2017-02-26 Birdbath

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2017/02/12
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Oil Baths
Participants Lieutenant, Fantoccini
Summary Just two birds preening while sharing gossip

Some entirely unnecessary fabric half-curtains hang across the entrance with a swirl of some strange foreign characters painted onto the fabric.

The air is warm and rich with a bouquet of scents. Near the entry, the sharp, bright scent of soaps and cleaners is strongest near the the racks of open showers; shower heads of adjustable heights allow bots from Minimus to Magnus to make use of the facility while benches and stools give space for the injured or wearied to slough off the mess from a fight. Beyond, a larger space is cordoned off into several sections.

There are a few small, deep baths, capable of holding one very large mech, or a couple of smaller mechs. Minerals and scents are racked on the wall nearby to be added to the smaller baths. By far the largest pool is a communal soaking pool, hot enough to sink deep past armoring into the struts while an icy plunge pool nearby is good for waking back up.

Sliding doors lead to the body shop next door where a clean frame can go for touch-ups.

It's hard to pick a time when them baths are clear because there is almost always someone in there. Hence why Lieutenant doesn't linger in them, but tonight is different. With the right timing and a good deal of patience, the baths are empty. He places a comm call, inviting his Amica to join him in the baths. It was one of the nicer places on the ship, and inviting Fantoccini to the library just didn't seems as suitable as it would be here.

The avian sits by the edge of one of the larger oil baths, a glass of crystal spires high grade beside him (thanks to Pipes for his excellent taste in good highgrades) for his Amica when he arrives.

An invitation from his Amica was not to be ignored. And while he personally preferred Vigilante's washracks - he spent so much money on remodeling iiiiitt - the spacious baths of the Lost Light were not to be sneezed at. It was a good deep tub for soaking, after all. And if Lieutenant was calling him to spend time, he'd best hurry along with a few of his nicer supplies of soaps and wax.

"Oh Teeeeennn~" The little sing-song of his Amica's name announces Fantoccini's presence even before he dramatically parts the half-curtains at the door and strikes a pose. "Helloooo Darling, I am heeere~"

Who knew being put at ease was so easy just at the sight of one's Amica. Lieutenant gives Fantoccini an amused look as he takes up the drink to go over to him. "You are a sight," he comments with a faint smile, holding out a hand to lead him back to the chose bath. "I stopped by 'Visages' to get you a drink in case you wanted something. Aside from that, I thought you would enjoy sometime in the baths for a while."

Ooo! Refreshments! "Why darling how sweet of you to think of me." The glass is exchanged for a quick kiss on the cheek. A sampling of the drink earns a happy hum from Fantoccini and an arm sliding around Lieutenant's waist. "A day at the spa is always a good day in my datapad, Ten~"

Tugging his Amica along, Fantoccini guides them both towards the baths and jostles the small basket he brought along to draw Lieu's attention to it. "I brought a few goodies myself~ Some quality oils for your joints, lightly scented waxes and polish. My good buffing pads. We'll have a nice relaxing time~"

Fins flutter with satisfaction at his Amica's approval, a bit shy at the peck even if it is just them. His free hand covers the one Fanto has around his waist, optics gaze over at the bucket, "Never unprepared for any situation I see." the librarian muses, as he pauses at the bath. "After you."

Once his Amica is in, Lieutenant sits at the edge of the pool, pulling out a dampened cleaning cloth to wipe away the cover up on his frame. Can't have that mixing in the oil. Were it with anyone else, he'd rather they not see all the freckles he hides. "So how are you taking to the ship here?"

?" "I thought you were going to stop wearing cover-up on your face." Tsk tsk. Fantoccini slips into the baths cautiously, drink well above his head to avoid splashing oil into the glass in the process. He sinks down with a sigh, making himself comfortable with a pair of arms resting against the tub's edge.

He considers the question seriously, taking a long moment to reflect while he sips at his glass. "Well... mmm how to phrase it. It's a bit more... 'rough and tumble' than I'm accustomed to. Even stranded on the neutral colony building a home from the ground up, we didn't have fighting and excessive weaponry like the people here." He shrugged slightly - it is what it is. It is a different set of people and a different set of needs. "But Renny seems so happy to be working here with his idols, I couldn't imagine taking off now. Especially not while you're still so attached to the place, dear."

Lieutenant shakes his head, he's not going to stop covering them up anytime soon. It takes a few moments before he rids the makeup from his face, torso, and thighs before he carefully slips into the tub beside his Amica. "Well a majority of them are former soldiers whom have fought most of their lives. Turning to a life of peace isn't as easy for some as it is others, but they are getting there." he seeks out one of Fanto's hands under the oil to hold, "I am thankful you are here though." If he didn't have Torque here, Lieutenant would have seriously considered leaving on Vigilante, but he can't. Couldn't even think about it.

