2017-03-07 Shuttle Maintenance

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-03-07 Shuttle Maintenance
Date 2017/03/07
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Shuttle Bay
Participants Fantoccini, Soundwave
Summary And maybe some socializing.

"Vigi, run diagnostics on your external sensors if you please, darling." A small voice from the ship's speakers chimes an affirmative to the command. Fantoccini rests against the side of the round little ship he and Renegade had come to the Lost Light in - the small vessel that had been their home and honeymoon suite for quite some time. Though they no longer resided in it at all times, he still prefers to keep a close optic on its upkeep. Vigilante is more than just a shuttle pod to get them from here to there, after all, she's practically family. More than practically, if one asks Fantoccini - though Renegade would deny it vehemently in those terms.

The nice thing about being docked, though, is having the time to be outside the ship without worrying about drifting off into space or getting hit by space debris or getting robbed at a dock during repairs. The hull is a bit patchwork, some spots along the dark metal highlighted with orange paint to draw attention to sections needing repair. A blueprint is plastered to the door, covered more in scribbled suggestions for revamps than anything concrete. The boarding ramp is down, allowing long cables to lead from just inside the door frame to a datapad in one of the mech's many hands.

Soundwave is a busy mech. And private. A very busy and private mech whom many find fairly off-putting. Fortunately, there are a few who don't find him to be just a level above a drone. And he always makes time for them.

The Shuttle Bay doors open, a pair of birds swooping in and then up to circle overhead. Just behind them is the blue brick himself, walking as stiffly as he speaks. The best place to fly, according to Buzzsaw and Laserbeak, happens to be the shuttle bay, with plenty of space and perches and people to needle and sass. And shiny and curious object to steal. Soundwave doesn't mind leaving his comfort zone to watch them, it gives his an excuse to make sure the bay is up to standard as well, after all.

He follows the birds deeper in, their sharp tongues already having cut two Autobots' self confidence to shreds as they narrow in on their next target. "Squawk! Buzzsaw, look. That one has four arms." Buzzsaw clicks his beak. "He probably needs the extra to keep that unk of junk together- caw!" Soundwave doesn't try to stop them. They're just having fun.

Fantoccini doesn't quite bother looking upward, but his back two arms raise into view to give a little jazz-handed wave. "Six arms, actually," he corrects them, shifting to settle his weight onto the stairs as a seat, folding one leg daintily over the other and leaning back so his lowest two elbows support him. He taps a couple commands into the datapad he's using for diagnostics - so that if they happen to land on Vigi's roof they might trigger one or more of her alarms. Noisy but otherwise harmless. "And they do come in handy for mechanical work."

Settling the pad into his lap, he spares a glance upward first towards the two birds in the peanut gallery and then ever so briefly towards the mech lagging behind them. "And what are your names, I wonder."

Buzzsaw lands among the rafters while Laserbeak does an almost lazy circle around Fantoccini's ship before settling alongside his brother. "Six? I count eight with those legs." Buzzsaw picks at his plating with his beak. "Where's the arachnid pesticide when you need it?"

Soundwave, meanwhile, isn't lagging behind. He's purposefully going slow to take stock of what he passes and make sure everything is up to code. So far, so good. If not a bit dirty. He stops to stare at Fantoccini at that question, however. It seems the birds have the same thought as him as Laserbeak pipes up, "What kinda rock have you been living under?" Who doesn't know who they are, anyways?

Aha. Aha. The spider jokes appear yet again. Hmmm... they're clearly trying to bait him into something but he's not quite sure what. Someone's minions perhaps? He's hardly socialized as much as he should have to have gained an enemy with minions so soon. Surely Torque doesn't have go-fers like these? Then again they could just be pests of a sort...

"Funny you should ask," Fantoccini hums, turning his attention back down to his diagnostic. "To be fair, it was an asteroid, not merely just a rock of any old sort. I was a resident of a neutral colony there. I believe we called it Itldu. Vigi, be a dear and check your lights for me?" The ship's outer lights flicker a few times in a couple different patterns before the inner lights similarly blink and flash. Once finished the speaker chimes, "There are currently three diodes in need of replacement on the portside console and one environmental light in the anterior section of the living area."

