2017-03-03 Asteroids Rock

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Asteroids Rock
Date 2017/03/03
Location Space
Participants Cosmos, Hoist, Pipes
Summary Cosmos and Pipes check out an amazing nearby space rock, while Hoist patches up some sensor arrays.

There is a lot of it. The endless reach of the vast nothingness that the Lost Light travels through stretches out in all directions. Inviting are the twinkle of distance stars, each promising their own tales and adventures should you be brave enough to venture to them. To get there, however, a vessel would be required; perhaps the one you now stand on.

The outside of the Lost Light is just as impressive as the inside. The sleek paneling that comprises the hull is widest at the wings, of course, and narrowest at the bridge. A segmented visor denotes that, easily denoted in the design as the four main thrusters at the rear of the craft. The blocky, flat silver-gray surfaces that make up the majority of the Lost Light is broken up by the spiney crimson section at the center of the ship.

All is quiet here on the outside, an ideal location for quiet moments of personal or shared reflection.

Cosmos is preparing to head out and observe some passing asteroids. Normally he would be already out and in the middle of it but today he has something of a companion. As he opens the airlock he turns to look down at Pipe just before stepping out into the void, "You sure you wanna come along? I don't think this time is gonna be too interesting."

"Are you kidding? This'll be so amazing!" Being a decidedly non-spacefaring bot, Pipes is easily impressed by cosmic happenings. After all, this very long trip is his first excursion away from Cybertron. "I mean, we did that meteor surfing thing a while back, which was totally righteous, but I didn't really get to appreciate the meteors." On account of them being on fire before long, and falling off one, and all that.

Unrelated to the little guys gathering in the airlock, Hoist was already out on the Lost Light's hull. Some space flotsam had smacked into one of the sensor arrays and shattered a part of the focusing lattice, so he was out working on repairing that before it started causing problems. Last thing they needed as a blank spot in the network and running into something bigger.

Cosmos gives Pipes an unseen smile before taking a step out into space and slowly drifting away from the airlock. Before he gets too far, a hand reaches out to wrap around Pipe's arm and pull him along as well. Just stick close and the trip should be fine! Now they just need to head- Wait.. whats that... Sending out a comm, Cosmos activates the thrusters in his feet and directs them both up near the hull, "Hoist? What are you doing out here?"

With a little hesitation, Pipes raises his arm for Cosmos to take up. "OK, so what do I whooa WHOOOAAA!" His free arm and legs swing back and forth as he no longer has any surfaces or gravity to orient on. Is the ship down now? Or sideways? Or up, and he's falling head first? Vertigo starts to creep up but disappears when they start moving. OK, this way is ... forward. "Hey Hoist!" he gulps.

Hoist glances up at the crackle over the comm, and waves a hand in the direction of the two Bots emerging from the airlock. "Don't mind me chaps. Just doing some maintenance on the sensors," he radios back. "Wouldn't want to end up flying blind now would we? ... Aha!" He reaches into the opening of the array with a pair of grippers and yanks out the chunk of debris. "There you are, you li'l sod."

Cosmos shifts his position to their descent towards the mech is slowed and they can slowly drift down closer to him. Pipes... also looks like he could use a gentler ride. Space seems to be very disconcerting for the minibot and Cosmos doesn't want him to be sick while they are out here. "That... yeah that would be bad...." He sets Pipes down towards the ship's surface. Better... better give him a moment to ground himself.

The motion helps Pipes's orientation, and approaching Hoist now the ship really does feel like 'down', especially without any other references to dispel the illusion. Cosmos's repositioning of him is also helpful. "Ah ... sorry about that. You'd think I'd have my space legs by now, I guess." Maybe he should do this again, to get used to it. He magnetizes the soles of his feet near the hull, and the pull of it finally vanquishes his disorientation. "Do you come out here often, Hoist?"

