2017-02-25 Beastie Curiosity

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Beastie Curiousity
Date 2017/02/25
Location Lost Light - Habsuites
Participants Permafrost, Waspinator
Summary Permafrost is a curious fox.

A lot of Security members would object that shipside patrol is one of the most boring part of the job, but still needed to be done to ensure the safety of the crew (often from themselves). But Permafrost didn't really mind having to patrol up and down the hallways between the habsuits. It was much like what she did as a scout, but without so much of the isolation. Because she did occasionally get to talk to other people in passing, or keep an optic out for someone she wanted to see.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fate's Chewtoy: Good Success. (3 8 5 3 2 7 2 2 2 1 7)

Waspinator meanwhile is heading back to his very heavily trapped and guarded habsuite after a shift. Between his hands an energon cube is sleepily gripped. He doesnt expect anyone to be around the hallways this late but, as always, the bug should really know better. Turning the corner Waspinator nearly runs straight into the shorter fox, causing him to jolt and let out a yelp of fear. Energon goes flying and somehow the bug is the only one drenched as the cube clatters to the floor.

<FS3> Permafrost rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (6 7 3 1 5 7 6 4)

Habits are hard to break. So are reflexes. Permafrost bolts backwards just as the figure starts to round the corner into her field of vision, doing so down into a tight backwards somersault that rolls her into a kneeling crouch. Hands down at her thighs but fortunately she stopped herself before pulling her sidearms, so at least Waspinator doesn't get a cold reception. "... Oops?" And her without a rag or something to offer him to wipe off with. "Sorry Waspinator, didn't mean to shock you."

Waspinator flails backwards a little at the burst of movement from the femme, only to pause as a sense of deja vu settles over him. He feels like he's met this femme before... OH! Wazzpinator remember, foxbot kicked Wazzpinator in face... oh... kicked Wazzpinator in face... Tensing as she seems to be going for a weapon- the bug relaxes slightly as none are drawn. "Izz... Izz ok?" Without missing a beat, the bug suddenly whips out his long tongue to lick a streak of energon off his arm and hand. Obviously he isn't about to let good energon go to waste if he can help it!

"I'm fine. And dry." Not that the second part really needed to be clarified. The reply is followed by a low "oooooo" as Waspinator licks energon off himself, and Permafrost creeps closer to poke at it. "You are so unusual."

Waspinator stops mid second lick to squint down at the fox, entirely unsure how to take that comment. Antenna twitching in confusion, the bug's tongue hangs out of his mouth as he tries to process what she just said or what she finds so interesting.

While he's trying to make sense of it Permafrost slips to one side, walking partway around Waspintaor. Reachs up to give one of his insection wings a tweak if she can. "Not from my world, but look like you should be. But not wheels or flying ship like most others from Cybertron." She slinks around on the other side, ducking under the arm he was licking clean. "Though it leaves question 'why'..."

Waspinator slips his tongue back into his mouth as the femme twists around him, shifting his head so he can watch her warily. The tweak to his wing gets the limb to twitch in response with a small buzz as they move. He's ready to fly away in a panic if needed but it doesn't seem to be required yet. The bug has been poked and prodded enough to know when its going too far, and the fox didn't hurt him- at least not on purpose- last time. So... he'll let her prod.

Again Waspinator looks confused about her question, "Wazzpinator.... juzzt izz???"

Permafrost pauses, fox-ponytail swishing as she tilts her head to look up at the taller bug-mech. "Just is? No reason you are different from others of your world?" Then tilts her head the other way, tone going thoughtful. "Or maybe just don't know yet? Sometimes it takes a cub many cycles of the sun to learn why they were blessed with the form of nature that they were." Unforunately the switch to more Eukarian ideology is probably just going to make her all the more confusing.

Waspinator is just becoming more confused indeed, optics squinting as he tries to understand (and fails). "What izz foxbot talking about? Wazzpinator not blezzzzed. Univerzze hate Wazzpinator." Are all Eukarians weird or just the ones the bug has met?

Permafrost grins, showing how the corners of her dental plates are pointed like fangs. "If universe hates Waspinator, maybe Waspinator needs to put it back in its place? Raise tail and defecate on something!" Then pauses, turning away partially as she cups a hand to her chin. "Wait, does that work for buggy bots?" Then turns again, shifting sideways to peer behind Waspinator. "Stripy abdomen kinda like tail... Though better for stinging than dirty jokes."

Waspinator stares blankly down at the fox, she's utterly lost him by this point. Incredibly slowly, still looking at her, he raises his arm back up to start licking away at the dripping energon again. He has no idea what she is going on about so he is just going to nod in blank acceptance of whatever the Eukarian says. When she looks down at his abdomen and mentions stinging, Waspinator figures she wants to see his weapon. In a quick movement his staff ejects from its hidden compartment and the bug catches it, holding up his very sharp and dangerous looking stinger staff, "wazzpinator hazz thizz?" Is that what she meant?

Permafrost oooohs. "Not just stinger, stinger with -reach-." Well at least it got her off the weird topic path she was going down.

Waspinator STILL does not know what is happening. Why izz foxbot zzo interezzted in Wazzpinator? Its weird bordering on creepy for the bug. "Doezz... Doezz Foxbot want zzomething from Wazzpinator?"

Permafrost barks out a short laugh as she steps back. "Nope, just curious~"

Mandibles now joining his antenna in nervous twitching, Waspinator returns his stinger staff to hiding. Now its awkward for the bug and not just nerve wracking. "What-" he is struggling for something to say, all of the books he's read say he has to say something! "What is Foxbot doing in hallway?"

Permafrost rocks back and forth on her heels a few times. "I'm Security! Gotta patrol the hallways, make sure no body is causing trouble. Or passed out from too long in bar before making it to habsuit." She reaches up to scratch behind one of her foxear audials. "Happens more than one might expect."

Waspinator simply answers with, "Oh..." and proceeds to awkwardly shift from one buggy foot to the other. He is... now out of things to say. That whole 'say stuff' thing obviously did not last long.

Waspinator simply answers with, "Oh..." and proceeds to awkwardly shift from one buggy foot to the other. He is... now out of things to say. That whole 'say stuff' thing obviously did not last long.

"What are -you- doing at this hour in hallwa--" Permafrost stops, remembering the spilt energon cube. "--Nevermind, that stupid question from my point of view."

"Wazzpinator coming back from zzhift." Its about then that Waspinator starts to notice the sticky sensation forming on his chassis as the energon starts to dry and/or congeal where he couldn't reach to lick it off. Hm. The bug might have low standards but that doesn't mean he wants to be sticky, "Wazzpinator... izz going to oil bathzz..." Very tentatively, the bug starts backing away from Permafrost, glancing down the hall then back to her as if afraid she will pounce him once his back is turned.

Oh right, he spelt all over himself. Permafrost bobs her head in a nod. "Oh, yes, go get unstickified. Good idea." Nope, no pouncing here. Her curiousity has been satisfied/distracted for the time being.

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