2017-05-11 Fun at the Fair

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Fun at the Fair
Date 2017/05/11
Location Earth
Participants Lieutenant, Tailgate, Vortex, Whetstone, Madrigal, Rung
NPCs Vender, Game Operator, Fish
Plot Rebirth of Unicron
Summary Lieutenant gets sin sticks, Tailgate and Vortex get whomps, and Rung gets stuck with a fish.

It's dark out, late for most humans at this hour yet many are still about. There were many rides that were alit with many colors, entertaining those of all ages. Various foods, their smells filling the air of barbecue, popcorn, and the like. Of course, there were multiple booths with stuffed creatures, plastic weapons, or inflatable ones. There is so much to look at and do!

Lieutenant sports the outfit Fantoccini made him. A pink pencil skirt with a row of flouncing ruffles along the bottom hem, with a black heart shaped top tucked into it, and a blazer over his (her) shoulders. The heels were swapped out for boots on the account that the heels kept breaking through the dirt ground. He stays with his group but his eyes are on the ice cream cones some of the humans carry around. They look good!

Tailgate didn't take much convincing once he was sure that it was (relatively) safe to visit; when your command crew is brave enough, so should he be! It's been some time since he has used his holoform-- since Devisen, even-- so it took him a little while to make sure it was right. The young girl doesn't seem older than her pre-teens, with a roundness to her shape and face that lends itself to a roly-poly-playfulness. Blue coverall dress stops at scraped knees, and her hair is pulled into a pair of chunky braids of thick white hair. Her white cap and blue visor glasses round it out.

"I love this!" Tailgate exclaims in the middle of an intersection of people, arms up as he follows along with the group. "Look at the wheel!" Pointing, in case they missed the giant ferris wheel.

Rung wasn't as eager to come down to Earth as his compatriots. In fact, he nearly had to be dragged off the ship, but can one blame him? It seems that every time he leaves the ship disaster strikes and those looming monoliths happen to count under the parameters of disaster. Yet, Rung's holo is being herded around by Vortex and Tailgate, moving warily with an odd pattern as his cane clicks every other step against the dirt.

His holoform probably isn't what was expected. Instead of the frail old man or easily overlooked 'background' person one of his patients said they were expecting, Run's holoform stands surprisingly tall with shocking red hair and sideburns to match. His outfit is definitely something, as well- a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up beneath a ornate vest and necktie. He would probably be easily mistaken for a rather posh stranger if it wasn't for the familiar glasses and kind smile, recognizable even as a human. "Yes, that is quite something." He has to admit, with all the lights it is a lovely sight.

Vortex decided to listen to Riptide and spruce up his holoform- apparently machettes on his back and a bloody butcher apron on his front wasn't 'human friendly.' Plus, there's always some tweaking he could do... Which he rushed because boring. Oh, he has some regrets, no more rushing holoform edits for him. Ugh, this is going to take time to fix.

Vortex looks at the wheel and squints. "I've seen bigger... I think. It's hard to tell, I'm so small," he grouches. He looks like one of those squishy protoforms- the kind that find a fascination with ripping wings off butterflies or flies for no real reason except 'because I can.' He adjusts his backpack on his shoulders. "I don't see the point of this place," he continues to grump, bottom lip stuck out in a pout.

Rung is here. Lieutenant had been trying to avoid him since his visit to him during their time at Shivah. He does still keep quiet around him, but he's not outright going to ignore the other. Not in public.

Oh yes, the wheel. Lieutenant stares at it for a few moments, calculating it. It's certainly impressive in height, "You could stack two Magnus armors atop each other to reach that height." Or one Tormentor and one minibot, but that's a personal measurement only he would understand. "It is not flying but it must be nice to see everything from up high for these natives."

"I'm always short. I can't really tell the difference-- does anyone want to play a game?" Tailgate is moving from one side of the walkway to the other, peeking over the edges of game booths and food stalls. He comes to a halt at the cotton candy tent, big blue eyes staring into the whirling abyss that is the candy spinner. Whoa. That's candy?

Rung knows perfectly well Lieutenant has been avoiding him, yet says nothing... for now. He isn't going to confront him right now, when the mech should be having fun. "It is probably rather relaxing." He simply replies to Lieutenant in subtle agreement. He gives a small smile to Tailgate before following, responding to Vortex as he goes, "I believe it is just for fun, Vortex."