Hoist pulls a small sample container out of a compartment and drops the chunk of debris into it. Some of the scientists might want to examine it, figure out what it's composed of or where it came from. "Only when they need something fixed!" he replies with a good-natured chuckle. "But it's nice to 'get out' once in'a while." His right hand retracts into the forearm and is replaced by his multi-tool nozzle. This time set as a plasma torch so he can cut off the smashed part of the lattice covering.

Cosmos gives a small nod, he never really sees the mech around unless they have sent him around to fix something, "well I hope it wasn't damaged too much." Otherwise he'll be stuck out here forever like I usually am. "If you need any help I'll be in comm range with Pipes."

"Yeah. Hey, you wanna come with us? We're gonna check out some asteroids. It'll probably be amazing." Pipes disregards how capable Cosmos may be of ferrying both himself and the significantly larger Hoist around. Probably not a problem, right? In space you don't weigh anything!

Hoist kneels back down at the array as his diagnostic scanner sweeps over it. "Nah, looks like the shielding did its job to ablate the possible damage. Just need to replace the broken section." Which is what he starts working on once he's cut said broken section free. "Right nice of you boys to offer, but it never does well to leave 'til later a job you can finish now."

Cosmos pauses at Pipes offer to let Hoist join them. He doesn't... well, he can definitely handle the both of them. He's got strong enough thrusters to keep them all stabilized for the most part but it just means he's got to keep an eye on two mechs instead of one. A small smile is given to Hoist anyways before he a small nod is sent the green mech's way, "Well if you want to join us after you finish just give me the word." A hand is offered to Pipes, "Want to head out?"

"OK, then. Maybe we can swing by again after you're done?" Pipes, really, they are just asteroids. He looks back to Cosmos, keenly feeling the comforting pull of the hull. He'd vent deeply, but, well, no atmosphere. He lifts his arm out again. "Ready."

Hoist taps a digit against his mouthguard thoughtfully for a moment. "Though if there's an asteroid field adrift nearby, might explain where the wee bugger that smacked a hole in this came from. I wouldn't worry cuz Cosmos is aces at his job, but don't wander too far from the Lost Light. Just to be safe."

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Good Success. (8 3 1 2 5 4 8 2 7)

Cosmos feels a small pinch of pride as Hoist says he's good at his job. "Don't worry, I'll keep him safe." Not often the UFO get praised! Taking note of Pipe's nervousness, Cosmos makes sure to take a good grip on the mini's arm- something of a life line, perhaps. "Alright, hang on." Real tight, if it'll help. After giving Pipes a moment to deactivate his magnets, the UFO kicks off the hull and lets them float a short distance from the ship before kicking his thrusters on again. To the asteroids they go!

"Yup, safe." Pipes's arm taken up by Cosmos, he demagnetizes and lets himself feel the weightlessness again. Not so bad this time. Still, just to feel better, honestly, he holds on to Cosmos with his other hand too. The acceleration feels good, though, and he relaxes (not his grip so much, though) as they zoom off. Not quite ready for a "wheeee" or anything, but he does take the time to get a good look at the ship as they go. He waves a foot at Hoist.

Hoist knows how it feels to be overlooked so he tries to put in good words for his comrades whenever he can. "Though I'll admit that does look rather fun," he muses, before getting back to work. That shield lattice for the sensor array isn't going to install itself.

Cosmos doesn't want to make Pipes feel sick but he also doesn't want the journey to be boring for the mech. After a second he does something maybe close enough, adjusting his gentle but firm grip. Very slowly, the UFO starts to spin a little, letting Pipes get a good roundabout view of the area around them. "It can be a little disconcerting for non spacers. Try imagining it like you're underwater, pretend whichever direction we are headed to is up or straight."

