2017-03-03 Your Kind

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-03-03 Your Kind
Date 2017/03/03
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Phantasm, Quicksight
Summary The kind that gets Quicksight all riled up.

Quicksight is a fairly frequent visitor to the practice rooms even when he's in a good mood. the war may be over, but there are still plenty of reasons to keep his skills sharp. Plus, this is probably the only place on the ship where he's allowed to fly. There might not be much room for it, but his small size allows him to atleast stretch his wings a bit. It's also fun. How can it not be, dancing and dodging around a practice drone as he is, alternating between arial and grounded approaches to deliver a quick jab before hopping back again to avoid the retaliatory attack.

Phantasm frequents the practice rooms as well, taking advantage of being able to speed inside since the halls aren't a 'race track.' Tch, if that were true, then the floors wouldn't be made of such nice metal! But he digresses. Today, though, he's coming in, packing a bit more than speed, though he definitly has that too.

The Velocitronian's wheels squeal as he drives through the practice rooms door, breaking and drifting to a stop. With a rev of his engine he transforms, looking around a bit eagerly. His smile falls when all he sees is Quicksight. Hrm... He did say he was in the practice rooms most of the time, didn't he? Brushing off some imagined dust from his cape, he skates over closer to the miniature mech. "Pardon me, sir. But you wouldn't happen to know if Brigade was in here earlier or will be later, would you?"

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Transportation: Good Success. (2 2 7 6 2 4 1 5 3 4 2 5 7 7 6 2)

As engrossed as Quicksight is in his training, the new arrival doesn't go unnoticed. He's a scout after all! He has to be aware of his suroundings. Plus, an entry like that is a little hard to miss. He'd be content to leave it at that and go about his business, but the newcommer has other ideas "I ain't no sir" the minicon spares only a brief glance before turning back to the oncoming drone "And a dunno no Brigade" with that, he jumps, shifting into his plane mode to dart around the drone, shifting back when he's just close enough to reach it with one of his knives.

"Oh!" Phantasm presses a servo to his chassis. "My apologies, ma'am. I didn't mean to be so terribly rude." With that honest mistake now rectified, he can now frown at that second bit of news. "Ah, well... Thank you. Perhaps he'll come by in a bit. He says he does some training for the Combat division..." He rolls back on his wheels, looking around the room once more. Nope, definitly not here. He turns to Quicksight, lips pursing in distate for a just a moment before smiling again. "Are you sure you don't know him? A, hum, combatice fellow like you surely has worked with you before. He's big, broad, tank treads... Has a cane?"

"I definitely ain't no 'ma'am' neither" Quicksight corrects again as he jumps away from the drone, taking several hops to put himself a good way out of its reach "And no, I don't know no tank with a cane. Most of the ship is ex-soldiers. That don't mean we all know each other." with the drone still lumbering towards him, he finds the time to glance over his shoulder again, taking stock of the mech. Frankly, he doesn't even need that much to make an asessment "You ain't one, are ya."

Phantasm fidgets a little as Quicksight speaks, language stricken with so many grammatical errors. "Am not... Any tank... That doesn't mean..." He corrects quietly, not speaking over the mech as he speaks, glancing to the drone. Hrm. "Am I not what? Oh! A soldier. Heavens, no! Scientist and performer, not a fighter. Its a rather... Ghastly past time, really."

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Observation: Amazing Success. (8 4 2 2 7 8 7 5 7 1 8 5)

Sorry Phantasm, but Quicksight honestly doesn't care what you think of his grammar. If he did, he'd be paying more attention to it in the first place. You just don't fall into the category of people he'd want to appear more propper for. Infact, you're making him care even less "Better than rolling over and being stepped on" Quicksight darts towards the drone again, this time, ducking under it to hit it from bellow, moving away before it turns around "We Decepticons" he raps his badge with a fist "Fought so that there'd be no return to the Func regime! So that everyone could be free to do wha they wanted, neutrals included." Quicksight looks up at the other mech again. He is a neutral, right? He hasn't spotted a badge on him.

