2017-05-10 Sweet Trap

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Sweet Trap
Date 2017/05/10
Location Lost Light - Command: Blaster's Office
Participants Blaster, Cosmos
Summary Blaster questions Cosmos.

Cosmos is reading a datapad, two cubes of energon precariously balanced in one arm as he tries to finish his book before the morning shift. He's just getting to the good part! .... But if he doesn't put it away he is going to drop them for sure. Darn. Subspacing his datapad, Cosmos drops off one cube at where Lieutenant will be later before walking up to Blaster's door and rapping against it gently, waiting for a response from inside.

"Come on in Cosmos!" Blaster answers cheerfully, knowing full well who it could be since Cosmos delivers energon like clockwork every day. He never intended to have an actual glorified secretary, but Cosmos does the job very well.

Cosmos stepping inside, Cosmos answers with a more subdued cheerfulness of his own, "Good Morning, Blaster. Got your energon for the day!" Like said clockwork, Cosmos walks across the room and hands over the cube, stepping back to check and see if there is anything Blaster needs him to do before heading off to his own shift.

Blaster watches Cosmos for a moment, his expression searching, but not in an unnerving way. After a moment he pulls out some more reports. "I need you to run some reports over to Soundwave as well. Why he especially wants reports from Communications I don't understand it." He shakes his head. "Whatever makes him happy I guess." A beat of silence, then-

"So I notice you and Lieu getting a little bit friendlier lately. And by friendly I mean this strange flirting thing you got going on. Is it a game?"

Cosmos almost seems to light up a bit when Blaster mentions having a report for him to take to Soundwave, quietly buzzing with a now nervous energy as he thumbs the surface of the pad. "I- Right, I'll do that once my shift ends!" The UFO is about to turn and leave when Blaster brings up the game and Cosmos freezes in his tracks. Oh Primus no. He saw. Very quickly turning red with embarrassment, Cosmos suddenly shuffles his feet and won't look straight on at Blaster, "I- well I mean.. Y-Yeah... I guess it's kind of an inside joke by now. I'm sorry! We'll stop if you want us to!" I'm gonna get written up for fraternization or some slag!

Blaster laughs. Not mockingly. Never mockingly. He gives a good natured grin at Cosmos. "No, no don't stop playing if you guys are havin' fun! I thought you and Lieu got a thing for each other and was wondering if you two were bein' serious. But hey, anything involving flirting is fun, right?" It takes another paused beat before asking, "So, bein' round Soundwave don't make ya nervous no more?"

Blaster's reassurance doesn't stop Cosmos from covering his face in embarrassment with the report, "No, not serious..." At least I hope to Primus it isn't serious on his end, how would anyone explain 'test drive' as just being taken like a joke? Lowering the datapad slightly, Cosmos lowers the datapad to explain further, "Just friends.. who apparently have a horribly confusing way of bantering." The mention of Soundwave again has the datapad rising just slightly again, "Uh- Yeah, no we uh.... we talked a little bit and he's... well still scary but not as much anymore." Scary really isn't the right word- Nerve wracking? Flustering? Oh yeah.- but it seems appropriate enough right now.

Blaster hmms at Cosmos. "Ya seem kind of flustered right now." He taps his chin with his fingers, as in thought.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Sass: Good Success. (7 4 4 8 5 8 1 2 5)

... AHH HE NOTICED! I gotta- "Well of course I'm flustered," Cosmos pouts a little, moving quickly in a hurried attempt to cover his tracks, "You just thought me and Lieutenant were together or something. Can't just call a mech out like that. Though I should probably be questioning why you think Lieutenant is my type." That is a good distraction! .... Right?

"Well, when two mechs are close to each other and flirting, wouldn't you assume the same, Cosmos?" Blaster responds, answering Cosmos's attempt to cover and distract him. "When you like someone rather... deeply, or even fondly, they automatically become your type, because you have those feelings toward them."

Cosmos opens his mouth to respond with some sort of witty banter- ... only for none to come to him, "... Ok, touche." Primus be damned even Blaster is beating me at witty banter.

Blaster gives a sweet smile. "So, how do you feel about Soundwave?"

Cosmos is practically sweating by now, trying to think of some way to deflect the conversation away from this awkward topic. Soundwave is practically Blaster's ultimate nemesis, how am I supposed to admit I... Well that I like him... "He's... actually kind of nice?"

Blaster is still smiling. Is still so very sweet. "Is he now?"

"Y-Yeah." Cosmos gets the distinct feeling that sweet smile is a trap of some kind, "A-at least when we talk he ... does..."

"Talking, hm? Doesn't seem like a real talkative person to me. But maybe he is a good conversationalist. You certainly seem to enjoy running reports to Soundwave now." Blaster shrugs and leans back in his chair. "Either way, you seem more cheerful overall. That's good." Genuinely happy tone there.

Cosmos can't help but glance down at his pedes self consciously. Yeah... talking... probably more like me babbling on and on and him just tuning me out... "I... Don't know about that..." That little bit about him being more cheerful has the UFO looking up and blinking with a near owlish look, "I- really?"

Aw. Cosmos can be adorable. Blaster gets up and walks up to Cosmos. He then puts an arm around Cosmos's shoulder. "Yeah, I believe you do."

When had he begun to seem more cheerful? "I ... Hadn't really noticed." Cosmos can't help but try to look back at how he's been acting recently and try to nail down exactly what seems more cheerful about him as of late. He doesn't pull away when Blaster puts an arm over his shoulders- that just seems like something Blaster does to everyone at some point.

Blaster kisses the top of Cosmos's head. "Well, I am sure lots of others noticed. Really coming out of your shell. Even talking to Soundwave of all mechs, that's pretty brave of you."

If Cosmos was flustering before, he is flustering even more now. What is it with Blaster and doing that!? He just likes to see me squirm, doesn't he? "I- Uh- thanks, I think?" Cosmos doesn't entirely know how to respond to that, not that it likely matters by this point.

Blaster just grins more. "You do good, and if I haven't thanked you for going above and beyond, let me say it now- thank you for doing a job well done and then some. You don't have to do a lot of the things you do, but you do it and I think you are awesome for that." He then hands Cosmos three more reports. "Those are to other mechs that are not Soundwave." He kisses Cosmos's head again and then claps him on the back before going back to his desk.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Sass: Good Success. (2 7 8 2 4 6 1 4 6)

Cosmos suddenly deadpans as more datapads are handed to him, helm bobbing to side a bit as another kiss is planted on it, "Buttering me up to get me to do more of your dirty work, huh?" Giving a long suffering but also somewhat amused sigh, Cosmos takes on a clearly teasing 'woe is me' posture as he makes his way back to the door, "I supposed I will just forever suffer the indignity of being too nice for my own good." Just as he opens the door, Cosmos does send a good natured wave of the reports in a silent indication that he will indeed deliver them later on before it shuts and the UFO disappear from sight.

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