Cosmos may notice Pipes's grip strengthen slightly as the rotation begins, but it slackens soon enough. "Yeah. Yeah, that kind of helps." Imagining that they're in something instead of mostly nothing. He dares to release one hand and wave it around, but that breaks the underwater illusion, so he modestly clasps Cosmos again with it. << Hoist, hey, Hoist. This is Pipes. This is cool, floating in space. We're heading to the asteroids. >>

Hoist reactivates his plasma torch to weld the new shielding piece back into place over the sensor array. << You could say that asteroid spotting really rocks? >> he quips back to the mechs as they drift off on their little space tour.

Cosmos can't help the small snort at Hoist's pun, which is quickly lost to space. He lets Pipes grip his arm however hard he may want, actually tugging him up slightly so he's closer to his chassis. This way the mech might feel a little more grounded or have something heftier to cling to if he feels he needs it. They get to the first asteroid and Cosmos lowers them both to stand on its rocky surface.

<< Good one, Hoist! >> Rocks. The excitement welling up in Pipes upon reaching their first asteroid quells his uneasiness as much as Cosmos's care in transporting him. When they alight on the asteroid, Pipes magnetizes his feet again and ... well, there's a bit of a pull. That means there's iron in the asteroid! << Hey, Hoist. We're on an asteroid! Like, standing on it. This is so crazy. >> Pipes looks around, appreciating the minimal landscape and the stars glinting above. "So cool, Cosmos."

Hoist can be heard chuckling on the other end of the comm. << Maybe you should start a space rock section for your collection, Pipes. >> He does kind of wish he could go up there with them, but the job comes first for the hardworking engineer. Occasionally the flash of his plasma welder can be seen against space's dark backdrop as he works.

And now for the boring part. Cosmos activates his observation equipment and starts to take measurements and readings about the path the asteroids are likely to travel along with their speed and size. It looks for now that they probably won't be causing any trouble to the ship. "There are some constellations that way Pipes."

Pipes mulls the idea of a rock collection. It's not Earth stuff, but it's earth stuff. Might fit. Maybe he should collect some samples, just in case. << I might do that. Maybe. I'll get some rocks from here. Do you want one, Hoist? >> He's looking around for loose pebbles when Cosmos points him elsewhere. "Oh really?" His red optics widen (under the visor) as he finally, fully takes in the spectacle of the star field above them. It's not long before he divines a pattern in the randomness. "Oh, check that out. Right there. It looks like an elephant. See, there's the trunk." A finger swoops out the shape.

<FS3> Hoist rolls Maintenance: Good Success. (6 8 7 6 1 1 1 5 7 3)

<< Bring me one mate, and I can see if there's any useful minerals to harvest before we're outta range of the field, >> Hoist replies, figuring it doesn't hurt to give Pipes stuff to do so he can enjoy the experience. There's a few more flashes, and a hearty jiggle to make sure the new shielding is firmly in place. The torch emitter switches back for his hand as Hoist stands, and he dusts both of them off together. Another job well done and in a timely manner, if I do say so himself.

Cosmos lets out a chuckle as Pipes starts to make up his own shapes in the stars. Its nice to see someone so excited for space. "Theres a bird shape over there." He doesn't really know where a bird might be, but he figures he'll let Pipes decide where it is for him. << If you're done, Hoist, I can swing back and pick you up if you want. >> It really wouldn't be a problem!

Oh boy, Pipes has a mission now. << You got it, Hoist! >> Still with one optic looking for constellations - "Look, there's a square!" - Pipes scouts for some stones to collect. The weak gravity of the asteroid makes those scarce, though, so in a few moments Pipes is kicking and scraping at the surface to dislodge some chips. They float up for him to nab. "Yeah, I see a bird there! It's, like, an eagle or something." Cosmos's proposal to Hoist makes Pipes uneasy, although he doesn't show it, nope, not at all. "Yeah, you should go get him. I'll be fine, it's safe here, right? I'll just collect more rocks and find more constellations while you're ... gone."