And Quicksight won't find a badge. Ruin his lovely frame and paintjob with one? He'd never! "Er, yes. I've read about your war." Phantasm makes a face, brows pinching and lips pursing in obvious distaste. "I... understand it but I don't think fighting was necessary. But there's nothing anyone can do about that and its over now so arguing over the semantics of why to start a four million year war." He taps his fingertips together. "Ah, well... I suppose I should leave you to... I'm not quite sure what you're doing. But you seem to be having fun with it."

'Read about your war'? A colonist then? "Well you should tell that to the Autobots" this isn't a topic Quicksight drops easily once someone gets him talking "They the ones who sat around doing nothing, or supported the Funcs and stood against Megatron's attempts to change the status quo while people suffered. When the opressers fight to keep people down, the opressed are gonna rise up and put an end to it!"

Phantasm is skating off but does a quick little U-turn to circle right back to Quicksight. (Its rude to leave while someone is talking.) "Mayhaps your reasoning is a good one, but that doesn't excuse or justify killing or hurting others. Violence begets violence. I'm sorry but ends do not justify the means." He smiles gently, light catching his facepaint. "But in the end, you've all been given another chance for peace and to expand yourselves beyond the infighting, like we did on Velocitron."

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Selfcontrol: Failure. (6 5 1 1)

Velocitron. Quicksight looks over Phantasm again. No, this guy definitely does not look like someone slow. The incoming drone gets a sharp "Pause!" before he turns his full attention to the other mech, optics flashing with a red flame "Yeah, violence does beget violence! And you know who starts the violence? It's fraggers liek the Funcs, or you!" he jabs a finger at Phantasm "Its your kind that treats people like slag just cause-a what they turn into and then act all surprised when they get sick of it and rise up against it. 'Course you see it as pointless, cause you the one who's benefiting from the status quo. You ain't ever bothered to care what it's like for them!"

Phantasm blinks, purple optics widening at the tiny mech turns so ferociously on him. He glances around and gets a reminder that no one is here. Oh right. "I- excuse me? I have never-" The words catch as the finger jabs. His optics shutter again. "I beg your pardon?! I have-!" He stops to vent and lower his voice, like a civillized and polite mech. "I'll have you you know I do no such thing. I treat everyone with the utmost of respect. The only thing I've ever benefitted from was my own hard work. And I care immensely about others!" He crosses his arms. "I believe you owe me an apology for your tone and your presumptuous speech."

Quicksight's optics flare brighter when the Velocitronian demands an apology from him. Rather than giving it to him, he steps in, glaring up at the taller mech "Yeah? So I bet you processed all your energon yourself, and fixed all the roads you drove on? Or didja just take that all for granted and never bothered to wonder who all did it while you ran around in circles?" his hand, curled into a fist raises up to his own face level, hanging between the two of them "I've been to Mu, and I've seen whatcha do with the people you don't consider worthy! Ya make them do all the fragging work, but ya barely give them enough energon to get by! Respect my fragging aft! Your kind only cares about those who you think are worthy cause-a the way they were forged!"

Quicksight takes a step forward and Phantasm's wheels scootch him back a bit. "I did not run in circles! I'm not a racer, I'm a scientist." A really, really fast one. He pauses, thought. Mu? He mouths the word, trying to remember where he's heard that one before- aha! "The Stationary City? That has nothing to do with worth! There's some mechs who can't keep up, it's easier for them to live somewhere slower. Somewhere still and among others more their speed. If Mu wasn't doing as well as Delta, that would be their own fault, then."

As Phantasm backs away, Quicksight advances, fiery gaze locked on him "No, that would be your fault!" Quicksight's fist uncurls to nece again jab at the Velocitronian "It's your kind that deprived them of access to the very energon they were processing for the rest of you! It was your kind that posted drones to hunt down anyone who dared dream of more! Your kind imprisoned their leader for daring to speak up. Your kind kept them locked under a forcefield with no hope for leaving if they wanted to! You would be dead if it weren't for them processing your fragging fuel, but you denied them the basic resources and opportunities to do anything but live in squallor and do all the dirty work for ya! Ya ever been to Mu? Ya ever asked one of them what it was like living there?"