Those searching fingers are lifted and kissed before relaxing back into the bath, thumb running idly over his knuckles. "I'm certainly grateful to be here," Fantoccini hums softly, tucking close against his Amica's side. "I'm glad to see you're feeling better - I worried you'd work yourself offline after that... incident. Renny had to hold me back from tying you to your berth and having Torque stand guard at your door."

Lieutenant might have been in amusement over the imagery if it wasn't disheartening because it could've been possible. He's had close calls a few times being on board already. "Oh Fantoccini," Gently, he pulls his friend closer against him. "I wanted to keep my mind off of what had happened, and lying in a berth is not the answer for me. Right now, however, this is resting." He might try to take it easy, maybe. He still has work he'd love to keep his focus on instead, but not now.

Mmhm. Fantoccini understands - but he most emphatically does not agree. He understands the need not to think, to have something - anything - in the place of the empty quiet of a troubled processor. He understands wanting to not reflect on the things befall to you. But he doesn't agree with Lieutenant's inability to lay still after Major Surgery.

He loves his Amica. Truly, dearly he loves him. But sometimes the mech's negligence of himself makes him want to scream. "There are such things as sedatives, dear, and you need physical rest to make sure your head is on straight." Sip. He's not acknowledging that pun. "Your sleep deprivation had been allowed to carry on far too long especially after trauma."

Head on straight? Really, Fantoccini? Lieutenant would pinch his Amica for that if the phrase was more a purposeful one rather than being said out of concern. "I shall dust off the berth and using it later then." he assures Fantoccini. It has been some time after what had happened, and the whole repainting the library project did take a toll on him. Part of him is pretty sure some of the green paint is still on his back, but he is at least 90% green, so not like it should be noticeable. "I do have an assistant in the library now, I shall let her know ahead of time in case I over-charge on sleep." Like he always does.

"You should take advantage of what time to recooperate is available to you here, Ten," Fantoccini murmurs, shaking his head. "For all that you defend making Torque your Amica, you don't seem to tell her what's going on any more than you do with me - it seems nonsensical bordering on hurtful to not let us help you when you so desperately need it."

Lieutenant wilts a bit, shameful for holding his tongue. Torque was still a medic; while he does consider her the only medic he can trust, it's something he does try to avoid as much as possible. Anything medical related gets swept under the rug, unless he's lost a head, transformation cog, or wings - but those are in the fine print. "I am sorry for keeping so much to myself." he replies quietly, "I simply do not wish to be such a downpour around you or Torque. I fear it's off putting, but I suppose so is biting my tongue around you."

"Ten, Darling," Fantoccini sighs, curling his arms around the other save for the one holding the glass. "I'm certain Torque would agree with me on this at least: It is Far less frustrating to hear you tell us that you need help, than it is to find out later when you've collapsed."

"Very well." Lieutenant replies, considering bringing up what happened last night. Maybe later on though, he's had enough concerning discussions for now. "If it happened again I will let you know." Both of them, but for now, he's comfortable in his Amica's arms as he shifts to rub his thumb against Fantoccini's finials. "I will keep you informed of things more often. Although I am only a librarian now, so nothing out of the ordinary happens to me unless I leave the ship." Or wander onto the science deck, but after the surgery, he's not inclined to go on the second level anytime soon. "I will be fine."

Fantoccini hums, torn between relaxing at the touch of his finial and his disbelief that his amica will be 'fine'. Lieutenant is never 'fine' for long, it seems. Things keep happening and he doesn't understand why other than Lieutenant simply allowing these things to happen out of sheer stubborness and pride and some sort of determination to punish himself. But there was little he could do about it, as things usually happened before he knew about them being in motion. Such was the story of his relationship with his Amica, he supposed, even from the beginning. Ten had learned early to keep the bad sorts of secrets.

"Well then, a toast to your recovery." Better topics. Lighter topics. He lifted the glass slightly higher in salute. "And to new adventures - nice adventures, that don't involve maiming."

"Agreed." He doesn't have a drink to toast with, so a salute will have to do in exchange. Lieutenant kisses his Amica's forehelm, hoping he can claim to be fine for a while. He glances over to the bucket on the edge and reaches over to look inside at the contents. "Shall I get to using some of these on you while you finish the rest of your drink?" Lighter topics and relaxation go together quite well, he finds.

