2017-05-13 Troubles

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-05-13 Troubles
Date 2017/05/14
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Chimera, Fritz
Summary The savage beast soothes an upset smol.

<FS3> Fritz rolls Organization: Success. (7 1 3 5 1 2 4 1 1 3)

Despite the fact that he would rather be on the job, Fritz is not.

Ever since the Incident with Fortress Maximus on Earth, Fritz has been trying to throw himself into his delivery runs, sometimes quite literally, in order to work so hard that he doesn't have time for thinking during or after shifts. It's quite a feat when your only real duties are delivering packages, but for the past few days he's been managing it. Until now, anyway, his first day off since then. Sitting in his habsuite with his sphere had only made him curl up and cry for a while, which was awful, so he'd left in search of something else he could do to keep his mind off of things.

That's how he'd ended up in the Common Lounge, seated on the floor amidst several piles of video games, movies, and what-have-you. He's not on the clock and he's sure Penchant would be unhappy with him if he worked organizing the filing systems anyway, so Fritz has taken it upon himself to categorize and neaten the recreational items in here. It's slow going, honestly - despite the familiar lull of organizing, he has to keep taking breaks to look at the glowing, multi-colored sphere in his lap to soothe him whenever a Bad Thought arises. It's what he's doing now, all four arms holding something as he stares for a moment at the shifting and sliding hues of the sphere. It's probably a pretty weird sight for whoever's around, the fits and starts with which he separates these game and film cases.

Chimera said she wouldn't leave Earth during their stay, but even she needs to come back for some refueling at times. Today is one of those times, a large cube in her giant hand that she idly sips upon while making her way to the Common Lounge for some relaxation. Ducking through the open door, she's quick to take stock of the room, some random mechs hanging in the back as well as a particularly small one surrounded by various games and movies. ...And those colors.

Jade optics are wide and bright, completely enthralled upon seeing the shifting orb. She doesn't wish to spook the little thing, but can't keep herself from approaching, gaze locked on the orb. "Mmh.. What is that you have there, little one?"

Fritz is so caught up in his attempts to stem the tide of self-loathing and despair that his reaction to the voice addressing him is delayed. He's almost like a cat himself, in how he looks up, seemingly without taking in the fact that he's looking at someone, before the surprise registers and he jumps, knocking over one of the piles of cases he has assembled around him. At least it wasn't one he'd already sorted.

"I, u-um, it's--" Fritz scrambles to fix the scattered games and DVDs, dropping those he'd been holding so three hands can work on that task while the fourth palms the sphere, holding it up some for this mech to see better. "It's s-something I use f-for, um, for stress, um..." He glances up again. There's something familiar about this much larger person, though he can't put his finger on it. He's probably seen her somewhere, right? "S-S-Sorry for the m-mess...I'm, um. Fritz."

The cube of energon is nearly forgotten as Chimera nears the startled, multi-limbed mech, leaving it on the edge of the couch while moving with a feline fluidity when dipping lower. Hand to the floor, she soon is kneeling before Fritz, tall ears trained forward and a soft purr tracing her words as she speaks, "How terribly intriguing.." Should he allow, she'll even reach for the orb, though only touch it gently with her index finger. Poke.

Her curiosity satiated for now, the giantess pulls her optics from the object and finally registers the rest of Fritz and his hurried cleaning of the knocked over stack. "I have no issue with it, you are fine.. Fritz." The name rolls off her tongue with a warm, matronly smile, the corners of her optics creasing and mane fluffing up a little. "I am Chimera, it is a pleasure to meet you. ...Would you allow me to join you for a while?"

Fritz pauses when Chimera comes closer, close enough to touch the sphere he's holding. He's nervous, as usual, doorwings hiked up in his anxiety. Yet he stays where he is, doesn't run or hide or faint, just watches her while she kneels there. The sphere, of course, does nothing as it's touched, simply continuing to project the swirls of colors along its surface.

"I, I guess so." Pulling the sphere back into his lap, Fritz hunches, shoulders falling into a more pronounced slouch, even as his doorwings relax some at the warm smile. There's something soothing about it, like the orb he holds. Something that reminds him of Azize, though...that's not the weird familiarity still tugging at his mind. "I-It's nice to meet you too, Chimera. Um, if you want, sure...I'm just trying to organize this stuff." He gives her a smile of his own, small and shaky, one that's actually visible now that he's not wearing the faceplate as often. Small fangs wink into view briefly, nothing compared to those boasted by other members of the crew, including herself. "Though I know it'll all be messed up this time tomorrow anyway."