"Tsk. I just replaced that bulb. Bellissimo, check the wiring for that lighting would you."

The birds look at each other. "Asteroid. Colony." They slowly turn their heads to look at the many-armed mech. "That would explain the weird names," one chuffs. Laserbeak perks however, sharp optics having caught something shiny as all those lights flash.

Soundwave quickly pings the two of them not to share their names. A neutral. A neutral who doesn't know who he is. This interaction has gone from unimportant to suddenly rivetting. He steps forward. "Do you require assistance?" he asks, his red gaze never leaving the neutral. Above, Buzzsaw clicks his beak in exasperation.

"Hmm?" Fantoccini's visor blinks in surprise as he turns his attention up towards the blue mech who suddenly, for some reason, wants to offer his services. Oh? An admirer, perhaps? Well he did draw a handful of them during that visit to the art gallery - it's nice to know there's mecha on this ship that have an appreciation for the finer things in life. Or. Maybe he's just nosy. Renegade would probably lean towards the latter. But he isn't here now is he~ "Oh, thank you darling, but no need," Fantoccini flaps a hand at him, another finding its way demurely to his cheek. "Just running some tests. It's been ages since we've had solid ground to do outer-hull work on so may as well take the opportunity while it's presented to us, don't you agree?"

Two very small frames lean out of the doorway above the stairs, having heard that shift in Fanto's voice to cast skeptical stares down below. Fanto waves them off with one of his smaller hands. Shoo shoo, let him flirt in peace, children.

Soundwave looks down at Fantoccini, posture as stiff as ever. Don't be fooled, its his natural state- the state of being slightly more flexible than a wall. He pauses, ventillation cycling. "Affirmative. Strenthening the vessel's exterior while docked an effective use of time." His gaze never leaves the neutral, his focus wholly on him... Well, until he picks up on the smaller two.

Soundwave tilts his head up, looking at the smaller frames. He relaxes but for a blink of the optic, vents hitching quickly. "Drones..." He sounds almost disappointed despite that monotone.

"Hm?" Again, that inquiring hum, turning his attention to follow the blue mech's gaze. "Oh! These are mine and my Conjunx's creations - I'm loathe to call them drones when they have so much personality, but Renny hates when I call him the Father." He titters lightly, far more entertained by it than he should be right up until Renegade gets defensive and huffy about it. Ahem. He gestures to one, then the other, still hovering at the top of the stairs. "This is Bellissimo, my assistant in all things fabulous, and this is Vigilante, who is-" he makes a gesture to encompass the little shuttle, "-well this is her. And her mobile frame. Though from your ... reaction," was it safe to assume what he heard was disappointment? It could just be that the mecha was in the habit of... identifying things out loud. Drones. Birds. Wall. Floor. "I take it that these are yours?" A finger gestures up towards the peanut gallery.

But that's what they were. Drones. Personalities or not, they weren't alive. They didn't think, they were programmed. Its very disappointing but interesting that one can care so deeply about them. Soundwave doesn't look up as the birds dive down, landing heavily on his shoulders. He hardly moves a tensed cable from the impact. "Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, part of my team." They don't belong to him.

"Do we look like drones to you?" Buzzsaw ruffles his plating at the indignation. Laserbeak taps his talons against the big boss. "If that's the case, maybe you should have gotten an extra set of eyes instead of arms."

Oi oi. And they call him melodramatic. "And what charming teammates they must be," Fanto intones flatly. So the hecklers are indeed with him - curious, he's never seen a bot so small that wasn't a drone. "I'd apologize for the offense, but it seems to have been your goal since you got here." He shrugs.

Cutting a firm look towards the two drones finally sends them back inside and Fantoccini steps down to allow the ramp to close, disconnecting the diagnostic cables from his pad. With these two clearly looking to upset someone, he doesn't want the little swoopers snatching up one of them. Besides, he has plenty to do on the exterior of the ship. "Is there something I can help you with? Or do you make a habit of offering your services to strangers in the shuttle bay?"

"Our goal? Did we have one of those, Buzzsaw?" They both sound rather delighted that someone is playing their little game with them. "I'd call it more of a flat bonus- squawk!"