"Those are for outside the bath, my dear." Fantoccini sits back and lifts his feet up to lay across Lieutenant's lap in the oil. Hmm lighter topics lighter topics... "I feel I haven't heard much of your escapades on this ship before I got here. You made a new Amica - What else have you been up to? Tell me about the good things in your life, dear."

They may have grown up in the same place under the same customs, but Ten was washed in a basin by others. To hell if he can figure out exactly what gets used before/during/after baths. "Good things?" Lieutenant blinks at Fantoccini blankly. For a mech with perfect memory, it takes several moments of buffering before he can come across one. "Um, well, I am the librarian here. Just finished repainting the place as a matter a fact." What else? Lieutenant ponders a bit more, occupying his hands by rubbing Fanto's legs under the oil, "I am not sure if others like me, aside from Torque, but I believe most of the crew tolerates my presence. I, um, I helped stop the drug cartel that was on this ship. Or at least a part of it." Thinking of good things is harder than it should be. He bites his lips as his fins lower back bashfully, in a whispering tone adds, "I might have... might have... kissed a few mecha, tried dating another, but it didn't work out." But they were good times while it lasted so it counts.

Dating already? Considering the mech was wearing his dead conjunx's colors when he called him, he can only imagine WHY dating didn't work out. Regardless, he grinned coyly at the mech from behind his glass and sat up a bit straighter. "OOoooh~? Who'd you kiss?" Truly childish, but he was going to focus on positives right now - which... seemed to be in short supply. Poor Ten... "Were they cute? Did they go by 'he' or 'she'? Was it someone still on board? Tell me the deeeetaaaaiiilsss!"

Lieutenant slowly start to sink under the oil as he yanks his visor over his optics. It's embarrasssssing. He takes a few moments, emanating whining sounds before relinquishing the info for Fantoccini's curiosity. "It has only been three" that he has kissed on the mouth, he's so ashamed. "All going by 'he,' all still on board, and two out of three, yes, were well, more than just cute... the other I kissed him to make him disappointed in me, and well, that backfired." Although technically, both Skystalker and Deluge kissed him and Vortex was the first he willingly smooched since Tormentor. Must be something about Decepticon torturers.

Fantoccini grins more broadly, laughing softly at the way Lieutenant sank down to hide himself. It's his job as his Amica to embarrass him, after all, so he feels absolutely no remorse for throwing water on the oil fire. "Awwwwwww my little Ten-ten all grown up kissing all the boys~" Fingers skitter teasingly over Lieu's belly for a second before being pressed to Fanto's cheek instead. "What a little spark-breaker you're turning into~ We should hang out in the bars and flirt with the patrons for fun."

Lieutenant lets out an embarrassing giddy little squeal at the brief tease over his frame. A soft smile plays on his face as his visor lifts up just a bit to look at his Amica. "I am not making a habit of it, I assure you." He sticks his tongue out at the smaller mech, "Besides, I do not have your charm when it comes to flirting. You seemed to have your hands full with patrons swooning for you back in the day, if you were not busy holding your drinks." A playful boop on the nose, oh he remember Fanto and the bars back before the war. The little minx.

"You woo the patrons to get the drinks to hold in your many hands," Fanto explained patiently, like it was some sort of alchemic formula to be taught. "Patrons who think they have a chance with you buy you drinks, and when you have the drinks you hold them and drink them and as your hands become empty you get more." Fantoccini chuckles coyly. "Ideally, you don't go home with any of them, though. Ideally, you pit them against each other and make your escape while they're fighting."

The fact that Fantoccini can find logic in getting others to buy drinks for him is a bit funny to Lieutenant. He shakes his head with a smile, "Only you." he muses, "I suppose that works if you are interested in free drinks." He's too much of a light weight to try the same tactic. "Glad to have finally learned the formula to what you did so long ago during parties."

Fantoccini chuckles, draining the rest of his glass with a happy hum. "Oh darling. Mecha posturing about looking to frag in a bar are some of the dumbest mecha on the planet. They're arrogant, competetive, and easily manipulated. You need only show them you're interested in the other and they'll fight each other to establish dominance of some sort - as though anyone is interested in the dominant mecha. Tch. You're the winner of a bar fight, prime breeding stock obviously." He lifts himself from the oil, sitting on the side of the bath to let it drip a while, folding his legs at the knee. "And with how many bar fights already go on around here, I bet it'd be easy. If only I wasn't married and Renny hadn't cured me of my wicked ways." Siiiigh.

