2017-03-28 A Little Assistance

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Little Assistance
Date 2017/03/28
Location Lost Light - Command: Bridge
Participants Cosmos
NPCs Memory
Summary Cosmos the Babysitter.

While Lieutenant is back on Shivah, Memory is left alone, again. He doesn't quite mind his situation as it just means he's free to roam the halls if he wants. It's such a big ship, and his legs are too small for these long journeys. Still the drone makes his way to his target, the Bridge. More specifically, the communications area. He's going to fill into Lieutenant's spot and take over his shift on the bridge! There is a large green already there, his four optics widen because it's the same color like his optics! "Hi, I'm Memory, what's your name?"

Cosmos is in the middle of relaying several commmands when a little voice speaks out from behind him, one he doesnt recognize. Quickly hitting the final keys to transfer the commands, the UFO swivels around in his chair to see who is speaking. When no one immediately comes into view it takes him a second to realize down is where he should be looking. Is that a drone?

Though a bit confused at the appearance of a sudden drone, Cosmos gives the little thing an obvious but mask hidden smile, "Hi Memory, I'm Cosmos. Did you need something?" Why else would a drone come up here unless he needed something?

"Just gotta know who Lieutenant works with," he replies, making his way over to the vacant seat. It takes Memory quite a bit of struggling and kicking, but he soon climbs up into the seat to sit himself down. "I thought I'd fill in for him until he gets back."

Memory's bitty hands hover over the edge of the console, unsure what to touch first. He's a learning AI, but he wasn't taught how to communicate outside of words. So this is just something he clearly needs to learn through trial and error!

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Amazing Success. (8 8 7 8 2 7 8 1 5)

<FS3> Cosmos rolls TechWhisperer: Good Success. (6 7 6 6 8 1 1 8 3 4 2)

Cosmos watches Memory struggle to get up into the seat, putting a hand out to sneakily help the little guy up before he settles into the spot. If he's talking about Lieutenant then this must be... That's right he had seen Lieutenant walking around with a little drone following him! Memory must have been left up here while he went down to Shivah. He seems pretty fond of him.

Cosmos resists the urge to chuckle as he watches Memory get ready to fill in for Lieutenant. "Well, I'm not sure command would be too fond of that, but," The UFO reaches over and adjusts the chair so Memory can reach the console better, "If you don't tell Blaster or Soundwave, I won't." Ok, so he isnt ACTUALLY going to let Memory do Lieutenant's work, that would just be irresponsible, but theres nothing wrong with teaching him how to sort junk files. "See these files here? Move them to the proper folders and channels based on the content they are labelled as having."

Oh! Adjustable seats, that makes sense. Everyone is of different sizes anyway. "Blaster is head of Communications and Soundwave is head Decepticon." Memory nods, he's been informed of a few figure heads before Lieutenant had gone. He puts a finger over his smiling lips, the other two won't know of this. His first secret to keep! How exciting! He'll guard it well.

When Cosmos tells him where to move files, he gets right to it. "This isn't hard." he comments, "Do you like working?"

Cosmos goes back to his own work, occasionally sending a glance Memory's way to be sure he's doing alright, "Yeah not too hard, only gotta worry when it gets busy. Its pretty quiet right now." good natured shrug is given to the question, "its better than my old job, but it can be a little boring sometimes. I used to run space recon, I was... Well, I was alone a lot." Cosmos sends a few more junk files Memory's way so the drone doesn't run out of things to do.

"Space recon?" Memory's optics are filled with fascination. "Except the being alone thing, sounds hot!" He looks over the files to continue organizing them, oblivious of the files being sent to him. He just assumes they're late to loading up on the screen. Although this is supposed to be working time, he wants to talk to Cosmos more but what to talk about? So he just keeps looking over, opening his mouth to say something, realize he doesn't have anything to say, and shut it. This goes on for a few minutes.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Great Success. (5 3 7 4 6 4 7 8 7)

Cosmos spots Memory's failed attempts at conversation out of the corner of his visor. He lets the silence drag on but once he sorts out a large cluster of information he looks back down at the drone, "Want some energon?" The mech takes the cube from the side of his desk and places it near the little guy, "I usually leave some on Lieutenant's station but didn't realize he was excused from his shift today until he got here." Wait... do intelligent drones take energon? Does he just recharge? "Uh.. can you even consume energon? And if you can is it safe?"

