2017-04-26 Fancy Meeting You Here

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Fancy Meeting You Here
Date 2017/04/26
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Shuttle Bay
Participants Brigade, Cosmos, Firestar, Gearshift, Lieutenant, Lockjaw, Skydive, Sunstreaker, Tailgate
NPCs Elita One, Torrent
Scene GM Mox
Summary An old friend brings disturbing news

The four shuttle bays accommodate one of the ship's four shuttles in each bay. The first bay is dominated by the Rodpod. Yes, it really does look like Rodimus's head. No, you can't take it out for the joy ride. Easily the fastest of the shuttles, it is also the smallest. The second (O Fortuna) and third bay contains shuttles which are slightly slower, yet not so large as the shuttle in the last. The last bay contains the Scout Ship "The Leading Light" which can carry a hundred without difficulty.

Very shortly after the Lost Light's firing quantum engine has brought her to this solar system in broad orbit of the shining red giant - a common jump point on the way to Earth - tactical reports the sudden appearance of another ship. It's about a third of the size of the Lost Light, all clean and sleek lines. After establishing contact and a quick encrypted back and forth with the crew of another ship, a diplomatic team has been launched from the other ship to float in a swift line for the docking bay -- and naturally, the news has spread through the Lost Light at the speed of rumor.

This all seems familiar. Does anyone else have deja vu?

Lieutenant was promoted to handling encrypted messages during the return of the ticks some months ago. It's interesting to hear from a familiar source once again. He stands awaiting the arrival at the shuttle bay, Memory with Fantoccini since Cosmos would be joining him here today. The avian was not around the last time this occurred, not in person, but he did lend a hand for the end goal. So he's pleased to make an official introduction... as long as it doesn't take long. There is only so much socializing he can do.

As head of Security and part of the command structure, Tailgate is one of the first mechs on the scene in the shuttle bay; it seems like a familiar song and dance, but for his part he's made no mistakes. He's brought a couple of extra bots along with him, but he has them standing back and waiting rather than up front and intimidating. Just in case, right? He stands at the edge of the docking area, rocking slightly on his toes as they wait. Ships passing in space is rare enough as it is! He has every reason to feel excited about visitors.

The news of guests hasn't gone past Lockjaw without catching her attention, and piquing her curiosity. Having never before been off Eukaris, anything new is interesting, and worth investigating. Plus, knowing the Lost Light's history so far, this could pretty easily end up in a fight. She'd rather be there in that case, both for the sake of protecting the crew, and because a good fight is always interesting.

Anyone already in the vicinity will likely hear her comng. She makes no effort to quiet her footsteps, entering the the room in a heavy, relaxed stroll. She stops just inside the doorway to scan the room, finally stopping on those already present "I see I am not late."

Brigade rarely gets the chance to go planetside, especially with his duties and difficulties. A new faceplate is a rare luxury. This might not be the same as going down to a new planet, but the tank will count it as a very close second! The tank fidgets in place, vibrating with barely contained excitement. The shaking in his frame is more than just his usual tremors. "Been a while since we had visitors!" he shouts to no one in paritcular. He's just so happy he has to shout. The tank leans forwards on his cane and squints out at space as he waits for them to arrive.

Cosmos had heard the news of another ship and can't resist the urge to show up and see what is what after all the buildup of the encrypted messages on the bridge. Peeking in, he quickly spots his coworker (he still isn't sure if Lieutenant would consider him as a friend or not) and shuffles over to stand beside the avian.

Sunstreaker stands of to the side, arms crossed and one hand holding the end of Bob's leash. The Insecticon is currently pattering around around him in a circle, slowly winding the leash around- "Bob, other way." The bug chitters and begins circling counter-clockwise to un-ensnare his master. That is, until he has to go clockwise again to repeat the process.

Bob likes meeting new people- and also new-but-also-sorta-old people again. Sunstreaker isn't going to deny him new people smells or a snack if anything happens to go awry. Which, honesly, with their track record, could happen. He turns his surly gaze to Bridage, Bob joining the tank's shout with a loud, excited buggy whistle.