Lieutenant is thankful he never went over to a bar himself. He liked to sit far away and take glances at the larger mecha in the bar during parties, but he was far too small and delicate to be near potential roughhousing. "Come now," he replies, stretching his arms up, "We have been very good about quelling those over the journey. At least, I have not heard of any recent fighting, so it could be categorized as progress." A shrug, what does he know about the ongoings of the ship anyway? "Selfish of Renegade to keep you to himself though." Sharing is caring.

"Oh Renny doesn't." A dismissive handflap. One of several. "I just can't bring myself to enjoy the game as much anymore knowing I've got a sweet little Conjunx waiting at home with our tiny children. The appeal is lost." Especially after that big fuss they had had when he found out Renegade was having a tryst with the colony medic without telling him - cough - but that was long before their ceremony and water long since under the dock as it were.

He really should learn to let things go. It was difficult to do when you were raised in an environment where everyone kept record of every indiscretion no matter how minor, in an effort to usurp those around them. But he really should learn.

Lieutenant gives a bit of a smile at his Amica, before pulling himself up to sit on the edge of the bath as well. "That is sweet." A little voice from the avian replies. He's happy for his Amica, Fantoccini and Renegade are a wonderful pair. Part of him can't help but feel a little disheartened at the fact that he can't have that himself.

No matter, Lieutenant wallowed in that sorrow more than enough yesterday. He can't let himself do it again in front of Fantoccini. "Speaking of bars," redirecting the conversation back to it's origin, "The owner of 'Visages,' Torque's mate Mirage, had an interest in meeting you some day. I know not if you have met him or not, but he wanted me to bring you over some time." Fantoccini has been on the ship long enough to have likely met the mech, but anything to change the subject from going south.

"Her mate is he~?" Are they doing more than casually canoodling in their downtime? It sounds serious~~ "I have met him a couple times now - I was one of the models for his fashion show, actually. An interesting culture but I prefer the sort of attire where I can walk." Or run away when someone starts tearing the displays apart. A curious evening, that. "Did he happen to mention why?"

"Fashion show?" Lieutenant doesn't keep up with whatever Mirage is doing so that is news to him. "No, he mentioned this to me a few days after your arrival. He gave me a drink and I talked about you, seemed interested in meeting you." Since they have met, he can only assume things went smoothly, since there is no bitter nor sass from Fantoccini.

"Ahhh I see. Yes I've met Mirage a few times now," Fantoccini chuckles, a hand holding his cheek while he watches Lieutenant's expression. Lieutenant... Ten... he wasn't doing very well alone, was he? He had both his amica on board, old and new, but still he seemed to isolate himself at times. Either by career choice or personal life. And Fanto has Renny to keep track of so he doesn't blow himself up in the lab, and Torque is a medic... Fanto's fingers drum thoughtfully against the side of his face, pensive, planning, plotting. "Delightful mech, that Mirage. Since he's your Amica's significant other, have you canoodled him at all~~?"

Lieutenant pulls the bucket Fantoccini had brought into his lap to fish around for an whatever items of interest to use. He snorts in mild amusement at his Amica's question, "Of course not. He has his optics on another green, I am certain of." Another green second-in-command too, funny how the ship is full of them. "My only interest is in Torque, and all I can do is watch from afar in hopes she is happy." Beat. "And before you ask, no, I am not watching them in their room together. Merely figuratively." He knows you, Fanto.

"You should invite them over so you can watch them in the room together." Grin. "Have a little ... 'green is the sexiest color' party with his other beau or something." Plot acquired and filed away to be discussed with his Conjunx, Fantoccini sinks down further into the oil with a soft hum. "I will grant that this wash rack is larger than mine, but mine is far more tastefully decorated."

"You and your silly head." Lieutenant replies, shaking his own. No, he could never do that. He's not confident enough for that. At Fantoccini's comment about the bath has him glancing around. "It certainly could benefit from your touch." he agrees, pulling out a fragrance oil. The avian holds it up for his Amica to see with a tilt of his head. "Would you like me to use this on you or was there something else you preferred?"

"Oh darling I brought that as a treat for you of course~" Fanto purrs, sliding over to sit next to Lieu in the oil. A pair of arms rest against the avian's thigh, tracing a freckled path with an idle finger. "I thought you might enjoy a little indulgence in luxury of a different sort since you don't drink. A little hint of something fancy to allure to the mech that you fancy~"

EEP! Lieutenant's cheeks turn a few shades pink highlighting the freckles there. He bites his lower lip at the tracing as his thighs close together. "Fantoccini, really, you did not need to. That is more of, well something to do in your baths." More private where there is no fear of anyone walking in, save for Renegade. He's been keeping his senses on high alert for anyone who might pass by but so far, so good. Maybe it will stay that way? Just for one evening, can something nice happen?

