2017-03-01 Library Protector

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Library Protector
Date 2017/03/01
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Lieutenant, Sterling
Summary Lieutenant discovers Sterling makes a pretty good guard.

Lieutenant is back to normal, finally. His situation with Whirl should be clearing up now that Blast Off is aware, and there is cleaning to be done once again. With Sterling helping out in the library now, other things get done faster. Cleaning, library projects, the avian is even working on an official book club scheduling for those interested. There is now a bit more work to be doing in the place than before. It's enjoyable.

Everything is pretty calm and quiet, late enough in the day that most are off doing other things. Obviously this peace won't last and it doesn't. Almost out of nowhere there is a loud crash from the lower level of the library, towards the desk.

Good things only last so long. Lieutenant isn't the only one to turn at the sound, but he's the only one to give a tired sigh. Well, so much for a peaceful cleaning, and he was almost done with the second level shelves too. He doesn't even bother gliding down to the lower level today, he takes the stairs with a very unimpressed expression as he approaches the source of the sound.

<FS3> Sterling rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (7 5 2 2 4 1 7)

Down on the first floor most would expect to see Whirl or Vortex or someone else classified as a 'troublemaker'. What Lieutenant finds instead is a mech lying in the remains of a table... With Sterling choking him out in a fairly impressive sleeper hold. If the mech's flailing is anything to go by he is very quickly losing the struggle against the much smaller femme.

"Stop fighting it! You'll just end up hurting yours-" Sterling cuts off her threat as she spots Lieutenant coming down the stairs. Her optics flashes between the mech in her grip and the approaching librarian, "...Uh.... This... I can explain..." She still hasn't released her hold on the mech, who is weakly slapping at her arm by this point.

Never a day without some surprise occurring. "Unhand him, first." Lieutenant orders, a bit tired to deal with all this but at least his patience is rather endless. He would like to think Sterling wouldn't just go ahead and do this to someone without a good reason. She's not that bad. Arms fold across his chest, glaring from one to the other, "Both of you, explain yourselves."

Sterling would let him explain himself... but at that moment he finally seems to give up and passes out. Well, the sleeper hold might have something more to do with it then giving up. The femme unceremoniously drops the now unconscious mech, stepping over him as he thuds on the ground. "I.. S-sorry sir. He came in and was pretty drunk and started pulling things off the shelves and harassing some of the others around. And when I went over to try and... well to try and get him to stop he said something garbled and tried to punch me or.... or push me or something I don't know but he thrust his fist out at me."

Lieutenant's optics are fixated on Sterling for several moments of uncomfortable silence. Is he going to take the matter in stride? Scold her for knocking out a patron of the library? For fighting in the library perhaps?

The only thing he does is walk over and pick up the mech in his arms like a bride. "You did what you had to, and it was good." Lieutenant finally says, "This does happen on occasion, but for future incidents, please drag them into the hall."

"Well I didn't drag him, I used his momentum to flip him onto the table then when he tried to get up again I climbed on the table and choked him o-" Sterling stops mid sentence, suddenly realizing he probably doesn't care what she did, "Uh right- I'll remember that... should... should we call security, Sir?... or maybe the medibay?" She follows after the avian, nervously wringing her hands.

"Well in a sense you are security," He replies in nonchalance, "or more to the point you should be in security for being able to handle situations with ease." Lieutenant begins heading to the hall with the unconscious mech. "I shall return shortly, I will leave him to the medics." He's not upset, with her, just tired and quite glad it was Sterling to defuse the situation. He's not quite feeling very merciful today and the mech would not have gotten off as "easily" as he did with Sterling.

Sterling wants to follow after him, to see how it goes over or if she's going to get in trouble, but if she left that would leave no one to watch the library. She tentatively calls down the hall after him, "Are- are you sure you'll be alright, Sir? Do you need me to do anything?"

Lieutenant's fins flick in response. Yes, he'll be alright. "Watch the library." Simple enough task, and if anyone acts up, Sterling can handle it. All the avian has to do is just drop the body off near the medibay entrance and head back. So what if it's like twenty meters away from the entrance, it's close enough.

Sterling is already feeling guilty about doing that, especially doing that in front of Lieutenant. Violence doesn't seem to be encouraged here and she could have seriously hurt that mech! ...Ok she knows for a fact she didn't but she could have. She returns to the front desk and pulls on her vents until Lieutenant returns- pausing briefly during that time to blush when a patron gives her a grin and thumbs up for that apparently impressive display. Primus have mercy on her spark... She briefly wonders if she should turn herself into security, what is the proper way to deal with this situation?

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