"Quite possibly." Chimera answers quite simply, the breathy beginnings of a chuckle warming her throat as she moves down even further, laying upon her side like lounging royalty, propping herself up on an elbow while other hand picks up a movie case to study it. "Such is the chaos of our crew. But for now, at least, you are in control."

Replacing the case where she found it, Chimera settles calm optics back on Fritz, her usually strong voice far softer now when asking, "If I may ask, what is it that troubles you so, Fritz? Perhaps I may be of assistance."

Somehow, when she's stretched out like that, Chimera seems even larger. Fritz swallows, working to keep his hands from shaking as he finishes restacking the cases he'd knocked over. He's maybe the height of her bicep, she must be even taller than - he freezes, optics dropping to the sphere in his lap again. No, no, stay away from that place.

Which is impossible when Chimera questions him, as immediately Fritz's thoughts go right back to what he's trying not to think about. "T-T-Troubles?" he squeaks, doorwings hitching back up. "N-Nothing, why, wh-why would you think I have t-troubles?" The stammering and twitching, maybe? "Th-Thanks anyway, I'm, I'm fine, really, u-um. How are you? I feel like, um, w-we met somewhere b-b-but I can't remember."

Chimera is indeed bigger than the mech he's thinking about. So far she's the largest on the ship, but who knows who else they'll pick up along their journey. "Because you tremble like a newly forged sparkling." She offers gently, reaching to lightly boop the top of his helm. He's terribly easy to read and the sounds of his spark don't help in convincing her otherwise.

To his question, however, her helm tilts slightly, curious eyes on him now. "Hm, have we? I do not recall, sadly. Might you be friends with some acquaintances of mine? Quicksight, Fortress Maximus, my roommate Gyro, Whetstone, dearest Beachcomber.." She trails off, listing some of the few people she's grown closer to on this ship.

The boop receives a high-pitched giggle, nearing hysterical from the tension in him and his surprise at the sudden gesture. Already touchy, this one, and not in an upsetting way. "I-I'm not trembling!" Fritz protests, completely unconvincingly. He takes a deep vent, letting the air move in and out of his frame in an effort to stabilize himself. "Okay, maybe a little." Yes, he's definitely reminded of Azize, more strongly than ever.

"Me neither..." Fritz wracks his processor, still coming up blank, as Chimera thankfully does not mention the one name that would trigger his memory. The name she does say pushes him down a different path of upset instead, possibly the preferable of the two, despite how painful it is. "O-Oh, I...I know Ma--Fortress Maximus." He has to dig his teeth into his bottom lip, hard, to stem the dreaded prickling sensation in his optics. No, he can't cry in front of Chimera, what a horrible first impression that would be. "A-And Gyro...he's your roommate?" Maybe that's where he knows her from, he decides. Something about her side of the room must have screamed 'her' in a way he didn't get until he actually met the mech. "H-He doesn't like me much."

Chimera's optics sparkle at the giggle she elicits from Fritz, a lighthearted little laugh from her joining in. "There we are, much better. Easy vents, my friend." She then withdraws her hand and taps her chin with a a claw as he speaks of two mechs on her list. "Ah, yes. Maximus is an interesting sort. A kind spark, but I fear our newfound peace may be a bit more than he is able to handle.." This fact brings a saddened note to her voice, low gaze hanging sidelong for a moment.

Stirring back to the present, she offers a light huff of amusement when he talks of her roommate, smiling and shaking her gold-wreathed helm. "Gyro is a complicated mech. The world has not been kind to him, so it takes some effort to see something other than his usual spitefulness. I do not believe it is personal, on your part, so do not worry on it too much."

It gladdens and saddens him simultaneously, to hear Chimera speak of Max like that. "Yeah, he's - h-he's very nice. Nicer than he thinks." Unconsciously, Fritz's arms curl tighter around his sphere, hugging it against his chassis as if those whirling colors could slip into him through contact and soothe more than his frayed nerves. "He's just...been through a lot." Understatement. Fritz turns his face away from her a moment, trying to subtly use a hand to wipe at his face, both to muffle a sniffle and to be sure no light has begun pooling in his optics. The shift back to Gyro is welcome, and he pounces on it.

"I don't know what he's been through...I don't think he's as mean as he acts, though." He probably is, Fritz, you're just too nice to say so. "I think his, um, his friends are far away, so, that's probably hard to deal with."

"There is kindness in him, I believe. One day we will see it, I am sure." Chimera wonders about Gyro. She's gotten a hug out of him, so she's on the right track. As for Fritz, his attempt at trying to wipe away his sadness doesn't go unnoticed, subtle as it is. Poor little thing.. A soft frown touches Chimera's lips when seeing this, empathy for a hurting spark forcing her to act.