Vortex 'hrmphs'. "If this is what it's like for you, Tiny Boss, maybe I'll stop trying to step on other minibots." He looks at his short limbs. Humph! "Seems dumb," he says, following after Tailgate as well. Upon seeing the cotton candy however, he grins. Its the 'lil shit grin.' "Dare you to eat it, Tiny Boss."

Games are not exactly up Lieutenant's alley. Still, if Tailgate wants to, he (she) nods in order to monitor the head of security. That is until Tailgate catches the sight of candy. Oh.. Oh. OH! Lieutenant inches closer to the booth to watch how it's made with fascination. "We should get some." he mutters, wide eyed, glancing over at the others in the group. Let's get some!

"It is what it's like... so-- yeah-- good idea." Tailgate is watching the candy much to the amusement of some of the humans. One of them is happily smiling and saying something about 'just precious!' while he stares at a completed cone of cotton. Wonder if they can do that with energon candies?

"Huh? Eat it?" The girl tilts back on sneakered heels to look Tex's holoform in the face. "Can I? I've never tried--" Tailgate cranes his head back to look to Lieutenant and Rung. They'll know! "Who has the money things?"

Rung chuckles as he watches the apparent awe being made over the human goodies. "Well why not try eating now?" While they are oogling the therapist reaches into his holoforms back pocket and pulls out a wallet, Rung came prepared. he quickly asks the vender for two before pausing, "Vortex, would you like some as well?"

Vortex continues to smile. "Suuuuure, you can!" Probably. Maybe. He sure would like to see it! He gets on his tip toes to view at the candy. He elbows Tailgate. "No money needed, watch thi-" and then Rung ruins it. He shoots a pout to Rung. Ugh, he's not having any fun tonight. Crossing his arms, he shrugs. "Sure, whatever, buy some." He could have gotten them some for free. Hmph. Autobots.

Whetstone is wary of aliens. They usually come to your secret holy society and attack your friends, see. So Whetstone's holomatter hangs in the shadows, lagging behind the group, icy eyes darting. He hasn't been particular creative with his appearance, with long, dark hair sweeping over half of his face, the rest of it gathered in a loose ponytail. His jeans are far too baggy and his jacket much too large. "How did you get Terran money," he asks, catching up. He lowers his voice, "Is it counterfeit?"

Oh Vortex, please. If you want to steal something, you don't do it right at the stand, you take it from someone who's not paying attention. "Thank you, Rung." For coming in with the funds that he doesn't have. He doesn't have funds outside of shanix. And sadly Earth doesn't exchange that with the green dollar.

"Hey now, I'm still your boss." Tailgate gives Tex's holo a small elbow. They aren't so size different right now, so it seems very... sibling. "Three!" Tailgate chirps in response to Rung's engagement with the vendor. The vendor already sees the wallet-- so he gives out the candy to the 'kids' first. "Yesss."

Rung archs an eyebrow at Vortex disapprovingly before paying, before taking notice of Whetstone in the shadows. Frowning, Rung turns his attention to the mech now man, "Oh, it seems command wouldn't want us stirring up trouble with the natives by going unfunded." He has no idea if its technically real or not, though. "Would you like me to purchase you some sweets as well, Whetstone?"

Whetstone murmurs a polite 'no thank you' then goes on to mutter about poisons and curses and how the neon lights are somehow toxic. "Materialized out of thin air," he points out, gesturing to the cotton candy. "Imagine the pact they sealed to work /that/ dark magic." He eventually lightens up a little upon getting a good look at Tailgate and Vortex's holos. "Small! Hah. Of course."

Vortex takes cotton candy, turning it over and looking it over. He pinches some, watching the fluff condense into compact sugar felt. "Its so fragile..." He looks around, sniffing at the stuff. Before taking a bite and testing if holoforms can actually taste, he freezes. Small?! Did he just call him small. "'Scuse me, pardon me..." He makes his way past everyone and to Whetstone... And he aims a hard kick at his shin. Take that!

"Thanks!" It's hard to tell who Tailgate is saying it to-- but just pretend it is Rung and the vendor both. Like any child faced with a giant ball of candy fluff for the first time, he turns around away from the booth and closes his light-form's mouth down on it. When he looks up again, it's at Whetstone with large eyes. "Well it don't taste like dark magic. Least that's what my processor says..." Tailgate's mouth is now covered in a pink drip of liquified sugar bits. The data is sound, Whetstone! Get with it!