"Yeah, he told me to recharge early, try not to leave the habsuite unless it's to the library for studying, and in case he can't come back, he has an obituary, and a eulogy in there in that I can give to his Amicas." All the bases covered. You know, like anyone would do if they had a drone in their care. Memory is pretty sure that's how it goes.

Energon? Memory doesn't answer Cosmos right away, he just picks up the cube and turns it around in his hands. He lifts it up, bitty but pointy teeth nibbling the edges of the container. Energon is not something the drone can intake, but he wants to chew at the cube anyway.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Failure. (4 4 5 6 5 5 1 5 5)

Cosmos stares down at Memory, brain trying to process the information the drone just gave him. The response is a resounding and intelligent, "What?" Why would he need.... what does he... what?? "I... I see..." The mech is too caught up in trying to figure out why exactly Lieutenant would leave all that with the drone if he was just taking a trip down to the colony to notice Memory chewing the cube instead of drinking its contents. Actually, that also means the drone is basically disobeying the orders Lieutenant gave him. Cheeky little guy.

Memory continues to nibble, leaving the cube's top riddled with tiny rows of teeth marks. He sets the cube back down for later nibbling. "I kind of got worried about the whole last instruction but I've been reading his personal datapad and it turns out he's just overly dramatic." the drone shrugs, "He's done worse, so I figure it's all okay. Besides! He did come back in one piece, so it's all going to be fine."

Cosmos still doesnt like the idea of it. Being dramatic and being unecessarily morbid seem like two different things. Friends or really anyone he knows dying isn't something he likes to think about. The done worse bit doesnt do anything to reassure him, "I guess that's true just... be sure to keep an eye on him alright? We aren't really close," Lieutenant is really private, "But I hate to see him not taking care of himself." That's part of the reason he leaves the energon at his station, the avian seems prone to forget he has basic needs.

"Well that's partly why I'm around now." Memory replies with a grin, "I'm around to remind him to take care of himself," he pulls out a little weapon, points it at Cosmos' shoulder, "and if he ignores me," he pelts the UFO with a round orange pellet. "I do that repeatedly until he takes care of himself." Memory seems too pleased with his job. It's fun.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Sass: Failure. (3 1 6 1 1 1 6 5 3)

Cosmos blinks at the little orange pellets that scatter across his plating. Immediately he wants to make a comment about how they'd better get used to an orange Lieutenant, then, but holds his tongue. That would be kind of mean to say to the avian's drone. So the UFO lets out a small chuckle instead, grabbing his plating as if wounded before saying, "Now that's just devious!" in faux shock.

A pair of Memory's optics wink as he simultaneously sticks his tongue out. "As if I'd be anything less!" He smiles proudly, "I'm a gift." Literally. The weapon is put away so no more pellets on the bridge. Wouldn't want to make a mess of things after all. "It's a pretty fun job, even if it's because he's not responsible enough to take care of himself." How does anyone let someone who can't even learn to care about himself take care of anything else?

Cosmos has the distinct feeling that Lieutenant might not actually know what he's doing, especially since it seems so far that Memory has a mindset similar to that of an Earth child, despite being a drone. "Well, I'm glad to hear that you're having a good time." Noticing that Memory is running out of files to sort, Cosmos does some quick thinking to keep him distracted and away from actually important stuff, "Hey, you want to play a game?" The UFO tugs his gaming datapad out of his subspace, passing it over to the drone, "I got a couple earth games on there, Tetris, some point and click ones, couple puzzle games, Space Invaders," That last one he isn't very fond of for obvious reasons, hits a little too close to home, "Can't guarantee you'll like some of them but it's a start."

Ohhh! Game! For a moment he wonders it's like those datapads Lieutenant gives him. He likes reading but it gets boring after a while. Memory takes the 'pad and almost gnaws on it, but Lieutenant asked he not do that. The drone settles back in his seat, "Thanks!" he smiles, sitting back down to play with some of the puzzles on the datapad. Puzzles seems like a lot of fun! Penchant has them on his side of the room, but Memory isn't allowed to touch them. But now he can play some!

Cosmos leans back in his chair after making sure Memory is properly distracted and goes back to work. He only pauses long enough to type out a message to Lieutenant, telling him that the drone showed up. The avian should know he's saef in case he comes back and can't find Memory in his hab or the Library.

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