Here's to hoping, "I suppose we can, but this once." Lieutenant holds up a single finger to show he does mean once. "And I do not fancy any mechs, merely appreciate their existence." Just to set the record straight.

"Of course, darling," Fanto agrees gamely in the sort of tone that says 'you're full of shit and I know it'. "One can't help but admire the existence of certain mecha, I agree." Why was a little bit of scented oil something to do strictly in his own baths? Honestly, Ten had such strange ideas sometimes. Being a little private with one's personal life is one thing but hiding away EVERYTHING up to and including a touch of fragrance in a bit of oil to be worn, well it just seemed downright reclusive.

He won't allow his Amica to turn into a space-hermit. It is his job, his quest, nay his duty, to keep Ten socially afloat and out of hiding even if he has to drag him out kicking and screaming.

"There are a few worth admiring their aesthetic. Well - if you fancy no one, then whom do you ~appreciate~?"

Fantoccini, your Amica is trying to build a reputation of denying touch and hiding away in the library. He would rather not be seen in such a position for anything other than that workaholic librarian. Besides, although he's been on this ship for sometime, he doesn't want to let them in on certain things about him. Only the selective ones are exempt. "Aside from you, Penchant. His leadership and kindness are some things that make him special. I rather not tell you his history but he has achieved so much over the years. Truly an incredible mech, who has found favour with one of the higher ups." The avian's fins lower a touch, knowing which higher up it is. "Of course there is Torque, Starstruck, Skystalker, Rung, Wheeljack, Cosmos, Hound, Orbitall,... and well, I could go on to practically name the entire crew." A sheepish smile, is given to his Amica. He secretly cares about everyone on board.

"Hmm..." Fanto's expression falls flat, his fingertips drumming impatiently against the avian's leg. You know perfectly well what he meant, you lil stripped cog. In retliation for the obvious dodging, Fanto's fingers go behind his knee and squeeze at the joint wires. "Answer the question I actually asked, Ten~"

Lieutenant squeals, pulling his knee away, and clasping a hand over his mouth to muffle the giggles bubbling out of him. "The list remains the same," he finally answers, "I find Penchant's optics to be the most beautiful you have seen on a mech, Torque's hands which are so gentle still so strong, both Starstruck's and Skystalker's smiles are to melt for, Rung's soft caring tone, Wheeljack's fins as they light up in delight, and so on." He shrugs slightly, booping his Amica's nose. "It is the little thing that I like the most."

"Hmph." Fanto sticks out the tip of his glossa in response to the boop. He pushes himself upright a little more, reaching for the bottle of fragrance - enough hemming and hawing, you're going to smell pretty dammit! "Yes yes of course. The little things, I'm certain. Rank them for me, darling, give me your top three mecha to admire on board."

Rank three? Verbally? Someone might be listening! Soundwave has his cassettes that probably hide in the vents, listening in on conversations like this. Not necessarily to report back to Soundwave but maybe for their own delights so they could spread rumors! "Er, well, um.., I mean, number one is a bit obvious, but too and three, I cannot quite name as I am not sure myself who they would be." Lieutenant is also too shy to admit them so he would just like to leave it up in the air. "I will introduce you to them, if you have not already met them yet." Doubtfully Fanto has, but what does the avian know for certain?

"Tch." Well he can hardly tell if he's met them if he doesn't even know who they are now can he? Pouting, Fanto sank down into the oil up to his nose to show his displeasure with the constantly evasive answers he continues to get. What's the fun in gossip if he has to guess everything? That's not gossip that's rumors and rumors are decidedly less fun when they're about people he likes. "Oh fine. Spoilsport."

Fantoccini, when have you known Lieutenant to give a straight answer without it being dragged out of him? The avian can't help his shyness, especially not with the embarrassment of having it come back to him. Still, he pities his pouting Amica, and gives in by leaning in to whisper in his audio.

"Satisfied?" he asks, face bright pink as he averts his optics, "But so help me if you even tell Renegade! This is between us, and only us." Because there are just some he truly feels for and would rather they not know. Or even get a hint of knowledge.

"Well I don't know any of those people, what if you're just making up names so I'll stop asking?" Fanto wouldn't put it past him at this point - yet another stark difference between the Ten that vanished and the Lieutenant he knew now. ...wait he does know one of those names. But not the other two. Who are they. What do they want. Where are they from. What are their intentions with his Amica. "But I shall keep quiet, I suppose." Arms folded, he cozies up against Lieu's leg again. "I shant discuss your enamoring with even Renny. I promise."