Seeing as Skydive is in Navigation, it's hard to see why he's here when so many other official mechs are awaiting the arrival of their guests. Call it curiosity and an opportunity to take notes. He's already done examinations on the ship meeting them, so now he wants to know just who exactly is inhabiting it. And so, datapad in hand and a digit adjusting his glasses, the Aerialbot takes space nearer the middle of the crowd. Far enough to stay out of the way, but near enough to get a good look. While Firestar is technically part of communications and technically they're supposed to handle diplomatic matters, she's still surprised when she's assigned to the job of handling this ship sighting. It's not that she's been shirking her duties exactly, but she thought she'd made it abundantly clear that she isn't the one to turn to when it comes to space adventures. ...Well okay yes she's been shirking her duties. So sue her! She's not one of these war-like Cybertronians and would prefer not to get her hands dirty!

Seems the superiors have caught onto her antics though, and so here she is ready to muck up intergalactic relations. She really hopes they know what they're signing up for...

The docking bay takes on a small shuttle of clean angles and neat, spare lines ... OK, let's just skip ahead. No sentries emerge from the shuttle this time. Instead, right away, walks out a familiar bot, still in the same shades of mostly pink with white accents, still about as tall as Rodimus, still with vivid blue optics. She scans the assembled crowd for familiar faces, pausing on those on Lieutenant and Tailgate. "Hello again!" Her voice remains earnest and strong. "For those of you who I haven't yet met: I am Elita One."

Just behind her emerges another familiar character, a blockier, dusk-orange femme with a sardonic smile. She has both arms now, too! She waves, only slightly shyly, to the others. "I'm Torrent. Hey guys."

"Good to see you both again." Lieutenant replies with a bow, "Torrent, good to see you have a new meaning to being all right." Oh yes, he remembers which arm she had lost, "What bring you across our path this time?" Please no more spiders, organic planets, or cranky titans. That was more than enough last time.

Tailgate wasn't a huge part of the action on Eukaris, but he's great at remembering faces. Giant spiders weren't his speed, but rescues certainly were. His reaction on seeing who comes down off of the ship is a positive buzz of motion, when he lifts his hand to wave as they come near. "Hey! Long time to see!" The minibot is about to chime in with something more, but Lieutenant beats him to it, more or less. Tailgate leans back to narrow the light of his visor at the tall flier. Why, Lieu.

Brigade is in such a good mood he forgets how frosty Sunstreaker had been to him at their last meeting. Hearing the buggy shriek of excitement, the tank turns his helm to see the other mecha and his pet. The tank's booming laughter echoes through the shuttle bay, cutting into the greetings going on across the room. "Look like someone has good taste," he jokes. "I read about this Elita One in the battle reports! I was hoping I might get to see for myself one day."

As bending down to scritch is much too risky, Brigade tilts his cane to gently pat Bob on the helm. If Sunstreaker will let him, of course. "You should let him off the leash. That would be a real hero's greeting," Brigade suggests, a hint of mischeviousness in his crimson optics.

Some of the crew has met this figure before...? Now Firestar is extra annoyed that her superiors have sent her out to to greet this person she absolutely does not know, since she only joined the crew relatively recently. On the other hand, as Lieutenant steps forward, Firestar's optics flash as she spies an opportunity to not do her job once more. If Lieutenant is taking the lead in conversation (surprising, she totally had him pegged as a Naughty Nautica type) then maybe she doesn't have to do anything more than 'oversee proceedings' i.e. do jack all to help. That sounds more her speed. So instead of stepping forward to greet the figure, Firestar crosses her arms and leans against the nearest shuttle to wait this whole thing through. Piece of oilcake.

Cosmos lights up in recognition as he spots who steps out of the ship. He hadn't had much- or really any- interaction with the femme or her crew the last time they saw Elita One but he remembers Eukaris and the following rescue. The spacer gives a hidden smile and wave.

"Hmmm" Lockjaw's head tips to the side as she studies the guests. She had not met Elita personally, but she has heard a few things here and there, so she atleast knows she and her crew were on Eukaris, and had trouble with the same vermin that invaded the planet. Not much more than that, however. Now she simply watches, arms foldeding over her chest, though she does spare a glance and a nod in the direction of Sunstreaker, Bob, and Brigade. The later alos recieves a questioning raise of a brow ridge "Hero's greeting?"

Brigade answers, probably a bit too loudly, "Of course a hero's welcome. They rescued me from my boredom! That deserves one. I thought I was going to be stuck doing paperwork all day again." He goes back to dancing impatiently in place, nearly slipping on more than one occasion. He does not care! He badly needs this change of pace.

Sunstreaker hasn't felt the intense desire to shoot a comrade in a long time. But damn if he doesn't feel it now. His optics narrow at Lieutenant but the look turns on Brigade once more. "I can't even begin to tell you what a bad idea that is," he tells the tank as Bob, once he got his pats, scrambles forward. Sunstreaker follows, giving the leash a firm tug to stop the excited bug from getting too close. He nods to Elita and Torrent. Bob wiggles in place, leaning forward to sniff at the visitors.

