2017-02-24 You Good?

From Transformers: Lost and Found

You Good?
Date 2017/02/24
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Fortress Maximus, Lieutenant
Summary Briefly checking in

Fortress Maximus has good days and bad days. He can never really tell what it's going to be in the morning.

This has been a bad day, starting with waking from a dream about Kick-Off. He didn't even see Kick-Off die, which means his imagination can have fun with that. Usually when he has bad days he holes himself up in his room, or spends hours in the training room taking it out on targets until he exhausts himself, or just hopes his intensity keeps anyone from trying to talk to him. But this morning he saw Lieutenant's note, and while he has in fact been spending the day in the training room shooting his feelings, he's since found himself in the library, peering around to find the green avian.

Lieutenant is nearly always with a serious face and rigid form, but it's hard to keep up such an act when you're a tailgate and a half tall. His legs swinging back and forth in absentminded idling as his focus is on sewing together little fabric squares together at the front desk. This is a lot easier with smaller hands.

Unfortunately, because his feet can't reach the floor from where he sits, he doesn't notice the bulking mecha at all. A usual greeting or a flick of his fins is common upon noting someone's arrival, but nothing. Suppose Max will simply be greeted by Decimal, the potted plant up on the front desk.

Well, he seems alright. Fortress Maximus considers leaving it at that and walking away because that would be great and he could retreat back into his habsuite and just not interact with anyone today., that's an easy trap to fall into. He takes a deep breath and does his best not to startle Lieutenant since he knows he has a habit of doing that when people don't hear him coming. It has been known to happen. Lieutenant looks pretty immersed in his work.

"Lieutenant," he says by way of greeting, lowering his voice so he doesn't boom quite as much.

One really shouldn't need a seismic sense to notice someone like Fortress fragging Maximus coming in. It's a delayed reaction, but unlike with Brainstorm earlier, Lieutenant doesn't tense this time. His optics break away from his work for just a moment to see the white, black, and turquoise mech. He doesn't look straight up at the other. The embarrassing memories make him want to shrink, hide away from sight. He stays still, though.

"I am sorry." Lieutenant apologies, skipping the greeting altogether. He's ashamed.

"It's really alright," Max says almost immediately, waving his hands in front of him. "Honest. You were, erm, inebriated. And you weren't any trouble. I think at some point you ran off somewhere I couldn't follow, and...well, I'm at least glad you're alright. And thank you for the note," he adds, "and the candy." Even if it was left inside his room...

"I wanted to make sure you were alright. Not just because of, um." He flushes a little at the memory and lets it drop. "But it's partially my fault you're in this position. And I noticed you still were, and..."

Oh.. Lieutenant doesn't think it is, but he'll have to accept Max's word for it. "Nevertheless, I should have never taken a sip." He replies, shaking his head in disarray. Sheepishly, he puts his sewing aside, "Glad you like the sweets." Because hacking other's hab doors to leave apology gifts is completely and utterly normal.

"I am in this position not because of you, Fortress Maximus." Lieutenant clarifies, "You had an accident, but I was the one at fault for making what happened to us occur. If I had not dropped it than it would not have broken and none of us would have been in that position." His fins twitch, lowering slightly. He'd rather take the responsibility for it since he does believe it was his fault. Fort Max doesn't mean to knock things over, treads and wings are terrible like that.

Max privately feels it was also Starstruck's fault for trying to be nice and friendly like he wasn't a Decepticon, but he gathered from their interactions that Lieutenant and Star are close. That would go over poorly. See, he can keep it to himself sometimes.

"Well, when you put it like that, it sounds like an accident all around, doesn't it? I just, well, you seemed...stressed at the time, and-" He catches himself. Lieutenant probably doesn't want that brought up. "Sorry. I said too much."

It was at least the two Autobot's faults, but Lieutenant has a habit of blaming himself for everything so he assumes responsibility. As for the mention of his actions at that time, the avian gives a heavy sigh, "The memories of what occurred the last time a similar situation took place, it did not end well for me." It almost ended him then and there, but Torque dragged him to the medibay and saved his life (against his will).

Lieutenant finally looks up at the mech to face him, "Social interaction is challenging, sometimes words are hard to form as you do not know what is appropriate to say or not." he shifts his position in his seat to sit on his legs, making him a little bit taller. "It is something I am still grasping at myself, so your struggle is understood."

"But I never used to have this problem," Max mumbles under his breath, though Lieutenant can probably hear him. Granted he was never a chatterbox, but it's clear his more recent awkwardness irritates him.

"Ah, memories. Yes, I might know something about that." He vents. "Though I have taken your advice and started a journal. In a few days, I might even know what to write in it." See, Lieutenant? You gave good help while drunk! Sorta.

"Well, I just wanted to check up on you. I should probably let you get back to your work. You're doing...better this time, I take it?"

Lieutenant knows the feeling of not having an issue with something once in the past. Those were the innocent days, though, and those were lifetimes ago. His optic ridge quirks at the mention of the journal. That wasn't his best advice, not that he often gave any good advice, to begin with. It helps him some, but for Maximus... "Well, I hope it helps."

The avian picked up his sewing and nods. He is doing... well he's alive and that's doing 'better' so sure. "You check up is appreciated, Fortress Maximus."

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