Oh they're not made up names. Still, Lieutenant gives a bit of an amused smile before shaking his head. "Thank you." His hand rests on his Amica's head, rubbing it affectionately. It feels a bit silly admitting that, but at least it's to someone he's trusted for his entire lifespan. "Speaking of names, there is a list of those you may want to be wary of while on this ship for different reasons." Not necessarily to say that all are bad, but the avian doesn't want any harm coming to Fantoccini. "That might be a discussion for later, though."

"Just drop the list by my hab, Ten," Fanto hums, leaning into the touch with a pleased rumble of his engine. "It's something Renny will want to be aware of as well - especially since he's down in the engineering levels these days. He seems quite happy there."

Reaching over, he abruptly plucks the bottle of oil from Ten's hand and stands, tugging the top out with a quiet pop of the airtight seal. A drizzle of it is applied to his fingers, and his fingers applied to Ten's neck and audio receptors. "There. No more excuses not to wear it. It's already on you."

Drop it off in the hab, very well. So long as they get it and read over it, they should be fine. Lieutenant mentally started compiling the list and was interrupted when the bottle from his hand was taken out of it. Oh, right, he was to give that over. He watched, his Amica, more to keep himself braced for the touch instead of yelping out in surprise. A shudder runs up his backstrut, shoulders rolling up upon reaction. "It will be until I wash it off." he replies jokingly.

"You will do no such thing," Fanto sniffs primly as he dabs a touch of it against his own neck cables. "You will wear it and you will enjoy it, it is far too expensive and difficult to come by to simply wash it off right away." And hopefully he'll let Torque get a whiff of it so she can see how he tends to his Amica. Hmph.

Lieutenant's fins flutter, "As if I would be so ungrateful." He returns to rubbing his Amica's helm. No he'll leave it on, but it's doubtful anyone that comes up to his waist or lower would notice it. At least it'll be noticeable on Fantoccini. He is a little shorter after all, and as he looks over his Amica, it's endearing. Guess those who are small are cute. Maybe Tormentor was onto something.

Don't you start. You used to ride around on his hip, Mister - Tormentor could probably smell the hidden tininess on you. No wonder he was so fixated after barely meeting you. Hmph.

Rising out of the tub, Fantoccini allows himself to drip for a moment while his hands busily slake the remaining oil from his plating back into the pool of the bath. Once he's finished dripping, he hops out the rest of the way and reaches for his towel. "I think I've soaked long enough, darling. Much longer and I might as well be kept in a bottle labeled 'Eau de Fantoche'."

The avian snorts, covering his mouth to muffle the laughter. Fantoccini is all too amusing, and it's nice to just be open around him. He can be affectionate and smile around him without feeling insecure about his actions. It takes a few moments for him to gather himself, "The next time I introduce you to someone, I shall inform them that that is your name."

Lieutenant doesn't feel like moving, but begrudgingly he does get out. Only because it would be awkward to be in the baths alone.

Fantoccini leans over the edge of the bath, nipping at one of those long ear fins of Ten's. "If you decide to do such a thing, I merely ask that you be aware of the consequences of such actions." That said, he leans away and continues drying himself off, curling the towel around his waist for safekeeping while he sorts through the options for wax. "I could think of quite a few optional names for you as well, Ten dear."

EEP! Fins lower back, fluttering rapidly after the action. Well then, Lieutenant has some reconsidering to do about that. He's curious to test it, but not so inclined to find out what Fantoccini will do if he does. Whatever name his Amica could come up with though could not be worse or more humiliating than Vortex's Lieuraffe. Whatever that is. No creature found with such a name like that yet in any readings thus far. "Dare I ask?" he inquires, allowing the oil to drip off his wings back into the tub.

"Well you seem so opposed to merely being called 'Ten', but that seems cruel to inflict upon you out of spite." Perching primly on the bench, legs folded at the knee, Fantoccini sets about rubbing wax across the plating on his legs from toes to knee. "Let's see... 'Little Lieulieu' often gets a reaction from your crewmates. 'My freckle-faced busom buddy', perhaps. 'Star-speckled sparkling'. That's rather romantic sounding, really...."

"Ooookkaay, okay." Lieutenant glances at the door to make sure no one was listening to that. "I think I have been convinced not to call you anything other than your name." Those were pretty embarrassing, kudos Fantoccini. "Lieutenant is just fine in public, Thank you." His wings shake slightly, to get the oil off faster.

