2017-03-01 In Agreement?

From Transformers: Lost and Found

In Agreement?
Date 2017/03/01
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Quicksight, Sterling
Summary Has Quicksight found someone who agrees with him on Blast OFf?

This spacious, rectangular room serves as the hub for four habsuite hallways that branch off from it on either side. Tinted blue with warm lighting, it's quiet and cozy during most shifts and invariably bustling with activity in the off hours. When the large videopane isn't buzzing with movies, it's being used for what must be aggressive gaming, evinced by the various controller-shaped dents in the wall nearby. A veritable tangle of game consoles flank the shelving unit, some Terran, some Cybertronian, some truly alien - all modded for mechs.

L-shaped couches circle a simple table in a pisces layout. Off to the side are a few more tables and chairs beside an energon dispenser and an over-priced vending machine.

Sterling is sitting on the couch, chin resting on her knees, as she absentmindedly flips through TV channels. Really she isn't focusing on the shows at all, more its just background noise as she frets. The femme has been trying not to hurt anyone but she worries that choking out that drunkard in the library was some kind of violation- despite it being entirely justified in her own opinion. Lieutenant didn't really say anything either way, leaving the femme in the dark about how she should be feeling. Maybe Sterling should ask someone on security...

And wouldn't it be just convenient if the next person to walk through that door just happened to be in sercurity? It probably would, but such convenient conscidences usually happen only in stories. The person that comes in is just some random guy from navigation, who just happened to get it into his head to do some reflex practice, and totally isn't just bored and looking for entertainment. See, he even pauses at the door when he realises that the screen is already taken. The contents of the screen at that moment seem to catch his attention, atleast, leaving him to watch as a giant tentacle reaches out of a crater to snatch an unsuspecting shuttle. Then the channel changes.

"What, nothing good on?" Quicksight offers in lieu of a greeting, turning towards the femme occupying the couch.

Sterling snaps back from her daze at the sound of someone entering the room and questioning her taste in shows. "Oh um... Sorry, I .. guess not... Did you want the screen? Sorry I'm kind of hogging it." The remote is offered QUicksight's way but she doesnt move from her spot other than shift so Quicksight has more room to sit if he wants.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Compassion: Success. (8 3 2 6)

Quicksight doesn't reach for the remote, though he does take a step further into the room, his optics still on Sterling. His head tilts to the side slightly. He's no telepath, but he's not some socially inept shuttle either. He can tell when something's off. "If ya ain't watching, what're you doing? Ya alright?"

Sterling gives him as best a smile as she can muster, "Oh, its nothing I'm alright. Just thinking." Again the remote is offered Quicksight's way, "Thank you for asking, though." That's.. really was nice of him. After a moment she cant help but blurt out, "Would security have to get involved if I choked someone out for trying to cause trouble?"

Quicksight considers the remote when it's offered to him again. Maybe he can stilldo what he came here for. After all, she won't jusdge if it's practice right?

He doesn't get to take it this time either, Sterling's question catching him off guard "Eh?" the scout looks up at the femme again. Where did that come from? "Well, probably, I mean someone causing trouble is a security issue..." it takes him a moment to realise that there's a chance she's worried about herself "I mean, reasonably, if you were tying to prevent trouble, they'd be on your side, though I don't really got high hopes for that mumble grumble in charge being reasonable..." the last sentence begins to devolve towards more grumbling. He's not supposed to be complaining about this since Soundwave approved of that fragger, but he still perosnally can't stand him.

Sterling has no idea what the grumbling is about but feels a small pang of her worry give way a bit. Ok, she probably isnt really in trouble then. "I- Sorry. I... kind of flipped a guy into a table earlier.. then knocked him unconscious with a sleeper hold... He was drunk and took a swing at me when I tried to stop him from harrassing some mechs." She feels like she needs to explain herself, that had been probably a really weird thing to ask the mini out of nowhere. Noticing he seemed to be intending to take the remote, Sterling leans forward to gently push it into his hand.

Quicksight actually looks a bit impressed "Well it ain't like ya started it. Frag security should be thanking ya for keeping the peace!" the scout finlly takes the remote, pausing to look it over before moving towards the game bins. Let's see, where's that game he totally plays only for practical reasons?