The vender, just catching on to Whetstone's comments, looks incredibly confused, "Wha? Naw, son, mama would flay me 'live if I made a pact with the devil." He lets out a good natured chuckle, "This here is made by sugar squeezed through tiny holes round the rim." Highly amused, the vender shoves a cotton candy stick into Whetstone's hands, "Good ol' sciencey do dad. Here, on the house, test it for the dark art yerself then come on back for more later on!" He goes back to some other customers lining up, leaving the holoforms to talk amongst themselves.

Rung only can chuckle at Tailgate's enthusiasm before frowning slightly as Vortex goes over to kick Whetstone right in the shin. Is he going to have to seperate them?

Whetstone nearly topples from the shin kick. He straightens and glares with his one visible eye, smoothing his jacket. "Was just amused at the detail!" he huffs, then stands frozen when he's given a bare cotton candy stick. He stares at the machine's bowl. Then slowly hands the stick to Lieutenant. Or rather, slowly pushes it into her grasp whether she wants it or not. "Take this sin-wand."

Lieutenant takes the candy, poking at it's fluff questionably multiple times in wonder. "It is wonderful! Is it the contraption? Where can one get one of these? The contraption and sugar?" He must know how he could replicate this to remake it on the Lost Light. He has been severely lacking in his sweet supplies. When Whetstone hands him a 'sin stick' he's all too grateful to take it. Now he has TWO sin sticks! (also he didn't notice Vortex's action, he's too busy enjoying these 'sugar clouds.'

Vortex sticks his tongue out at Whetstone before chomping on the cotton candy. It probably doesn't taste exactly as it should- there would be differences being a holoform and all but- "Whoa, tastes better than I- BY PRIMUS'S NUTS AND BOLTS!" He points at some game vendor with all sorts of prizes. Including giant blow up swords and hammers. He reaches out to tug on the nearest person. "I WANT! Come on! We're getting those!"

"Stick it in!" Tailgate looks up at Lieutenant with both sticks, only to be distracted by Vortex and his screeches. What, what? The Combaticon's holoform latches onto his arm before he has a chance to see anything. He looks up on the way over as he's tugged along. "Oh! Those are adorable! I love them!"

Whetstone might burst into unholy flames. "Vortex, Light above, where did you learn that curse?! Is that a thing!? You know your leader is my roommate! I'm going to tell him what you're spouting!" He tries to chill. Madrigal told him to chill, and the bird is often right. So he's going to linger there and try to chill as Lieutenant gushes over sugar. "...A game?"

Rung covers his mouth with a hand as he tries to keep from laughing at the look Lieutenant gets when he suddenly as two so called 'sin sticks'. "Well? Go ahead." Maybe it wasn't so bad he was dragged down here, its pretty amusing watching the others. Glancing back as Vortex is dragged off, the therapist takes a few steps back so it can seem like he is trying to watch the children in their group while also staying with the others.

Stick them? Lieutenant might have, but he's admiring their beauty at the moment. "Relax, prophet." the avian says, shaking his head at Whetstone. "You allow Vortex to irritate you then you just play into his hands. Besides, not everyone is religiously sensitive." Like him, who internally keeps his god-smiting to himself and behind closed doors. It seems their attention is towards a game now. Might as well join to watch over the security duo.

"They're not 'adorable', Tailgate! They're amazing and I want them." Vortex also shoots a devious look on his adorable adolescent face to Whetstone. Knew that would annoy him, hehe. "Go ahead and tell Onsy- Who do you think I learned that from?" Hehe... He runs to the game vender, getting on his toes to peer at what sort of game they got. It looks like a classic 'knock the pins over with a ball' game. "Hey! Hey, guy! I want those." He points to an inflated giant hammer and sword.

Whetstone adopts a very deadpan expression. Onslaught would laugh in his face. He eyes Lieutenant and eventually nods in begrudgingly agreement. "I'm oft a pawn to be played, it's true." Shifting to settle a hand on a hip, he watches Tailgate and Vortex attempt to win adorable-amazing prizes. "Too bad neither of you are skilled with throwing weapons." As far as he knows. It's probably a weird thing to say in public.

