2017-02-28 Responsibilities

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2017/02/28
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Blast Off, Lieutenant
Summary Blast Off discovers Whirl's late fees

"What is the meaning of this?", Blast Off demands to know as he stands in front of the library reception desk, hands full with datapads, after being informed he can't check out any books. "I am current on my balance and have paid any and all overdue fees, which by the way haven't even been incurred in quite some time. There is obviously some sort of mix up. I demand it is fixed at once!" He looks around the room, optics scanning for a target of consternation.

Guess who is back to normal, finally? It feels right to be tall, yet again, putting datapad on the tall shelves without having to climb them. Such a good feeling. It's the only good thing that will seem to be happening today for Lieutenant, as Blast Off entire the library in a tizzy. The librarian doesn't rise from his seat, he hardly even gives the shuttle a glance upon entrance. As a frequent visitor of the place, however, the avian is more willing to work with him.

"Apologies for the setback," Lieutenant explains calmly, keeping his focus on the computer screen, "but allow me to explain your temporary situation." There is a pause as the stoic mech turns the screen to Whirl's current account and astounding fees for overdue datapads. "Your... how shall we say, roommate seems to be refusing to return his datapads. He also refuses to be responsible about it by cooperating with me. I take these lack of returns quite seriously, especially after what Vortex has done, so if Whirl will not listen to me he might be convinced by you to bring them back."

Blast Off listens, blinking once as his hands drop down, books still clutched tightly in either one. Violet optics stare up at the now larger Autobot. After a moment of silence, the shuttleformer emits a loud *HUFFFF*. "How is that *my* responsibility? I do not control Whirl! He's-" Blast Off suddenly stops, confronted with *emotions* and other awkward things. "He's... my roomate, yes..." He leans back, shoulders rolling once, twice. "But I don't *own* him or something?! How does this become my job?" He glances around before turning to Lieutenant, optic ridges furrowing down. "Is this because we're... we're... you know?" He waves his hand, looking away, hoping not to have to actually say the *conjunx ritus* words out loud. His finger points upwards. "Because just because we ARE, doesn't make me personally responsible for all his behavior!" HUFFFFFF again.

The Combaticon pauses, optics flickering once more before staring at the other mech. "Or AM I? Wait. I... I haven't done this before, alright?" He looks confused now, glancing about the library, lost in thought, before...

His face snaps back to Lieutenant. "Wait, what do you mean, *after what Vortex has done*?" The shuttle leans in slightly now, armor spreading out from his frame as air vents. "What did Vortex do /now/?? What did WHIRL do??"

"Roommate is putting it in the lightest of terms, Blast Off." Implying he's very aware of what they are. Lieutenant knows them to be at least more than friends, and wouldn't be surprised if there was a relationship. He is not ever been informed, so he is not going to jump to conclusions. The librarian just watches the shuttle with optics at their seemingly perpetual state half open. "I would not have pulled you into this if I did not think you would be capable of getting through to him. Out of everyone on this ship he shows high respect for you, he will listen to you." In a sense, it is your responsibility now, Blast Off.

At the shuttle's bristling, the avian's fins twitch in nonchalance, "Compared to his past antics, Vortex did nothing too terrible. It was two hundred and seventy-one days ago now, but that only means I have been more serious since then." He glances over to the computer, pointing at the fees that the ex-wrecker owed. "I have stalled the fees to continue accumulating however it is still a hefty price to pay."

Blast Off glances away, unable to meet the librarian's optics. His wing elevons twitch uncomfortably. "...Fine. Yes. I suppose on a ship like this, *everyone* probably knows by now." Gathering the datapads together in one pile, he sighs, bringing his hand up to pinch at the bridge of his nose before letting black fingers slide down his faceplate and drop down again. Then the shuttle places the books down- before thinking twice and picking them up again. Then back down they go. The Combaticon frowns under his faceplate and looks up at the Autobot. "This is still NOT fair, I'll have you know. So am I now criminally liable for Whirl's actions? If he gets in a fight with someone, will *I* have to serve brig time for him? How far does this go? Does Rewind pay for Chromedome's crimes? Is that what happens with conjunx?" He glares up at Lieutenant, emitting another long *huffffff* before lifting his chin and dimming his optics. "But *fine*. I'll talk to Whirl."

