2017-04-18 Embarrassing, Round 2

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Embarrassing, Round 2
Date 2017/04/18
Location Lost Light - Command: Bridge
Participants Lieutenant, Steeljaw, Cosmos
NPCs Memory
Summary Poor, Poor, Cosmos... Again.

Normally Cosmos is already seated when Lieutenant comes onto his shift, but there are some occasions when the avian beats him to it. Such as now, although he's not at his seat but lying with his back on the floor, working on the underside of the console. Sitting on top of the librarian's knee, is Memory who has claimed it to be his perch for now.

Be careful not to accidentally step on Lieutenant's wing as you come over, Cosmos.

Cosmos walks onto the bridge, two cubes of energon in hand as always, only to pause when he sees Lieutenant under the console. Standing at the avian's feet, Cosmos tilts his helm to the side before asking, "Lieutenant, What are... you doing?"

"Fixing the console." Because asking for maintenance to do it is too much trouble. Plus it requires making a comm call and Lieutenant would rather bypass the stress and do it himself. "Siren complained," Loudly, "that the screens kept lagging, freezing, and blacking out a few times." Memory looks up from his seat on the avian's single bent leg, "So did you tell whomever it is you have your optic on that you like them? Or still nah?"

Cosmos kneels down to try and peek under the console, as well, frowning, "Well if you need any help just let me know. It could be a blown fuse or a software problem if everything under there seems-" Cosmos breaks off his sentence as Memory questions him, "I- well, no. Why?" Oh Primus, is this going to become a regular thing?

Yes, yes it is. Or at least until Memory forgets about it. He doesn't remember everything, after all. "Curious." is the little drones response. and he leaves it at that. He'll keeping asking until he forgets or the answer is yes. Either way it's going to be a long time.

Meanwhile Lieutenant keeps fussing with the wires and his datapad to diagnose the problem. "Seems more of a software problem," he agrees, only glancing from his work briefly, spying the two cubes. "Do I get to drink mine this time or are you just going to make me spill it over the console again." Which may or may not be the reason it's having issues now. Who quite knows though.

Cosmos blushes a little bit remembering that certain event and how Lieutenant ended up turning it around on him, nope he's not about to repeat that bit. "Don't worry. I don't plan on making you do a spittake anytime soon." Peering down into the console, Cosmos can't help but notice something he had never seen before: the bottom of Lieutenant's feet. He had never really paid much attention to the mech's feet in general, but now Cosmos has to bite his lip to keep from laughing when he realizes the avian seems to not only have toes, but toe pads. Oh no... Now all I can think about is organic dogs.

Good, because it defeats the purpose of trying to refuel. With that, Lieutenant continues on typing against his datapad to try and get them up and running as soon as possible. Memory catches Cosmos' optics, and finds it a good opportunity to explain. "Seismic Sense pads. They help him sense his surroundings and help him see who's around without actually using his optics." The drone slides off from his perch to look at the pads with a curious tilt of his helm. "Not sure why they're red though. Poor choice in color really." Bellissimo rubs off a bit.

"Well, that would explain how you seem to have optics in the back of your helm sometimes, Lieutenant." Cosmos has the distinct urge to poke one of them, to see how the avian responds, but resists the urge. That would be astoundingly rude. "Hey, I happen to like red." Its one of his three colors!

There's a snort from under the console. "That would have been my first option, but this is more subtle." Lieutenant replies before the screens light up once more. Back in business! Or heading towards that anyway as the avian waits to see if he has it right on his datapad.

"I like red too! It's my favorite color." Memory exclaims. See the new plant in the Library for evidence, and the first color he stuck his hands into during Mirage's face painting party. "Just saying if your going to go red, show it off!" the drone reaches out to poke at it himself, but the avian pulls it back quickly before pulling himself out from under the console. "Everything should be in working order again." Lieutenant informs.

As Lieutenant stands, Cosmos offers up one of the cubes for Lieutenant to take, "Hopefully it will stay in working order." Sitting down, Cosmos prods at the console to get it to boot up and check the object himself.