Tailgate has candy in one hand and his other is still trying to pick pieces off, the odd sensation of receptors far away registering 'sweet' and 'soft' being such a novel thing to him. "Amazing, adorable, same thing. My slingshot is adorable too, but I still plugged Tarn right in his cannon-hole with it." The sticky girl with pink teeth smiles at Tex and his excitement, turning to the game operator. "How do we get the big hammers? We knock those down, right?"

Rung finally walks over fully to stand behind Vortex and Tailgate, knowledge able enough to know its probably not a good idea to let 'children' run off unattended if they want to keep up appearances, "Alright, I suppose you will have to play the game then." Which is Rung's cue to get out his wallet, again.

The Operator grins as Rung hands over some cash, putting some balls in front of both 'children', "Thats right, knock down all the pins and you win a prize."

Lieutenant finally starts eating one of his sin sticks, and melts. It's WONDERFUL! Exactly how it should taste! Oh he wants to try all the Earth food now! It's delicious! Forget Primus, this is what he'll swear by.

Briefly he looks up when Whetstone mentions lack of skill and shakes his head. "They both get shots to try. Vortex might be better, but he is not safe enough to bet against our head of security."

"This can't be harder than throwing knives... You're gonna eat those words, Wheaty," Vortex tells him, eyes narrowing... He takes another bite of sugary cloud before setting it down because he doesn't know any better. He takes a ball in his hand and pauses. "... I need a boost. Someone lemme stand on them!" He turns to give the taller folk a look of his wide-eyed and innocent puppy-dog look. Please let him stand on you. Pleeeeease.

"Heh. Thanks, Rung..." Tailgate puts his food into his off hand now, wiping the first on the hem of his dress, the little emroideries quite familiar faces. "Cool game. Why do you need a boost?" Tailgate is bold enough to not ask for one-- instead, he takes a step back to aim his ball at the bottles, tongue between lips and one eye squinted. He's gonna get it!

<FS3> Tailgate rolls Firearms-1: Good Success. (4 4 5 1 7 8)

"It's Whetstone! Like the sharpeni- bah." At Vortex's request, Whetstone just stares at Rung. "I'll bet on Tailgate, for sure. Behold his posture!"

"Behold his aim." Lieutenant gestures as Tailgate hits his objective. As for Vortex, "If someone shorter than you can hit that, I am sure someone of your skill can do the same without a height booster."

Rung stares back at Whetstone for several seconds before giving a long suffering sigh, "Vortex, why not attempt it from the ground first? I will assist you if you still cannot reach afterwards." Tailgate gets a smile, "Excellent shot, Tailgate."

Vortex stamps a foot, hissing to himself. Some bots are gonna get some tacks to sit on for this! "Fine, whatever. I can knock them down easy." Also, he really, really wants the prizes. He doesn't care about beating Tailgate- he wants his sword and hammer! He takes a step or two back before pulling back an arm and... Throwing the ball as hard as he can to a bottle stack.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Firearms-1: Success. (4 3 4 2 7 3)

Whetstone smirks a little, features brightening further. Earth's not so bad, see. They have silly customs. And it sure beats warring. "Short avatars are charming but look at the disadvantage! That hiss was almost as good as mine, Vortex. But nice shot."

Tailgate's bottles clatter about, much to the shock of the game operator, but a deal's a deal, isn't it? It must be all that cotton candy muscle his holoform has. She's gonna play softball someday! For State! Tailgate whoops when he gets to pick out an inflatable war hammer. He immediately turns around to boop Whetstone on the head with it, and the mallet gives a defiant 'squonk'.

Rung chuckles as Tailgate bops Whetstone with the inflatable mallet, giving a small clap at his success before turning to look back at the result of Vortex's throw.

Vortex's throw does not exemplify a mercenary capable of throwing knives with pretty great accuracty. It knocks the top bottle over and not the whole pile down. He didn't get it. He didn't get his sword and hammer. As the failure sinks in, he slowly sinks down to the ground, laying face down in the dirt. Then he whines, loudly. Tailgate got one. He wants one.

Whetstone is taken unawares by the inflatable hammer 'squonking' on his head, and jerks back into a silly fighting stance for a split second. "... Hah! I'm no stranger to tomfoolery. I'll get you back, Tailgate sir. When you least expect it!" He tries to flare nonexistent wings. Then Vortex sinks to the ground in utter defeat. "Oh no." There's whining. Pity tugs at Whetstone's spark, somewhere. "Blast it all. Get up, aren't you a soldier?" Sigh. "On my shoulders then, see if you can win it that way."