"Awww but 'My little LieuLieu' seems to be so popular with your coworkers~" Fantoccini chuckles, stretching his leg out and raising it at a ridiculous angle to apply wax to the back of his legs as well, the pad working in small circles to distribute it evenly before he starts buffing. "I still don't understand why you chose 'Lieutenant' for a name. It's a rank. Also, it has your original name in it. Hiding in plain sight. Someone might call you your own name without realizing it." A moment to inspect his handiwork before he shifts, folding his legs in the opposite order to start all over again on the left side. "It just seems... like you're trying to get found out, in a way."

Lieutenant shook his head, folding his arms across his chest, "'Fusspot' was a suitable one for you, as I recall." He does pause as Fantoccini points out about his new name. In honesty, even he doesn't know why he chose it. "Well I never have been very creative." he admits, shrugging up a shoulder, "When I was asked for what my name was, I frozen and the first thing out of my mouth was 'Ten.' I quickly corrected myself to 'Tenant' and then 'Lieutenant.'" He averts his optics, fins keeping back, "I never quite thought of a name to use until that moment. Although, looking back on it now, I could have used 'Fae.'" But that just doesn't suit the image he would have liked to portray.

Fantoccini hums in thought, lifting his leg towards the ceiling while he works. "Fae would have been a good name. I hear they're vicious little things should you ever stumble across them. Stealing eyes and voices and causing general havoc. That seems a little mean-spirited for you, however." Tenant was an odd name. A tenant is one that occupies a space - so, a name that was... true... in a sense, but not terribly flattering or descriptive.

His foot lowered to be buffed, a well-practiced motion that kept his hands idle while he let his gaze cast over his Amica's new form. "Hmm. Well... You're attentive to detail, you have a good memory, you mentioned working as a diplomat... you're green.... you fly... hmm..." One of his hands not working on the wax lifted to touch his chin pensively. "I suppooooose.. if it were me... I would call yoooou... hm..." Fingers drummed against his cheek while he considered, stalling for time. "Tarot, perhaps."

He watches as his Amica buffs himself, tapping his finger against his arm. Klenoid liked the name, but 'Fae' was only suited for that period of time. An optic ridge raises at the suggested name. "Tarot?" he parrots, tilting his head. Not a name he thinks makes much sense, but then again he's been going by 'Lieutenant' for the last four million years.

"Well, it is not a ten." Lieutenant shrugs, a ghostly smirk playing on his face. "In all honesty, I still do like the name Ten, I merely would like to keep it private now. Something that I only let others I trust the most to know." Except for Vortex, but don't ask how he knows. "Besides, it is attached to a history I prefer not to bring up with anyone."

"I'm not suggesting you change your name mid-venture," Fantoccini chuckles, "merely thinking of what might suit you. Besides, it's not a ten but there is a ten in it." He chuckles, shrugging a shoulder. Once his lower legs were finished he stood, bracing a foot against the bench to start waxing his thighs and hips. "It's in reference to a deck of cards, often used to tell fortunes but also to recall details about the past."

Lieutenant wouldn't change his name. Once was enough for him. "A bit more of a clever name," he agrees, "Keeping with the" -air quotes- "subtle reference back to Ten. Very nice." His wings give a shake before finally dry enough for the avian to leave the edge of the bath. "Do you require assistance with that?"

He chuckles at the sarcastic quotes. Excuse you, one card of several is more subtle than being literally in the middle of the word. Lieu TEN ant. "It's not required, exactly, but if you're looking for an excuse to put your hands on me I would welcome it~" Fanto teases, crooking a finger to beckon his Amica closer.

Would it have been anyone else, Lieutenant would have backed out at the tease. However, he comes when beckoned. He sits beside his Amica before wrapping an arm around his waist to pull him close. A brief tweak at his finials follows. "Fantoccini, I need no excuse to do so when it comes to you~" he replies with a coy grin.

You're playing with fire, Ten~ Fanto is far more experienced in the ways of making you uncomfortable than vice versa. The tweak earns an exaggerated, breathy groan of delight. "Oh yes, Ten, touch me at your leisure~"

Oh Primus, Fantoccini. Save it for when the doors are closed to your habsuite. Dear Primes, Lieutenant cannot take you anywhere. You cannot behave.

A bit of embarrassment there, as the avian spares another glance at the door. Still no one. His optics narrow back at his Amica, tweaking at the joints under his arms. "I will dump you back into the bath, you silly little minx."

Fanto's arms clamp down protectively to shield his joints, a short squeal escaping his vocalizer. "Don't you dare-! I've only just finished my legs, I'm uneven!"

Lieutenant snorts, as he reaches to pluck the buffer from Fantoccini's hand. "Then let me finish the rest of you. But another sassy little comment like that, and I just might consider it." He's just playing with Fanto.

Or is he?

"Now keep still for me, please." With that, Lieutenant gets to work up where Fantoccini left off.

