2017-02-26 Late Fees

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Late Fees
Date 2017/02/26
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Lieutenant, Sterling, Whirl
Summary Whirl comes to return some books.

Whirl does not keep a tidy room, much to the chagrin of Blast Off. Recently it got to the point where even Whirl was getting sick of it, so for the past few cycles he's been hard at working cleaning his habsuite. During that time, he came across several books from the library, covered in dust and long overdue. He set them aside and once he was done, he gathered them up and made his journey to the library where he stands now.

"Huh, looks different than when I was last here," he muses to himself as he takes note of the new wall paint.

Sterling is watching over the library since Lieutenant is on his work shift. Being able to do something productive and keep herself busy has been doing wonders on the femme's rampant nerves. Well.. the gunformer's smoking habit hasn't lessened any but baby steps. Sitting at the desk when Whirl arrives, the femme is cataloging several datapads as she habitually fingers at the bullet shell vent ornaments she is currently wearing.

"Hello, how can I help you?" Is asked automatically before Sterling even fully looks up, but when she does her hidden optic lights up in recognition. Oh! It's him!

Whirl didn't notice Sterling at first but his optic lights up when he hears her voice. It's the gun cyclops, he totally remembers her! "You work here?" he asks as he approaches her desk. Duh Whirl, why else is she sitting there cataloging things? "Er, yeah, I found some datapads in my hab that I got here. I figured now is a good a time as any to finally return them." He drops the stack with a heavy thunk on her desk. Some of them appear to be titles that went missing in the earliest days of the Lost Light's voyage.

Sterling gives Whirl a smile which quickly turns into confused surprise as the books thunk down on the desk. He.. wasn't kidding about a good time to return them. "I.. uh... Y-yes I do! Lieutenant was nice enough to let me assist him here. And I'm sure he'll be happy to finally know where these are.." She... can't really believe that he has had some of these for so long. Immediately the femme recognizes several titles from the missing books list as she sifts through the pile. Pausing, she warily asks, "You... are aware that the library has late fees?..... right?" Sterling looks incredibly unsure of how Whirl will take that information, like she's expecting him to yell at her or something.

"Late fees?" Whirl asks like he's never heard of such a thing before in his entire life. Surely he knows how a library works, right? "Seems kinda dumb to me but whatever, it's fine. So how much are we talking here? A couple Shanix or what?"

"I'll .. I'll calculate that for you." Checking with each of the datapads, Sterling starts to figure out just how much Whirl owes the library. As she continues through the pile, her face falls more and more. Oh.... Oh that's... bad... "Uh.. I'm going to..." Nullifying that last action on the screen, Sterling scans them all again- just to be sure she or the system didn't miscalculate something. It didn't.

Sterling looks up at Whirl, mouth opening then closing a few times as she tries to break the news to the ex wrecker. In the end the femme gives up and very slowly turns the screen so he can see the grand total himself.

Whirl studies Sterling's facial expressions as she tallies up the total. People with faces, they're so easy to read and he knows just by looking at her that he's going to be in for one hell of a surprise. She turns the screen around, he optic settles on the number, and...

"Is that the fee or a broadband frequency!?" he exclaims, stooping down to press his 'face' against the screen to make sure what he's seeing is real. "This is a joke, right??"

Sterling is sinking down in her seat, biting her lip as she can vicariously feel his disbelief... and also just feeling horrible for him in general, "I... N-no I'm sorry I... I calculated it twice... Its right." She isn't sure how the heck she can make this better, or even if she can at all, "Y-you see the library has a daily late fee thats usually only a percentage of a shanix so the expense is usually only a few shanix if you keep it for too long but," Sterling picks up the worst of the datapads, also the dustiest, while still cringing "This was ... this was checked out almost just after- after the Lost Light took off." Meaning there is a whole lot of days attributed to that single book's fee. "I... I-I'm so sorry."

"Isn't that Drift guy loaded? Doesn't he usually cover ship expenses and crap like that?" Whirl huffs, claws on his hips. "Why can't he just cover the library's late fees? He's got more than enough money! Selfish prick.." He vents a sigh and moves to gather the datapads back up into his arms. "Alright, since there's no way I can pay that, I'm just going to take these back to my room. Can't charge me if I don't return them, right?"