Still frowning under his faceplate, the shuttleformer leans in to look at the fees. The Combaticon's violet optics go bright and pale, followed by a long sielnce, then a hiss of vents. "How the slag did he wrack up THAT MUCH?" He stares a moment longer..... this is almost a skill here, Whirl, how can anyone get a fee that high? "I...I'm not sure he's got the shanix to pay all that, though...." He looks up again. "But what did Vortex DO? Does he have late fees, too?" Is he gonna have to go box some audials 'round here, whip misbheavin' 'bots into shape?

Blast Off does raise a good point on being liable for Whirl's actions. "If I could talk him into returning them myself, I would if it were possible." In all honesty, however, that is unlikely to happen since the two hardly meet. Not to mention in the few times they have, Lieutenant is certain the Autobot is not fond of him. He turns the screen back towards himself after Blast Off's gaping to allow the shuttle his library privileges again.

"He may pay in installments." The avian purses his lips, thinking back on the amount, "I give it six months at least." Without a word, Lieutenant reached into his subspace and pulls out a stack of datapads. Half of them have been cut into what looks like ninja stars, others are clearly melted through and misshapen. One datapad looks normal... outside of the face that it's more or less encased in a block of solid glue. "These were his first offense." His second was late datapads but at least he returned them.

Blast Off continues his glare, but there's not much else he can do. Then Lieutenant shows him the fruits of Vortex's... er, labors, and the shuttle can only stare at those. Shoulders droop down in disbelief as the fight evaporates from the Combaticon. Why, oh why. "I.... I..." His optics flicker. "I don't know, he's just... it's just... well, that's actually pretty mild compared to.... I mean, it's better than carving up some *other* things, right?" He suggests lamely, then sighs and shakes his head. "Except no, no it's not. I... apologize for my teammate's behavior. I can... speak with him, too." Before Blast Off gets tossed in the brig somehow for Whirl and Tex's bad behavior. HOW, HOW does he keep getting involved with all these terrible, ill-behaved ruffians anyway??? Where did he go wrong? Woe is him!

"No apology needed." Lieutenant puts the datapads away, where they came from, "We have spoken about it and I hold nothing against him for his past actions. That was never a situation, but it helped me realize I do need to pay more attention to late returns." The avian shakes his head, quiet for a few moments as he looks at the shuttle without a readable expression. "You are a well-appreciated mech in this library, so since Whirl is your roommate I will be willing to at least write-off half of the fees. He still must pay something for his irresponsible act, and I am sure you can agree to that."

Blast Off nods, glad that Lieutenant isn't angry at least. A wing elevon twitches again as the other mech stares at him, and just as he's about to ask what's up, Lieutenant offers him a deal. He's still a bit miffed about privileges being revoked, but it's *something*, and fraggit he wants his sci-fi romance novels! He NEEDS to know if Zorlax even found the Lost Colony of Frelaria, where his long-lost love awaited with untold riches and the end of an ancient curse!

Hearing he's appreciated is nice, too, causing Blast Off to blink and glance away awkwardly. He finds himself settling in looking at the datapads he placed on a table. Someday he'll find out, Zorlax. Someday. "....That is... kind of you. Yes, there are rules to society, and one is that one must take responsibility for one's actions- or lack of them."

"Precisely." Glad to see they're both in agreement. Now, those datapads over there, "You may check those out if you wish now." Lieutenant offers, but maybe Blast Off would rather wait a little longer instead. It's up to the shuttle if he wants to.

More blinking. Blast Off turns to stare at Lieutenant, then the datapads. His fingers twitch. "Wait, what? Can I? But I thought...?" He's not sure just what to think, but it doesn't take any thinking to immediately gather the books back in his arms. "I... DO wish to check them out." He studies the other mech, hardly daring to believe his luck has turned.

Let it be known that one of the best ways to get Blast Off's attention to converse about late fees is revoking his library privileges. Since that has been taken care of, Lieutenant sees no reason in prolonging such torture. "Very well." An even response as he gestures to the nexus for the shuttle to check them out through there. "Do enjoy your readings, Blast Off."

Blast Off is miffed, but he's also immensely relieved. The shuttleformer's frame relaxes, armor smoothing out again as he turns towards the finish line he didn't think he'd see today. "Uh...thank you." He gives Lieutenant a nod, holding the datapads even closer. Soon, Zorlax, very soooon.... "I..I will." Some good reading... and then some long talks with two unruly helicopters. He's a Combaticon though, he can handle this, right?

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