Hoist doesn't want Cosmos making more of a bother just for him. << It's quite alright mates, I'm gonna run a checkup on the other sensor arrays while I'm out here. Save on making extra trips later. >>

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Firearms: Failure. (3 1)

Cosmos sends a glance back towards the ship but ends up just giving a small wave of confirmation before turning back to Pipes. "um.. here, let me help." Activating his wrist blasters, Cosmos lets a volley out ... and then looks stupefied as the Asteroid seems a little charred but not harmed enough to let loose a bit of rock. huh... "That's... hm... That doesn't usually happen."

<FS3> Pipes rolls Firearms: Good Success. (7 7 4 5 6 8 5 6 4)

Pipes is relieved that he won't be temporarily stranded on the asteroid, potentially doomed to drift on it until the end of time, collecting rocks for no one. The few chips he's gotten are somewhat unsatisfying, and Cosmos's shots prove that yep, this rock is tough. He wouldn't have dared shoot the ground out from under them first, but now he's a bit braver. Out comes a pistol. "Wow, that is surprising. I'll try." Aiming where Cosmos did, he looses a few bolts, and the rock in the area crumbles, fresh pebbles floating up. "Oh, great! You must have weakened it." Pipes brings out an empty box, normally used for ferrying Earth artifacts around, and uses it to scoop the stones out of mid-not-air.

Hoist starts wandering back along the hull thanks to magnetized feet, checking the other sensor arrays as he goes. No reason to put off some general maintenance when he's already out here.

Cosmos ...highly doubts that, but appreciates Pipes' attempts to be supportive. "Uh... maybe... but lets gather up your rocks so we can take them back to Hoist!" And not focus on my embarrassing display unworthy of a spacer. The UFO starts to scoop up bits of the rocks, gripping them between his palms to trap them for Pipes.

"Yeah! This is so great." With Cosmos's help, soon the box is full of samples. For Hoist. << Hoist, hey. It's Pipes again. We got so many rocks, you won't believe it. >> A few stragglers remain floating and dispersing, but, well, the box is full guys, sorry. Pipes shuts the lid and stows the box for safe transport. "Where to now?"

<< Sounds good chaps. >> And everything else looks to be in order up here. << I'll meet you back at the airlock. >> Hoist is already mostly headed that way anyways.

Cosmos finishes his general observations just as Pipes completes filling his box, "Well, I'm done with my scans so.. probably head back.... Well, unless you want to play in space some." Already Cosmos can't help but start to grin under his mask, its always fun And kinda funny to see non spacers try to traverse space. They also seem to enjoy doing tricks and stunts they can't do with gravity.

Pipes knows that they were going to see asteroids, plural, but, well, even just this one has been enough excitement for one excursion. The thought of firm footing, artificial gravity, is quite attractive at the moment. "I ... guess we should, um, get these rocks back for, you know, analysis. But, this was pretty amazing, Cosmos. I think, though, maybe another time ... yeah, I'd like to play in space again. You're a good tour guide."

Hoist punches in the command code to open the airlock, and gives one last wave towards the asteroids so Cosmos and Pipes know its open and waiting for them before heading inside himself.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Transportation: Great Success. (4 1 2 8 1 2 5 7 3 8 2 6 8 3)

Cosmos gives him a small nod, taking a hold of the mech's arm and kicking off from the surface. He keeps a firm grip on Pipes and flies him back to the ship, touching down behind Hoist as he heads inside. "I'll have to take you somewhere a bit more interesting next time!" Giving Pipes one last wave, Cosmos gives in to a playful side and shows off a little bit. He literally backflips off the ship, activating his thrusters mid turn so he quickly drifts out of sight.

The ride back to the ship isn't as harrowing for Pipes as the ride out, and he spots a couple more constellations along the way. Still, it feels great to be back in the airlock, and the familiar pull of artificial gravity puts him at ease. He returns Cosmos's wave, and finally lets out a "Woohoo!" at the trick flying display. "Thanks Cosmos!" He heads into the ship, to catch up with Hoist and deliver him some rocks. Cool space rocks!

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