"Thank you! It's good to see you all, and it has been a long time!" Elita One is honestly happy with the mix of greetings, and even moves to pet Bob, but thinks better of it. She soon falls into a more serious mood. "What brings us here today are, unfortunately, ill tidings. There has been a disaster at Eukaris, and we are following the cause of it - an enormous rectangular object, black as the darkest night. It appears to be heading for the human world."

Torrent laughs, intermixing a snort of two, at Lieutenant's joke, and she rotates her newly replaced arm in response. "No kidding! That was quite the pickle you got us out of!" When Elita One mentions Eukaris, however, she reluctantly quiets down.

Gearshift, though she remembers Elita One, isn't really joining in the conversation. It's nice to see the femme again, she certainly bears no ill-will, but currently the blueberry is trying to find a window. She wants to see if she can see the Earth from where she is. As soon as she had heard the Lost Light was going to be in the vicinity of her home, the floodgates opened and tears of joy where unstoppable.

Even now her spark seems to feel Earth's pull, and she can only half pay attention to the voices around her as she starts to wander off.

Like Sunstreaker has any right to glare at Lieutenant for what he said. It's minor compared to the golden Autobot's continued disregard for the librarian's rule of no drinks in the library. Not that the avian is giving him or the bug any attention to begin with.

Lieutenant is rather surprised and clearly caught off guard when Torrent takes humor in his comment. Sure it wasn't meant to be mean spirited, but it's not often others are amused with his humor! (e.i. Sunstreaker and Tailgate.) The avian's audio fins lower bashfully, never more thankful to hear of ill tidings to distract him from his uncertain, shyness towards Torrent. "Ah, yes... that thing." he replies quietly.

Firestar looks alarmed, though really she should be used to it by now.

"Wouldn't anyone in their right processor want to stay away from the giant doomsday device? Oh right, no one is in their right processor around here, I forgot." She's muttering mostly to herself, but her tone is a little shrill with pre-emptive panic, so it carries further than she'd like. Great diplomat, this one. "I mean uhh, maybe it would make sense to observe it from a distance?" she says louder to anyone listening, "Emphasis on the distance."

The news troubles Tailgate immediately. Wait... "Um, did it kind of-- burst out of the planet?" Was it a second one? Or the same one they've been following? The minibot tiptoes closer, too, looking up between Elita and Torrent, fists lifting in front of him. "We've been following one of those!" He looks over his shoulder to Firestar, faintly amused. "If we ignore it, doesn't it turn into someone else's doomsday?" Don't be selfish, Firestar!

"A what?" the news has Lockjaw stepping forward, practically pushing aside some of the mechs infront of her "What happened, and where was it?" She didn't get to witness the incident on their last stop first-hand, but the stories are enough to have her worried.

Cosmos is quick to frown again at the mention of a black object and that it apparently has caused havoc on Eukaris, "Is everyone on the colony alright?" Oh Primus if it hurt Eukaris... What will it do to Earth!? Earth might not be exactly fond of them anymore but he still has a lot of nice memories from the planet, he doesn't want to see it hurt.

Brigade perks up a bit. "A disaster, huh?" he mutters to himself. He really should not be excited, but he senses a rare opportunity to feel truly useful. Not sit behind the scenes and drill mecha into proper form useful. Maybe he can finally put some of his studies in battle strategy to use? He can only hope. He leans forwards on his cane as Lockjaw voices the questions on his brain module, the thing creaking dangerously under his weight. He has to do his best to mask his excitement under a totally-serious-face.

Gearshift is starting to hear more of the conversation now. Specifically Doomsday and Earth are what make her helm perk up "What?" She asks, moving closer to where the group is standing. She doesn't like the sound of any of this but now she's forced to pay attention.

Lieutenant sighs, "We have been following that what is known as the Monolith for a few weeks now. It came from another colony, draining the life out of the," he explains to Elita, "If it is on a course to Earth our navigational team will help guide us there." Skydive was here to represent it, so the librarian turns his head slightly to look at him. It's good to have one here at least.

Sounds like not my problem, Firestar wants to say to Tailgate, but she has just enough social awareness to know that would be really putting her foot in it. Especially in front of the personally invested crocodile lady. "Gosh, that would be terrible..." she says instead, though she can't even muster the enthusiasm to put her acting skills into it. "I'll send them my thoughts and prayers."