"I... You think so?" Sterling goes back to settling in her little corner of the couch, watching curiously as Quicksight goes looking for a game, "um.. I'm Sterling, by the way."

"Quicksight" The scout introduces himself as he rummages through the bin. No, no, no, this isn't even supposed to be in this bin. No, no, definitely not, no. After digging through the entire pile, and even checking around the bin, he lets out a frustrated vent before turning to the ones for other consoles. His job may be in part finding things, but that doesn't mean people sholdn't out things away properly.

Sterling absentmindedly lights up a cygar as she continues to watch Quicksight. Lettting the smoke trail from her vents, Sterling takes note that he doesn't seem to be finding what he is looking for. After a minute she hefts herself from the couch and goes to kneel beside Quicksight, "what .. what are you looking for?" Maybe she can help....

"Just a flight g-sim thing." Quicksight explains, catching himself before he lets on that he's doing this for fun too "For reflex practice! Since I can't really fly in the ship, I gotta find other ways to stay sharp!" his brow ridge knits as he rummages through the second bin, pulling out several different games for several different consoles, and none of them what he needs. "Just don't expect too much from that f-- " he starts, but again, his words devolve into uninteligable grumbling. Wouldn't do to go against Soundwave's decision.

Sterling tilts her head slightly as that unintelligble grumbling returns, still with no real indication who or what he might be talking about. But he's looking for a flight sim... for reflexes. Right, she's sure it doesnt have anything to do with the fact video games are fun. Balancing her cyg in one hand, Sterling starts to sift through the bin he hasn't already looked through.

Quicksight ends his grumbling with an annoyed vent and returns to digging through the bin. It's gotta be here somewhere! To take his mind off of things he shouldn't be talking about, he tries reapproaching the conversation from a somewhat different direction "Was that what was bothering ya?"

Quicksight can continue searching all he likes, but its Sterling who might come across a disc box with a picture of a small starcraft zooming over a planet on the cover. The back of the box shows screenshots of the same craft diping between space debries, and shooting other craft.

Sterling does indeed come across a disc box that looks to be the right one! Holding it up she flips it this way and that to get a better look. Reflexes her skidplate, there's no way this is for anything but fun- teaching reaction time or not. "Yeah, I just didn't want Lieutenant disappointed in me or to be thrown in the brig for being violent. That doesn't seem to go well around here." At least not the times she has been aggressive, "Is this what you're looking for?"

Quicksight pauses his search to glance up at the mention of Lieutenant. Familiar name is familiar. Familiar name Quicksight approves of "Well ya were trying ta stop trouble, so ya shouldn't be thrown nowhere, but then again, Once got sent to counseling cause a guy couldn't take the truth and set the whole fragging armoury on fire!" yes, he's still bitter over that, especially since it was dealt out by Tailgate. No, he still doesn't see himself in the wrong here, even if he was consciously being an asshole.

Spotting the box in Sterling's hand, he perks up "Yeah, that's it!" and it's totally for practice!

Sterling widens her optic at the mention of setting the armoury ablaze, "Someone tried to set you on fire??" She hands off the disc as she tries to absorb this information. Wow... someone must really hate him. "That... sounds like quite an experience...."

"Mhm" Quicksight nods as he reaches to take the disk. The widened optic encourages him "He also stood around demanding that I admit that he's better than me just cause he was forged a shuttle. I turned out ta be right though!" there's definitely a note fo smugness in his voice.

With the disk found, the little Decpeticon turns to look around for the appropriate consle. Thankfully, that's rather larger, and thus, a lot harder to loose, so pretty soon, the scout is moving to set it up with the screen.

Sterling moves back to her spot on the couch, settling back into her former position, "Really?" She still hasn't quite figured out who Quicksight could possibly be talking about, "that seems a bit harsh. Why would someone do that?"

"Cause he's a fragging piece of elitist scum!" Quicksight exclaims, happy to be able to vent without anyone telling him that he should calm down and 'get to know' Blast Off. He continues eagerly as he digs up the appropriate controler and trails it back towards the couch "Thinks he better than everyone else just 'cause of something he got by chance, not even something he merited or earned. Just the way he was forged!"

