2017-03-04 Picked On

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Picked On
Date 2017/03/04
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Firestar
NPCs Ambulon
Summary Firestar keeps picking at Ambulon's paint

This never happens. Honest!

Firestar, graceful, brilliant, star of the show Firestar, had messed up a performance. In front of everyone. Fully packed bar at Swerve's, she'd been talking up her acrobatic skills with a few in her, and someone had bet that she couldn't do a handstand on the table. Who did they think they were talking to? And yet, somehow, she'd messed it up. Wounded both her pride, her shoulder, and her wallet, all in one go.

And, of course, it's anyone's fault but hers.

"Listen, the table was unstable," she complains to the unfortunate mechs roped into helping her to the medibay. "And slippery, someone had spilled their drink! You couldn't balance a budget on that thing, much less a person! Give me a real stage and then I'll show you!" But they've heard enough of her protests, and as soon as she's inside they dump her and leave. Now there's no one to listen to her complain.

Well, almost no one.

"You there!" she addresses to the medic on duty. "Want to hear how an absolute con artist cheated me out of fifty shanix with a rigged table, and broke my shoulder in the process? Can you believe some mechs? I outta have them reported!"

"Not really." Is the medic on duty's reply, as he pats the medical slab for her to sit on. "But seems I have been filled in on the details already." Ambulon pulls out a datapad to go over the Camien's medical file. His free hand idly stroking his arm to smooth his peeling paint. Dim yellow optics peering up at the much taller femme and over to her shoulder. "Honestly if it is just your shoulder then it's nothing to worry about. Just put it back into place and give it some rest." The datapad is put aside to collect a laser scalpel, "It will be like nothing every happened."

Now if you excuse him, he's going to need a little step stool in order to reach her shoulder. Ambulon is not a very tall medic after all.

Oh no. She's noticed his paint.

"Right right, who cares what happened to me, I wanna know what happened to you!" And because she has no concept of personal space she's already reaching for a flaking piece on his arm, which she tugs until a strip peels off under her fingers. "Whoops. But yikes mech, what a disaster! Did scraplets set upon you or something?" She shivers. Someone's scared of scraplets, apparently.

Oh she has gone and done it now. Ambulon is more than happy to work with his patients, give them sass but it's all in good nature. He is very self-conscious about his paint, and bringing that up is never a good move. Firestar's hand gets shoved off roughly, pulling off a flake of his paint.

There is no answer to her question, just a brief moment of vents to calm himself as he starts removing the plating on her shoulder. "No, now hold still." Ambulon orders. He can't hurt her but by Mortilus, ever here of decency? Consideration maybe?

Certainly not Firestar.

"Well, then what was it? Did you get melted? Frozen? Exposed to toxic gas? No wait, it's worse." She gasps, and goes for another piece. Though she isn't able to peel it off this time, the blue and purple are already showing clearly through it. "I see. This means..." The cogs are turning in her brain, but perhaps not leading where Ambulon expects. "You tried to apply one coat of paint directly to another with no preparation? Geez, no wonder it's such a mess! You need to get yourself to a proper beautician and get it fixed up! What were you thinking?"

Oh right. Camien. She doesn't care about Autobots or Decepticons.

You are not making this easy to play nice, Firestar. Ambulon would rather not go into the whole 'I was a Decepticon but now an Autobot, and why his paint does what it does' spiel. So he just sucks in a deep vent as he puts aside her shoulder plating. "What was I thinking indeed." he replies, biting back the sarcasm, "Now if you would stop touching me, I might be able to get you out of here this cycle."

Plating cleared out of the way so all he has to do now is brace her arm in a sling. It will keep it steady as he fixes the should back into it's proper position.

"I'm just saying," and now it's Firestar's turn to sulk, and as with all things, she does it magnificently. Her flame shrivels and she put all her spark into tilting her head and pouting as hard as possible. She's cross her arms if Ambulon wasn't currently putting one in a sling, so instead, she just puts a hand over her spark and tries to look wounded. "It's a lovely colour, but if you don't lay down the proper foundation it's not going to stick! You could be the star of the medibay in red and yellow--I would know--but it just needs a little work, that's all. We could lay down some primer, paint you up in red and gold, and then you'd really pop!"

She's excited herself again and gives Ambulon a hopeful little nudge with her elbow. "Come on, you don't choose red unless you want to make a statement right? So let's make one!"

"I didn't exactly choose my colors, they're standard when it comes to the medical palette," Ambulon replies, not quite one for colors. Reds, white, and yellow is fine with him, though, it's a bit nicer than his previous colors. "If I ever have the time, maybe I will go and have them do it properly." He'll think about it. For now, however, he needs to concentrate on repairing the shoulder.

He considers Firestar's words but decides it's best to think on them after hours. "Now you will have to keep your arm in this position for a couple days, at least five and then come back for someone to look over it." As he starts putting back on the shoulder plating, he adds, "Red and gold might suit you more, given my line of work it will dull within a month."

"Right doc! Thanks!" She almost looks like she is going to ignore his advice completely and stretch her arm, but she is just able to reign in the impulse. "And hey, think about what I said yeah?" Unlike her previous touches, this time when she reaches for him it's friendly, just a simple pat on the shoulder and a smile. "After all, everyone deserves to feel beautiful, even--no, especially when they're working hard!"

And with that it's time to leave the medibay, and probably find some other ridiculous situation to break herself with.

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