With his buffer confiscated, Fanto offers a little 'harrumph' and simply fetches another from his basket. He has six arms, he usually plans to multitask his hygiene and that involves more than one buffer. "I'm surprised to hear you being so bossy," Fantoccini scoffs, turning his back to Ten and working his way up his torso with the wax. "Though I suppose you can't always be so up front with your delightfully submissive nature on this ship - someone might take advantage of it~~"

A finger touched his lips coyly as a grin spread. "Though, with those mecha you mentioned, perhaps it's what you're counting on~"

Fantoccini of the Tower Spires of Iacon, must you be this way? Lieutenant's face warms at the statements, muttering under a vent for Fanto to shove it. He ponders momentarily and decides, tossing Fantoccini into the bath again is too mean. However, he picks up the other into his arms and makes his way back over to the tub. Tease him, and he'll taunt you by holding you right over the oil~

Have you ever seen a eight-limbed cat held over a body of water? Well, Fantoccini's doing his best impression of one, complete with indignant squealing and struggling. Fingers curled under various bits of Lieutenant's armor, yanking at it as he struggles to climb to higher ground to be as far away from the oil as possible. "Ten-TEn- TEN- TEN don't you- Don't you DARE drop me- Ten- TEN put me DOWN- On DRY floor- GENTLY-"

Oh he wants to laugh, and he nearly does at all the flailing around. It's almost as cruel as letting him drop in. Poor Fantoccini. Lieutenant spares him this time, pivoting to return to the bench, and setting his Amica safely on the bench. Thankfully, with millennias of practice, the avian can keep a deadpan expression on his face through it all. Even if he's feeling a little smug on the inside. "Better?"

He may be back on the bench but that doesn't mean that Fantoccini has rescinded his grasp on Lieu's armor. He pulls, either hauling himself up or Lieu down to hiss in his audio receptor. "You. Are in. SO MUCH TROUBLE."

Meep! Lieutenant holds both hands up, optics opening up at Fantoccini. Oh dear, he should have taken into account the consequences. Granted, he is in far less trouble than he would have been if he had actually dropped Fantoccini; but still. "I did warn you." Just to be clear on that point, as Fantoccini does not have perfect memory. Lieutenant feels he needs a friendly reminder every now and again.

"You did. But there are rules against cruel and unusual punishment, unless that's changed." Who knows with soldiers. Harrumph. Slowly he releases his hold on Lieu's plating and plants a kiss to his cheek. "Ten. Darling. I ADORE you. You are the light of my life second only to Renegade. But." A palm strokes over his helm, lightly pinching an ear fin between thumb and forefinger. "If you ever do that again. I will make my revenge very embarrassing for you. And very, very public. Do you understand?"

Lieutenant emenates a yelp at the pinch. He whinces, but mostly at the threat of what was to come should he pull that off again. The line has been drawn. "Understood." is all he can say, and if/when his fin is released, he will sit back down on the bench, keeping the buffer in his lap instead of using it. He'll wait until Fantoccini given him permission to resume his work, or if he will let him after that stunt.

Ooh he hadn't meant to squeeze that hard. The pinched earfin gets an apologetic kiss and his helm gets a gentle nuzzle before Fantoccini abruptly parks himself in Ten's lap. "But I'll be good - I'll stop teasing. For now." For like... an hour. Until his wax is done at least. A dab of wax is smeared onto Lieu's nose. "You are terribly precious when you're flustered though."

Said fin lowers after the kiss, a little bashful. That's two kisses in a span of a minute, Lieutenant can't not get flustered after so many. (One is a lot for him as it is.) At least he agrees to stop teasing. Probably won't last long, but he'll take what he can get. At the final statement, he turns his head away as his fins flick with embarrassment. "Nonsense, now, let us finish making you look pretty, Hm?"

Fantoccini sits a little straighter, picking up his tin of wax and his buffing pads again. "Yes, let's finish up here and then you can accompany me back to the habsuites and we can do your polish and makeup in private since you get so wiggly." He does take a moment to buff and polish that bit of wax he put on Ten's nose, making his face shiny across his nose and cheeks. "You're a bit of a handful for grooming, but that's why I have so many~~"

There is an indignant response on the tip of Lieutenant's tongue, but he holds it. There is no denying from someone who you grew up with. Fantoccini knows too much. "Very well." he agrees, before scrunching his nose momentarily at he buffing over his face. A dab of wax on the nose is not a warning, silly! Besides, he's going to be covering up his face with makeup later anyway to hide his freckles. Still, he doesn't hinder Fanto from continuing, as he himself resumes buffing his Amica.

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