort to steady him before explaining, "Oh dear.. No, I think you may be confused. Trailbreaker this is not your habsuite, yours is just down the hall. This one belongs to Pipes and me."

"...Ohhh." Trailbreaker stares down at Rung, bewildered. "But I thought it was mine. I...oh, wait!" He laughs. "This happens sometimes. See, my suite is tricky and likes to swap places with other rooms while I'm out drinking. It likes to confuse me! At least this time I didn't accidentally knock on Soundwave's room. That was terrifying." He stops to steady himself against the doorframe, looking back and forth. "I'm onto it, though. I'm gonna find it this time. As long as it takes! Or until Swerve lets me come back in."

Rung stares up at Trailbreaker for several seconds, processing what he has just heard. Swapping places? Soundwave-? There is no way Trailbreaker is going to make it back to his room on his own. It is a solid five seconds of Rung gaping up at the mech before he manages to come to action, "I- Trailbreaker I am fairly certain that is not how that works. Come along," The therapist steps out into the hallway, letting the door snap shut behind him, "I will help you.. 'find' your habsuite then." And hopefully get him to go to recharge.

Trailbreaker blinks at Rung, ltting him by. "Oh, you'd do that for me? Thanks, Rung! You're a really good guy, really good." He tries to shake Rung's hand as he starts heading back down the hallway. "Sorry to wake you up if you were sleeping. I, uh." He taps the side of his head. "I forget things. Sometimes. Just one of the risks of low fuel efficiency, right?"

There's a little sigh at the end of that.

Rung gives him a small pat on the arm, subtly keeping it there in case the mech sways dangerously again, "Its quite alright." The therapist has to meet him somewhat halfway with the hand shaking, engex doesn't seem to do well for the mobility, "No, no, you didn't wake me. I was working on a personal project so I was wide awake, and Pipes isn't in the hab at the moment." No harm done... none at all.... He'll just... fix the Ark-5 again later... At the sigh, Rung lets his hand put a little more pressure on Trailbreaker's arm in a comforting gesture while he can't help a small twinge of worry for him. Is he alright?

Trailbreaker seems to like the comforting gesture, as his mouth quirks back up a bit in a crooked half-smile. "You're a good guy," he repeats. "It's just that sometimes when someone catches me, uh, like this, I get a lecture. Or people kinda look at me with pity or disgust. Even though they totally sing along with me at Swerve's! Or don't hesitate to ask, hey Trailbreaker, we need your forcefields for some boring task. Where do they think those come from, huh?"

Rung has had many mechs come drunken to his door in the past... granted usually his office door but the concept still applies. He's found that the lecture if any should only come after they are likely sober enough to understand. He also knows excessive drinking can be a strong indicator for some sort of emotional stresor... like he is saying right now. The therapist gives a sympathetic look but also gently teases, "Well, I think one would generally assume from you." They are almost to his door, "They may also merely be concerned for your wellbeing."

"They come from here." Trailbreaker taps his rather sloshy fuel tank, which admittedly isn't feeling so great right now. But no need to worry Rung about that. He'll just settle it with some fresh Energon later. "They use up a lot of fuel. I use it up just by being myself." Already he's gradually sobering up, little by little. "Just the gift of being an Outlier."

He stops to steady himself against a wall again before continuing. "So I mean, it's fine. My frame's built to withstand it. Nothing to worry about." Teebs, that's probably not what Rung meant.

It is not really what Rung meant but he lets it slide, frowning a bit. He patiently waits for Trailbreaker to steady himself, "From what I understand, being an outlier can be very stressful on both the frame and mind." Only once the mech is feeling a bit better does he help him move to the door, "If you ever feel you need to talk, my door is always open." Well, his office door. His hab door is closed sometimes as Trailbreaker experienced.

<FS3> Trailbreaker rolls Mind+mind: Good Success. (7 8 4 1 2 4)

"Talk? Aw, s'fine! That's a really great offer of you but I'm fine," Trailbreaker insists as he very carefully punches in his code. It takes a few tries, but he manages to get it right. "I just get mopey when I'm all full of Enjex. But I mean, I can stop by to say hi. You're so friendly." He grins, only a little lopsided this time. "Thanks for helping me find the place, Rung."

Rung gives him a warm smile as he gets the code right, relieved he isn't drunk enough to forget that at least, "I personally like to think everyone is friendly, some just show it a tad more than others." Making sure the mech can actually get inside without falling or something, Rung steps back out of the door into the hall, "Make sure you get some rest. And if you have any energon on hand I would suggest drinking it before you recharge, it could potentially save you from the worst of a hangover in the morning."

"Aw, thanks. Yeah, don't worry, I got it. Been doing this for millennia." Trailbreaker is pretty sure he has a little bit of Energon set aside specifically to lessen hangovers. He is nothing if not prepared. "I'll get plenty of rest, doncha worry. You have a good night, okay? A good night."

Then he basically stumbles into his rather messy habsuite.

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