2017-02-28 Apology Gift

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-02-28 Apology Gift
Date 2017/02/28
Location Lost Light - Command: Soundwave's Office
Participants Cosmos, Soundwave
Summary Cosmos is sorry.

Cosmos couldn't avoid it forever, he knew it deep down but ithat doesn't mean he didn't try to avoid it for as long as possible. Pacing outside Soundwave's office is probably just another time wasting action but it also gives the spacer the time to work up the nerve he needs to drop off this report... only his nerve doesnt seem to be coming into view anytime soon. Oh Primus I still can't believe I did all of that! I was all.. All ... 'touchy feely' with him! And he hates that! The UFO can't even comprehend how uncomfortable he must have made the officer feel! He's been giving him as much space as possible- Soundwave doesn't need to see his ugly mug after the spacer's face being the only thing he saw for days on end- but the time to turn in reports is inevitable as always... and its not like he can just ask Blaster to turn them in. The guy's busy... and .... well hates Soundwave.

Come on Cosmos! You just have to knock on the door. Taking a deep vent, Cosmos lifts his hand to knock on the door only to promptly drop it again and go back to anxiously pacing. Nerve isn't quite up there yet.

Soundwave looks up from his work. Is he still out there? Even without his extra sensitive... Senses, he would have been able to feel Cosmos. Just pacing, a knot of anxiety rubbing Soundwave's psychic capabilities raw. He had hoped the spacerwould just enter. Clearly he needs a little push.

With a ping, the door opens for Cosmos. There, now he doesn't even need to knock.

Cosmos startles as the door suddenl hisses open- so badly hes actually posed with one foot raised as if he was mid jump. The initial panic at being found out is edged away just slightly at the realization of oh Primus he still looks really handsome which is squashed down quickly with the horror of realizing his just thought that. It cant entirely destroy that small bubble of affection, though.

Cosmos is starting to begin to realize he may still be attracted to Soundwave, and that's just a little bit bad for everyone involved especially Soundwave. He's has had to put up with his slag for long enough. Wait, Cosmos is supposed to be- "I ah.. Sir, I have... I have the ... reports..." its with very awkward steps that Cosmos fully enters the office, holding the pad out for Soundwave at the longest his arms can each and gripping only the edge of the object. The UFO is absolutely determined not to bother the decepticon again.

Sounwave pauses... And then dips his helm in greeting to the UFO. "Cosmos. I was expecting you to come by sooner. How is your current functional status?" Leaning forward, he takes the datapad, browsing it for a moment.

Cosmos ...wasn't expecting such a calm reaction, well, not as friendly a greeting. Soundwave doesn't seem to do not calm. "I.. I'm doing a lot better." Ok Cosmos deep vent, just do it! "Soundwave I... I'm sorry for all that I put you through while I was... well I don't really know what to describe it as...."

Soundwave nods again, taking a few datapads out of subspace. He stops to look up as Cosmos speaks. "Apologies, unnecessary. Your actions a result of chemical manipulation and not your own. I am happy that you are well, I had first thought your affection was a glitch from your impending death." Setting the report down, he holds out the datapads he had retrieved. "I had collected these for you but you did not come back until now."

Cosmos halts in his stressing out to stare at Soundwave. Wait.. What? Did.. did the UFO hear him right? He thought.... because I liked him... I was dying... Surprisingly himself, the spacer actually has to bite his tongue to keep from busting out in laughter. Soundwave's first thought was that he was going to die? Primus did I really look that sad and pathetic? That just strikes him as incredibly funny in the worst way possible.

Now a little less anxious, Cosmos pulls a large box from his subspace, "Well.. either way... I wanted to bring you this as an apology..." He really hopes the rumors were right about Soundwave really liking enerfroyo, he got enough for Soundwave and all his cassettes- even a few extra in case one of them decides to have more than one. The datapads offered are given a confused but curious look before he gently takes them from the officer.

Soundwave's belief that Cosmos was dying is less-so because the spacer was sad and pathetic and more-so that Soundwave just doesn't get that kind of attention. When you stand in the shadows to let the likes of Megatron or Starscream strut about, one is easily looked over. Also, he's a little creepy. But he's glad Cosmos is alive.

Soundwave takes the box, opening it. There's no outward tells but one could pussibly hear his systems hum happily as he looks at the enerfroyo. "Thank you, Cosmos. This gift, unnecessary but appreciated." As for the datapads, they hold several files from different space-related databases from different civilizations. And perhaps some sort of 'star trek' from Earth.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Failure. (3 4 3 6 4 2 6 5 5)

Cosmos isn't sure if his gift is liked or not, Soundwave is so hard to read, but when its not taken with disgust or returned directly to him the spacer lets himself feel a little relief. Maybe he at least got something right. Attention taken up by the datapads, Cosmos flips one on to see what it is. Its... This is... The only possible way to describe the rush of emotion that probably comes off of him is a soft and touched 'Awww'. Soundwave... did this for me?? The spacer doesn't even try to stop the small rush of affection this time. It was just... such a sweet gesture from the higher ranking officer. He hadn't expected Soundwave to get him a ... get well gift? Glad you're not dead gift? ... Well, whatever it classifies as its sweet and no one really notices or cares about Cosmos enough to really think to give him anything. "I.... Thank you, Soundwave. I don't know what to say..."

Soundwave reaches into the box to pull out a container, opening the top to get to the froyo underneath. "I had prepared that for when you would come back and follow me like a lost cyberpup all day again. I thought it unfair for you to be bored when I worked on shift. You did not come back, I assume it is because you recovered." Pulling out a spoon, the Decepticon Commander removes his facemask and sets it aside. Mmm, froyo.

Cosmos is at a loss again, to think Soundwave had prepared for him to return is just... almost hard to believe. If it was anyone else he might think that is a move of someone who liked a person's company. But obviously its Soundwave so the guy just wanted to keep him quiet. That doesn't make it any less touching for the UFO, though. For the second time that conversation, Cosmos' thoughts come grinding to a halt as Soundwave takes off his facemask to eat some of the froyo. Ok well at least it looks like I was right about the froyo but- Holy Primus I was too drunk to appreciate that face last time. Holding the datapads to his chassis like they are some sort of lifeline back to reality, Cosmos fumbles to speak actually intelligent, real, words, "I.. I should- uh... I should probably get going and.. Leave you to.. to that." STOP STARING, STOP STARING, STOP STARING, STOP STARING-

Soundwave picks up the report again, flicking through it as he eats the froyo. He's trying to not be mildly annoyed but its impossible. Anything from Blaster is just... He's annoying. Even his reports. But he stops to look up at Cosmos again. Perhaps he's still sick. "Thank you Cosmos. If you would like to talk again sometime, you may come by when you are available." It was nice having someone to talk to that wasn't a Cassette... And wasn't completely afraid of him.

Cosmos manages to focus enough to comprehend what Soundwave just said to him- and gives a small smile. "I... I would like that." Its not like many others want to talk to him. "I'll leave you to that then." Cosmos gives a small wave before he can really even think about it (probably kind of dumb in hindsight, Soundwave is still a commanding officer) and turns to walk out the door.

Soundwave nods. "Good day, Cosmos," he says, gaze drifting back to the report while he continues to eat his snack. Cosmos brought the good stuff, he won't forget that.

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