"Yeah, that's what they all say!" Tailgate's attention is easy to pull away from his well-natured mallet bopping, and he looks down to Vortex with the hammer under his arm. "Do you want mine?" He looks up as Whetstone offers to hold Tex up higherm then promptly 'sqonks' the mallet at the other child's feet, braids dangling. Get up, Vortex! "Come on! You can do it!"

Well, their 'child' is throwing a fit in public. Lieutenant looks over at Rung, the other unofficial 'parent' of the group. He just continues eating at one of his sin sticks. Vortex has moved him before, but not this time. The avatar does not pose the same guilty movement in the avian as it would in there real forms.

Rung stares down at Vortex as the mech goes full on pout, lying facedown, "I- Now Vortex that is a bit dramatic don't you think?" He can try again, after all. Annd of course Lieutenant is looking at him to resolve this in some form. Luckily the therapist doesn't have to as Whetstone takes the initiative of giving in to the rotary's demands.

Vortex hears what he wants and is quick to bounce back up. "Okay!" He tells Tailgate before snatching another ball and scurrying to Whetstone, trying to climb him. He may need a boost onto those shoulders, Whet. "I have no dignity, I want my prizes!" Trust him, whining is the least he can do to get his way. He'll make his holoform leak from the optics, don't tempt him.

"Everyone should have dignity!" Whetstone declares, balling one fist triumphantly as he scoops Vortex up with the other. The picture of dignity. "Why don't you try for an easier prize though? Like that giant plush ursine."

Madrigal is lost, and doesn't know where anyone is or how to find them in this mess of people. It's purely luck that he spots the group making a scene and manages to hear names and voices. "Rung? Tailgate- Sir?" The glitter could be one of several crewmembers, but the stupidly flowy sleeves and tunic mixed with a feather-motif headband could help identify him. Maybe.

<FS3> Rung rolls Mind+Mind: Success. (6 4 2 7 2 3 1 4)

Rung turns as he hears his name, blinking a little as he looks at the person approaching. The colors along with the sleeves and feathers... He isn't entirely sure but it could be, "Madrigal?" He didn't know the mech was planning on coming down as well!

Lieutenant finishes his first sin stick and immediately starts on his second when Rung says something to someone else. Another human? A strange one at that, he's never seen this model before. Maybe Rung has been to Earth before?

Vortex finds his balance on Whetstone's shoulders. "I feel so tall... So powerful..." He whispers to himself... Then he grins at Tailgate. "Yeah! Down with bears! And dignity is overrated! Now gimme the sword!" Now with a better height, he pulls his arm back and makes another throw. Give him his prize! (Madrigal is ignored because he's unimportant)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Firearms: Good Success. (8 4 7 3 2 5 2)

Whetstone squints down at Tailgate in all of his youthful sugar-coated glory. "You just want to do battle with silly sounds." He stands still enough for Vortex to get his shot in, hopefully before Madrigal draws his full attention. "You've had better luck with avatar creation it seems!" he greets cheerily, turning away from the stand and dragging Vortex with him, despite the victory.

Being tall is so overrated. Tailgate likes his view from down here. The girl tips her cap back as someone else comes up, the name tickling his ears especially after it calls his out. "Hey, fancy guy! Lookin' good." Very shiny. The remark from Whetstone gets a snigger. "Yep." He does want that. But only after Tex better get his own-- hold still just long enough!

Dipping in a bow, Madrigal nods. "Correct. It was something of a fit of spontaneity." He gives Rung a rue smile, shaking his head slightly. He perks up considerably upon hearing Whetstone. "Oh- I just allowed the personality composite to run and it provided this." Nevertheless, he is beaming quite happily now.

Vortex throws his arms into the air. "I did it! I want the sword! Gimmegimmegimmegimm-" His grabby hands are whisked away as Whetstone goes for Madrigal. No! "Hey! Put me down! I need my sword!" He wriggles and kicks. Down, down now. "Oh, hey Madrigal. Looking good. I think. Hard to tell, humams all look the same. DOWN, WHETSTONE."