Gearshift can't help her outburst "We have to stop it!" IT's stating the obvious, really, but for Gearshift things just got very personal.

Sunstreaker scowls. Hey, hey, you don't tease Bob like that. "Sounds terrible," he gruffs, unlatching Bob from his leash. Bob shakes and moves closer to Elita and Torrent to press his face against them and smell all those new smells. What they get for teasing his bug, hmph. "Maybe they'll crash into the Earth," he thinks aloud.

Elita One glances at Torrent, and then relates the story. "We were continuing our research on Eukaris, and trying to improve our relationship with the Eukarans. Only a few days ago, there was a tremendous earthquake beneath one of the oceans. The Wave Walkers say that the large object ripped itself away from under the sea floor. It floated up and lifted away into space. There have been terrible tsunamis, storms, tornadoes ..." She looks at Lockjaw with a pained expression. "The coastlines are devastated, kilometers deep. The tribes have come together to help one another. There are many injured, and many settlements have been wiped out. We did what we could to help, but promised to find out what this ... monolith? ... is." Her optics widen in fear with the news from Lieutenant and Tailgate. "Another, from another colony? So there are two."

"Maybe more," Torrent adds glumly, before rounding on Firestar. "We're in our right processors, and we're going to ... find out what's going on, and stop it, before any more disasters happen!" For her part, Torrent lets Bob greet her, extending a hand down for him to sniff up.

"Whoa." Tailgate's response to the news of what's happening to Eukaris comes with a note of sadness. But at least the colonists are coming together? That's almost unheard of according to the Eukarans on board. "Yes, we encountered one on our last stop, another colony. It didn't do that kind of damage when it left, though."

This wasn't the same one! Lieutenant's optics go from their perpetual half-mast gaze to being a bit more wide open at the realization. Not to mention the damage it caused. When the Monolith left Shivah it did damage, but not to that extent. "Why have you come to us again though?"

From Lockjaw's throat comes a low, unhappy rumble. Normally, the very idea that the tribes could copperate would have been met with a scoff, but that detail practically goes ignored in light of the rest "I should have been there" She's never felt so helpless before, lightyears away from her tribe, her friends, able to do little more but worry and hope.

"I wasn't talking about you!" Firestar waves her hands quickly to dismiss the notion. "Of course it's terrible that the colony you were on got devastated like that! I just was under the impression that these guys had some kind of mission of their own, which they keep neglecting to go sniff up danger wherever they can find it!" Aaand she definitely just put her foot in it. Whoops. "But what do I know! I'm new here. Don't know anything. Captain knows best..." She had thoughts on the captain, but it seemed best to cover herself by pretending to be wide-eyed and innocent. Unconsciously though she slinks closer to Sunstreaker, hoping to find the company of someone else who really couldn't care less whether the next planet goes up in flames.

Cosmos puts a hand over the lower half of his face as his visor widens in shock, gaping behind the mask at the news. "Primus..." Those poor colonists... This has to be horrible for Lockjaw and the others... They have to stop these things. Cosmos is going to do everything he can to help.

Gearshift frowns at Firestar. She knows the other femme couldn't know how important the blue ball is to Gearshift, and she takes a deep ventilation in and lets it out slowly. "What happened to Eukaris is Terrible." She says softly, knowing she's going to do what it takes to save her home.

Brigade rubs at his jaw in thought as the guests further explain. Some may argue that he has the completely wrong attitude for the situation, but at least the tank has one thing going for him. Clearing his vocoder, the tank shuffles his way to the front of the crowd. "Does it matter why they came?" he asks. "More importantly, what are we gonna do about it? This chasing after it thing clearly isn't working. We need a better plan." To Brigade there's no use wasting time over what's done and gone, the reality of war having toughened him against tragedy, but about how they can proceed to defeat a shared enemy.

"This is a stop along the way to Earth for us. You are proceeding there as well?" Elita One seems to brighten slightly, at the prospect of not being alone in their chase. "I am glad at least the colony you visited was not damaged so severely. I worry that will be one of the few silver linings that come from all of this."

Torrent leers at Firestar, but seems satisfied for the moment with her backing off. She pets Bob, trying to lighten her suddenly dour mood. "Well, canebot, we figure that following it is better for discovering what it's all about than just running away. But if you have other suggestions, our aural receptors are wide open." Bob sniffs Torrent's hand before rubbing his head against it. Approval. He turns back to look at his hive, chittering and heading for Lockjaw. He leans against one of her legs, staring up as he hums. "Mrrrrrrrrr."

