2017-02-24 Helping!

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2017/02/24
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Lieutenant, Brainstorm, Sterling
Summary Brainstorm goes by the Library to do some research.

Once the drunk charade over, apologies made, and freckles concealed again it was back to work. Lieutenant notes that he's finally starting to sprout more, at least to be about a tailgate and a half tall now. Only another three halves and some change to go. He keeps at the front desk now, checking in and out books, instead of putting away everything since it takes too long and too much trouble to do at his size still.

The librarian works on a project for the library at the desk, some fabrics under the desk while he sews together squares together. Lieutenant's legs idly swing far above the ground as he concentrate on his needle work.

Sterling returns to the front desk with a pile of datapads in her arms. Glittery balls swing from her vents as she moves. The gun has definitely been striking out more in her vent ornaments as of late, potentially in some effort to fit in more with how chaotic the ship is. Maybe even to try and let herself relax a bit more. "Lieutenant, Sir, I found some datapads others left lying out on the tables. Is it possible to look in the system to see where they all go before I go searching for their spots?"

Brainstorm isn't exactly the most frequent visitor to the library - he doesn't need to rely on the achievements of others that much, he's quite adept at coming up with his own solutions. There are, however, some things that evade even his genius. Not in engineering, of course not! This subject is actually more Rewind's expertiese, but it does connect to issues that fall under his jurisdiction. Specifically, it's the strange structure that the titan of the last colony showed him, the one that might be responsible for the unusual drain on their engines. Despite his general business, he hasn't forgotten about it, and every now and then, he makes another prod into any potential source of information. His lab computer is already hard at work doing that for him, but that doesn't mean he can't do a little something himself, so to the library it is.

Of Course, one of the first things he comes across upon entering is the service desk, and the duo behind, and infront of it. The engineer greets the gun with a simple "Hey Sterling", but Lieutenant gets a longer, not particularly sympathetic, look "Still small?"

Lieutenant sets his project aside when Sterling appears with the datapads. He no longer tries correcting her about the 'sir' part, as she'll come to drop it on her own if she ever gets so comfortable. A glances at the stack, he gives a nod, "Third from the bottom is not a library pad, the rest may go on the shelves." The avian is thankful for his processor to establish immediately which datapads belong and which ones don't just from a quick glance.

The avian's frame tenses up sharply when Brainstorm speaks. Lieutenant didn't sense him coming ahead of time so he wasn't prepared to -avoid- see him. "Yes."

Sterling gives Lieutenant a small nod before turning to look up when she is addressed. Sending a smile the Ship's Genius' way, she takes a step back to sort through her pile, "Hello, Brainstorm. How are you?" The rogue datapad is removed and placed on the corner of the desk, to be retrieved for someone when they notice it is missing.

Brainstorm raises a brow ridge at the tension. Well, at least he's admitting fault rather than trying to redirect blame onto him as some people are wont to do. For that, he's willing to be amicable "You know you can get yourself fixed now. I've fixed the Mass Displacement Gun a while back."

The datapad is taken and moved under the desk with the small 'lost and found' basket until asked for. As to Brainstorm's offer, Lieutenant's fins move back a bit wary at the offer. "Brainstorm, your assistance to help the last time this occurred was a gracious act; but this time, I am afraid I shall have to turn your kind offer down this time." Even if it is a different weapon, the librarian is not ready to go through that again. He simply cannot risk something going wrong. "I trust in your intellect and skill sets, but I do not trust my spark not to fail me if we were to do it." He hops off his seat to grab a pile of returned datapads to give to Sterling to put away.

Sterling glances between the two of them from across the desk, head snapping back and forth as each of them talks. This must have to do with the last time Lieutenant got shrunk. She still can't believe that's happened twice on the ship! Nothing is said as the datapads are passed to her, just watching for Brainstorm's reaction.

"So, you'd prefer to stay small?" Brainstorm raises a brow ridge in mild surprise. Of all people, he didn't expect Lieutenant to preffer tinydom "You know that this doesn't exclude the possibility of complications arising, right?" he's not going to press the issue - it's not really his business who likes to look like what, but his method could atleast be monitored and have medics standing by in advance.

Lieutenant doesn't prefer to stay small, but if it means keeping the medics away, so be it. His spark can handle the slow yet steady growth, at least it has so far. "If such complications arise I will accept them." he replies firmly, hopping back up on his seat. "Besides, it seems your weapon does not need to reverse the issue, as Starstruck and Fortress Maximus have returned to their usual heights without issue. It seems over time those you displace in size return to normal." Pause. "I know not if that is on purpose or not."