Soundwave simply tilts his head to avoid a wing to the face. "Negative. I am part of Command, supervising the Lost Light and offering services to the crew is part of duty. It is my job to offer you assistence, not to take your help."

"Ah. I see." Oh. A commanding officer. Oh dear, he supposes he should play nice with the command staff if he doesn't want to get them booted off the ship. He'd lose contact with Lieu again, and Renegade would lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to work alongside his heroes in the engineering bay. But if one of those little tin can model airplanes grab hold of one of his babies all niceties will have to be set aside.

"In that case." Fanto clasps two pairs of his hands together. "Perhaps you could tell me when our next port stop will be? I'll need to acquire materials for Vigilante's hull work and I'm loathe to ask to take from the Light's stores in the event that something should come up."

Soundwave nods, accessing his database remotely to search. As he does, he can't help but watch Fantoccini's arms. He has no kibble to speak of, he can hardly imagine having six arms. "Our next stop will be coming shortly. The exact time is currently unknown. Speak with Penchant or Ultra Magnus if you do not wish to wait- the materials you desire are not short in supply." Currently... Probably.

"Ideally speaking, we're in no rush." There's always margin for error and room for caution though. The hull could use a bit of a revamp on top of her repairs, so Fantoccini makes a note on the edge of his scribbled-on blueprints to check the time for their next stop. And that's assuming the port has the necessary materials, of course...

"Rude of me not to think of it before," Fanto realizes abruptly, offering out a hand to the mech. "My name is Fantoccini, my Conjunx Renegade and I are relatively recent arrivals. It's lovely to meet you, commander....?"

Hmm, yes. Soundwave is sure he likes this one. Or at least finds him amusingly tolerable. Handling the birds' barbs is a skill unto itself and the mech would prefer a job well done to getting it done quickly? All good points. (That 'darling' is a strike against him as Soundwave is unsure why he was called such a thing.) So, because of this, he hesitates just a moment before taking Fanto's servo and giving it a firm shake. Its stiff and possibly a little awkward. He not used to this. He hesitates longer before speaking. "Designation: Soundwave."

Hmmm Soundwave. Soundwave. Where has he heard that name before. Think, Fanto, think. "I feel like Lieutenant's mentioned you, forgive me if the details are escaping me at the moment." Awkward handshake, this one. Not well socialized perhaps? Well, the mech is a bit awkward all over so he supposes it fits - he won't hold it against him, though. Were he to have more personality, coupled with his ... partners, the lot of them would likely be intolerable. Fanto gives his fingers an extra little pat before letting him go. Bless your spark, you odd mech.

Interesting. Most find him creepy or daunting or intimidating. And its fine having these qualities but its nice to have a reminder that he's perhaps an acceptable amount of awkward. Soundwave inclines his helm, taking his hand back. If Fantoccini thought he was 'odd' now, wait until he sees where the birds' alt modes slot in. "Good things, I hope." Knowing Lieutenant? Doubtful, very doubtful. "If you do not require my help, then I must continue my inspection." And the birds can find someone else to needle.

Oh no, not really good things but not really bad things. A vague enough description of being 'dangerous' that Fantoccini won't remember it until well after the fact. "Oh I'm sure they were, he just gushes about some of the people on this ship. It's enough to make an Amica jealous," he pouts, one hand on his spark, two hands on his hips. "But it's good to see him making friends, I'd never hold that against him." Except for that time he did hold it against him when he got a new amica. Ahem. But that's beside the point.

Fantoccini gives the ship a once-over as though looking for something that Soundwave might assist with. "Hmm. Thank you, darling, but I believe we're still in the planning stages of our repairs - it's sweet of you to offer, though. Adieu~"

People tend to not have to gush about Soundwave. Its more nervous whispers and hoping he or one of his team didn't hear them or grave warnings. Sometimes it'll be insults from the more gutsy. He bows his helm, Buzzsaw launching off his shoulder and Laserbeak hopping off and tot he ground to grab something shiny in his talons. "If you require anything, my office is one the bridge." Its the one most people try to avoid. And without another word, he continues on his way.

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