Sunstreaker looks away from Bob, to Firestar. "They'll have to stop eventually, Brigade. Everything has a destination. We can do something to them, then. Prevent them from wrecking other planets." Keeping his optics on the Camien, he steps away. Not caring about Earth's fate was a very old and dead part of him. "Hopefully they won't crash into the Earth," he murmurs.

"We'll just have to beat them there. Or at least-- the same time. If we can't stop them, though..." Tailgate hesitates as he speaks, nearly wondering out loud. He allows himself a look towards Bob, all chittering and maybe oblivious, before looking up to Elita and Torrent again. "We were following it to see what happened, yeah. But what you told us now, it's-- worrying." Earth may not like them much anymore, but maybe that's all the more reason to want to be around?

Feeling something rubbing against her leg, Lockjaw looks down, another rumble escaping her. This one is quieter, lacking most of the former frustration. What a good little critter. After a moment's thought, she drops to one knee, reaching out to rest a hand on the insecticon's head "Thank you, little one."

She doesn't comment on the current conversation, but she does listen, and as she does, she finds the conviction inside her growing.

The challenge to Brigade's assertion only makes the tank more determined, straightening his posture as if to command respect. The tank's expression becomes inscrutable. "I'm not suggesting we throw ourselves at it blindly, but hanging back isn't going to work. You don't let the enemy's troops waltz into the city they want to take before striking back. Someone has to try and get closer, a scouting party that can get some real details on what this goddamn piece of scrap is. It's a risk, but no less risky than sitting back and letting them scrapheaps get where they want to go before we fight back."

The tank's gaze sweeps over the assembled mecha with a gleam of challenge. "Slag, if no one else wants to do it I volunteer to take a shuttle and try myself. Can't make any promises about how it'll go, though. If we do that, and try to put ourselves in the thing's path like he said," the tank pauses to nod at Tailgate, "We might even have a fighting chance."

So Firestar has no allies here then. Literally no one else cares about survival or getting on with their quest. Firestar wants to throw up her hands in exasperation, but she's made enough enemies today as it is. A viewpoint she assumed would be common is wasted on these galactic explorers and daredevils. "Fine then, let's all rush to our dooms. Nautica's favourite activity apparently..." But the thought of her amica is actually what swings her around in the end. They still don't quite see optic-to-optic, and she feels a fair amount of jealousy that Nautica is fitting in when she seems to stumble flat on her face at every turn, but she hates the idea of her amica going off without her, even if it's just a sense of inadequency. "Fine, I guess we're going to save Earth," she sighs, glancing over at Gearshift, "I wouldn't worry too much about it then. Sounds like you've got a whole crew of gung-ho adventurers and at least one sensible person backing you up. We'll save the day or die trying." And to herself she adds, "Probably the latter, but what's a bit of realism when there's wild adventures to be had I guess?"

Gearshift nods, she's pleased with this result. "I can't wait to rush to my doom. Earth was my home" She explains to Firestar "Moreso than Cybertron ever could be." She looks to Brigade "We have to try, right?"

"I died once, I'd rather skip that part." Tailgate asides up at Firestar, his optics bright behind his visor. He looks to Gearshift with a shift of that blue light in his face. "I've never been there, but I know given everything that's happened there... we kind of owe it to them."

Firestar looks down in surprise at the shorter femme. Well at least one person on this crew has a reasonable explanation for wanting to jump in the line of fire. It's possible then that she just doesn't know enough about everyone to get why they're invested, although she still maintains that their captain is just easily distracted by the chance to show off.

"Yeah, I guess we have to try," she relents, even though the question isn't directed at her. Honestly if it was heading towards Camien she'd...well okay she's probably let someone else fight it, but she'd at least send an evacuation warning! Come to think of it...

"Do we know anyone on this 'Earth' we can contact, perchance? Like someone we can send a warning to?" Hey, this crew seems to know everybody.

Gearshift presses her lips into a line "I know someone but it's not as if warning her would help us much. I wasn't stationed with the autobots when they were there."

"The ... monolith is moving so quickly. We were delayed in pursuing it, helping the Eukarans." Elita One can't help but gulp a little. "We estimate that it will reach the Sol system ahead of us. Perhaps we can catch up with yours before then. What appears clear, however, is that Earth is key to solving this mystery. I do hope that devastation is not visited upon it like Eukaris."