Sterling frowns in concern as Lieutenant denies a simple and much faster solution. Not to mention... his spark? Is.. Is something wrong with the avian's spark? Frowning, Sterling hesistates in saying anything. She doesn't want to make things worse or make Lieutenant mad at her but... "Sir... m-maybe you should let Brainstorm return you to your proper height... It might be safer in a controlled environment."

"No, it's not, and it definitely does not do that normally." Brainstorm's hand moves up to his chin "But you did shake a lot of parts loose, so it could be that. I'll have to give it another test shot later."

Sterling's support comes as a bit of a surprise, but it earns her a look of aproval from the inventor "See, she" turning back to Lieutenant, he waves a finger at the femme "She has it right. It is safer when someone can actually monitor your lifesigns instead of finding you colapsed in some corner."

He's had his fill of medical personnel for the next few months, thank you. Still not over all the medibay time he spent during and after the trip to the C-E Station. Lieutenant sat in his seat in stubborn silence. It really is foolish not to accept, but he interally trembles at the thought of going through the size change again. He does not want to remain so short, it only adds to his useless factor.

"Give it another test shot, then comm me when you are certain it is safe." Lieutenant begrudgingly answers, fins lowering back and arms crossing over his chest.

Sterling sends a concerned glance Brainstorm's way. Clearly worried about the librarian, Sterling can only bite her lip and pick up the datapads before heading towards the nearby shelves. Its not her place to say what Lieutenant should or shouldn't do.... No matter how much she might want to insist on it.

"Sure thing" Brainstorm nods "It shouldn't take too long, a few days tops, depending on the rate of growth, if there even is any." Glancing over his shoulder at Sterling, he adds "You're still welcome to stop by too by the way."

Lieutenant nods, very well. Fine. "I should not be a Rodi tall by that time." Given his slow growth and what not. Sterling, he turns his attention to, "It would help to have someone there who is not a medic there, Sterling." He purses his lips for a moment, "If that is okay with you first."

Sterling pauses, turning back to Lieutenant as she clutches the remaining datapads to her chestplates, "I- yes, of course sir! If I can be of any help I would be happy to." Brainstorm himself gets a slightly confused look from the femme until she remembers their last conversation in the oil baths, "Oh, thank you brainstorm. Have you come up with any ideas since last time?" She did say he could decide on something when they were talking about upgrades.

Brainstorm doesn't protest Lieutenant's request. If that's what makes him feel better, sure why not. Sterling seems reasonably well behaved, and thus unlikely to go around touching things she's not supposed to, and it might help to have someone else around to call medical if something does go wrong and he gets stuck with emergency first aid duty.

The gun herself gets a nod "Yep! Stop by sometime and I can show you what I'm thinking."

Good. With that settled, Lieutenant picks up his needle work and resumes his progress. "If you need anything while you are here, let Sterling or I know." he informs, not looking back up again. He's focused once again with what he's doing.

Sterling finishes placing her pile back on their proper shelves and turns to fully face Brainstorm as Lieutenant goes back to work, "Was there something that you needed, Brainstorm? We don't see you around here often." Or at least she doesn't... oh no what if he's there all the time and she just isn't? Oh Primus she hopes she didn't just insult him.

Brainstorm had intended to start with the search terminal, but since Sterling is offering her asistance, he might as well take advanatege of it. Turning fully towards the femme, he nods "I was hoping there might be some record on some sort of monolith. Or maybe it's a coffin, or just a hunk of space rock. Either way, it's probably huge, burried in the cores of planets, messes with our engines and annoys titans." reaching into his chestplate compartment, he pulsl out a datapad and holds it up for Sterling to see. What she will see is a hand drawn image of a lumplike rock. It's fairly featureless. It could be a monolith, or some strange asteroid, or a coffin. There's a scrawly, hadwritten note under the drawing,, with a set of brackets reaching up from it to engulf the later, reading 'This thing's HUGE! We're talking kilometers here!'

"Supposedly looks something like this" Brainstorm points a finger of his other hand at the drawing.

Sterling looks at the image he produces, intending fully to be of any assistance she- ".... Uh... a rock?" That's... that's a rock. She... Sterling has no idea what that could possibly be or anything that might be related to it but she'll try! "Well.. Maybe some of the history or geology texts might have something to offer. Some members of the crew could be of use too. If its a rock a geologist could help, maybe a historian if it could be a monolith... I don't know who you would go to if its a coffin, though..." A mortician or coroner maybe?