Sterling is sinking back down into her seat, feeling horrible for making him go through this. "I... I don't know about that...." At the mention of him just leaving Sterling bites at her lower lip, meekly reminding him, "Y-you could but... that doesn't mean the fee will go away... It will just keep rising since they are still labelled as late..."

"Yeah, but if I never return them, then I never have to pay," Whirl points out. He found a loophole and he's going to exploit it, damnit! "I mean, it's not like Lieutenant is going to beat down my door and demand I pay, right?"

<FS3> Sterling rolls Rebellious: Success. (7 6 3 2)

Sterling bites her lip as Whirl points this out. It had actually been a conclusion her mind had gone to as well, but as a librarian- er... library assistant- she's not supposed to let such things slide. Yet this is a bit extreme even for her. There is a long moment of contemplation before Sterling's faceplates smooth out in a cool look that seems more fitting on a con mech. Its ... almost a 360 from how she acted before.

Leaning forwards, Sterling takes a quick glance around the library to be sure Lieutenant still isn't in the area before quietly saying, "You should know that Lieutenant probably doesn't know you are the one who checked these out. At least not at the moment. So I would suggest taking these back to your room and pretending like you never came by at all." A small 'slip' of her finger nullifies the action on the computer and, in essence, wipes away the digital evidence of Whirl being there. "I would hurry, though. He is due back from his shift any time now."

Sterling, Sterling, Sterling. Lieutenant knows just about everything when it comes to the library. He is fully aware of who has taken out what and who is still late to returning them. However, his presence likely goes unnoticed as he still isn't even average height yet.

Well he doesn't here what Sterling is saying but he is a bit surprised to see her with Whirl. The heli doesn't frequent the place. Probably stops by even less often than Rodimus does. Is Skydive in here, is that why he's back? Whatever it may be he assumes, and hopes, it's for returning those datapads that have been check out for the last one thousand ninety-four days. Impressive, actually. Lieutenant should have been giving him notices but he assumed the other to be a tinge responsible. "Who is due back from shift?" he inquires, coming over to the pair.

Turning a blind eye to his outstanding fees has made Sterling one of Whirl's favorite people on the ship. Cyclops AND willing to let him get away with shit? Definitely a keeper. "I appreciate it, Sterling. Tell you what, next time you need something done, just let me know. I owe you a favor." Clearly Whirl has learned nothing about owing people favors.

He's about to make a hasty retreat back to his room when suddenly Lieutenant appears! Still small, Whirl notes. Good, might be easier to intimidate him should he have to pull that card. "Heyyyyy, you. I was just stopping in to say hi to Sterling but I'm leaving now. See ya!"

Sterling has a slight moment of 'well frag.' but manages to just barely keep it off of her features as Lieutenant shows up. Instead of panicking at potentially being caught, Sterling plays it cool, "Oh, hello Sir. I didn't think you would be back from shift so soon!" She gives Whirl a small smile and wave, as if they had just been ending a conversation, "Whirl was just surprised to see me, I guess its weird for some mechs to see me in your spot , Sir."

Sterling is not holding any datapads, Lieutenant notes. So Whirl wasn't here for returns. He looks at the second librarian (because he deems her as such) and focuses on Whirl. "A moment of your time, Whirl." He starts, "I know not when the next time you will stop in, but you have some datapads that are very much overdue." Please do not make him have to start implementing house calls, he managed not when Vortex stole a few. ...And then destroyed them. "Your irresponsibility to take care of what you have borrowed is not very tolerated here. You will not be permitted to take out anything else until you return those you have. Understand?"

Whirl wraps his claws around the datapads in an attempt to hide their titles when Lieutenant confronts him about his overdue books. "I'm not irresponsible! It's just.. sometimes I misplace things. It happens to all of us!" He scoffs and bristles his armor plating. "Whatever, I already checked these out. Nothing you can do about it now."

Sterling resists the urge to run a hand down her face when Whirl brings attention to the datapads. Sterling probably could have distracted him long enough to let the copter get away but.... well now likely Lieutenant's focus will be on them. She can't help him with that one.