Rolling to her front, the beast femme settles on hands and knees only a moment before she transformers, ancient parts shifting and reconfiguring into her equally giant altmode. Face to face with a lion whose helm is nearly as big as he, Fritz will find her moving close to him, large form encircling him as she lays down once more. So close to her now, the hum of her spark is felt through thick hide beneath the deep rumbling of a purr, Chimera curling horned helm around to nestle him against her voluminous mane that gives a pleasant little buzz from the latent energy it stores.

<FS3> Fritz rolls Kicked Puppy: Success. (4 3 2 6 5 1 4 8 4)

Fritz feels like he's seen it, or, well, seen SOMETHING, at the very least, when he was doing that favor for Gyro. Unfortunate that it all blew up in his face. "I hope so. Being so wound tight all the time like that, it looks tiring." Fritz is exhausted even thinking about it, in fact. Or maybe he's just exhausted in general. Being as sad as he's been the past few days is tiring, too.

The familiar, though slightly different - because of age, perhaps, not that Fritz knows how old Chimera is - sound of transformation has Fritz tensing, and his plating only clenches more tightly against his protoform when there's suddenly a giant lion before him, so large she could easily swallow him in one bite. His doorwings are nearly parallel with his back, optics wide and bright, mouth open on a silent scream of terror. He stays like this, stiff as a statue, as Chimera curls around him, relaxing in painstakingly slow increments once she's settled down. It's the soothing rumble of her purring, coupled with the buzz of her mane, that has him finally shifting so that he can snuggle against her warm frame.

"U-U-Um." Fritz's trembling has come back full force, and it's only the last dregs of his fear that keeps him from letting go completely and bawling into her fur. "I-I, I--th-thank y-y-you." He sniffles a few more times, curling his legs up around the sphere in his lap. "I-I'm s-s-s-sorry, we j-just met, I didn't m-m-mean to--" Keep it together, man! You're in public, again!

Chimera may not know Fritz, but she does this out of instinct. There are very few she wouldn't comfort in such time of need, not wanting even a stranger to feel upset. "There is no need to apologize, my friend.." She speaks softly, her rich voice holding a certain, soothing note to it as a single optic watches him, its shutter low. "None should ever apologize for emoting how they feel. Suppressing it only causes more hurt, which is something I fear many of us have been ingrained to do."

Allowing him to settle, her helm draws up for a moment, a soft vent of warm air washing over his face as she noses it gently with the end of her snout. "Rest easy, relax. I will stay as long as you wish." With that she brings her helm back around and rests with him.

Fritz is pretty sure he has lots more reasons than just this to apologize. Instead of saying that, he hiccups, plating flaring with the sudden fit of his systems. "B-B-But." He draws a wobbling vent, trying to keep his voice steady enough to speak coherently. "I a-already cried a l-l-lot, and it still h-hurts. If I s-s-suppress it, it goes a-away for a while, a-at least..." And he doesn't make a huge embarrassment of himself, not that he ever doesn't do that anyway. He does giggle again, a watery sound, when she noses at his face. It's sweet, and he manages to lift a hand to press one (compared to her) tiny finger to her cool lion nose. Boop.

" you. You're v-v-very kind." Fritz loosens his position somewhat, letting the glow of his sphere peek out from between his arms and knees. "I-I owe you one."

"If it is something that plagues you even still, then you must confront it. I know this may seem a daunting task, but to be left in limbo is far worse than taking the risk of fixing your problem or receiving closure." Chimera murmurs, content to lay beside him the whole day if he needs it. "And while yes, we have only just met, do not let that stop you from seeking me should you ever need advice. It has always been my duty to help those in need." In both life and death.

As for his thanks, the corners of her feline lips pull back slightly in an attempt at a smile, though it doesn't go very far. "You are very welcome, Fritz."

Fritz hates that she's right. He does have to confront this, or he'll stay miserable. He can't avoid it or run from it like he has all of his other problems throughout his functioning - well, he could, but he doesn't want to. No matter how many times he thinks about leaving this ship, he's beginning to realize he won't, not with the friends he has now. Not even if Max hates him from now on...He squeezes his optics shut against the horrible ache that pulses through his spark at the idea.

"O-Okay..." Fritz will probably take her up on that. Her methods of comfort are so similar to Azize's that it's immediately soothing in a way no one else on the ship has come near. And though he figures it's stupid to say so, he offers anyway, "S-Same for you. Um. If you just...w-want to talk or anything." A warm soothing presence he is not, but if the need arises he'll do his best. In the meantime, he's going to stay here, sniffling into Chimera's fur until the tremors ebb and the small golden globules of light that pool at the corners of his optics finally dissipate.

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