Whetstone unceremoniously dumps Vortex off his shoulders, in a manner that might disturb other parents if they were watching. Don't care, time to stare at Madrigal. "I need to hand mine over to a code-savvy mech, I think," he says, conversationally.

Rung gives Madrigal a kind smile of his own that takes a slightly strained appearance as Vortex begins to cause a commotion... again. "Have you been down here for-" And down goes Vortex, "...long..." That doesn't seem like something people do to organic children. So Rung puts on the act of concerned parent... and admittedly he is a bit worried. "Are you alright?"

Madrigal blinks, tilts his head and looks confused. He gives whetstone a once-over then looks more confused. "Why? They're all hideous, surely yours fulfils the purpose of blending in?" Organics are gross.

Vortex thuds against the ground unceremoniously in what probably would seriously harm a young, human boy. Good thing he's not that. "I'm fine, I want my sword!" He quickly scurries to collect his prize. Which he does, turning to Tailgate and brandishing his new sword. "HAHA!" He goes to whomp Tailgate.

Tailgate just laughs when Whetstone dumps Tex over. He'll be fine! And of course, he is, as he scampers over to get his sword and turn on the other kid with it. The sound Tailgate makes is something between a snort of laughter and a squeak of surprise. He gets whumped in the head before he tries to hit Vortex back. It's the small things, isn't it?

Whetstone's smile wavers at the 'disgusting' comment. Does he look disgusting!? He wouldn't know. "I think we're blending in pretty well! Anyway, you look dashing, for a human. Oh, right! Someone gave me this earlier-" He pulls out a baggie with a goldfish from an oversized pocket. "I didn't know what to do with it..." A hopeful glance meanders to Rung.

Rung frowns when the fish is brought out, standing back up when Vortex and Tailgate start running around whomping each other. "Oh dear, that bag seems incredibly small for the poor thing." Don't organics need space to run around- err.. swim in this case?

"O-oh. That's. Weird." Madrigal's smile goes more polite. They get smaller? Great, now he's imagining that thing caught in joints. Which gets a slight shudder of disgust. Eww. "What were you and- Vortex? Doing?"

This whomping is great! He can hit people and its fun! They don't get hurt, its revolutionary. WHOMPWHOMP. Vortex runs over to whomp everyone else, his sword making a satisfying hollow-y sound. "Haha! Having fun, Madi!" Whomp your butt! And whomp Whetstone's face. AND WHOMP THE FISH!

Tailgate is more than happy to continue chasing Vortex in circles with the hammer-- the noise is delightful, and nobody is getting hurt. Yet.

"I guess I'll take it back to the ship..." Whetstone grins faintly and tilts the bag a tad. The goldfish swims around, glubbing as goldfish do. "I'm not super keen on organic things either... But to be fair, plenty of alien races have helped the Cybertronians during the war-" His face gets whomped, which is largely harmless, but as he yanks the fish bag out of reach, it slips and flies through the air. "At least pretend that you have the maturity of a million-year-old!" he barks.

<FS3> Rung rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (5 8 6 4)

<FS3> Madrigal rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (3 1 6 8 6 5)

Rung jolts as Vortex practically whacks the fish bag out of Whetstone's hands, face quickly changing to one of panic. If it hits the ground the bag wil burst and the fish is as good as dead! The therapist lunges forward and only just manages to cushion the bag's fall with his palms, quickly pulling it towards his chest to further protect it from the hyperactive shorties, "Vortex! Please be careful!"

Madrigal steps out of the way quickly enough to avoid getting whacked. Then he crosses his arms and watches the fish sail through the air. "Oh no." To be fair he really doesn't seem concerned with much more than avoiding touching anyone that isn't a projection.

"Tch, its organic. Blink and it'll be dead just like that. S'how they all are." Vortex sticks his tongue out at Whetstone again and resumes whacking and whomping Tailgate- and just Tailgate- again. This is much better than that last time he and Tailgate were being combative.

"Oops... Sorry, Whet, didn't mean to mess up your--" Ah! Tailgate gets bonked in the middle of his apologies, eyes crossing and hat askew. "Hey! I was talking." Tailgate lifts his hammer up to give Tex a mighty bonk!


"Hnnn. I'm going to explore the rest of this fair sans shorties." Whetstone flips his hair like he's seen the ladies do, and doesn't pull it off very well. "Thanks for chaperoning, doctor," he says to Rung with a small bow.

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