"Thank you." Lieutenant takes the cube in one hand and picks up Memory with the other. He sets the drone in his lap, preparing to get to work. "Just so you know, I doubt you put the 'devil' in 'devilishly handsome.' You are too endearing for that, but I will drink to you being handsome." the avian comments before intaking his cube.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Sass: Good Success. (4 6 5 5 6 4 3 7 8)

Cosmos has it this time! He's ready for it- there it is! .. Ok, he really isn't ready and nearly chokes on his energon anyways but lets himself snap back in a- likely forced- casual tone, "Well, you know what they say about mechs who act proper in the streets." At least he hopes Lieutenant knows the saying, Primus above he is not explaining that one.

Lieutenant knows, but Memory doesn't. "What do they say about-?" The avian places a hand on the drone's head, "I will explain later, but Cosmos, you will have to show me sometime if you are going with such a bold statement." He places down his drink to properly give Cosmos his full attention. "I would be interested in a test drive, before I buy into that claim."

Cosmos doesn't do a legitimate spit take like Lieutenant had, but he does choke on his energon. Definitely flushed now, Cosmos tries to regain what little composure he might have had as he tried to flush the energon out of the wrong internal tubing, "I..." Ahhhh! How am I supposed to respond to that!? Every slagging time that fragging avian- Play it cool, Cosmos. Be smooth like him.... how the frag does one be smooth? trying to regain his metaphorical footing, Cosmos can proudly say he only responded with the minimal amount of flustered stuttering, "Well I- AHEM- Anytime." He might actually manage to look confident if it wasn't for the fact he is clearly struggling to keep up in their quickly growing game of 'embarrass each other'.

'Anytime.' Lieutenant doesn't take that quite seriously, but he does raise an optic ridge in amusement. "Well then, how about after shift? My hab?" He asks, resting his chin on the back of his hand, "My Amica could watch Memory during that time." Who would have thought learning from Fantoccini and Klenoid would result in him picking up their sass to have fun with Cosmos. It's almost funny to him, if he weren't so deadpan about it all.

Cosmos keeps a straight face for all of about ten seconds as he processes what Lieutenant just said... then it finally clicks and he lets out a loud whine as his hands fly up to his face, "Ok. I'm done. I'm tapping out." Very slowly Cosmos ends up with his helm thunking against the console, face still in his hands. He can't keep anything close to a straight face anymore. "You win."

Following the sound of voices, Steeljaw wanders his way up to the bridge. He'd been pulling the night shift lately for some reason, not interacting with many if he could help it but today he finally felt like looking around a bit to see who was around. Seeing the other two Comm agents, he pads over towards them. "What's up?"

He almost breaks his facade to smile, but Lieutenant keeps it together. "You guys are weird." Memory pipes up from the avian's lap, making a face. The avian reaches over and lays a hand on the back of Cosmos' helm. There there, you can't win them all. He's about to say something else to the spacer before Steeljaw approaches them. "Steeljaw," he nods, serious as though nothing had taken place prior. "Cosmos is in need of a moment, but aside from that, things run efficiently as usual."

Cosmos raises a single hand to give Steeljaw a thumbs in in affirmation of what Lieutenant said, head still not lifted off the table. He .. yeah he just needs a minute. The patting of his head isn't really helping but he lets the avian do it anyways.

The yellow feline looking mech looks between the two of them, blinks his optics and then gives the equivilent of a feline shrug. "I'll leave if this is a private moment?" he asks casually.

Lieutenant takes his hand away to subtly cover Memory's mouth, before he decides to spill all that just happened. "Not at all." he assures, "Although you may want to inform Blaster," pause to drag out about possibly bringing up that one kiss between Cosmos and the Head of Communications, "that we will be here past our usual shift. There were technical difficulties earlier so that has put us behind a bit. If you could inform Orbitall and Mainframe of this change as well, I would be grateful."

Cosmos shifts his head to stare holes into the side of Lieutenant's helm, just knowing that obvious pause was supposed to mean something. Whatever it is wouldn't be good for him, "We'll try not to stay too long and throw everyone off."

The feline mech blinks his optics again and tilts his head sideways a bit, looking from Lieutenant to Cosmos and back. "Uh, sure. I'll," he pauses as he turns to move away, "I'll just let Blaster know. Orbitall and Mainframe, right." He pads off back towards the hallway off the Bridge.

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