"A historian too, but I already tried Rewind" Brainstorm lowers the datapad "Tried Lieutenant and Windblade too, but no response. I could try the geologist. What was his name again? Beachcomber or Beachstroker or something like that. I was hoping to try and find something Lieutenant might have missed though. Atleast a refference in something regarding the colonies, or the titans. If the titan I talked to was telling the truth and this thing is responsible for our engine drain, then it's present in all the colonies we've visited so far, and likely the rest too."

Sterling gives a small nod, she wasn't on the ship when the colonies were visited or any of that happened but she can understand how it could be a catastrophe. If the engines get drained too much it would leave them sitting ducks floating out in space, "I see, well if you like I could go and try to find you some datapads that might help." She would assume that something that might be helpful would be texts going as far back as possible (potentially even myths or legends) along with a geology book describing compounds of planets and rocks more than specific objects or bodies.

Brainstorm's begining to really like this one. Polite, smart, and willing to be of use! "That would be helpful. If you find something, I'll be, well, wherever the search terminal leads me. Hmmm, I wonder if any of the other colonists might know anything."

"It might be worth it to ask them!" Giving Brainstorm a small motion, Sterling hurries off to do her task. It takes the gun a bit longer than she would have liked to find a few texts- its a little harder to figure out which datapads contain the right information than she assumed it would be- but returns with a few in her hands. Approaching the engineer she says, "Ok, I found a few datapads talking about the history of cybertron. These had the furthest back information I could find. I also brought a book of legends and myths, maybe there could be something there to look at. I've heard mechs say that all myth was based on truth somewhere after all," Hailbrace was a smart wielder.

Sterling sets the pads in front of Brainstorm as she finishes explaining her selections, "I also brought you a datapad about geological compounds. If it's draining our engines, I would assume it's a property of whatever it is and not the object itself.. Well.. that .. that doesn't make sense does it? I- I meant maybe like, you could identify it by the properties it might have and comparing them to known elements or something.... I'll just stop talking."

Sterling will find Brainstorm in the history section himself, a few datapads of his own already gathered. Her arrival draws his attention from the shelf he was browsing, but he hardly seems upset by the interruption, greeting her with a cheerful look as he reaches to look over her stack "Even a myth would be more of a lead than I have right now. But it could easily be something inside the rock, though I've yet to hear of any technology that can pierce through so many miles of planet. Still, I'm not ruling anything out just yet."

"I hope you find what you are looking for," Sterling habitually lifts her hand to play with one of the shiny orbs hanging from her vent, "I ... don't think I can be of much use from here, unless you need someone shot or more datapads retrieved." Both of those things she can do! Science and smart stuff... not so much...

"I might be back for more datapads later" Brainstorm piles his own gatherings onto Sterling's pile and scoops them all up "I have plenty of people willing to shoot things for me, but thanks for the offer. Speaking of which, have you met Whirl? I'm sure he'd be excited over a living gun."

Sterling gives him another smile as he takes the datapads, "Well just ask me again if you need to find something. Anything to help the Ship Genius!" At the mention of Whirl, Sterling looks somewhat intrigued by the change of topic but gives a nod, "I met him once. I... don't know how well I did making an impression... He called me a cyclops but I don't know what that means. We did play videogames for a little bit!" Thats.. That's good right?

Brainstorm puffs up when Sterling refers to him as the Ship's Genius. Yes, he definitely likes this one!

"Well, if he didn't shoot or stab you, you probably did ok." Brainstorm pulls the datapads in, tucking them under one arm "Cyclops just means that you have one eye" with his newly freed hand, he points at the femme's face, just short of touching it "Coming from him, that's probably harmless" atleast, as harmless as Whirl gets.

Sterling blinks her optic, leaning slightly backwards, as a finger is pointed at her faceplates. Oooh ok.. That cyclops comment makes sense now. "I hope to speak with him again one of these days, he seemed nice." Obviously she is blissfully unaware of Whirl's reputation, "And if he likes weapons I would be more than happy to let him fire my alt mode."

Brainstorm can't help but chuckle. That's the first time he's heard anyone reffer to Whirl as 'nice'. "Oh, he definitely likes weapons! I'm sure he'd be happy to fire! Now, I should probably get to studying these" he shifts the arm with the datapads "But thanks for all your help."

Sterling gives a small wave as she turns to go back to work, "It is no problem, like I said if you need anything feel free to ask." The femme leaves him to his research, going off to do other library things.

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