Phantasm doesn't stop reversing as the tiny Con advances. "Well, I-" His mouth opens and closes, working but not saying anything. Finally he seems to find his vocalizer again. "If what you're saying is even true- and with the knack of bias you Cybertronians have displayed, I'm not surprised if you're exaggerating- that's not my fault! I'm a scientist, a performer. Not a racer, not a politician. And no, why would I go to the Stationary City? My home is Delta, its where I belong. Its where they belong. For a mech embroiled in murder and beatings and worse for millions of years, you have no right to talk to me or about my home like that."

"No, it's you who ain't got no right to talk about what's right or wrong when it comes to opression!" if Quicksight were taller, he'd be getting right into Phantasm's face, but since he isn't he'll settle for standing right infront of him, glaring up at him, finger still raised "So you admit that people deserve to live in a slum just cause-a the way they were forged? You ain't lived their life! You ain't lived on half a tank of fuel in a rustbucket while being forced to do all the hard and unplesant work with no fragging hope of doing anything else! You ain't ever been locked up and chained for daring to try and change things! You ain't ever felt desperate enough to need to fight for a better life! No, you just ran around in circles, not giving a slag about who put fuel in your tank and kept your slagging cities going! If ya really 'respected' everyone, you would give a slag! You'd talk to the people who kept you alive! I don't give a slag what you were! You didn't say frag, or try to learn frag, or give a fragging frag! You just sat around on your aft and said fragging nothing while people were being abused! Ya want proof? I got proof! I took photos when I was there!"

Phantasm does not like arguing. He's not an argumenative person, he doesn't like offending people. He prefers dazzling and being dazzled. Not, being defensive while another attacks and attacks. He clears his throat of nothing and begins to slide around the smaller mech. "Well, Brigade isn't here still so I should be going. I have important things to do... Excuse me." Just going to avoid all of that now.

Quicksight's optics narrow as Phantasm tries to leave the situation entierly. The scout doesn't pursue, not as much as he did before, but he does turn to keep his optics on the other mech "Yeah, run away, but don't you ever say that you respect everyone. You fragging don't! You never even fragging bothered to learn nothing about anyone who ain't like you! You never fragging cared that the people who were providing what you needed to live were barely surviving cause they weren't alowed access to it! You didn't respect them, you saw them as tools to provide for you! And don't you ever try and judge a revolution. You were one of the opressors!"

Oh good, the little guy isn't pursuing. He reminds Phantasm of a scraplet: small but dangerous. And annoying. "They bombed one of the Velocities- our Titan! The rest doesn't matter because, in the end, they decided to act like terrorists. That's no one's fault but they're own. So, honestly, I don't care about your pictures or the rest! They lost all credibility as soon as what they did to Transit." Which was only solved thanks to the Cybertronians. Thank Primus and Navitas.

Oh, so he does want to continue this? Fine by Quicksight! The tiny Decepticon steps forward again "And you deprived them of the basic necesities to live! You acted like tyrants! They hurt you a little once, but you've been hurting them all their lives! It was the only way they could get you to pay attention! They didn't have no other voice! All commsignals were blocked by the same forcefield that kept them imprisoned in their city! They shouldn't have needed to do that, but your kind wouldn't listen otherwise! You just shut them up and locked them up!"

Oh no, the scraplet is pursuing. Phantasm looks down at Quicksight, jaw set. "Right. Because blowing up Transit, killing innocent people and destroying part of our Titan is justifiable in any way. Like it would have helped them in any way. I hope that's not how all of you Decepticons think, I might just have to look into getting out of those red face thingies if that's the case." He huffs and steps around Quicksight again to skate right to the exit at Velocitronian speed. Ridiculous- he doesn't need to listen to this mech.

"But slowly killing innocent people by not giving them enough to live on is justafiable?" Quicksight calls after the retreating Velocitronian. Technically, he could probably pursue, but he has no intnention of disobeying Soundwave "It's your kind's fault that they had to resort to it! You ain't nothing but the same sort of Func scum that we fought against!"

Phantasm transforms, engine revving before peeling out, leaving tire marks as he takes off through throught the doorways. Back to his room. The nerve of that tiny barbarian! Saying things like that! Hmph...

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