Nothing he can do about it. Well, if Whirl won't listen to Lieutenant, perhaps he can take it up with Blast Off when he finds out he too can no longer check out anymore datapads until Whirl coughs up the ones he's decided not to return. "That is being irresponsible, Whirl." As for misplacing things, Lieutenant can't sympathize since he never loses anything. Except for people. "Fine. Take those and begone, but the next time you think of walking in here, it is to pay your fees and return your pads. If I catch you in here for any other reason, I will call security."

Now to turn his attention to Sterling, "You and I need to exchange a few words." Lieutenant informs, firmly.

"Are you serious!? You'll call security on me? For trying to read, and learn, and better myself!?" Whirl shakes his head. "That's messed up, Lieu. Real messed up. You're the library boss though, so.." He shrugs and steps past Lieutenant towards the door, looking over his shoulder to give Sterling a sympathetic look. His bad.

Sterling looks a little alarmed as Lieutenant says they need to speak, unable to hide that much. There's- There's no way Lieutenant knows what she just did so why is she about to get in trouble. "Uh- I.. Y-yes, Sir..." Biting at her lip, Sterling watches as Whirl runs off before focusing back on her boss. "Did.. did I do something wrong?"

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Hacking: Good Success. (2 4 7 6 3 7 1 4 6 6 3 6)

"Lieutenant." He corrects, and yes, he would call security as it's been two days short of two years since those datapads were returned. At this point, some could classify that as stealing. The avian doesn't waste much time, hopping over to the computer at the desk. He pulls out his datapad and plugs it in to refrain Whirl or Blast Off from checking anything out. "You are still learning, so I fault you for nothing. However, it is easier for myself to do, but you also must know who has what left to return." he begins, without looking up from the datapad. "Datapads are checked out for a month, and can be renewed three times for a maximum of three months in total. No one is allowed to hold more than 50 datapads to their name at once. If they have returned something damaged, we cut down the amount that they can take out. The fees accumilate, and do not stop accumulating until the datapad is returned. Until they return the ones they have previously checked out for more than three months, they are not supposed to check anything else out."

Lieutenant's helm tilts, noticing something very recently deleted and brings it back. "And please do not delete anything from the system. Should anyone get a datapad broken or damaged I need to know which it is in order to replace it if need be."

Whirl has left the library but he's still hanging around right outside, eavesdropping on the conversation between the two librarians. He really should just go home and enjoy his little victory, but there's a tiny pang of guilt inside him when he thinks about Sterling getting busted for helping him out. "Hnn.."

Sterling heavily resists the urge to 'accidentally' knock something off the desk to distract Lieutenant but likely that would not do much to help her situation. Primus, he's going to find out what she did and then she's going to really be in trouble, not just get a lecture. But.. maybe there's a chance he won't figure it out and just let it slip by! .... She really shouldn't be that hopeful, its Lieutenant. "N-nothing was damaged, Sir. And... I'll remember all of that."

There is nothing they can do about it now. Whirl is probably headed to his hab after convincing Sterling to get him what he wanted. She still is new to all of this, after all. "Precaution," he informs, "It is in case something does get damaged, I would like to be able to look into the records and see what it is." Lieutenant replaces what was deleted, and locks both accounts for his neighbors. He's more apologetic to Blast Off for bringing him into all this, but Whirl doesn't seem to care about much else other than the shuttle. So he should care if someone can't check out the new datapads donated.

"Sterling, I am not upset." Just to clarify, as he ejects the cable for his datapad. "You are still learning how to operate things, and I feel I should have covered this before you started working here. But now you know."

Seems like Sterling isn't going to get in as much trouble as Whirl thought. Phew, his conscious is clear. Satisfied, he tucks the datapads under his arms and makes his way back to his room.

Sterling relaxes a little bit when it seems Lieutenant is none the wiser over her purposeful ignorance of Whirl's debt. She would rather not remain around for him to potentially find out, though. "I see. I will remember the rules next time. Thank you, Sir. If you're back now, I think I'll head out. If that's alright with you, that is." She hopes he doesn't ask for a reason because she doesn't have a good one.

"Very well then." Not everyone is a workaholic, and Lieutenant understands that. If Sterling wants to go, she may. "Thank you for your services today." With that, he's just going to run through the computer to see what else was taken and returned while he was on shift at the bridge.

Sterling runs off as quick as she possibly can, while also trying not to look too suspicious. Still the gun is out of the library in near record time. At least she helped someone today.

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