Sterling frowns as she huffs at her cygar. Wow... whoever it is sounds ...kind of pretentious, and she will say as much. "This guy... seems pretty pretentious..." She blows out a ring of smoke, "He.. just thinks being a shuttle makes him better than everyone else?"

"Yeah!" Quicksight nods again, glad that someone is finaly agreeing with him. Can you believe that guy? "Said it right to my face, and then went around telling people that he didn't say it!" the scout lets out a short, annoyed hiss at the memoery as he scrambles up onto the the couch - the arm of the couch, from which he hops onto his favourite perch on the back, controler in one hand, remote in the other. The later he aims at the screen, which flickers black, and then shifts to the main screen of the game.

Sterling locks her optic on the screen to watch Quicksight play, interested to see how it works, "That just sounds... wrong." Definitely sounds mean spirited.

At this rate, Quicksight might turn into a bobblehead, with all his nodding. "Everyone keeps telling me that I should 'get to know him', or frag like that. Even my best friend! I already do know him! He's a piece of fragging elitist slag that think he better than anyone who ain't a spacer." nudging the joystick if the controler, he scrolls down to the single scenario mode of the game, which opens a list of maps to play through "Probably cause he don't got nothing he actually good at on his own. Claims ta be this great sniper or slag, but last time we fought, I took out three of his limbs for he did me any real damage, and I ain't even built for fighting!" he's enjoying this a little too much.

Sterling points a little at one of the maps, that one looks fun. Do that one! "Maybe if he's a sniper you managed to get too close range for him to fight you off, some snipers find it really hard to fight hand to hand since they havent trained to take on close combatants."

"Then he just plain stupid, cause he's the one who came to me for a fight" Quicksight explains cheerfulyl as he scrolls through the list to the map the femme pointed out - sure, why not? No need to mention that that fight landed him in the IC unit. What matters is that he did damage to someone actually trained for combat "Like I said, I ain't even meant to fight. I'm a scout! My job's getting information!" the screen flickers again, this time to display the ship on the cover of the box, floating in a presently mostly empty space, specks of asteroids and the speher eof a planet still far inthe distance "The fragger calls himself a COMBATicon, but gets both arms and a leg knocked out by a recon drone with no guns!"

Sterling is about to say something but her words die in her throat. Wait... shuttle... combaticon.... Oh Primus they are talking about Blast Off. But... but that can't be right! The combaticon is nice, she's chatted with him before- granted not much but shes talked to him. "I.. I see..." Oh no, what is she supposed to do now?

Quicksight's optics flash cheerfully. Yeah, you see that's he's nothing but elitist scum who can't actually do anything to boast about, right? Right...? The realization that the tone of those last words was different than before has him glancing back at Sterling "Eh?"

Sterling would be sweating if it wasnt for the fact shes a mechanical being. Why does it have to be Blast Off Quicksight is complaining about!? Oh no he's expecting her to say something, to agree with him! Uh- Um- "Yeah.. all that.. definitely sounds like it could have been approached differently."

The little starfighter on the screen remains hanging mid-space as Quicksight studies Sterling. No, there's definitely been a change "What's up with you all of a sudden? This got something to do with him being a Combaticon? That don't change nothing. He still a piece of elitist slag that can't shoot straight."

<FS3> Sterling rolls Transportation: Good Success. (8 7 4)

If Sterling was physically capable of shifty eyes she would be doing them now. With only one optic it just looks like she is examining the room, though. "I just..." Suddenly Sterling lifts her hand to the side of her helm, as if she's recieving a comm, "Oh uh... Sorry, Quicksight. Just got a comm from.. from Lieutenant. Need to get back to the Library- OKBye!" In one swift movement, the gunformer suddenly vaults herself over the back of the couch and books it out the door. Quicksight has just witnessed a fairly impressive 'noping out'.

Quicksight can only sit there and stare as Sterling makes her retreat. Well, that was strange. Clearly there's something up with her and the Combaticons. Atleast she seems to agree that Blast Off is a piece of scrap, right? Maybe - maybe he'll catch her later, when she's not fleeing over the furniture.

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