Torrent likes what's she's hearing from canebot. "See, now that's an away mission I'd be proud to serve on."

A series of clicks and whistles come from Bob in response to Lockjaw, possibly weaving some deep and encouraging tale that bestows some wisdome. Then he nibbles at her servo, looking for a missed morsel among her fingers.

Sunstreaker brow ridges pull up slightly as Tailgate speaks, shoulders tensing. But he nods in agreement with the mini. Some owe a great deal more to Earth than others. "Earth and humans are resilient, I'm sure they can handle themselves if the monoliths give them trouble until we arrive to help."

Brigade darts a glance towards Tailgate, the only high ranking office in the room for their ship. "I already have someone in mind who could get you in and out quicker than you can shutter an optic. He's a bit of a pain, but he'll get the job done. A small scouting vessel will be able to travel faster than any of these ships, anyways. We'd just need someone to approve the mission," he says, raising his voice a little to drop the hint. Hopefully Tailgate will pass the suggestion on to the right channels. "But I guess if one of ours won't approve it..."

He trails off, his optics suddenly darting between Elita One and Torrent. They, too, may have a pilot and vessel to complete it themselves. At least the idea has been put out there. "If you go without me, make sure to write up a killer battle report. I'll be waiting," he adds to Torrent. "Just ping it to Brigade on the Lost Light. If it's not classified or anything." He wouldn't want to presume for another vessel, after all.

Sadly, Lockjaw does not speak Insecticon, nor will Bob find much in terms of a meal on her hand. Infact, the hand, too, will soon be out of his imediate reach as Lockjaw straightens out again, nodding at Gearshift "I would be more than happy to out an end to this mennace" she growls, a note of bloodlust seeping into her voice. She owes those things a piece of her mind, in retribution for Eukaris.

"I'll relay everything talked about here and we'll see what we can come up with..." Tailgate answers Brigade, hands on the edges of his hips and chin tilted up. "We'll have to find some kind of contact down there, so every thing helps." He looks up to Gearshift at this, not very confident in her contact, but she wants to help. "We'll find out if anyone knows more Earthlings, then. And I like the idea of sending a scout-- maybe a tandem team?" He glances to Elita.

Oh right, Lieutenant knows nothing about Earth except that it's a popular planet around the ship. It even has a club, for some strange reason. He's not sure why, but then that all happened at the tail end of the war when he was out of the loop those last nine years. A tandem team sounds like a good idea, and he's curious if Elita and the rest are going to be sticking with them on their journey to Earth.

Torrent appears about to answer Brigade and Tailgate when Elita One interrupts. "Our shuttles, unfortunately, cannot match the speed of the monolith." Torrent droops, resigned. "Perhaps one of yours can ... if so, we will gladly contribute to the team. I fear, though, that we will likely only catch up with them both when we reach Earth itself. We must be prepared for whatever we may face." She narrows her optics, as in thought. "If they do land on Earth, or have designs on it, we may need to conduct rescue operations. Just in case, I'd like to coordinate with your crew in anticipation of that."

Torrent rolls her optics slightly. "Preparing for rescue missions would beat just chasing the things ... if nobody's shuttles can catch up to them." It sounds like she'd much rather get out there than work on logistics.

Well at least the head of security seems fairly competent, Firestar thinks, even if he is the size of a stepping stool and has a head you could rest a teacup on. She brushes off his weird comment about dying, though. That can't possibly be true, everyone on this ship just has a major glitch in their systems. "Sounds like the experts have it handled then," she says, spying her cue to exit stage right. "Since you're already acquainted and all, you don't need a diplomat--" she hopes the room doesn't burst into laughter at her terrible attempts at diplomacy, "--so I'll just leave you all to it. Tata~"

"Maybe rescue, then." Tailgate adds reluctantly, glancing up as Firestar crabwalks her way out and the others seem to wonder on the gravity of things. "Elita, would you and torrent come with me to a meeting with command? They know the ship was docking, so I know the bridge is occupied. We can meet them there if you'll come."

"An excellent idea. We would be more than happy to! And thank you all for the welcome!" Elita One is apparently very pleased to accept Tailgate's invitation. She raises her arm to communicate back to her ship. "Obsidian. We'll be meeting with the command staff. Keep us with the Lost Light. Elita One out."

Torrent shrugs, but seems amenable to the whole rescue coordination anyway. As she and her commanding officer follow Tailgate out, Torrent casts a quick glance at Brigade, a sort of silent I like your idea better.

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